Carrie and Anna make the soccer team
“Thinking of you, Daddy” the text message read on Craig’s phone. He moved it under his desk before opening the accompanying file . . . he was never sure what to expect. Today his little girl had taken a selfie of one of her breasts, close up, while she pulled on her nipple.

Carrie had been sending him one of these each day for the last week or so. Sometimes it was more than once. It had become part of their routine for her to tease him while at work and then he would pretend to scold her on the way home while she teased him some more. She had gotten very good at teasing him: eating her cereal in the morning wearing only her bra and panties, leaving the bathroom door open while she showered and got herself ready, rubbing her nipples to get them hard on the drive home from soccer practice, which she had been trying out for the last 3 days.

“Can you give Anna a ride home after soccer?” was her next text, about an hour later.

“NP” was his simple response.

*** *** ***
At 5:15 Carrie and her friend Anna were throwing their soccer and book bags in the hatch and plopping into the back seat, coated with sweat from their tryout.

“Dad!” Carrie shouted excitedly as she closed the door. “We both made the team!” The two celebrated with a high-five.

“That’s great girls, congratulations!”

“There are only five 7th graders, dad, the rest of the team are 8th graders. And I’m the youngest one! . . . everyone else is 12 or 13, two of the girls are almost 14!”

“You’ll be twelve in three days, Carrie” Anna spoke up and gave her a friendly shove on the shoulder. “You just got to start school early because of your birthday being in September.”

“Yeah, she started kindergarten when she was four” Craig confirmed as he looked at Anna in the rearview mirror. Carrie and Anna had been close friends since she moved into their neighborhood at the beginning of 2nd grade. They had ridden the same school bus, had many of the same classes and teachers, played softball and soccer together, and become best friends over the last 5 years. Anna was about the same height as Carrie, a little over 5’, but had a considerably different frame than his skinny daughter. She wasn’t fat by any definition but her legs and torso had a much thicker build than Carrie. She would end up being one of the ‘enforcers’ on the soccer team.

Anna was also a lot more of a tomboy than Carrie; having 2 older brothers probably had a lot to do with it. Her knees and legs almost always had bruises or scabs on them and she had broken a wrist and strained an Achilles just in the last year and a half. She had recovered from that and was looking forward to the soccer season. Her hair was medium brown, almost always in a pony-tail and her skin was considerably darker than Carrie’s pasty-white. The two of them looked like hot cocoa and milk when they sat next to each other.

“Dad, Anna’s mom isn’t going to be home until like 8 o’clock from her brother’s lacrosse match, so can she have dinner with us and hang for a while?”

“Sure, Carrie. I didn’t plan on anything for dinner, so let’s just stop and get some subs, if that’s ok with you guys.”

“Sounds good to me, Mr. Wallace, I’m starving!” Anna said gratefully. “I’ve got some money to pay for mine.”

“Don’t even think about it, Anna. I’ll get your sub. Carrie wouldn’t have had a chance to make that team without all the help you’ve given her” he said with a laugh. “Just send your mom a text to let her know what’s up.”

Anna laughed too while Carrie stuck her lower lip out to make a pouty face, but she wasn’t angry. “Oh, she’s always had good ball skills, Mr. Wallace, we just need to toughen her up a bit so that she’s not afraid to take a hit . . . or give one!” She emphasized her point with another shot to Carrie’s shoulder.

“Hey, take it easy” Carrie replied good-naturedly, rubbing her shoulder. “I’m just a wittle girl!” The three of them enjoyed a laugh as they continued home.

*** *** ***

“OK, ladies, get your homework done” Craig commanded as he bagged up the garbage from their submarine sandwiches. The girls disappeared into Carrie’s room and he cracked open a cold beer to settle down and watch the History Channel.

About 10 minutes later Carrie came out and said “Dad, we need your computer to do the math homework.”

