A girl finds herself hooked up to an electric chair, but it has a slight modification
"NO! STOP! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! THIS IS CRAZY!" Amanda wailed as she struggled in the electric chair. "Even if you did know anything it doesnt really matter at this point. We already have the information we needed, it turns out it was your sister Lacy who we needed this entire time!" Doll exclaimed as she tightened Amanda's arm restraints. Amanda was confused and in a quiet voice she asked "then why are you putting me in this chair?" Doll stopped to look at the Amanda. She was a normal 18 yearold girl from the suburbs.

Well tanned and in perfect shape. She had light green eyes and brown hair that Doll had fixed into long pigtails and threw them over Amanda's shoulders. It was Amanda's 34dd's that astounded Doll, since Doll was barely a 32a herself, and Amanda was only 18. All Doll could think about was how sensitive Amanda's tits must be in her early growing stages, and how much fun it was going to be to ruin Amanda's perfect breasts. The amount of joy Doll seemed to get out of toturing these girls was beyond Amanda's comprehension.

She just couldnt understand how such a little, blonde, normal looking girl could be so cruel and evil. It wasnt even like Doll was a sociopath, or schizophrenic. She was just evil. She could live a normal life if she wanted, but a normal life was boring, she would much rather cause others pain. And she most of all loved expressing her want to hurt on girls who had bigger breasts than her. It was a sick fetish, but Doll's only one true passion none the less.

The destruction of mammary tissue, by whatever means. "I'm doing this because I dont like you... Your a whiney cunt. You pissed your panties 3 times since you've been here so that makes you a fucking bitch pussy, and your voice reminds me of a chipmunk. i fucking hate chipmunks!"

Doll said slowly elevating her voice until she was screaming at the end of her tirade. She really didn't hate chipmunks, it was just a way for Doll to intimidate Amanda even more. And pathetically enough Amanda burst into tears and pissed her panties once more. Doll sighed and looked at the newest set of lingerie she had brought Amanda.

Amanda was only in the red lace pushup bra and matching thong that Doll had given her, but something about the pushup bra seemed very uncomfortable. It felt like the underwire was poking at both of her boobs on both sides of her boobs, like a claw gripping at her breast. It wasn't painful, but it was very awkward and she did not understand why it was like that.

"Thats the 4th set of panties you have ruined... Sit in your own piss, you'll be dead soon enough anyway you fucking twat" doll yanked on Amanda's pigtail. Amanda yiped, her already high voice sqeuaking a incredibly high pitch. "Dont go anywhere Amanda, I'm going to go turn on the on switch" Doll said letting go of her hair and walking away nonchalantely. "Wait!" Amanda sobbed, choking on tears and trying to catch her breath.

"What are you going to turn on?" She asked still overemotional from Doll's cruelty. Doll smirked as she pointed to the "on and off' lever. Amanda gulped. "Once I turn this switch on, your going to be introduced to a very old friend of mine. A old electric chair rewired for my sadistic taste. This chair is hooked into the underwire of that pretty red bra of yours and soon enough your tits will be cooking right out of it. Trust me, I just did it last week to another cunt with smaller tits then you, and she simmered like a steak, its was great" Doll said excitingly.

Amanda's face was a mixture of stunned and confused. "My... bra?" She gulped. And just like that, with no warning at all, Doll flipped the switch. Amanda jerked painfully in the chair. "Myyyyyy.... BRAAAAAA-AAA-AA-A!!!" She cried as low amounts of electric shock were pulsing through her breasts. It wasn't all that painful at first, more or less awkward really. Amanda subconciously compared it to two weeks before, when she was just a sweet innocent 18 yearold girl, fooling around with her boyfreind Matt, his trembling hands cupping her naked breasts.

That thought managed to let Amanda escape for a few seconds until she was shocked back into reality. The power surging from the electric chair into her bra was growing with every second, and in turn every second was a little more painful than the last. Twenty seconds in, the pain started to become almost unbearable. Amanda screamed and struggled in the chair. Her fingernails digging into the wooden arms, her legs kicking as if she was being asphixiated.

Her tits were jiggiling like she was bouncing on a small trampoline, while they also convulsed in and out like muscle spasms that Amanda couldn't control. All she could do is hope that she would pass out from the pain or, if all else fails, her heart explodes just to end her misery early. Neither would happen. Doll would never let her off that easy.

