An unexpected trip to the beach with a group of beautiful horny teens.
I stayed back and started getting the grill ready while the ladies were in the water. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler laughing at all of the beer in the coolers. Taylor and Tara came up cussing like sailors. “Whoa, nice mouths! What the hell happened?”
Taylor bent over to get a beer out of the cooler “well nick was supposed to bring the guys in the truck, but he got grounded and they have no other ride.”
She handed Tara one as well. Tara leaned up against me “yeah, it sucks. We were going to get, ah have a lot of fun.” I asked for another bottle of water and Tara bent over to get it “red or blue?” I was in shock at how nice Tara’s ass was. I always thought that she was skinny, but had those huge breasts. Now I was seeing a shapely ass with her meaty camel toe puffing out between her thighs. Tara turned catching him “are you staring at my ass?”
“You caught me, it just surprised me how damn nice it is.” She liked his comment as she stayed in the same position.
“Red or Blue?”
“What is the difference? Are their more of one or the other?”
“There are ten red and eight blue” she answered looking back at him over her shoulder.
I checked the top of the one I just drank and it was blue “I guess give me a blue one.” Tara brought it over leaning under my arm my hand on her hip as I pulled her in for a hug. Sorry about checking out your butt like that.
“Well at least someone is appreciating it” looking up with a smile. I lowered my hand placing it on her ass and squeezing it. My cock had grown into an uncontrollable erection as I drank the water and headed to the shower to try to cool it off. Taylor and Tara came to shower as well. As my shorts got wet they became mostly transparent and the girls’ eyes were glued to it. The same thing actually happened to their swimsuits as well. I could see a shadow of short auburn hair through the triangle that covered Taylor’s crotch and a tuft of dirty blonde curly hairs in Tara’s. They pushed me out of the shower bumping against me as they did. I looked down at Tara with her hard nipples totally visible through her bikini. She blushed pushing up against me to hide them and I could feel them poking against me. Her hand brushing my cock as she raised them to cover her breasts. I went back over and sat down finishing the bottle of water.
The rest of the girls came back showering off. Tara came back over passing out waters being nice leaving the blue ones for me. Bailey came over sitting across my lap kissing me “thanks for the help earlier!” She reached down resting her hand on my cock. “Holy shit! Again?”
I smiled “I don’t know what the hell, it won’t go away either.” Her hand started stroking it and the other girls started to notice “you might want to stop as everyone is watching.” Bailey turned putting her ass against it laying back against me. This pushed the head out of the top again.
Tianna came over standing next to me so her magnificent ass was just a foot away from me. She bent over brushing the sand off of her toes and her swimsuit was splitting her camel toe. My cock was ready to explode. Tara handed her a bottle of water. Tianna took a big swig and started laughing. Bailey got up handing me my t-shirt Taylor sat on my left leg curling up against me and Tianna saw an opening sitting on my right leg. She looked pulled my t-shirt up checking out my cock and Taylor pulled the shirt down covering me up, but leaving her hand on it. I actually felt her squeeze it.
“I was just checking and it seems to have worked!” said Tianna while laughing.
“What are you talking about Tianna?” asked Taylor while still holding my erection. I moved my hands down to the asses on my lap.
“Well, the water bottles were marked with red for girls and blue for boys” Tianna explained.
Tara came over with Maura and Anna all drinking the water “So what?”
“Well, red was for the women’s Viagra that I crushed into the bottles and the blue is for the men’s.” Tianna explained.
“You horny little bitch!” exclaimed Anna
“Oh shit!” blurted Tara “Tony already drank two bottles!”
Tianna reached over pulling my shirt up touching the exposed head “I can see that it is really working too!” I grabbed her arm as she started to stroke it down the shaft almost to my testicles and tehn just let go as she continued.
Anna blurted “Holy shit!”
Maura “Oh my”
Amy and Barbara “Yep he has a big one! We saw it earlier, but it didn’t have those vein looking things all over it.”
I reached under pushing my finger up in Tianna’s moist hole and she giggled while I pulled it out sucking it clean. The taste was like candy.
Taylor pulled Tianna’s hand off of my cock and scooted over to cover it up as the rest of the girls were looking, but the way she was sitting had my cock sticking up from between her legs through her camel toe. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my shaft up against it. “I guess you drank a bottle too?” Taylor’s neck and shoulders were turning red as she nodded. I kissed her shoulder and she shivered.
