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29yo get more than he bargined for when visiting his Co-worker's Home
It started out as just another day, but soon that would all change.
My name is Joe. I’m 29, still single, and have a good job making decent money.
It began a couple days earlier, when my co-worker Mike invited me to his house to continue the plans on our new project. He told me to arrive at 5pm and we would work as long as needed. I didn’t mind the idea since I was still going to get paid. It's much better to work at home than on the job these days.
I arrived at his house 30 minutes late, but once there Mike said "Don't worry about it, I made a mistake too. I should've told you to come at 4pm. I completely forgot that I need to take my wife to an appointment at 6pm."
"Yes, I think 2 hours would've been enough time" I replied.
"How long will you be gone? Maybe I can just come back later, or wait it out here?" I asked. Mike then said something that would surprise me.
"Actually Joe, it would work out great for me if you stayed here and waited for me. My daughter Stacy could use the babysitter. She is 14, and you know how teens can be. We should be gone for just a hour, 2 tops. The TV is all yours".
I was suprised, but knew once watching TV the time would fly by fast, so agreed to his plan. They spent the next 15 minutes getting ready, and told their daughter that she had a babysitter downstairs.
"Thanks Again for helping out, we'll get that project going once I get back" Mike said as he headed out the door with his wife.
At this point, his daughter was upstairs listening to music. I turned on the TV and started flipping channels to see what was on. About 5 minutes into channel surfing, Stacy comes downstairs. This was the first time I saw her and I was quite impressed by her figure. Eventhough she was 14, she was very attractive. Wearing boxer shorts and a T-shirt didn’t help my imagination either. Her sexy legs was so smooth. She was also barefooted, so I managed to get a good look at her cute small feet as well. I turned away to watch TV so she wouldn’t start to think this old guy was undressing her in his mind. "Wow!" was what I thought to myself as I tried to get over the fact I was having sexual thoughts for someone so young.
As I turned my head away she walked towards the kitchen. Moments later, she came back out with a drink in her hand. She paused before going upstairs to her room, and instead came to the living room where I was. She sat on the couch across from me and glanced at the TV.
"Hi, Did you manage to find anything to watch?" she asked as she sat down.
"No, just the normal crap on TV tonight it would seem" I replied.
"I can never find anything good on either, so I usually just listen to my music. Did Dad say anything about why he wanted you to babysit me? You know I’m 14 and can take care of myself?" she wondered.
Before I could answer, she crossed her legs while sitting on the couch. A normal guy would be disappointed now, but not me. Now her left foot was dangling back and forth in the air right in front of me. I was almost biting my lip, but at this point I remembered she asked me a question.
"No.... he didn’t say anything. Just asked that I stay and wait for him." I said
"Strange, I’m usually home alone" She said before looking at her toes. "Oh my! I need to
paint my toe nails again"
Now I was definitely biting my lip as I sat there and thought about her painting her sexy toes in my minds eye. But I stopped myself once I realize my cock was starting to get hard. Coming to my senses I asked "Those toes look fine from here. Unpainted or clear painted toes look better to me anyways".
She looked at them again, tilting her head slightly. "I don’t think so, maybe you better come over here for a closer look at them" she implied.
For a moment, I thought that I shouldn't see them, feet are such a turn on for me. But I also knew that most girls wasn't into that. So odds are this wouldn't lead anywhere and I would just get to see a sexy pair of feet up close.
I moved over to the couch where she was and sat down in the floor in front of her. As I looked closely at her toe nails, and everything else, I so wanted to reach out and touch them. Her skin looked so smooth and soft. But I knew it wasn’t right, I wouldn’t give in to my impulses.
"They really do look lovely" I said
She then smirked and wiggle her toes alittle, again something else that was teasing me to touch them.
"What about the old paint on my big toe? Painting them again would make that look better?" she asked.
I then focused my attention on her big toe. Moving my head even closer to her foot to get a very close look at her nail. Her Toes was practically touching my face now. So close I could smell her scents. I could see what she meant by the old paint, but also knew it would grow out soon enough.
"If you don’t paint them the old paint will be gone within another week or so. I think they'll look much better that way" I said suggestively.
"Really? but what about right now. My feet don’t look very sexy" she pondered.
"I disagree, They are very attractive toes" I almost couldn’t believe I just said that, but she
needed to hear it as well.
What happened next took me by total surprise as she giggled and stuck her big toe right into my mouth. I wasn’t sure if she meant for it to be a joke or what, but I was instantly in heaven. I became lost in the sensations of feeling her toe at last. Instead of pulling away from it, which is possibly what she was expecting, I began to suckle. For several moments I enjoyed tasting her big toes. My tongue licking over it inside my mouth.
