Ok first off, this is not totally my story. I did change the names, and add quite a bit to it, hopefully making it more readable for you. I got the concept of this story from another site, but it was all messed together, not broken down at all, and didn't seem right when reading it. This part of the story doesn't have any actual penetration, but some oral sex, and mutual masturbation. I hope you enjoy this story. I will do a second part, if I get good reviews.
My name is Aline. At 17 years old, I should have been out having fun on my summer break before my senior year, but no, I couldn't do that. My twin sister, Hailey and I are enrolled in advanced summer classes, so no freedom for us.

Our parents are really conservative and extremely strict, giving us very little freedom at all. We were just able to begin dating when we turned 16, but they were always chaperoned by one of our parents. Kissing a boy just on the cheek was a big no no, and even just holding their hand was pushing the limit. If any of our clothing was considered sexy, that was taboo, and was also a big no no.

Ever since I reached puberty and started forming boobs, I have been curious about boys and sex, but never able to do anything about it, because our parents monitored our internet usage. To make it even worse, Hailey was our parents miss perfect, and could do no wrong in their eyes. She always ratted me out for the littlest things, making it hard for me to do anything.

I wasn't the prettiest girl, with small, but perky tits, wearing only a B-cup bra, and a flat ass. I have guy friends at school, but since I can only wear knee length skirts, and loose fitting shirts, none of them wanted to date me, always asking the girls with bigger boobs and more ass out.

Hailey on the other hand, had much bigger boobs, and a round ass that she didn't have to wear tight clothes to show them off. She didn't have any trouble getting boys to ask her out.

There was one good about the summer classes we were in though, we had different schedules. So when my afternoon class got cancelled for the day, I was extremely happy. I was going to be at home, all alone, without my sister or parents there to bother me.

I had been masturbating for a few months now, enjoying the feeling of relief it brought me. So I figured it would be a good chance to get myself off, and relieve some stress.

I excitedly ran up the stairs to my room, and threw my bag in my chair. I closed and locked the door, and ran over to the window to close the curtains. I glanced down at the pool in our backyard, and froze in place, with my hands holding the curtains.

Laying on her back in a lounger was my sister, Hailey. She was wearing a blue string bikini, that just barely covered her supple tits, and pussy mound. Laying on his side, in a lounger next to her, was her boyfriend Trevor.

Trevor and Hailey had been together for 4 months. He was the same age as us, and a captain on the wrestling team. He was always so nice to me whenever he saw me, making me wonder what it would be like if he wasn't with my sister.

I stared at his muscular chest, my pussy beginning moisten as I thought about what it would be like to run my hands over his chest. I finally broke my stare, knowing I needed to get this on camera.

"Oh my god, she's gonna get in so much trouble," I said under my breath, quickly going to retrieve my camera off of my dresser. I knew I had to take some pictures, to use it against her.

I brought the camera up, ready take some pictures, when Hailey rolled over to face Trevor. I took a picture of her that way, getting a shot of the back of her bikini bottoms riding up the crack of her firm ass.

I then brought the camera down, trying to figure out what they were talking about or doing. I noticed my sister motion her head towards her legs, and then sit up and move her ass to the edge of the lounger, spreading her legs apart.

"Holy shit, they're going to have sex," I said to myself, watching Trevor get off of his lounger, and kneel between her legs.

I brought the camera up, wanting to get a picture of this. Before I could snap a picture, Hailey moved her bikini bottoms aside, revealing her slit to Trevor. I froze in place, zooming the camera in on her slit. I could see it was completely bald. I snapped a picture of it, knowing that was immoral according to my parents also.

I kept looking through the zoomed in view screen, as Trevor moved his head between her legs, burying his face in her pussy. My pussy immediately began to tingle even more, watching my sister throw her head back and open her mouth in pleasure.

I may not have known much about sex at the time, but I knew enough to know that Trevor was eating my sister out. I could see his cheeks were sucked, so he was probably sucking on her clit.

I set the camera on the window sill, unable to fight it any longer. I slid a hand inside of my panties, and found my engorged clit with my forefinger. I began rubbing it in a circular motion, my whole body beginning to tremble as I watched them.

Hailey moved her hands to her huge tits in her hand, and began squeezing them and pinching her erect nipples through her bikini. Trevor had his hands under her ass, trying to pull her into him.

I could barely make out the action down there, but thought I could see Trevor's tongue flicking up and down my sister's slit. I could see my sister's legs jumping and trembling, so I knew she enjoying herself, and had an orgasm building inside of her.

My panties were around my knees at this point, as I sunk a finger into my quivering pussy. Watching my first act of real sex seemed to be exciting me more, and sending electrical shocks right to my pussy, even though it is my bitch of a sister doing it.

I felt my orgasm building quickly, sinking a second finger into my sopping wet hole. Before I could cum though, Hailey grabbed Trevor's head with her hands, and closed her legs tight around his head. My hand froze in my pussy, watching my sister's back arch. I could hear her cries of ecstasy through the closed window, so I knew she was cumming.

I started moving my fingers in and out of my pussy again, watching Hailey's body jump and jerk on the lounger, surely filling Trevor's mouth with her sweet juices. My legs began to get rubbery, almost causing me to fall to the floor, so I removed my fingers, figuring I could finish it after.

Hailey continued to run her hands through Trevor's hair, her body still looking to be trembling, but not as violently. Her legs relaxed around Trevor's head, and he moved his head looking up her. Hailey fell back on the lounger, her legs still spread open, and her slit glistening in the sun.

I watched Trevor stand up, my eyes going directly to the bulge in his swim trunks, looking like his hard-on was going to rip right through them at any second. I thought he was going to drop his trunks right there, and burying his dick inside of her, but instead he moved around the lounger and up towards her head. My anticipation grew, hoping to see my first real dick. I brought the camera back up, wanting to capture his dick for my viewing pleasure.