She lifted up so that I could cover my cock and I leaned forward kissing her camel toe. The sweet smell of her arousal was the best thing I had ever smelled. “Why don’t you girls go get the food ready to grill” so they all went over, but I held Taylor by her hips to keep her there. I pulled her swimsuit to the side as I pulled my cock back out pulling her down onto my lap. The feel of my veiny cock against her hot wet folds was unbelievable. She reached down grabbing it by the shaft and rubbing it around her pussy guiding it into her wet hole pushing down until it was halfway in. I pulled her back against me reaching down rubbing her clit as I whispered in her ear “just sit on it for a little and put that towel over your lap. Don’t move a lot so that they can see what we are doing.”
“Oh God, it feels so good in there. I want to bounce up and down on it.” I opened her legs around mine to open her up further while I pulled her down harder on it. She started bucking back and forth slowly while I still rubbed her clitoris. I looked to see that we were not being watched reaching up pinching her nipples. I guess they were extra sensitive as her juices started flowing and her pussy walls contracted on my cock. I pulled her legs together between mine and that made her situation worse. She pulled my hand up to her mouth biting it as she pumped up and down on my cock slowly finally standing up to pull off of it. As she bent over in front of me I buried my face in her ass lapping up her juices. We walked up into the RV and she immediately dropped to her knees to suck her juices off of my cock I locked the door. Then I laid her face down on the bed eating her pussy from behind and licking her amazing bubble ass. I shoved my cock in her and started pumping in and out while she moaned loudly. Her pussy started to convulse once again while I slammed against her cervix. I was ready to cum and pulled out. She turned in a frenzy pushing me back dropping down to her knees again sucking my cock trying to milk my load out of it. Just as I was ready to shoot my load Amy came out of the bathroom and there it went into Taylor’s face and she pushed it up with the next shot going over her head hitting Amy in the stomach. Amy squealed but not grossed out. I shot another three shots out as Taylor turned seeing Amy and laughing as the next shot hit her leg. Amy reached down scooping some of it off of her belly taking it to her mouth licking it lightly with her tongue and then sucking it dry.
“Ok, I will keep it to myself if I can touch it.” Amy said. I noticed that she was adjusting her suit as it seemed that she was in the bathroom masturbating.
Taylor took Amy’s hand placing it on my erection. She pumped a couple of times using both hands to feel it from tip to testicles. She then reached down diddling het crotch through her swimsuit. I smiled and Taylor asked “you drank that water didn’t you?”
She nodded “It just added to my always being horny. I have been like this ever since I started having my period.” As she continued stroking my cock. “Are they all this big?”
Taylor laughed “No, this is a good one” turned and asked me “doesn’t it ever go limp?”
“I guess the Viagra is keeping it from going away.” It was really sensitive so I pulled Amy off of it.
Amy asked “Can I try something before we go out?”
“It depends” answered Taylor “what do you want to try?”
“Well, I will have to show you” Amy laid down on the table pulling her ankles to her ears “Tony, please lift up on my butt” so I did and she pulled her feet behind her head. It was an amazing display of flexibility “will you rub your boner against my privates?”
I could see how damp the crotch of her suit was and looked at Taylor “I think it is fine as long as you stay on the outside of her suit.” So I got close pressing my finger against her camel toe watching her jump as I found her clitoris. I placed my erection against her swollen camel toe pumping back and forth while massaging her little breasts from the outside of her suit. Just a few rubs of the tip on her clitoris before she shuddered in orgasm. I looked at Taylor who was now playing with herself while watching intently. As her body shuddered I moved down rubbing her nub and then sucking and licking on her little pussy through the crotch of her suit. I pulled Taylor over with her ass towards me bending her forward wetting my finger in her slick hole inserting it into her anus until I was in up to the second knuckle. She bucked against my hand while she played in front and I played in back. Amy seemed to be weak and stuck in her position so I pulled her suit to the side licking her exposed asshole and tonguing it to the point that I could taste the salty flavor of her anus. Her hand came down to diddle her clitoris again so I pulled it away licking her wet swollen pussy with an onslaught on her clitoris causing another wave of orgasm. With Taylor shooting off at the exact same time. I spun Taylor around laying her up against Amy while I sucked in the juices she was excreting in orgasm. She shuddered with each knuckle as I removed my finger from her asshole.
