One day spent out in the woods "hunting"
The hunting surprise

It was an unusually warm Sunday morning in Upper Peninsula Michigan. Outside it was 52 degrees. Its November deer hunting season and this warm weather is unheard of. Normally you hope you don’t freeze your toes off while your sitting in the tree or hope the deer blind stays warm.

Being from Michigan I’m kinda a big outdoor person. I tried to hunt every year, only at rifle season mostly. I was only 5’4” with brownish/auburn hair that was just above my shoulders. I wasn’t the skinniest girl in the world but I loved my curves and had a C to a D sized chest that I was proud of, and like occasionally wearing low cut shirts to help show them off.

So today it was a thin pair of long johns and a sweat shirt with a pair of my camo jeans. No need to wear anything else. I decided to sit in the blind today its more comfy there. Its nothing super fancy even though it has some nice luxuries for being an outdoor blind. There’s a couple comfy older office chairs. One looking like an old executive faux leather desk chair and the other an older desk chair that was comfy with wood arms on its sides. There were 2 older wooden kitchen chairs that were used more like side tables then actually sat in.

Besides the comfy chair there was a decent sized propane heater that was great for when things did get there normal cold outside. There were windows on all sides but the south side windows had blinds on them to help keep the deer from seeing you so easily.

So after I threw on my clothes and putting on my hunting boots I hopped in the jeep and drove out to my uncles property. I was the only one hunting on the property today so lots of peace and quiet for me.

I walked out to the blind kinda earlier then normal but I figured I could be in there early ready for the deer to come. The only light I had was a small flashlight. When I finally made it to the blind I stepped in not seeing anything unusual, of course I couldn’t see every corner of the blind either. After stepping in the door I turned around to shut the door behind me and set down my rifle and the bag of food.

Suddenly felt a hand on my mouth with a knife to my throat.
I froze scared. "Are you up here alone?" A voice whispered to me. I nodded. "Good" he replied.

"Don’t move or talk. You do and I’ll slice your throat. Do you understand?"

I nodded again.

He slowly moved his hand from my mouth leaving the knife at my throat. " if your smart you'll keep away from that rifle too"

I nodded to afraid to say anything.

I felt like his eyes were looking me up and down. I was so scared and tense my body started to shake. " everything will be alright. Just do as I say and you wont get hurt. Do you understand?"

I nodded again.

Tears were filling my eyes and I jumped as he touched my head to remove my hat. He then took my flashlight from my hand and shut it off.

" don’t move an inch" his words kept me from moving not knowing what he would do with his knife. I heard him moving around behind me. Next thing I know he put a cloth over my eyes as a blindfold. Even though it was still dark out he obviously didn't want me seeing him when the sun came up.

"Take off your sweatshirt" he ordered. I moved fast not knowing where his knife was. I was now wearing my long john shirt. I again could feel his eyes on me as he tried to see me better in the dark.

Next I felt his arms wrap around me as he began to sniff my hair. One hand was wrapped around my waist pushing the handle of the knife into my stomach reminding me that its not far. The other hand was now under the hem of shirt rubbing my stomach. He began go kiss the back of my neck. " you smell so good and feel so soft."

His hand under my shirt began to work its way up slowly. " how lucky a guy I was to get lost in these woods and find this blind just to have you walk in for me to have a play toy for a few hours." My body shivered as he spoke those words.

I felt his hand on my breast over my sports bra. He began to knead my breasts, one then the other then took his fingers and began pinching and rubbing my nipples.

" I think its warm enough in here for u to take off your shirt." After saying this he moved his hands to my hem and began pulling up.

When I didn't move my arms fast enough he gave me a quick jab in the back of my arm with his knife. I jumped, squealed in pain and lifted my arms. I could tell the wound wasn't that deep but I could still feel the seeping from my arm.

"Don't move fast enough for me you'll get another one of those, do you understand" I replied with shakiness in my voice that I did understand.

He then moved around behind me again. I jumped as he touched my arm placing a bandage on it to help stop the bleeding.

Next he pulled the older chair with arms near me and told me to sit. He helped me to find the chair and sit without falling.

"Please don't hurt me" I begged in a squeaky voice as the blindfold soaked up my tears.

"Like I said you do as I say you wont get hurt" I then heard the noise of duct tape being pulled from a roll and felt as he placed it on my wrist taping them down to the chair arms. As he taped down my wrists he asked " when are you expected back home?"

"Between 5:30 and 6" I replied. My voice shaky and sounding weak. " good that gives us plenty of time to play" he smirked.

After he taped my wrists his hand fondled my breast. Reaching inside my bra and played with my nipples. " now just sit and relax while I see what you brought to eat. I have a big appetite some of it will be filled, I‘ll start with the food then move onto you for some playtime."

