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This is the final chapter of this storyline. I apologize if it seems rushed and underdone. Please enjoy and of course, please leave constructive feedback and opinions. No spam. TY
Melissa was completely fixated on watching Richard and the twins that she never realized she was rubbing herself. Ian watched with a smile as her rubbing caused a wet spot to soak through her pants. As the twins were crying out in orgasmic pleasure, Ian had slowly moved up behind Melissa and carefully removed her sidearm, placing it in a small plant holder hanging from the patio roof. She pressed closer to the window to the point where her breath was fogging up the glass. As the last scream came from the girls, he saw Melissa almost orgasm herself. She leaned back and felt Ian’s hands on her back moving up to her shoulders and neck.

He turned her around and kissed her deeply on her lips. Melissa kisses back just as deeply and moved her hands to Ian’s dick and rubbed her hand against it. Ian placed his hands on her breast and squeezed them strongly. Melissa’s grip on his dick got tighter and Ian’s dick responded by getting bigger. He pushed her body back onto the patio and stopped when her ass hit the end of a patio table knocking her slightly of balance. She leaned back somewhat to balance herself and Ian, in a moment of passion, ripped her uniform shirt off. dark brown buttons flew everywhere and exposed a sight Ian has wanted to see for months. Under her uniform was a black lacey teddy that went from straps around her shoulders to her midsection. all see-through. He could make out her hard nipples against her pressed down breast. Melissa breath has heavy but short as the shock of what just happened began to sink in. Ian leaned forward and kissed her as she laid their exposed to him. Ian moved his hands down and undid her belt and unbuttoned her pants pulling them down. The smell of pussy juices was strong and he could see a small trail running down her legs. He lifted her up and put her ass onto the table and finished removing her shoes and pants. When he raised up, Melissa wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her. She kissed him and put her tongue in his mouth. He also did the same. His hands found their way back to her breast and he pinched her nipples. Melissa cried out as the pain made her climax. She looked him in the eyes and with a weak and submissive voice said “take my body, take me”. Ian took a hand full of her teddy and with both hands, tore it off her showing a sweaty, firm and busty chest. He released the silk shreds and put his hands on her moist breast. His strong squeezes made her cry out and soon made her fluids leak out faster with more intensity. Ian then leaned her on her back and tore away the last of her undergarment till she was completely naked. She spread her legs and Ian placed his head down between them and began to lick. Melissa’s hands moved allover her body grasping her breast and his hair. She released quickly and her cries turned to screams as his tongue began to work it’s way into her pussy. She climaxed twice just from his chewing. Melissa then begged for Ian to fuck her till her body gives out. Ian stood up and guided his dick to her pussy and with a hard shove, he placed his dick into her. She cried out as the 8 inches of manhood drove into her with power. He then proceeded to thrust as her body vibrated as the force of the thrust caused her jerk and twist while her breast bounced over her chest. Her screams soon drew out Kathy and her to older daughters who had gotten aroused by the sound of Melissa getting fucked. Kathy leaned against to doorframe watching Melissa get her pussy pounded. Lucy went to get twins hoping to get Richard alone for her own quick fuck. Bre-ann stood motionless with her mouth open as Melissa’s screams echoed into the night sky. Ian felt his load coming so he pushed deep into her and fired it off. The twins arrived just as this happened and saw Melissa raise up a few inches and then laid back on the table.

Ian did his last few thrust and pulled out. Melissa was breathing hard and deep. Her body was exhausted and covered in sweat. Kathy walked up to her and placed her hand on Melissa’s forehead. Melissa looked up and tried to speak but nothing came out. Ian called
Bre-ann over and with Kathy’s help, they carried her into the den and set her on the sofa. Melissa was out cold and looked totally helpless. Lucy led Richard into the room and saw his mother laying naked with Ian standing next to her. He stared into Ian’s eyes and asked
“was the whore a good fuck?” Ian nodded a yes and Richard laughed. “she’s all yours. Enjoy” Ian smiled and covered her with a small towel. He walked up to Kathy and kissed her. She led him off to her room with her last words being to leave Melissa alone.

