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what a way to have fun,
I woke to feel the bed moving slowly, Grant was spooning Liz and fucking her from behind, we played for a short while, licking and kissing one another, all still sexually content from yesterday, but horny, I knew Grant had most likely started to fuck her because of his morning woody, and was warming her up for the days fun, so I pulled Liz into the shower, soaped her up a bit, then I got her to kneel down, and saw Grant with cock in hand, I said how would you like some more water over you.

Smiling at Grant, he began to pee over her back, she jumped but soon turned and let him pee over her boobs and face a bit, rubbing her hands in the warm fluid running over her, then she pulled Grant into the shower, stood over him and with a wicked look, began to pee on his chest, I laughed and moved, with a finger on my pussy lips I shot my juices at him too. He too, rubbed our fluids into his chest, we then finished showering.

After breakfast, I went into the bathroom and started to use our douche, Liz walked in, watching me get my butt ready for some more anal fun, she had never used one like ours, so I let her try it after I was finished, she loved the way the water pressure and warmth felt in her butt, and soon was ready for the days anal fun, Grant was next and then we headed of to the beach, getting there just before lunch.

Liz was shocked to see some 20 or so guys waiting for us, as we lay our cum stained beach blanket down hands and cocks found our holes wet and willing.

Liz had fun sucking cock after cock, as guys fucked her relentlessly, being a new face, she got more attention, she was soon taking 3 guys at once, as they fought to please her, Grant’s butt, was over flowing with cum already, as he took 2 at a time, so not to be out done, I got 3 guys, 2 in my pussy and 1 in my butt to fuck me, it worked, but we laughed to much as guys kept falling off, but what a feeling, when they did manage to fill me with 3 cocks at once.

The beach isn’t to far from a large refinery, and word must have got around, as a lot more guys turned up at lunch time than before, so we had more than enough cock to keep us busy. At one time I saw a few guys stand Liz up and hold her between them, both cocks going in her holes as she rocked up and down, I wasn’t sure if she had one in each, but she sure enjoying it. Then she lay Mark down sitting on his huge cock, every inch going in her pussy, then she told another well hung guy to fuck her butt, and carry on that way until, she had got Mark to cum, 4 or 5 guys took turns before Mark did cum too.

She then came over sat on my face and covered me in cum, I licked her clean, my tongue going right into her butt, and pussy, as she pushed more and more out. I didn’t need telling when she lay next to me; I straddled her face and with one hard push squirted cum ever where, the guys laughed as we kissed one another, pulling cocks into our holes as we did.

We took them all, and when I said I need to rinse of, now more than ever guys came walking down to the water, Liz too held my hand as we got close, then I laid her down, standing over her and let loose, a scream of wee shot over her boobs, then she pulled me down as several guys started to shot their pee over us both, Jim lay with us now licking our bodies dry, as we took them all. After having a quick swim we headed back to the beach, Grant was still taking guys, and as we lay down we soon felt our holes filled once more with willing cocks,

It didn’t take long to wear most of them out, some of them said it was worth having a long lunch and hoped we would be there again tomorrow, we said yep.

Then with Jim, Mark and a few others, we took of back to the house, to have some more fun with Prince, Prince now seemed to know as we walked in, jumping up on me and getting excited, Liz wanted his cock first, she bent over, letting him lick her pussy and butt clean, but before he could hump her, I got Mark under her and stuck his cock in her pussy, he went fully into her cervix, then aimed Princes cock at her butt, she had a look of concern on her face as Prince jumped up, his cock nearly going in with Marks, but with my help, it went right in her butt and she let out a scream of delight.

They both worked her hard, Mark fucking up into her as quick as he could, but Prince’s cock was going flat out, then with a hard push his knot went in, her eyes lit up, Then as before, he growled, his cock jerking inside her body, as she felt the heat of his cum build up inside her. Prince seemed to cum for some time, then turned, back to back, he stayed knotted, as Mark let his juices flow too, Then Jim and I went down, waiting for him to pop out so we could lick up the fresh seed. I saw Jim take a huge mouth full then go up to Liz and share it in a kiss with her, I did the same to Mark.