I listened as he rummaged through the back pack of food I brought and began to eat. I could hear him pace in the small blind as he ate. Every once in a while he would walk over to me and rub my clit through my pants. Every time he did I jumped and try to move my hips away from his hand. And every time he would laugh at me rub me hard and tell me how he loves to watch me squirm.

After a while I got sick of the silence "how did you find this blind?" I asked.

" I told you I got lost in the woods last night and found it. Lucky me it had a heater and I was just so lucky to have certain things with me just for this situation here with you."

I sat silent after hearing those words and I became more nervous about what he could have planned for me and wondered what else he had that would be " just for this situation" as he put it.

I heard him sit down in one of the other chairs and began to hear him snore. As he snored I tried pulling on the tape. I tried to reach my wrists with my teeth to bite through the tape. After some effort and little success of getting the tape off I sat in the chair in silence.

Suddenly I felt something touching my feet. " well nice of you to wake up" I heard the man say as he untied my boot. I must have fallen asleep. I wonder how long I was out.

"What time is it I asked?" As he removed the first boot. " don't you worry about that. Ill keep track of the time." He then removed my second boot. It was at this time I realized my pants were unbuttoned and the zipper was down.

He must have known I felt the opening of my pants " you get wet easy don't you?" He asked as he put his hand inside my pants and long johns and rubbed my clit thoroughly through my thong. That's when I figured he had been fondling me while I was sleeping.

"Please stop" I begged as he began to rub harder.

" I'm only stopping to remove more clothes." He replied.

He then grabbed the waist band of my pants and began to pull down. "Lift your butt up" he ordered as he pulled down. I did as said not wanting another jab from the knife.

He then removed my socks and long johns leaving me just sitting in my sports bra and thong.

" now just relax while I go outside and take care of some business." I then heard the door open felt the cool air on my skin and then the door closed. I sat there in silence feeling as if I was already naked and fully exposed to him.

He soon returned and kept the door open for a few minutes. " please I’m begging shut the door." I cried out as Goosebumps formed.

" I’m watching your nipples push through that bra." He replied. After another couple minutes he finally he shut the door and I heard him move around. Not sure what he was doing until I heard his zipper go down.

I froze in the chair as I heard him move closer to me. I felt him kneel down in front of me" now its time to play" he said as a hand rubbed my clit through my thong. " please no" I begged as I squirmed under his rough hands.

"Shhhh" he said " it'll be fun" he giggled as his other hand push up my bra and fondled my chest.

He did this for what felt like forever. I plead every so often and he would laugh and continue.

As he began to move my thong to the side I started to beg and plead again louder for him to stop. " that’s enough bitch" he yelled as he got up and grabbed something. I felt him grab my thong. He used the knife to cut it off. Then he shoved the thong in my mouth. Next he cut off my sports bra wrapped it around my mouth and tied it to keep the thong in place gagging me.

"Now that should keep you cooperative for a while" he then moved the knife handle along my neck then rubbed it around my nipples then slowly down my stomach.

" since you seem to like me using the knife how about I use it in another way?" He said.
As he started rubbing the handle a long my clit. Making circles around my clit. I struggle in the chair as I felt it rubbing against me.

And he continue to rub the knife handle against me he took my left hand and put his cock in it. " rub it gently and don't attempt to use your nails" he said as he started pushing himself in and out of my hand.

He started to jerk himself off in my hand, as he took the knife handle and started to poke into my opening. As he continued 2 go back and forth in my hands begin to feel the precum and notice he was growing harder then he already was. He then wrapped his hand around my hand holding my hand tighter onto his cock.

He slowly pushed the knife deeper into my opening. Within a few minutes he had released all his juices all over my stomach. He pulled his cock out of my hand and pushed the knife handle all the way inside me using the blade to help prop It so it couldn’t come out, no matter how much I squirmed and tried to remove it.

I heard him get up and move around then he walked to me and wiped his juices off of me with a cold wet cloth. “ want to make sure I don’t leave any of me on you anywhere.” he said as he cleaned. He also wiped my chest using the cloth to rub my nipples even though none of his juices where up that high on my body.

He then walked around leaving me sitting there on the knife handle. I could tell the knife handle wasn’t smooth. I would almost guess it was made from deer antler. Of course not being able to see it made it hard to know what was being used to keep it in for his enjoyment.

I listened to him move around the blind. Every so often he would again come over and play with my nipples or rub my clit. He would even kiss my lips with the gag on. “ don’t want to hear your bitching so that things stays” he told me.

I could feel his eyes on me as he sat in the chair watching me. Suddenly he told me not to move and keep quiet. Next thing I know he was opening the window letting the cooler air into the warm blind. I heard him pick up my rifle and check to make sure there is a round in the chamber.

I got scared unsure what exactly he was planning on doing with that rifle. Then suddenly a shot went off. I jump in the chair as he yelled in excitement. “got me dinner tonight” he said as I heard him get dressed and walk out the door of the blind. The cool air rushing over my naked body.