“It’s in my bag by the door, Car’.” Many of the homework assignments were done online now and all the kids had to have at least basic knowledge of the workings of a PC. Some schools were using I-Pads already in 6th and 7th grade. Since Craig was an HTML programmer, he had made sure that his daughter was a lot more familiar with computers and their workings than most kids her age. She handled online schoolwork like a breeze and her grades had always been solid . . . except for a little while just before and after Victoria’s exit from their lives.

*** *** ***

“Here we go” Carrie began to Anna as the laptop finished booting up. “Fa-vo-rites . . . Hist-o-ry . . . last week . . .” she studied the list of websites, which was rather long. She expanded the window so that she could see the extensions of the files and looked for ‘wmv’ , ‘mp4’ and ‘mpeg’ as her first guesses.

“Daa da, da da da, . . . nope . . . nope . . . got it!” she said triumphantly as she double-clicked on the URL. She put the laptop next to them on the bed and tilted the screen back so they both had a good view.

*** *** ***

“Oh my God!” Anna said in an urgent whisper as the girl began to suck on and stroke the man’s stiffening penis. “I’ve seen some shit on peoples’ smart phones and stuff, but this looks like a regular movie!”

“It gets better” Carrie whispered back. “He’s gonna stick that right inside her Anna, and they show it in a close-up.”

“How did you know where to find this? I know my brothers surf for porn but they’re sneaky about it and won’t ever show me anything, they think I’m too young. I’ve never tried because my dad said he’d ground me for a year and take my phone away if he caught me.”

“My dad found this movie.”

“So how did YOU know about it?”

The silence hung in the air . . . “I watched it with him” she admitted quietly, eyes downcast.

“You WHAT?!”

Carrie just nodded her head as Anna’s eyes grew wide. The man was now licking the pretty girl’s privates and she alternately stared at the screen and looked back at her friend. This was not something she would have expected from Carrie. They had been close for a long time but sex had never been part of their conversations. Sure, they talked about some of the boys at school . . . which ones were jerks, which ones were kinda cute, but that was about it.

“You watched THIS . . . with your dad?” Anna repeated just to confirm, and she began to grin as Carrie smiled back at her while nodding once more.

“What was THAT like?”

“It was a little weird, but I had asked him about sex and how it’s done . . . so he showed me this.”

“Fuck” Anna whispered. On screen the man’s cock was now lining up with the girl’s cunt, the image filled the screen.

“I know, right?” Carrie agreed.

*** *** ***

“Does watching this stuff make you feel funny inside?” Anna asked.

Carrie was once again nodding as she asked “If I tell you something really personal, Anna, can you keep it to yourself?”

“More personal than you watched porn with your dad?”

Carrie just smiled again and asked her friend “have you ever masturbated?”

“Masturbated?” Anna had heard the word on TV but wasn’t exactly sure what it meant.

“It’s when you rub on your privates . . . it can feel really good . . . and if you do it when you’re excited about something you can have an orgasm, and that feels better than just about anything you’ve felt in your life.”

“So I’m guessing that means you have?”

“Uh-huh, I just learned how last week . . . and I’ve done it every day since then. I can show you how if you’d like to.”

*** *** ***

Carrie got up and locked the door to her bedroom. Her dad would never just walk in but she figured it would make Anna feel safer. “Take off your shorts” she whispered as she returned to the bed.

Anna looked wide-eyed at her again but she found herself shifting her hips to remove her soccer shorts. The movie and the conversation had both had an effect on her and her body was responding.

“Your underwear too, silly” Carrie whispered as she sat next to her again.

Anna was almost 6 months older than Carrie and her body had also begun developing a little earlier. Once she had peeled off her panties, she felt the taboo thrill of being exposed to her friend’s view. Her pubic region had a fan of black hair above it and a little bit on the sides of her vulva as well.

“Ok, now take your finger and slide it down in between here” she said, pointing to Anna’s slit. “Get it inside of the lips and you should hopefully feel some of your juice.”

“My juice?”

“Your pussy’s gonna make some juice to lubricate you . . . do you feel it?”

Anna removed her finger and noted a shine reflecting off the tip. She nodded and returned her finger to her gash.