I stood up aiming my cock into her swollen hole getting it halfway in before she pushed me away “Oh my lord this has been crazy! I cannot take anymore right now, maybe later or tomorrow.” She kissed me passionately with Amy standing on the bench to do the same. They gathered themselves replacing their bikinis and I put my trunks back on as we exited heading straight to the shower. The cold water helped to clean us off and cool us down, but did not help to make my erection disappear. Actually putting it more on display than before. As I stated before, I actually liked that at least when it was semi to fully erect.
I decided that it would be best to hit the water, Taylor and Amy followed. I grabbed Taylor around the waist from behind kissing her on her shoulder “Your ass is amazing.” She turned to kiss me and I threw her in the water. Amy jumped on me rubbing her crotch against my erection pushing it out of the top as I threw her as well. I felt arms around my neck flipping Tara over me into the water as I stood up Barbara jumped on me with my now exposed erection poking between her chubby but cheeks. I spun her over holding her upside down and she grabbed my erection for stability as she locked her thighs against my head, which smothered me with her crotch. She continued to hold my erection laughing as Amy reached up untying her bikini top and bottom. She started to wiggle and fight, but I did not want to drop her on her head. Now naked her chubby little pussy was pushed against my face and I ran my tongue through it at which point she froze and her legs let go of my head. I whipped her around and threw her in the water.
As I was trying to pull my shorts up Tara jumped back on me almost making me fall, but I caught her around the waist. Amy untied Tara’s top and her DD’s swayed back and forth slapping my face. She turned and I caught her with my hard cock pushing against the crotch of her biking and my hands cupping her massive breasts. Anna then jumped on my back pulling me backwards while still holding Tara. The head of my cock had now lodged into her hole with the swimsuit barrier. She squealed, but did not fight too hard. I took advantage pinching her hard nipples before rolling her off to get my head above water. As soon as I rolled her off Barbara jumped on top of me still naked. I turned her around and she was still fighting with my hand between her legs and other arm across her budding breasts. My finger was splitting her chubby little camel toe and I could feel her swollen nub. Her body twitched as it hit my finger and I threw her into the water.
Anna screamed in pain, I pulled my trunks up as I turned to investigate. There was a jelly fish floating behind where she was sitting so I picked it up and threw it stinging my hand and wrist. The rest of the girls ran to the shore as I picked Anna up to follow. As I got to shore I noticed that Barbara was still totally naked and Tara was still topless. I laughed as they pointed to their suits out in the water and did not want to risk getting stung. I walked back in and got them as Jelly fish are not a normal thing here anyway. I did however get stung on the knee, but it was really not that big of a deal. I handed Barbara her suit, but just held it I guess liking being naked. She actually did have a sexy little body that was still chubby in all of the right places. A nice little shadow of dark hair on her pubic area just above her chubby little slit that seemed to be quite swollen. Tara came up to get her top and I held it up high making her jump for it. The show was amazing as the DD breasts bounce as she did. Rather than to continue she pressed up against me pulling my pants down grabbing my cock in both hands threatening to twist. As she held it I nicely positioned her top over her breasts tying it extra tight in the back. I kissed her shoulder and neck as I did and her grip loosened, but did not let go. I kissed her then on the forehead and she pulled my trunks back up.
“Oh shit Tony! Look at your knee!” she exclaimed. As I reached down to feel it she pointed out my hand, wrist, and forearm. They were just red with swelling where the jelly fish had stung me. It did look fairly bad. Then I wondered about Anna who had tears rolling down her cheeks from the pain. The rest of the girls came down to see what the commotion was about. I turned Anna around and she had the red welts across the middle of her ass. I had her bend over so I could check. I noticed how nice and chubby her labium was and the beautiful heavy camel toe it created.
Maura came up “I hope you guys need to pee!”
Tianna Laughed “I know that I do!”
Anna “Eww, that’s gross!”
Maura “That’s the only way to stop the stinging and get rid of the swelling. It’s not like we have the proper medical kit for it.”
Anna turned to me “I know this is weird, but would you pee on my butt?”
“I can try, but it is not easy after drinking that water.”