After what felt like forever the man finally returned. I heard him walk in and set down the rifle and again removed his clothes. “ shooting and finding that deer got me in the mood to play again” he told me with a chuckle at the end of his comment.

He walked to me and started pushing the knife handle in and out of me while his other hand rubbed my clit. “need to make sure your nice and wet before I put my hard cock inside you hotness.” After hearing him say this the tears started flowing again.

I tried closed my legs but he knelt between them using his legs to make sure I stayed opened as wide as he could get me. “now now its no fun when you try to do stupid things like that” he then punch me in the stomach as punishment for not doing what he wants.

I cried into the gag as the handle started to bring me pain. The handle was being pushed in and out of me hard and rough. The more excited the man got the harder and deeper he would push the knife.

“look at those juices flowing out of your pussy…I knew you liked it” he said as he slowly removed the knife hand from my pussy.

“I think we need to put you in a new position.” He then used the knife to cut the duct tape from my wrists. He started pulling my out of the chair placing my on my knees. I heard him move some things around me and he then grabbed my wrists and put them through the openings of one of the wooden kitchen chairs with the seat part towards me, then he taped my wrists together. He then pushed me up so my breasts were on the chair and my butt up in the air.

He got on his knees behind me and began rubbing my clit and poking his fingers in my pussy. “oh yeah that pussy is nice and wet” he said as he rubbed my juices on my clit and on my nipples.

Then I felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down my slit. I tensed up as I felt him near my opening. “ I love when girls get all tight like that. Makes it more fun for me” he said as he slowly pushed his tip inside my opening.

He used his legs to open my legs wider. He slowly pushed in his hard cock inch by inch. Once he was in he held it there and reached around to rub my clit. “need to make sure you don’t get to dry on me” he said as kept rubbing my clit and the other hand reached up and rubbed my nipples.

Soon he moved his hands to my hips and started slowly moving back and forth inside me. As he continued he would slowly pick up speed, every few minutes reaching around and rubbing my clit. His cock swelling inside me opening me wide for him to go faster and harder.

His groans getting louder the faster he thrusted. Soon I could feel his precum mixing with my forced juices. I began to cry again as I felt his juices begin to spill inside me. He moaned and grunted as he kept himself inside me until he had every ounce of his juices in me.

He stood up and again used the knife handle to fuck me a few minutes then held the knife in place as he grabbed the duct tape to tape it in place me. “don’t want it falling out since your all slippery and wet now”

“Don’t worry ill make sure to make you cum before I leave you” he said to me laughing as he got up from the floor.

I listened to him move around the blind while I tried to make sure I didn’t close my legs afraid to cut myself on the knife. He was humming with joy as he moved around. I heard him shuffling around the blind and going through bags.

“I think I found something to add to our fun” he said as I heard him look around in his bags more as he continued to laugh. “ I found something I can rig together to make you cum.”

All of the sudden I heard what sounded like a cordless drill. All I could think of was the videos I has seen online of a drill with a dildo on the end of it inside of girls while they were tied. But I didn’t have a dildo and couldn’t figure out what he use with the drill.

“ahhh yes, found it” he said as I heard him pull something out of his bag. “I knew I had one in here.” I could hear him placing something onto the drill and locking it in place.

He started the drill again and I could hear him giggling and breathing heavier. Then he shut off the drill as he moved to me again. He removed the knife and then cut the tape on my wrists. Then he placed my wrists behind me back taping together again and laid me on my back on the floor.

On the wall, just above the windows, were 2 hooks one either side of the 2 foot wide windows. He took rope tied one rope around my left ankle and then another rope to my right ankle. I then felt him pulling the rope up to the hooks. Lifting my legs in the air, and slightly lifting my butt off the floor.

I could feel his eyes looking me over as he had me wide open and vulnerable. “mmmm you look so good. This will be so fun….I love to make a girl cum against her will.”

I felt him kneel on the floor next to me. He started my rubbing my nipples. Then he started sucking on my nipples while he rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy.

He moved between my legs while he continued to rub and lick all over me. Slowly he started kissing up to my neck and nibbled on my ear. He then started whispering into my ear “your not the first girl I’ve had my way with.”

I froze as I heard those words come from his mouth. “ I got lost in the would after I escaped from jail.”

“ I just happened to carry things like I’m about to use with me all the time just for situations like this…..never know when some pretty thing will walk in my life that I want to have playtime with” He started kissing on my neck again I heard the drill turn on in his free hand while his other hand continued to rub my clit.

While continuing to rub my clit the man shifted so his face was at my slit and began licking my clit while he began moving the drill closer to my opening.

I started struggling and squirming in the ropes and tape. Trying with all my might to get free. I could hear him laughing as I moved around.

