Our neighbors had a son, 13 years old that they just did not trust to stay alone.
Our neighbors had a son, 13 years old that they just could not trust alone. He had gotten into trouble several times and they knew that he was not mature enough to be trusted alone so when they asked me to stay over there while they left for the night at 10 dollars an hour I said yes without thinking at all. I was 17 and thought I could take care of anything at all. I got there and was told I could use the spare room to sleep and that he did not have permission to go out with any friends. He could have a couple over but if he acted out that I should call and they would talk to him. Well, it all began well with Robbie. He was a handsome kid that was going through the stage of hormones going crazy and I understood since mine had driven me wild (and still did). We ate pizza and watched a movie and I had to go to the rest room to clean up and change and get ready for bed. I went upstairs and locked the door and took off my clothes and stood admiring myself in the full length mirror. I was in great shape and proportioned as a short bbw seldom is. Wel, I heard a slight sound at the door and did not think anything of it until I saw in the mirror that the door was just a little open and there was an eye looking in. For some reason I got excited and put on a little show for Robbie. I massaged my breasts and pulled the nipples sucking them really good and then fingering my pussy through an orgasm before washing up and dressing. I thought I would get even with the little shit and sis not wear any panties or bra under my PJs and then let out a sigh and heard feet going down the stairs.

I got to the couch and Robbie sat on the couch with a throw cusion on his lap, "Hiding his erection" I thought to myself. I put in another movie and sat down and smiled at him and he was red faced. The phone rang and he talked for a little then asked, "Can a couple friends come over Sue?" I asked about them and they were some friends that he hung out with, also 13 years old. "Sure, I guess so." I said and 10 min. later they were at the door. I answered the door forgetting the lack of bra and that my breasts were free to move with every step I took. Their mouths hung open and they came in. Carl and Dennis and Pete came in and greeted Robbie and they went upstairs and I sat on the couch and got up for something to drink. THere was a half bottle of wine there and so I got a glass and poured some and drank it down then another and a third. I got back to the couch with the third glass in my hand and sat down. My PJs were a button up top and shorts that were half way down my thigh and al very loose which meant that they hung from my body and the leg openings had to be closed the same way that if I had on a skirt and the top was one that I had forgot had always kept coming unbuttoned all the time. Well, I was watching the movie and they came down laughing and cutting up and sat on the couch and a chair next to it. I was in the middle between two boys and the other two, Robbie included sat on the floor in front of me a few feet away.

Carl leaned over and said a little too loud, Man, your sitter is fucking hot." Robbie laughed, "Yeah, really hot." I heard it but ignored it and then Pete whispered, "Man, what I would not give to see her naked." "Robbie told them, "I did, I watched her play with herself when she did not know I was watching." "No shit" the other boys all said. I felt myself getting really high from the wine and said, "So what are you boys whispering about?" and they all shut up except for Pete, "Just how hot you are." he said. "Oh, you really think I am hot?" I asked them. "Oh hell yes." they said. I was getting wet and my nipples getting hard and erect and then Robbie said, "She is even hotter naked." and I smiled. "How do you know that Robbie?" He looked and said, "Cause I watched you in the bathroom before." and I smiled. "I know you were watching me, did you like the hsow?" He sat there his mouth open. I took the rest of the wine down and went and got another and came back, my top now half way unbuttoned. I plopped onto the couch and leaned forward, "So Robbie, what do you do when you watch a woman naked in the bathroom? Do you jack off?" "Hell yes." he said. I was looking though an increasing haze of lust now and said, "Wel then, let me see you jack off then." He looked at me then to his friends and back to me. I gulped down the glass of wine and stood up. "Well, it seems you need something to look at then and my top fell to the floor and then my bottom. I stood naked and they all stared at me. "Okay Robbie, jack off for me Hun." and he pulled off his shorts and sat back and his very nice cock was hard as a rock and he gripped it and began jacking it off fast. "No baby, slow down so I can enjoy it and so you can too." I moaned. I was now playing with my tits and the boys had now stripped and were all watching me on the couch. Robbie slowed down and was stroking his cock with sweet pre-cum leaking from the head. I looked at Carl and he had a huge cock for someone his age. "Oh shit Carl, nice one there, it got long from playing with it?" I whispered. "No, just grew that way." he said proudly.

