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If you've read the first part you will already know i was 15 at the time of this story.
My name is Tony and my best friend is called Paul and he is also 15.

It was the morning after our first sexual encounter and Paul rang to say he needed to talk with me, so we arranged to meet at "The Bridge". It was the place where our gang used to hang out on weekend nights, we'd go there so we could drink and smoke without the risk of getting caught as it was an old bridge across a dis-used railway line and you could see anyone approaching from any direction long before they could see you.

When i arrived at the bridge Paul was already there waiting as soon as i saw him i got really nervous, i knew what he would want to talk about but was worried at what he would say.
"Hiya" i said as i approached.
"Hi" he replied.

Then he started off on this long speech about how he was sorry for the previous night and that he had no right to expect me to do those kind of things with him.
I said it was OK if i had been that bothered about it i would have stopped him.

But i needed to know. "Are you gay?" i asked straight out.
"No, i don't think so. I like girls and i think about girls and look at girls in mags when i wank. It's just i find hard cocks a real turn on too".
"Look I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore please just don't tell the other lads"
"I wouldn't tell them anyway but i still want to be your friend", I replied.
" I've thought about hard cocks too for a while and if I'm totally honest last night was great."

" To tell you the truth I've had a constant hard-on thinking of it"
"Me too." he said

And the truth was my teenage cock was straining against the front of my jeans. I needed to get it out and bring myself off pretty soon.

"Paul, I'm going round the back of the trees to have a wank it's up to you if you join me".
I walked round the other side of the half a dozen trees that had taken root on the bridge once round the other side i couldn't get my cock out quick enough.
I had only been stroking myself for about 30 seconds when Paul came round an stood besides me, he got his cock out and began stroking himself too. I looked at his cock and it was so hard the head was turning purple!
"How did it feel when i fucked you?"
"It felt strange and it hurt at first but once the pain went and we started fucking it felt fantastic!"
"I have fingered my arse while I've wanked, I've even tried putting other things up there. It seems to make me cum harder when i have something in my arse!" I said.

we carried on stroking in silence for a couple of minutes. Then he asked me if i wanted to stroke each other. I didn't say anything i just reached across and took hold of his hard cock and he returned the favour. Stroking each other felt so good, we turned to face each other all the while fisting each others hard cocks.

We both started to get precum so we rubbed the ends of our cocks together it felt amazing!
Without saying a word Paul dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth, the feeling was indescribable and i let out a low moan. He carried on sucking and licking on my length as he pulled my jeans down to my ankles. He started cupping and stroking my balls, he let my cock out of his mouth and push it back against my stomach as he began licking my balls and all the way up the underside of my cock.
Just when i thought i was going to cum he stopped and stood up we kissed as we continued wanking each other.He broke our kiss and sucked on his finger, he then put his hand on my arse and started to tease my tight hole as he wanked me. Within seconds i was pushing back against his finger trying to get it inside me but he just kept teasing me.
Then when i was about to grab his hand and force his finger into me he let it slowly slide into my arse, my cock twitched with excitement.

He got back down on his knees and started sucking my cock again as he finger fucked my arse, I was thrusting in to his mouth and pulling back so his finger slid in even deeper. I was moaning in exctasy.

He stopped sucking and looked up at me and said does that feel good? I couldn't speak so i just nodded my head in approval.

He told me to turn around and bend over the wall, I was not sure what to expect whatever it was i wasn't going to stop him.
He knelt behind me and reached round to carry on playing with my cock, then i felt his tongue on my arse hole. Gently lick round my little hole then trying to push it inside me. His finger started teasing my hole again as he licked me. My hole started to relax then he pushed his finger in as far as he could all the time licking me and wanking me. I could not believe i hadn't cum by now.

Then without warning he shoved 2 fingers into my arse. It hurt like hell and i flinched in pain. He kept his fingers inside me but did not move them until my arse got used to them and relaxed again.
He carried on finger fucking me for a while as i pushed my arse back to meet every thrust he made into my arse.

He pulled his fingers out and stood up he leaned over me and whispered in my ear, " So you want to know how it feels to be fucked?"
Alarm bells rang in my head. His cock was huge!
" NO, you're too big Paul!"
"It's OK I'll take it slowly and if you say stop I'll stop."
In reality i wanted him in me but the size of his cock worried me!