Melissa awoke sometime later to the sounds of Kathy sexual screams. She could also make out the twins moaning loudly as Richard was giving them another hard fuck. Melissa got up and walked into the hallway that connects all 3 bedrooms to the den and front room. The twins door was only slightly open and the older sisters room was closed. She turned her head to the direction of the screams and saw that Kathy’s door was wide open and showing her and Ian in bed. Kathy was laying on top of Ian with her legs spread wide while Ian had his fist in her pussy moving it in and out quickly. Each entry caused a huge release of pussy juices that launched like a geyser sent it spilling allover the bed. Her breast where shaking as her body vibrated with intensity as Ian’s hand drove into her fast and hard. Melissa was memorized by what she saw. She walked slowly, almost as if in a trance to Kathy’s room and stared at them. Kathy looked at Melissa and was panting out “not yet, not yet. I’m not done yet.” Ian had also notice Melissa and gave her a wicked smile just as he shoved his fist deep into her pussy, more than he had before. With a loud scream and a huge release of fluid that sprayed the far wall, Kathy feel back onto Ian and passed out. Her body still twitching from the orgasm. Ian looked down at Melissa’s pussy and could see it dribbling it’s juices on the carpet. With Kathy spent and not able to continue the fun, He reached for Melissa who crawled onto the soaked bed and sat on her knees waiting for him. Ian rolled Kathy off of him and she ended on the left side of the bed. Melissa leaned up to his midsection and took his dick in her mouth. She licked and sucked it like it was made of sugar with no effort at all. She was a pro at this and she made him lean back on his pillow and moan has the sucking intensified. Ian felt he was about to cum, so he pulled her head up and pushed her on her back. The sheets made a squishy sound as Melissa laid on them. All the fluid from Kathy saturated them and it was like laying in a small pond. He spread her legs wide and rammed his dick into her. She cried out as the 8 inch pole drove into her body. She took a deep breath and smiled as Ian began to thrust. His thrusts were much more forceful that earlier and he made no effort to be gentle or romantic on this woman. Each thrust brought him closer to owning her completely. He thought of Janet being harassed by her and that made him thrust harder. Melissa enjoyed the hard rams and began to call out “oh god!” as she reached orgasm. He kept driving deeper and deeper into her pussy as his lust was match my anger of her tormenting Janet. He was going to teach her who her master was and he didn’t care about how much her body was jacked up. Quickly her moans turned to screams as the ramming got harder and stronger. Richard and the twins ran from their room to see the his mother being decimated by Ian’s cock. With each twin grasping one of Richard’s arms and Kathy beginning to stir, Ian took as deep breath and with all his strength, drove his dick as deep as he could into Melissa’s body. This last shove maid Melissa raise up and scream that made Kathy jump. In just a few seconds, Ian released his semen into her and gave several had thrust to ensure it made it’s way to her eggs. Lucy and Bree-ann ran in the room just as Ian had finished her. Melissa’s eyes rolled into her head and she dropped back onto the bed like a rag doll. Kathy stared at Melissa as Ian pulled out and was breathing heavily. Kathy being the whore she was, jumped over Melissa’s legs and to his cock in her mouth. She suck to get what ever cum was left in it and didn’t care if everyone was watching her. The twins helped Melissa up to her knees and braced her in front of Ian. The look on her face was one of total defeat. He had broken her and she was now addicted to his dick. She almost threw Kathy off the bed to get his dick out of her mouth so she could have it in hers. Richard was smiling the whole time. He looked at Ian and told him “you know what’s going to happen now, right?”. Ian nodded and Richard walked away with the twins. Kathy climbed back up to Ian and kissed him. Lucy and Bre followed the others and went back to their room. He pulled his dick out of Melissa’s mouth and got off the bed heading to the bathroom. Melissa tried to follow but was held back by Kathy. Now that she was broken, Kathy wanted to play with her. As Ian showered, he could her both women moaning and screaming as they gave themselves orgasms. Ian got dressed and headed home know that next year would be even better.


12 Months later Ian was surrounded by new mothers. Each of the women had giving birth to his children and he was with in the last 3 months. He was proud of work he did and the result. Kathy had a boy named Patrick. Janet had a girl named Sonia. Alexis and Melissa also had boys, Alexis having twins. Melissa named her son Robert and the twins were named William and Wilson. Richard also had 2 new things to be proud of. The twins also got pregnant and had their babies. A boy and a girl. Helena named her son Franklin and Gabby named her girl Angelia. But Richard didn’t just stop with the twins. He also got Bree-ann pregnant and was now 7 months along. The women had organized a feeding schedule for the babies and for the dads. 3 of the women would breastfeed and one would sleep with Ian. He ram his dick into them and suck their breast dry at the same time. Richard did a trade off with the twins each night and he also spent time sucking on Bree’s tits. All in all, they had everything they wanted. Now they just had to keep it.
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