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A man and wife have further adventures
On Safari – con't

After five days in the bush, the lead guide informed us that the end of the safari usually ended in a meal in one of the guides homes. This trip is was his home where we would eat and meet his family. We drove a short distance to a small house set in an idealic setting next to a river. The guides family came out of the house to greet us and what a surprise.
His father was a big man, tall and thick chested. His mother was also big, maybe close to 200 hundred pounds with a big ass and floppy breasts. His brother, who was maybe 15 years old, was just like his father, thick and tall. His sister was the youngest of the group and she was going to be a beauty when she grew up.
After the sun had set and we had enjoyed our dinner with the guides family, he said that he would have to check a few things for the next day and left us. He said he would only be a little while and that we should just relax and enjoy the hospitality of his family.
He left and we had a problem. None of the guides family spoke English so it was difficult to communicate with them, at first. Through hand signals and shrugs and other shoulder movements, we started to get along. Then there was a long pause in the conversation and the father stood up. Without a word, he took his wrap off and turned to face the two of us. His cock was starting to rise between his legs and he smiled at me with a broken toothed grin. No sooner had that happened when his wife did the same thing, standing up and disrobing in front of us.
She was big in every faze of the word, Her breasts were huge and as she stood looking at my wife, she started to caress them, pinching her nipples until they were rock hard. I heard my wife gasp a little when she saw the woman's hardened nipples and I knew she was starting to get excited.
The next thing we knew, the two children also stood up and stripped. The boy had a growing cock on him just about as big as his father while the little girl was just budding out, her nipples protruding from her almost flat chest. The two children moved over to their parents and did something that made my blood rush to my already hardened cock. The little girl wrapped her hands around her father's hard cock and started to rub it, up and down its length while the boy grabbed his mothers breasts and started to knead them.

After a few minutes of watching this going on, I looked over at my wife and she had a finger deep inside her cunt and was finger fucking herself while she watched the family in front of us. My cock was hard and I released it from my pants. I looked up and watched the little girl walking over to me. She took my cock in her hands and opened her mouth to engulf me. She obviously had done this before as she licked and sucked on me like a pro.
Looking away from the little girl's bobbing head, I saw that the boy had walked over to my wife and had pulled her to her feet and stripped her. He now had her on her back on the couch with her legs raised over her head and his mouth hot against her cunt lapping at her clit like a little puppy dog. I heard my wife groan as the boy ate her cunt.
I then noticed the father and mother were fucking on the floor while their two children worked on me and my wife. I watched the father's big cock sliding in and out of his wife's cunt while she moaned and held him tight against her. By watching them, I came sooner than I wanted to and filled the little girl's mouth with hot wet come which she expertly swallowed. My cock had no sooner popped out of her mouth when I looked up and found the boy standing in front of me, his hard cock pointing directly at my mouth from a few inches away.
I opened my mouth and he thrust his hips forward, sending his cock to the back of my throat. Starting slowly, he fucked my mouth until he came, sending his load of hot come down my throat. I sucked softly on his shrinking cock until I had every drop of his offering inside my stomach.
It was then I heard my wife groan loudly and looked over. The little girl had moved between my wife's legs and was eating her cunt greedily. The mother had moved behind the little girl and was eating the young cunt with the same energy as her daughter. It was quite a sight seeing the three women making love together on the couch.
As I turned my head, I saw that the father had changed positions with his son and his cock, still wet from his wife's cunt, stood in front of me with his cock pointed at my mouth. Of course, I took him in my mouth and started to lick his wife's juices off him before deep throating him. He groaned loudly and started to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth.
With the sounds of the three women moaning and groaning along with the father's groans, I lost track of time as it seemed like an hour before the old man came in my mouth. He must have been storing it up for a while as he filled my mouth three times forcing me to swallow quickly to catch it all. I managed to swallow it all and after his cock softened a little, he stepped back with a huge grin on his face.

Now, I had had his older son's hard cock deep inside my ass and as soon as the father stepped back from me, the boy grabbed me and turned me around onto my hands and knees. Without an hesitation, he thrust his hips towards me and impaled me on his young hard cock. He fucked me with long strong thrusts that had my head spinning. His cock filled my canal completely and hit the end of it with every thrust. He grunted with every thrust and it wasn't long before our thighs slapped together.
I heard the boy grunt louder and felt him stop for an instance. He then started again only this time a little slower. I wondered why so I looked between our legs and saw his fathers legs behind the boy. The old man was fucking the boy while he fucked me and after a few awkward tries, they got into a matching rhythm. The old man pounded the boys cunt with long strokes while the boy tried to equal him. My ass felt so full and I groaned loudly as I was being fucked.
I quickly looked over and saw that my wife had a strap on on and was fucking the little girl while the mother stood behind her also with a strap on, fucking my wife. The three of them were enjoying each other as they fucked and as I watched, my wife pulled her strap on out of the little girl and turned around. Getting on her back, she spread her legs wide apart and pulled the mother to her. The mother knew exactly what to do and thrust her long strap on deep inside my wife's cunt making her groan loudly once more.
I watched as the two women fucked right beside me while my ass was getting thoroughly fucked by the young boy and his father. I soon felt the boy's cock slide out of me and looking through my legs again, I watched the father move in and thrust his big cock into me. I groaned out loud as he started to fuck me with his big pole and I felt his balls slap my thighs as he fucked with a renewed vigor.
He soon came deep inside me and I felt his come running down my legs as he pulled out of me. Immediately, the son thrust into me again and fucked me until he too came inside my ass. Now I had two loads of hot wet come inside me and I felt the river of come on the back of my legs. Then I felt a tongue licking at me and turned enough to see the little girl lapping at the come leaking out of my ass. She licked and sucked on my ass until there was no more come leaking out of me.
My wife and the mother in the mean time had finished fucking and were lying watching the little girl clean me up. The father and son too were watching the little girl and when she finished, she looked up at me and smiled, come covering her upper lip. My wife quickly moved over to her and licked the come off her face.
So that's how our safari ended in an orgy with one of the guide's family. It was a great ending and we are planning a return trip soon.
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