“Now with the juice it should feel better and you can move it up and down your slit . . . does it feel good?” Anna nodded again and responded “I’ve felt tingles like this before, ya know? When I showered or even just wiping myself . . . but I never kept it up to see if it did anything different.”

“You’ll get to know what feels good to you Anna, and when the orgasm comes, you’ll know what I mean. At the top is your clit, that little hood there? That is really sensitive and can get you going . . . I know it does for me.”

As Anna explored herself, she closed her eyes and her breathing slowed down and became more pronounced. She concentrated on her stimulation, her bosom rising and falling with each breath beneath her ‘I Schooled You!’ soccer t-shirt. Carrie reached out and gave her breast a squeeze. Anna jumped at the touch and opened her eyes . . . then just closed them again and continued to give herself this newfound pleasure.

Carrie was fascinated watching her friend play with herself. She wanted her to feel good and have a climax like she had done with her dad. She shifted to a kneeling position next to Anna’s right leg and put her hand on her thigh near her knee. Her skin was warm and soft. Even with the purplish bruises on her shins, Carrie still thought that Anna had nice legs. She pulled up to bring Anna’s leg into a tuck and spread it out wide, opening her pelvis to view like she was at the doctor’s. She was rewarded by the sound of Anna moaning in response and the view of her pussy opening wide. The pink inside was lighter than Anna’s skin, kind of the opposite with her own privates and complexion.

She held on to Anna’s leg and caressed her thigh as her friend began plunging her finger in and out of her hole, alternating with rubbing circles around her clit. Her breathing became more rapid, forcefully exhaling as she approached her peak. Carrie hugged her leg to her chest and began planting kisses on her friend’s inner thigh as she finally came. Anna shuddered and made ‘huh . . . huh . . . huh’ sounds. Her hand stopped moving, the heel pressed against the top of her clit.

After about 10 seconds Anna pulled her legs together and sat up to smile at her friend.

“OK, Carrie” she said with a light chuckle. “I guess we both have a secret to keep now, right?”

They hugged tightly as Carrie nodded.

“What about you?” Anna asked, not so innocently.

“Lay back down” Carrie had her friend scooch up the bed so she could rest her head on the pillow while she pulled off her own shorts and panties.

“I saw this in one of the other movies we watched and it looked sexy.”

“So . . . you’ve watched OTHER movies with your dad?”

“Just a few” Carrie quipped, with a mischievous grin.

“Now spread your legs open a bit.”

“Carrie, I feel real sensitive there right now-“

“I’m not gonna touch you there” she said as she climbed on the bed and straddled Anna’s left thigh.

Anna was staring right down at her friend’s little muffin, topped with wispy red hair as Carrie slowly squatted to bring her pussy into contact with her warm flesh.

“Oh . . . wow” Anna said. “ . . . I can feel you there . . . your lips . . . wow.”

Carrie flopped forward and put her hands down on the pillow next to Anna’s head, her loose hair falling down in front of her eyes, and began to slowly rock her hips, dragging her pussy along Anna’s thigh. The movement of her pelvis like this seemed instinctive . . . walking, eating; rocking your hips to rub your pussy on something . . . they were like breathing. She felt the slickness of her excretions increase the stimulation on her clit as she applied pressure and slid it several inches down, then lifted slightly to drift back up, barely tickling Anna’s skin.

“Grab my ass” she whispered through a curtain of hair.

Anna obeyed like she was in a waking dream. She put her hands on to Carrie’s skinny hips and then slid them down to cup her ass cheeks. ‘Hmm . . . this feels good too’ passed somewhere through her brain. She raked Carrie’s ass with her fingertips, squeezed her cheeks, and then spread them wide during one of Carrie’s down-strokes on her leg. That made Carrie grunt and shudder.

“Again” pleaded Carrie in an urgent whisper.

Lightly up . . . push down . . . spread. “Uuugh”

During the third stroke Anna also pushed up with her leg, doubling the pressure on Carrie’s swollen clit. She dropped her head down onto Anna’s chest and Anna could feel the throbbing of her pussy on her thigh.