The pain slowly increased. With another few seconds Amanda found herself convulsing uncontrollaby, her tits flopping up and down firmly in her pushup bra. Her eyes were wide open as tears and the blood of popped veins trickled from them. She tried to scream but found herself biting off her tongue in a few violent jerks.

New pain from her tongue shot through her brain. Unlike the dull electrocution pain she had been experiecing, biting off her own tongue was a sharp, terrible pain, like breaking a bone or severing a nerve. Amanda was experiecing 2 different types of seperate hells needless to say, and to make it worse she could not stop herself from choking on the blood spewing from her mouth. Doll, during this time chose to only watch, and seemed to not be satisfied with how much pain Amanda was in. "Hm... What am I missing? Think Doll... Think... How to fry a chipmunk cunt bitch... Oh ya!" She cheered with delight. WATER!" Her eyes lighting up while Amanda's rolled back into her head, as Doll ran to grab the bucket of water.

Amanda's bra was smoking with heat, and her tits, just like Doll had formentioned, were literally cooking inside her bra. It looked like a soup that was crusted over. Her skin, glowed a brazen orange while beneath the skin her mammary tissue heated. For a few more brief seconds Amanda's tits stayed intact, but the mammary tissue inside started boiling as easily as liquid, and slowly expanding inside her chest.

While her tit fat boiled and continued to heat, her tit skin had now become so charred that her breast's themselves began to look like 2 lumps of coal to Amanda. Completely unrecognizable, and the only thing reminding her they were her precious breast's, was the pain. No girl could ever imagine the hell Amanda was in, short of maybe having hydrocloric acid inected to their tits, but even then, what was happening to Amanda was much more painful. And with every passing second the pain intensified.

Smoke began to rise from the cleavage of her bra as a small tear in her right breast began to emerge.Her charcoled boobs, on the verge of bursting, began to crack open from the uncontrollabe heat emitting from her pushup bra. The chasm in her breast began to spread, as Amanda howled in mind numbing agony. As the crease spread, the mammary tissue that was boiling inside began to ooze and bubble out of her breast, on to her red pushup bra and continued to slide down her torso.

Amanda wanted to die at this point and she was already pretending she was. Imagining her life flashing before her eyes, but it was far from over.


The explosion was deafening and Amanda had no clue what it was or where it came from until she looked down at her chest. In one glorious burst both of her tits exploded simutaneously inside of her bra, Mammary tissue, blood, sweat, tears, titty skin, and pieces of Amanda's red bra shot randomly thoughout the room.


Amanda wailed as her face was splashed with the boiling mixture of her tit fat and blood, scarring her face instantly as it hit. Her arms and legs convulsed in the restraints to the point where she had managed to break free of them. It was just too late. Anything left on her chest was now gushing out like the last bit of toothpase in a tube, as Amanda started to choke on her tongue in hysterics and piss her panties again.

The metal underwire prods glowed with burning heat as Amanda's own convulsions caused her to shake so hard back and forth to either side of the underwire, that she was caulderizing herself. In a instant the intense shocks stopped, but Amanda still shook like a worm drying on the hot summer pavement. Her eyes were rolled in the back of her head, and her tongue was completely down her throat as Doll returned.

"Holy fuckballs! How long was I gone? Like, 3 fucking minutes and your tits popped like a pimple on prom night!" Amanda could hear Doll's voice mocking her, the final insult before Amanda began to slowly die. Doll giggled like a school girl as she continued. "I love how your tit's look now though, I do, I really do. I love that little piece over there, and some of that oozing fat on your leg, and look Amanda! Over there in the corner, it's the left cup of your bra!"


Amanda slowly lost conciousness as her body still contorted from shock. Doll walked up to her and looked straight down at her flickering eyes and spit right in Amanda's face and in that second, Amanda's heart finally exploded and killed her instantly. Doll hnnched back with a suprise look on her face.

"Did I just spit a bitch to death? Oh! Maria's got to hear this!" She said turning around and running back to the lab, leaving Amanda's mangled, smoking corpse to rot for years while poor Amanda herself was cast to hell


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