I began to feel the tip of what felt like a dildo at my opening. “oh this is making me so hard watching this enter your oh so wet pussy. “ The joy in his voice made me cringe.

He began to push the dildo into my opening slowly while he started licking and sucking on my clit. His movements were precise and the longer he did it the more force he used. I laid there thinking he was making sure he would live up to his statement about making me cum before he left.

“I can tell your enjoying this. I can feel your body reacting to my toy.” he whispered in my ear taking a break from violating my clit. The drill was continuously moving inside my pussy. He continued to move it in and out changing the speeds from fast to slow and then again speeding it up again. Without warning changing the speeds to his pleasure.

After what felt like an hour he turned the drill on high and kept it on high and made sure to keep in my pussy as deep as he could get it to go. I could tell he somehow propped it up to stay in place because both his hands rubbed my breasts and played with my nipples while his mouth went back to my clit. Working full force to make me cum against my will.

Without warning my body started to shake. He could feel it too cause he started moving furiously on my body. I was trying to fight the feelings going through my body. I didn’t want to feel the violation that I knew was coming no matter how hard I tried to fight what he was doing to me.

My breathing got faster, my body was shaking even harder now. I could only feel him doing everything he could to make me to cum for him.

After what seemed like forever I lost all control of my body and let the orgasm flow through me. “yes that’s it you hot little thing” he said as he continued to violate my clit and nipples. It was non stop. He kept going fondling and violating me. “I think you have another in you” he said as he continued.

Suddenly he stopped and removed the drill from my pussy and put his hard cock inside me. Fucking me hard and deep. Continuing with one hand on my clit and his mouth alternating nipples.

As he began to climax, I again could feel myself climaxing without warning. He again could feel my body reacting to him, “just let go, you know you want to. Your one of my many little sluts now” then laughed in my ear as I again began to orgasm. As soon as he felt me begin to cum and let his juices flow inside me.

I cried into the gag as the anger and growing hatred for him making me feel this way began to grow. When he finished cumming inside me he kept his now soft cock inside me and laid on top of me while he caught his breath.

He softly kissed my cheek and neck as I continued to cry while he laid on top of me.

Eventually he got up and moved around me in the small blind leaving me lie there. “time to clean up and get you ready to go home” He then kneeled down between my wide open legs and began to clean my vagina. He cleaned inside and out. Growing the feeling of humiliation and violation inside me.

After he finished cleaning me he untied my legs and gently lowered them to the ground. He then sat me up on the floor and had me sit Indian still while he moved around the blind some more. I felt the door open and the cold air rush in.

He walked around behind me, kneeled and began to brush my hair with his hand. “now im going to undo the tape on your wrists. don’t do anything stupid that could get you hurt. After I do this count to 100 slowly. After that you can do what you can get dressed and go home.” relief filled my body as he continued to whisper in my ear.

As he continued to speak his hands were again rubbing my nipples “now nothing of this is to be told to anyone. Not your family, friends or the police. If I found out you told I will hunt you down and do even more to you then what little I did today. Do you understand??” As he spoke these words his voice filled with anger and the tip of the knife poked into my back.

The relief I had felt in my body was now again filled with fear. I nodded my head making sure he knew I completely understood what he was saying. “ Rubbing your nipples makes me want to play with you more….but I don’t want people questioning where you were and what happened to you. Don’t need the authorities coming and looking for me.”

He then cut the tape on my wrists but held them behind my back so I couldn’t move them. “ leave them here till your done counting. I wouldn’t want something stupid happening before I even leave the blind.”

He let go of my wrists and I held them there. “and no removing the gag and blindfold early either” I heard him say as he got up and came in front of me. He then kissed me through the gag again while gave one last rub of my nipples. “to bad we didn’t have more time to play cause you sure were a fun toy to play with”

He let go of my nipple and walked out the door. I heard him walk away and begin to count to one hundred.

Once I finished counting I brought my wrists around and took off the blindfold and gag. I then got up looking around outside to see if I could see any signs of him anywhere and it was like he vanished. The deer he shot was gone, everything he had brought with him gone except the cloth he used to blindfold me.

I quickly got dressed and went home. I never said a word to anyone, just acted like it was a normal day in the woods, always to live with the fear that he would honor his word of hunting me down if I ever told.

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2014-05-01 03:12:06
Don't use "your" when you mean "you're", which is the proper contraction for "you are". This is very poorly written. Have you never heard of proof-reading? ALL real writers proof-read their writings prior to publishing them. Until you learn to proof-read, you will NEVER become a writer. You write at about an eighth-grade level.

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2014-01-06 08:07:16
they always tell you they will hunt you down, should have went right to the cops once they caught his ass then you would know who he is and if he ever got out of jail you could hunt his ass down and shoot his worthless dick off then make him swallow it

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