It was quickly diminished though, watching him put his hands in the waistline of his trunks, but before he could push them down, my sister pushed him away. Trevor had dejected look on his face, sitting back down on his lounger.

I noticed the bulge in his trunks beginning to get smaller, and finally disappear altogether. I could not believe my sister didn't help him out, and just pushed him away. But I should've figured she would be that way, because of how big of a bitch she was.

I started taking a few pictures of them laying there. I then decided I needed to finish what I had started, and have my own orgasm, before Hailey came inside.

I closed the curtains, and slid my panties the rest of the way off, leaving them there on the floor. I climbed onto my bed, and laid back. With my parents being the way they were, I didn't even have any toys to help myself.

I sunk my fingers back into my pussy, while putting my other hand on my clit. I started fingering myself quickly, while vigorously rubbing my throbbing clit. I closed my eyes, fantasizing that it was Trevor playing with my pussy.

Moans started to involuntarily escape me, as the pressure quickly built inside of me. My orgasm neared, when all of a sudden I heard a door slam behind me.

I froze, realizing someone was in the bathroom right next to my room. I remained completely quiet, when I heard Trevor's voice, "fucking bitch."

'Holy shit, he's right next to me, and he's complaining about Hailey,' I thought to myself, listening to him closely.

A short time later, I heard him begin to lightly groan. I almost squealed at that point, realizing he was jerking off in there. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy, and moved to my knees on the bed. I put my ear up against the wall, wanting to hear him better.

I could hear his groans and him rustling through the thin wall. I moved my hand back under my skirt, and started rubbing my swollen slit again, wondering what his hard dick looked like.

I started rubbing my slit faster, and with more urgency, listening to his groans getting louder, signalling he was getting ready to cum too. It was at that moment, I realized it was my chance to see my first dick, watch it shoot cum.

I quickly moved off of my bed, hoping he didn't cum before I got in there. I scurried to the door, and put my hand on the knob. I slowly turned it, a little surprised, but happy it was unlocked. I pushed the door open unannounced, and looked right at him.

"Stay ou..." Trevor started to yell, but quickly trailed off, looking at me stunned.

I'm sure I had a look of shock on my face also, just staring at his hand wrapped around his dick. I felt a pulse shoot right through my pussy, as I just stood there looking at his dick. I could see a clear fluid leaking from the tip of his fat purplish head, thinking I had missed him cumming already.

Neither one of us moved or said anything for a while. I finally made the first move, stepping into the bathroom. Trevor then stood up, and started pulling his trunks up.

"No!" I cried out, almost yelling it.

He stood back up, looking at me in confusion. He hard dick was pointing straight up in the air. He looked at me, I guess waiting for my next move.

I really didn't know what to do though, just nervously biting my lower lip, while staring at his dick. With his dick being the first one I had ever seen, I thought it was huge. I wondered how is was supposed to even fit inside of me, as fat as it looked.

I slowly moved a little closer to him, and he just stood there, neither of us saying anything. I think, he thought I was gonna be like my sister and have him just eat out, as he sat down on the edge of the tub, looking up at me.

I smiled at him, standing in front of him. I lifted my skirt up, showing him my virgin, but extremely excited slit. I started rubbing clit with my finger, putting my ass against the sink counter, giving him a firsthand view.

Trevor slowly started stroking his dick again, watching me play with myself. I watch his balls jump and sway, as he stroked the entire length of his dick, up and down.

I started rubbing my clit harder, as he started stroking his dick faster. I started moaning louder, my orgasm quickly growing inside of me. I'm sure he could could see how wet I was. The only noise we were making was moaning and groaning, mutually masturbating.

I kept my eyes focused on his dick, as he stood up and move towards me. I looked up at him, thinking he was going to push his dick into me. I nodded at him, as if to say, yes put it in me.

He pushed my hand away from my clit with his other hand, and put his thumb on my clit, flicking it over it. His eyes were locked on my pussy, his groans getting even louder.

I put my hands on the counter to steady myself, enjoying the feeling of someone else touching me down there. My whole body was trembling, my orgasm preparing to shoot through me.

I heard Trevor growl, and throw his head back. I looked down at his dick, seeming to double in thickness, when all of a sudden his hot cum came shooting out, splashing against my exposed pussy.

This set off my own orgasm, throwing my head back in ecstasy, my body tightening up, and then electrical shocks shooting through my body. My hips jumped towards him, as he continued squirting his hot cum onto my pussy lips. I could feel our mixed juices running down my ass, causing my orgasm to continue even longer.

My legs grew weak, and I fell to the floor, still continuing to cum. He shot one more blast of cum as I was falling, landing on my skirt.

I put my hand between my legs, feeling his sticky cum covering my pussy lips. My body continued to convulse with aftershocks of my orgasm. I looked up at Trevor watching him sit back down on the edge of the tub, breathing heavily. I looked at his quickly deflating dick, noticing some of his cum still oozing out of the tip.

I slowly got up to my knees, moving towards him, wanting to see what it was like to have a dick in my mouth, and what cum would taste like. I opened my mouth, and took the head of his dick in my mouth, feeling him tremble and push me away. I looked up at him dejectedly, thinking that's what he wanted.

"I'm a little sensitive now Aline, but wow that was incredible," he said, speaking for the first time since we began.

I could taste his cum on my tongue, finding it to taste good. I smiled at him wide, "can we do that again?"

"Definitely, but not today, or your sister may think something's up," he said, lightly petting my cheek.

He did have a point, he needed to get back down there before Hailey wondered where he was, and came looking for him. I looked up at him, "yeah you're right."

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