"Oh... mmmm" she moaned softly and her upper body leaned back into the couch.
Encouraged by her, I continued to enjoy her sexy foot, licking and sucking on all her toes now. My tongue licked in-between and under her toes. Not missing a single spot. Meanwhile her back started to arch in delight as well.
"Oh god... Joe.. don’t stop!" she said while she moaned even louder now. Her breathing also picked up in pace. At first I couldn't believe it, but I now knew that she enjoyed feet as well. As for me I was getting so lost into the moment that all my actions was purely instinct and driven by lust. My tongue licked along the bottom arch of her foot, working its way up from the heel to the base of her toes. Her foot was so soft and smooth I couldn’t get enough. By now her moans was even louder. I quickly glanced up to see that she had her right hand down in her boxers. I knew she was playing with her pussy. Without thinking, my hands quickly pulled off her boxers. She didn’t resist at all. Turns outs she wasn’t wearing panties either. So once the boxers was down and slipped off her feet, I could watch her fingering her pussy.
"Oh God! Oh this is so incredible... Mmmmmm" she moaned.
Once I started to kiss her toes again. Then she folded up her legs, placing her feet on the edge of the couch. She also spread spread her legs eagle, causing both of her feet right next to her pussy. I moved up and kissed the top of her feet while she fingered her clit. I was so close to her pussy I could smell her hot scent. My cock was beyond rock hard at this point and without thinking I began to lick her pussy myself.
"Oh my God! Oh yes baby! Lick me!" she screamed.
My tongue licked along the outside of her pussy lips while she continue to finger herself. Her fingers was moving over her clit very fast now. Her pussy was very wet. Once I cleaned up all of her juices along the outside, my tongue went into her love canal.
"Oh! OH!!! OH god... That’s its, I’m so close!" she said while squirming around. I encouraged her climax even more by rubbing each hand along the bottom of each foot. And also by moaning out to her "Yes, Stacy, cum baby, I wanna taste that hot juice in my mouth". The combined sensations was to much for her as she was pushed over the edge.
"Oh Fuck! OHHHH FUCCCCKKK ME YESSS! I’m cumming!! Oh my God!! YEESSSS!" she screamed while filling my mouth up with sweet hot cum. Looking back I can't believe I was tasting a 14 year old. But at the time I didn’t care. All I knew is that I loved it and was enjoying every last drop as my tongue licked away like mad.
Her breathing finally started to slow, so I pulled my face away from her pussy and focused again on her lovely feet. She then unfolded her legs and stood them straight up in the air and pressed together. The only way I was now able to touch them was to stand up completely in front of her. Without thinking, that’s exactly what I quickly did. Once standing I sucked on all 10 toes repeatedly. I was so lost in the moment I'm unsure how much time had past.
"Oh god Joe, I love the way you keep playing with my feet, give me more!"
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but at the time I didn’t give it a thought. Instead, I unzipped my pants and allowed them to fall to the ground. For the moment, her view of my manhood was blocked by her sexy legs in front of me. I then slid off my underwear. I looked down at my hard cock finally exposed to the air, then decided I couldn’t take anymore. Each of my hands held onto her ankles and cuffed her feet together sole to sole. I lowered her legs down so her feet could get fucked by my cock. I instantly starting thrusting my cock in and out of the hole made by her aches. To feel that soft skin of those young feet across my cock was so intense. I stroked her feet hard for several minutes.
The entire time she continued to moan alittle while watching me. I was getting close to cumming when she pulled her feet away and folded them back, laying her legs across her chest.
"I don't want you cumming on my feet! And I still want more. Fuck me Joe! Take me now!" she seductive commanded.
Again I was so lost into the moment, I was a animal. Instincts alone was my guide and I wanted her now. I immediately leaned down enough to get my cock into position with her pussy, still on the edge of the couch. I easily slid my entire shaft into this young 14 year olds love canal.
"Oh my god Stacy! You so Tight and Wet! Mmmmm.. that’s so good!"
She then put one foot right on my cheek and moaned loudly as well.
"Oh damn... take me. TAKE ME NOW!!" she again commanded seductively.
I started pumping my rod in and out of her very fast, just like a feral beast. My hands rubbed the leg of the foot that was on my cheek. Then my hand guided that lovely foot into my mouth. I loved the feeling of sucking on her toes once more. This also muffled my loud moans as the hard thrusts felt so good. Her back arched out in pleasure, her toes wiggled in my mouth.
"Yes, Yes... keep going! I’m getting so close again already!" She instructed.
I was so feral now that I didn’t even talk back. I continued my non-stop thrusts, building up to my own climax. My hands rubbed along her ankle and my tongue licked in-between her toes.
"Yes YESS... That’s its baby! Love my toes while you fuck my pussy!" she said while she squirmed around, enjoying everything I was doing. It was then I felt her tight walls getting even tighter on my shaft. Then her hot pussy juices flowing all around my cock.
"OH GODDD!! I’m Cumming! Don’t stop. Oh you feel so good!" she screamed in pleasure.