The girls gathered around us as we got into position Anna decided that she would do the aiming reaching back grabbing my erection rubbing it against her ass. She began to pump it and I had to stop her “If you keep doing that then it will be a different are looking for.” She gave it another stroke then cupped my testicles. “You really do not want me to pee do you?”
Maura jumped in “I’ll do it, you can’t see anyway.” She grabbed my cock and swallowed hard. I put my arm around her as she aimed and I was finally able to urinate. As the urine flowed I noticed Maura’s nipples becoming instantly erect and almost cutting through her little top my hand drifting to her ass. Anna moaned loudly, I could not tell if it was from the relief or pleasure of being urinated on. Looking down I noticed her fingers splitting her camel toe, so I figured the latter. Maura directed the aim getting as much of my pee as she could where it needed to be, until it ran out. I chuckled as she actual gave it two shakes as well before tucking it back into my trunks.
Anna was so into it that she had not noticed that it was finished and continued working her fingers in her toe. I reached down placing my hand on her hand then pushing it away. She turned with a red hot face giving me a big hug “Thank you!”
Tianna piped in “let’s take care of your hand.” Placing my hand between her legs as she pulled her little swimsuit to the side. I cupped her mound pressing my finger splitting her labium then ran it back rubbing my hand and forearm against it.
“Should we start with the forearm or the hand?”
Maura “do you hand first as it looks the worst. I could feel her hard nub pressing against the palm of my hand as I worked my middle finger between her hot wet folds. I bet this girl was always horny and my erection actually grew even harder than it was as I thought of the sweet musky smell of her panties. She grabbed my arm pulling it towards her as she started to urinate on my hand and my finger sunk deeper. Her body shuddered as I rubbed my palm on her mound and against her clitoris to make certain to get the most coverage. Liquid started to flow from my erection as it popped out of the top of my trunks. I never thought it would be such a turn on to have a woman pee on me, but the longer she peed the more of a turn on it was. Everyone seemed to be turned on by what was happening Amy was even starting to rub herself openly.
Anna said that she would return the favor, but I would need to close my eyes. I asked if she was going to do my knee or my arm and she opted for the arm. I closed my eyes as she pulled my hand down towards her crotch. My outstretched hand finally touching her chubby pussy and my eyes opened when I felt how wet she was. She let go of my arm with my hand feeling her hot wet box as she covered my eyes. “I told you to close your eyes!” I smiled as I poked a finger between her moist lips. Amy then satisfied that my eyes were closed reached back down taking my arm and positioning my wrist to receive her urine. I cupped her butt cheeks underneath pressing my middle finger towards her anus. She shrieked as my finger found it and immediately started to urinate a hard strong flow. I pressed harder against her anus as she did opening my eyes and looking her straight in her eyes. Anna was turning red from her chest to her face as had a crazed look in her eyes. Her hands gripping my arm and moving it in a circular motion to rub against her. As she finished I ran my finger through her swollen lips stopping to cup her mound in my palm to feel her swollen clitoris finally pulling away. I kissed her on the forehead thanking her.
Maura didn’t say a work, just stepped up pulling her bottoms off placing my hand between her legs l my forearm was in range and started to flow. The position she had me in had my face buried against her firm ample breasts. When she was done she turned bending to get her bottoms around her feet. The view she gave me of her ass and swollen camel toe was amazing. Made better by the peeking of lips starting to bud from her labium.
Tara came up to get my knee. I bent my knee a bit and she pulled her suit to the side placing one leg between mine straddling my thigh. I cupped her ass with my clean hand holding her against me and felt her hand reaching into my trunks and gripping my cock while I felt the warmth of her Urine run down my thigh and down my leg. Her hand starting to stroke as it did. I kissed her shoulder and she buried her face into my neck.

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2013-12-23 20:43:09
Good story but I'm confused why everyone decided to pee on the areas infected with jellyfish stingers, considering that this actually amplifies the pain and discomfort. Kind of like pouring salt into an open would. Even if the RV didn't have hot water, the grill was already going they could have easily heated water on it to pour over the stung areas. Unless the two who were stung actually get off on severe pain, I'm not into sadistic sex personally, but I know there are some who get off sexually by pain, I just wasn't expecting that kind of sex in this story. Oh well I did still enjoy everything up till that part. (PuppetMaster)

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