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A friend comes to live with me and things start to happen.
This story is based on true events, although they have been embellished on. Names have been changed. If this gets a good enough response, I'll write sequels or other stories.

When I was in my last year of high school I had a friend called Sue. Sue was a lesbian, or so she said (a lot of people doubted her) and this caused a lot of troubles at home with her parents who were not very accepting of that fact. One night she called me and asked if she could crash at mine for a while, until she could find a new place to stay.

A week turned into a permanent thing. Due to the size of my mums house, Sue and I shared my room. And my bed. This was great as she would often get undressed in front of me, showing me her nice 16D tits and pert arse, but never her pussy. I didn't complain though.


One night my mate, David, was over and we were all chilling when Sue asked my step dad if he could buy her some alcohol and then go get her friend, Jan. He agreed and while David and I waited in my room, playing Xbox, Sue and my step dad went to get Jan.
“Man, living with Sue is great,” I told David. “She lets me see her naked pretty much every day.”
“Yeah, lucky you.” He retorted, concentrating on the game we were playing.

At that moment, the car pulled up and Sue and Jan walked into my room carrying several cases of alcohol.
“Hey David have you and Jan met?” Sue asked.
“Nup.” David looked up to look at Jan.
Jan was an English girl who had came to our school after David left in Year 10. She was an dancer, and as such had a stunning body. She was about 150cm, maybe 50kg and athletic. Dyed black hair and blue eyes; C cup tits. I'd found myself a few times with a hard dick thinking about her. Although, sadly, she was engaged to someone a few years older than me back in the Royal English Army.

At this time I should give you a better description of myself, David and Sue. I'm about 175cm tall, and about 90kg. Brown hair and brown eyes. Nothing much to look at, honestly. David was about the same height as me, with black hair and abs. He was very skinny which made him seem much more muscular than he was, although he was still very strong. Whenever I introduced him to someone I had something with, it would end with them leaving me for him. Sue was also about my height, and maybe 75kg. She wasn't stick skinny, but nor was she big, but rather a very nice size. She had hair that was streaked blonde and brunette. And I knew more or less what she looked like naked. Sometimes when she was asleep next to me I would reach out and brush my hand against her arse or her tits and take my dick out, stroking it until I came into an old pair of boxers.

After the introductions between David, who both Sue and I had known for years, and Jan, we had dinner and the girl started to drink. Us boys didn't drink much, I had a couple, and David had one, but the girls went all out. After an hour or so, Jan started to dance to the music, swaying her hips back and forth, mesmerising all of us. Playfully, Sue reached and slapped her on the arse as she waved it in our general directions.
“Stop it you,” Jan teased. “You might turn me on!”
“Maybe that's my idea?” Sue quipped. She giggled and slapped Jan's arse again just before Jan plonked down onto my double bed on which we were all sitting.

I decided to do something that I had used to annoy Sue a lot. I reached to my shelf and grabbed two drum sticks. I didn't own a kit, but I played at school and so I had brought my own sticks. Sometimes to get up my speed, I would practice my drumming on the bed, which I had discovered turned on Sue and so I thought it'd do the same for Jan. And I did. No sooner than I had hit a steady tempo of 150 beats per minute Jan and Sue both started squirming and begged me to stop. Yet neither of them got off the bed. I glanced at David, who was used to me drumming and smirked. He knew exactly what I was doing. So I kept going, but adding in blasts of 200bpm triplets.

That was too much for Jan, who got off my bed and went out the front closely followed by Sue. David and I jumped up after a minute and followed them. When the girls saw me they both started having a go at me
“God yo-”
“You know that turns me o-”
“I'm so horny now!”
I just laughed and handed my phone to Jan, who looked at it.
“Push that button on the screen.” I instructed her. During the walk outside I had found and downloaded an vibrator app from the Google Play store which I had left open for her.

Once my phone started to vibrate her hand immediately flew to her crotch and she sank to the pavement. Sue looked over and saw what was happening and reached between Jan's legs to feel the vibration. After a second she withdrew her hand, and Jan handed my phone back.
“I think we should drink more.” She informed me.