“That . . . was . . . amazing” Carrie finally breathed out.

“I can’t believe you’ve got your stuff all over my leg” Anna giggled.

“It only shows how much I care!” Carrie joked back.

They both giggled and reached for their shorts and panties.

*** *** ***

Carrie grinned at her dad as she returned his laptop to his bag and asked “Dad, would you be ok driving Anna home? Her mom just got back from the game and she’s making dinner for them.”

“Sure, Carrie.” Craig responded. Anna’s mom drove the girls around plenty; to the mall, soccer practice and such. Her house was less than 10 minutes from their apartment. He thought he saw a look in her gaze that was signaling something, but his mind was still unwinding from the day and he couldn’t be sure.

They were just backing out of their space in the lot in front of their apartment building when Carrie pulled Anna’s head to her ear and whispered “finger me”.

Anna wasn’t sure she’d heard her right but her suspicion was confirmed when Carrie took her right hand and pushed it up the loose opening of her shorts. Carrie then pulled her panties aside and guided her friend into her slit.

They leaned their heads against each other while Anna found her way around this unexplored territory. She’d never done this to herself until an hour ago. Now her fingers were gliding up and down her friend’s pussy and she found it to be very exciting and erotic. Carrie reached over with her right hand and rubbed circles over her boob to get her nipple to stick up, then she pinched it between her thumb and forefinger, eliciting a shudder in Anna’s breathing.

Craig adjusted his rearview mirror slightly at the sound and was rewarded with the sight of his daughter fondling Anna’s pre-teen tit. It also looked like Anna’s hand was between Carrie’s legs. What the hell had he created with his little girl? He’d exposed her to sexuality just over a week ago and now she was getting it on with her best friend in the back seat? His mild shock paled in comparison to the erotic thrill of seeing these young girls together. He’d never thought of Anna as sexy or anything, but right now he wanted badly to see those perky little tits and see what was under those shorts.

Too soon he was pulling in to Anna’s driveway and the girls were disentangling and getting Anna’s bags from the hatch. “See you in the morning, Anna!” Carrie called out, waving as her friend opened her front door.

When Carrie sat in the front seat and closed the door, she showed that grin to Craig again.

“What have you been up to Carrie?” Craig used his playful scolding voice.

“Oh, we just got to talking, dad . . . and . . . uh . . . you know?”

“TALKING, huh?”

“And touching, and feeling" She paused a few seconds before continuing: "dad, I didn’t get to come on the ride over so do you mind if I finish off on the ride home?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she pulled her shorts and panties aside with her right hand and began rubbing herself urgently with her left.

“You horny little minx!”

“Don’t worry, dad. I’ll do it for you again once we’re home . . . I wanna see your COCK!” She made sure to enunciate the last word as she pressed hard on her clit and brought herself to orgasm. “Oh, fuck that felt good, daddy. I’m so glad you’re teaching me about sex, cuz I’ve never felt so good like this.” She paused a few seconds and then asked shyly “do you suppose it would be incest if you were to lick my pussy, dad?”

Craig once again felt the sweat breaking on his brow as he looked over at his growing-up little girl. “We’ll have to think about that one Carrie.” The drive home from Anna’s had never seemed so long . . .



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Rarely and occasionally, adding a third person for a spurt, a very SHORT period of time, adds a degree of "spice" to the story. However, threesomes and moresomes are exactly like condiments are to foods: Too much...and a great meal is grossly and perpetually ruined--AND, especially and in particular if the third person is a NON-incestual person, not blood-related to the primary incestual couple!!! There are many, many reason why those situations should not occur, realistically the risk of exposure increases expotentually and graphically!! Further the incestual aspects and markers are being "watering-down" to becoming just a "stroke" story of garbage pornography. The story also becomes less realistic in terms of incestual realty and less acceptable to purist and lovers of realistic (even non-fictional) incest.

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