The afternoon went on, with Prince taking me next, but I wanted to try some thing new, with a well hung guy in my butt, I got Grant to aim Prince at my butt too, at first Prince didn’t seem to be able to find the way in, then Liz took his cock, held it firm as he pushed home. Oh boy it was tight, the guy under me groaned as his cock was crushed, and then Prince started humping faster, the look on the guys face changed to total bliss as his cock was rubbed hard by a dogs cock. Then the knot, no way, it wasn’t going in, but I wanted it, so with Jim pushing on Princes back, and a squirt of lube, it found its way inside my butt. The guys eyes just about popped out, as Prince began to howl, and the feeling of his cum hit home, then they guy also let loose, I could see him trying to stay in me, as he cum. After a few minutes his cock dropped out and Princes felt looser. But his knot still held tight, but then a feeling of emptiness and hot cum running down my legs told me he had popped out too.

Grant was happy taking, cum and cocks in turn too. Then around 6 most of the guys had to head of home, leaving us, sore but happy, Prince sleeping of the days efforts.

We had a light dinner, then talked about what the night held in store for us, Jim and Liz had stayed, so we said a nice quite 4 some would be good, or 5 including Prince.

No one was in a hurry, the guys cocks drained from today’s fun, so Liz and I started to kiss and fondle one another’s bodies, then I pulled my strap on out, fitting the smaller 12 inch dildo in first, I moved Liz onto the seat, her butt held high, as the dildo sunk deep in her pussy. I fucked her like that for some time, her orgasms rang out, then I quickly lined the dildo up to her butt and pushed it in with one hard push, she shot forward, then began to push back into me, as orgasm after orgasm raced thought her, Grant fucked her mouth.

Then Grant, told me to get the bigger dildo, its huge, so I did, slipping it in my strap on, I made my way behind Liz, Grant got under her, with the 12 inch dildo, deep in her pussy, I pushed hard, against her butt, and saw the end start to enter her hole.

She moved forward away from me, so Grant and I pulled her back, and with a harder push, I got all of the dildo in her cum soaked hole, she screamed, this one is huge, about 4 inches across 12 inches long, and veined, but she held on, and began to push back now, her body opened up and took al I could give her, Jims cock found her mouth and we all set about making her happy, hearing her orgasm again and again we knew we had.

Then Grant got on his knees, looked at me and I pulled out of Liz and began sinking the huge dildo in his butt, he’s taken it before and with a bit of work it all went in. He pushed back hard too, cuming time after time too, as Liz got him to eat her arse for her, to cool it off. Jim asked how it felt, to have such a huge dildo in his butt, Grant’s orgasm told him it was good, after some time Jim pulled me back, and slammed his fist right in, going right up to the elbow, Grant jumped but held on, screaming with a huge orgasm.

Then Jim began to work his other hand in too, Grant moved around, but took his fingers and up to the wrist in him, Jim worked hard, to get more in, but Grants butt was full, cum over flowed as he orgasm hard, then with one huge orgasm, he called it quits, saying even he had a limit, he cold take. Jim laughed with us, saying, that it was a good-sized limit and how he had enjoyed fisting him so far up.

I wasn’t going to let him get of that easy, I pulled Prince in and he quickly jumped up, taking Grants slack hole easy, fucking him hard and fast, he only lasted some 10 minutes or so, before his knot found its way in, Grant was his bitch again and worked him hard. Then the growl, we knew he had just filled Grants butt with hot cum, Prince seemed to keep cuming for longer, as Grant went from orgasm to orgasm, again we waited, Prince now turned and stood back to back, his cock slowly fucking Grant, then as his knot plopped out, we took what we could, then the huge dildo went back in, forcing more cum out from around it. When I pulled the dildo out, Grant sat over Liz’s face and pushed all Prince’s cum out, her face was totally covered in dog cum. Then Jim and I went down kissing and eating it off her. Before once more heading to the shower, Jim and Grant both peed over us as we kissed one another.

We lay exhausted, all fucked, and happy, Jim left to go home, as Liz and myself, lay each side of Grant, she took his cock in her mouth, sucking him off, then riding him slowly to finish the day off, before going back down to take his cum in her mouth, and sharing his cum with me, she said, that today had been one of the best days she had ever had, as we fell of to sleep once more.

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2014-09-28 17:52:54
I love them all! Such amazing shots, and I'm sure you have so many more. I'm glad the shoot wokred out. With all the rain we had that weekend, it's nice to see that you were able to find some dry time for an outdoor shoot. I so wish I'd been able to snag you to do a family shoot for us while you were in town. Maybe next time?


2014-05-18 17:51:56
sweetheart you have my hand rapped around my dick pumping it as I read your story's. You cant ask more than that for a positive response to your story

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