I began really building to an orgasm with these 4 horny boys all watching me and slipped 3 fingers into my pussy which was making the sloppy sounds that it makes when it in full orgasm on the way. It did and I sprayed the boy Dennis in front of me and he shouted "Oh hell, she fucking squirts like the movies." and they all got so that the juices hit them. I sat up, "Have any of you boys ever actually fucked a girl before?" I said playing with my pussy pulling the lips and the clit that was swollen. "No, never," they all said. "Well, tonight is the night then." I said and because this is Robbie's house he goes first. I got off the couch and laid him back and sucked his cock into my mouth and began going up and down on it. His load instantly filled my mouth and I sighed and said, "Oh Robbie, that was too fast Hun." and he laid back. "It gets hard again." he said and I told him I would be back to take care of it. Carl was stroking his cock and I said, "You are next dear only I wanna sink that in my pussy." I laid him back and mounted his cock and it sank deep into my pussy making me catch my breath and moan as it was all the way in. I felt hands on my tits and the boys were now all around me grabbing whatever they could get their hands on while I rode Carl. He took a while but soon he grunted and I felt his hot load fill my pussy and I had another orgasm. I slipped off his and looked at Dennis and mottioned him to lay back and mounted his cock. Again the boys all grabbed me and kissed and sucked me all over and I rode a nice hard cock. I welcomed his load into my pussy by riding hard the last few strokes and he filled it up. "Well Pete, your turn." I said and hae laid back holding up a nice swollen cock and I mounted him slowly making sure I teased him every inch. He was going crazy when I finally sped up and he unloaded into my still hungry pussy. They all sat back, playing with their cocks and I laid back and looked at them. "That was nice boys but there is so much more to fucking a woman and so much more a woman can do for you." "Like what Sue?" Pete said. "Well Pete, I do have three holes a cock can go in and I have these nice big titts that I can jack off a cock between so does anyone wanna do more?" I said and they all got closer. "Okay guys, everyone play with me, suck, kiss, massage and anything else you wanna do to make me feel good and I will make sure you all have everything I have to offer." I said and laid back.

4 Boys were all over me doing just as I told them, sucking tits and nipples and fingering pussy and Carl I told to finger my ass too and he did and Dennis was boting my nipples hard like I told him. "Oh fuck yes, do it boys, fuck me all over, come on, gang bang Susan." and they got even more intense. I grabbed a cock and swallowed it down making sure it felt everything I could do to suck it off good. I got on my knees and put my ass in the air, "Okay, someone in the ass hole, now." I saidand a cock slammed in driving deep. "Oh yes, yes fuck that ass baby." I moaned and two mouths were on my tits under me sucking and I begged them to bite them harder and they did. The cock in my mouth exploded and the owner grunted loud and I pushed against the one in my ass and squeezed hard and it also filled my ass with a nice load. "Give me more." I said and the other two filled my ass and mouth and I soon moved the cock from my ass to my pussy and gave a shiver as it entered me and I begged to be rammed harder. It did and I rode wave after wave of orgasms one after another with hardly any space in between. They had all filled me and I looked around and begged, "Come on guys, show me how I turn you on, lets have more cock." and they all got next to me and cocks filled my mouth and hands as I got them all up again. It was midnight when we all laid around cum in the air and my pussy gushing with cum as we all laid there and they all carressed me any place they could touch me. We dozed off and sometime in the night I felt a cock at my mouth and looked at a nice hard one that Carl had and sucked him in and did a slow sensual cock sucking. He laid there helpless as I gave him the most expert blow job I could and when he finally filled my throat he kissed me after and told me, "You are not just hot, you are sexy too." and I rolled over and kissed him again. The rest ofthe night one of the boys or the otther would wake and supply me with a hard cock to suck or slide into my ass or pussy and filled me up again. I gave each one anything he wanted and enjoyed sweet orgasms all night and after the sun came up got up and showered and dressed and went down and woke them since Robbies folks called and said they would be home in a while. We ate and sat around talking and I made them all sware that if they wanted me again that they had to keep the secret or I would let them all know I came down in the middle of the night and caught them sucking each other off. They promised and kissed me one last time before leaving and Robbie went to his room. His parents came home and thanked me and Robbie asked them if I could come over next time they left. They were surprised and said I could. I hugged RObbie and whispered in his ear, "I hope you have more than three friends next time." He said "How many?" and I told him, "Oh at least six, the more there is the happier I will be." and he smiled and I left and went home. That niht I dreamed of the boys and the next time when they would have more over to take care of my needs.
Take to ya later everyone,
Merry Christmas.

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2014-03-15 04:31:17
You are one nasty whore. I would make you drink my cum everyday.


2014-02-24 22:51:17
This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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2014-01-18 03:39:05
Squirt in my mouth while you swallow my cum


2014-01-09 16:34:30
I have read a few of your stories Sue. They are good and definitely get me hard. A little bit of constructive criticism is your spelling and grammar though. Work on that and your stories will be much better. All in all good job and if you wanna talk about any fantasies pm me anytime.


2014-01-05 21:52:23
Damn I loved that wish u babysat me when i was that age. Like to hear more that was great

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