Back inside I placed a dubstep CD into the player and put it on repeat. The girls started to drunk heavily again and dancing. Ten minutes of dancing was enough for Sue.
“I'm getting so hot!” She exclaimed as she took off her shirt and jumped onto the bed.
“Don't hog all the fun!” Jan said as she stood on my bed and continued to dance, taking off her shirt to reveal the sports bra she had worn to dancing that afternoon. Her baggy track pants also came off, revealing her bike shorts. Not wanting to be outdone, Sue took off her shorts so that she was in nothing but her pink underwear and black bra. She laid in bed and yawned.
“I'm horny as fuck.”
“So am I.” Jan agreed with Sues statement. David and I remained silent.

The girls decided to try and remedy that by sleeping so all four of us crammed into my bed like sardines to try and sleep. I was on the left, with Sue next to me still in her underwear. Jan was between Sue and David, who was on the far right of the bed. It was a tight fit and we all had to lay on our sides, but we fit – just.

It was nearly summer, so even with the fan in my room on it was still hot. Sue sat up and took her bra off and lay back down. Her arse was pressed against my dick as she faced Jan, whose arse was pressed into David's dick. Trying to get comfortable, I placed my hand on Sue's hip and closed my eyes. I was nearly asleep when I heard someone kissing.

Looking up I saw David was kissing Jan's neck as she started to moan quietly, trusting the dubstep CD we had left one to cover her moans. I saw his hand move beneath the covers and heard Jan breath in sharply as she started to squeeze her own tits. Sue had also noticed this, as she was face to face with Jan and she too started to play with her tits. David kissed Jan, as I saw her tongue enter his mouth. He glanced up and broke their kiss.
“Don't leave him hanging here.” He said to Sue, perfectly setting me up.

Sue rolled onto her back and grabbed my hand. I wasn't going to do anything because I didn't want to make it awkward between us seeing as we shared the bed, but I wasn't going to argue with her as she placed my hand over her firm tit and squeezed it, showing me what she wanted to do. Her other hand found my head and pulled my mouth towards hers as she kissed me. I had thought about kissing her a few times but I wasn't expecting this, so I savoured it as she slid her tongue against my own tongue. I snuck a peek at the other two and saw David kissing up and down Jan's neck. I decided that was a very good idea so I mimicked the move on Sue who gasped and stuck her hand inside her panties to finger herself.

I squeezed her boob harder and rolled my fingers over her hard nipple as I pressed my tongue into her mouth and my hard dick into her hip. As I stopped kissing her to breath, Sue turned her head to Jan and kissed her, making out with her with a zeal while she grabbed at Jan's tits through the sports bra. David and I looked at it other smiling at out luck and silently brofisted as the girls sucked on each other tongues between us. Once they had stopped kissing Sue grabbed my hand again and placed it inside her underwear, which I noticed were wet, as she pressed my hand against her cunt – which I found she kept shaved.

I knew what to do and immediately found her clit with caused her to moan. I rubbed that hard for a moment before sliding my finger down her wet slit and into her tight cunt. Slowly I worked my index finger out of her before adding my second finger and pushed it back into her as she moaned louder. In the background, underneath the booming of the bass and the wubbing, I could also hear Jan groaning. With my fingers buried deep inside my lesbian room mate I mate a 'come hither' motion with them. Sue squirmed with pleasure as I continued to kiss and lick her neck.

Slowly I started to fuck her with my fingers, gaining speed rapidly until she was hardly able to breath. I stopped for a moment to give her a brief respite, which she used to make out with Jan who was moaning quite loudly. I could tell David knew what he was doing.

I pressed my thumb into her clit and started to fuck her again, pressing my fingers as deep as I could and taking them nearly all the way out. Next to us I could hear Jan getting louder and louder, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she came on my friends fingers. That was enough for Sue who at that moment clenched her cunt around my fingers tightly and tensed her entire body.
“I'm going to cum. I'm gonna cum. Fuck me, I'm gonna fucking cum. FUCK!” She cried as I mercilessly fingered the hot, wet confines of her pussy.
“Fuck my tight cunt with your fingers. I'm FUCK. Fu- fu- fu- I'm cuuuuuummmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg!”

Her entire body went limp and I slowly drew my cum covered fingers out of her cunt. All four of us lay there breathing hard and within a few minutes the two girls had fallen asleep with smiles on their faces.

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One lucky bastard u r . I envy u !!!!! I wish once in my life I get this type of a chance !!!!!! Did u fuck her with ur dick later ?????

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