I felt the tip of his cock press against my arse hole. My arse was nice and wet from the licking he gave me and his cock was well lubed with precum.
He pushed a little harder and i felt my arse stretch to take his cock then the pain started, I yelled out.
He asked me if i wanted him to stop and i said no but don't go any deeper just yet.
After a few seconds the pain eased and i told him to carry on, I could feel him entering me inch by inch, i had to stop him every few seconds to let my arse adjust to the size of this hard man flesh that was entering me.
Overall it took about ten minutes until i felt his pubic hair against my arse cheeks then i knew he was all the way in.
Take it slow i told him once the pain eased. He drew back only about an inch then pushed forward again. Carrying on like this until he was pulling nearly all the way out then sliding all the way in again.
He began to increase speed as i asked him for more.

He was fucking me quite hard and fast now and i could feel his hard cock deep in me i was wanking myself in time to his fucking.
He held my waist as he pushed me off then pulled me back onto his cock.

"God Paul you never told me it felt this good!" I said
He just grunted in reply
"Paul I feel like a cheap slut letting you fuck my arse, but it feels so good"
"You're my fucking slut and i'm going to cum in your slutty arse in a minute!"
"Fuck yes, Fuck me, Fill my arse with your cum i want to feel you cum in me!"

He groaned loudly and thrust deeper than ever into me I felt his cock get bigger and harder in me then i felt it start to pump his hot teenage cum deep up my arse. He let out a long groan as his body began to twitch as he unloaded his balls into my arse.

"Yes, yes ,yes oh fuck yes!" was all i could say
I looked down at my own cock which was harder than i'd ever known it and precum was almost coming out like piss!

I wanked harder and began to cum, my cum must have shot 3 feet out of the end of my cock. I seemed to cum for ages as shot after shot of cum squirted out of my cock.

We stayed there me bent over the wall, Paul bent over me with his cock still inside me until we got our breath back. His cock went soft and slid out of my arse. We both fell to the floor and sat there for a while saying nothing.

I could feel his cum running out of me, it felt quite erotic for some reason.

When we finally spoke we both agreed, no more apologies, and as long as we were both happy with what we were doing then we'd carry on. Obviously we swore each other to secrecy.

Over the years we became more like lovers than friends. Even sharing the same bed for the night on a few occasions. We tried out everything we could think of, we both wanted a threesome with another guy. But we didn't know which of our firends we could seduce..............................................but thats another story!

I am happily married these days my wife and i have a wonderful sex life, she has no idea about my teenage flings with my friend.
I love sex with my wife but sometimes i would once again love to suck and wank a hard cock!

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2012-04-29 12:10:57
Me ad my best friend are gay and one night we were watching gay porn and I said can I suck on his cock he said yes SOO now EVERYTIME he comes over he cums in my mouth(;

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2010-05-25 08:46:11
since i was 13 and saw my best friend naked in the shower i wanted to fuck him. he often did sleepovers with me in my room but i never had the courage to tell him. i finally found the courage when we were 17. we had been in the gym and he was under the shower. i stepped in the shower and immediately kissed him. first it seemed that he wanted to step back. but then he leaned himself into the kiss and into my arms. I guided him to my bed and spread his legs. when i fucked him it was heaven and my friend moaned loudly in pleasure. i asked him if he wanted to be my boyfriend and he said yes. it was the best moment of my life when my friend said that he wanted to be my boyfriend.


2008-03-16 01:15:19
ive also wanted to fuck my best friend and him fuck me since i was about 13. i'm 16 now and i want to tell him so bad but i dont want to risk our friendship on it.


2008-01-20 19:32:45
i wanted to fuck my bestfriend when i was 13 lol but i couldn't do it and i regret it., im 17 now and straight but im still interested sometime in boys maybe im bi. well i think we all want to fuck our friend when we are below 16. wha u think?


2007-10-11 23:08:08
Keep the stories coming. I have been married too, but I prefer male sex to male/female sex. I had a very sexy wife, but I still preferred males.

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