I could feel her toes curl inside my mouth as she enjoyed her orgasm. I too was getting very close, but didn’t want it to end just yet. I pulled her foot out of my mouth and switched it with the other. Once it in my mouth, I again began to lick her toes again. She responded again by moaning loudly and wiggling her toes inside of my mouth.
"OH GOD!! JOE!! One more time sexy! Fuck Me GOOD!" She encouraged.
I did just that as my cock continued pounding her like a wild lustful beast. My own moans began to get very loud and more frequent. "Oh god yes!" I mumbled while sucking on her foot.
"Yes, Don’t stop yet, I’m so close baby... mmmmm. I want to feel you cum in me when I do again! Will you do that to me?" she asked.
Again looking back I prolly wouldn’t have if I actually thought about it. Truth is I was so lost in my lust, I kept fucking her hard and fast. As her sexy toes wiggle in my mouth, I mumbled a yes to her.
"Oh yeah.. I’m getting so close now. Mmmm. you better be ready to fill me up!"
I was so ready to explode at any moment. I pulled her foot out of my mouth and hugged them both right up next to my face. I moaned out repeatedly. "Oh God.. I’m so close.. Oh yeah, I’m so in heaven. You pussy is so perfect!" I shouted out in lustful pleasure. This act of speaking on my part helped push her over the edge even more as I felt her pussy start to tighten up again.
"OH JOE!! Cum in me NOW... Fill me up! I want it NOW!!. Oh god I’m cumming Joe! Cum with me baby! Oh oh OOOHHH!!!!"
At that moment I couldn't resist any longer. I took one last hard deep trust into her and began filling up this young hot beauty with my cum. Hugging her feet against my face as tightly as possible.
"OH STACY, IM CUMMING!!! Oh yes... Oh god.... "
"Oh yes, I feel your hot cum inside me... Mmmmm.. I LOVE IT!!! I’m still cumming for you!"
I could feel her pussy hugging my cock so tightly as I continued squirting rope after rope into her. It was so intense I thought it would never end. She too enjoyed a very long orgasm as she enjoyed feeling my hot cum inside of her.
"Oh wow, that was so incredible, I’ve never felt anything like that" she said while panting hard and trying to catch her breath.
I laid there for several moment with my cock still inside of her, just enjoying the after glow
"Indeed, that was amazing, never felt anything like that either" I whispered softly to her.
It was then I realized I was laying on top of a girl that was only in a T-shirt and my cock inside her young pussy. So many questions began to run though my head.. Was she a virgin? Will she get pregnant? Will she tell on me? What will we do next? How soon for her parents get home?
I eventually spoke out loud "Oh my god! What did I just do?!?"
"You just gave me 3 incredible orgasm is what you did" she answered
"But I’m 29 and your 14, I shouldn’t have done that. I even cam inside you. You might get pregnant?" I asked concerned.
"Age doesn’t matter, I loved all the foot play, nobody as ever done that to me. And don't worry about getting me pregnant, I’ve been on the pill for two months." She replied.
"Oh, well that much is a relief, but was that your first?" I said curiously
"You didn’t hear me complaining about pain did you?" She indirectly answered back.
That reply made me curious, but again, seemed like everything was ok. I just laid there amazed when she broke the silence with another question.
"Will you come back and babysit me more often? I wouldn’t mind playing with your feet next time."
I nodded, but before I could speak we heard a car pull up in the drive way. It was her parents back from their trip. The time had quickly passed by for us afterall. We both scrambled to put are cloths back on. Luckily it wasn’t to hard for either was us since we was only undressed from below the waist. We ended up on different couches watching TV when they entered the house.
"Hey Joe, We're back!" Mike said as he entered.
"Great Mike, that wasn’t to long after all" I replied.
"Did Stacy behave herself? How was things" He inquired.
"Stacy and I kept ourselves entertained here in front of the TV" I creatively replied.
"I wouldn’t mind babysitting more often if you like?" I asked.
"That’s sounds great, but we couldn’t pay you much" Mike responded.
"That’s Ok Mike, you can pay me as little as you like" I said without trying to sound to mysterious or desperate.
"Great we'll discuss that while we work on our project together. Lets head into the Dining Room and get started" Might suggested.
"Ok, I'll be right there" I said to Mike
I looked over too Stacy again, and gave her a wink as I stood up to walk to the Dining room.
"I guess we'll see each other again Stacy" I implied.
"Can't wait" she somewhat teasingly said back.
She then watched me walk out of the room as I left.
Mike and I continued to work on our project. But I was mostly distracted, reliving what had happened earlier in my mind. One thing is for sure, I can't wait to babysit the cute 14 year old again. And thanks to my good friend Mike. I did see her again.
But that’s another story...

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-29 11:36:13
Good but you need to check on when to use the word "was" and where to use the word "were". I get distracted when I read a story with bad grammar.

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-29 11:36:06
Good but you need to check on when to use the word "was" and where to use the word "were". I get distracted when I read a story with bad grammar.


2010-08-05 02:06:02
wow i love it!!== made me cum xxx


2007-05-26 18:22:26
one of the best ive read so far


2007-04-26 03:53:27
thta was prety good i want more and uhh i gave u 9/10 missed one point cuz u didnt have enouhg feet fucking in there

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