Taking a group of girls shopping in Rome.
My name is Tony. I am over forty and divorced for over a year ago. I am 6’4” tall and a healthy 250lbs that lives in Italy. Not really a sob story, just hadn’t been with a woman since. I have been thinking about getting back into the dating game, so I have been hitting the gym. Some of the supplements I have been taking keep me at a high level of arousal and it has not been taking much for me to get an embarrassing bulge in the gym when a sexy woman comes around. My erections are stronger than ever and my ejaculations making a hell of the mess. I normally have to relieve myself regularly or my testicles start to swell and hurt.
It had been a rough week at work. I work out at lunch and had been getting home really late basically eating something small and passing out on the bed. A couple of the neighborhood girls asked if I would go with them up to Rome to do some shopping and site seeing. After the week I had I welcomed the invitation. Gee and Amanda are beautiful sisters. Both very athletic with Gee being the model type with a skinny body and handful size breasts. A skinny ass with a spread so wide you could drive a truck through it. Amanda is more of the porn star with a chunkier booty than Gee there was nothing that wasn’t sexy about her. Paola is not very attractive, but not unattractive either with small breasts a big firm Latina ass. Brooke also had her hair dyed platinum blonde. Probably the one I knew the least, but also the sultriest of all of them. She had the look of a porn star ready to have sex at any time. Tall with a porn star body I’m talking long soft legs, perky D cup breasts, and a subtle ass. The main thing about her was her deep blue eyes and thick puffy lips that she always amplified with bright lipstick.
We left my car at a pay parking area taking a fifteen minute bus ride to the metro to the main train station and a three hour train ride to Rome moving around by bus and metro there as well. Public transportation was very crowded and we had to stay close together to watch each other’s valuables and for me to protect these beautiful women from any perverts trying to grope them.
Gee was wearing white leggings that hid nothing and provided a great view of the sexy gap between her legs from the front and back and a blue spaghetti strap belly shirt. Amanda was wearing an extra short denim skirt that barley covered her porn star perfect ass and a crisscross shirt that barely covered her breasts. Paola had black leggings that was stretched to transparency by her amazingly huge Latino booty with a visible line from her long and a white half shirt. Brooke had a pink one piece body hugging cotton stretch skirt that held up like a strapless halter on her D cup breasts. Not a one of them wearing a bra all I can say is, amazing.
The bus was packed and the girls stayed close. I stood with my hand on the bar to hold myself up. Gee held tight with my other arm around her, Paola leaned against me pressing her big ass against me, Amanda and Brooke hugged the pole I was holding on to. The breasts constantly rubbing my hand and arm as well as the bodies against me put me in sexual overdrive. I knew that Paola could feel me harden against her ass through my loose silk pants, with my now apparent bulge. Even though her ass was against it she acted as though nothing was happening even though it seemed that she was pushing back against it. Really hard to say though since the ride was rough. Not wanting to seem like I was a pervert so I turned away and she ended up moving until she was back in front of me again. I figured I would make the most of it. The bus came to an abrupt stop pressing my now full erection between her cheeks, Gee’s body shifted as I caught her holding her up by her ass, Brooke fell with her tits against my arm wrapping around it to hold herself up, and Amanda’s nipple rubbing against my fingers. They all giggled, but nobody moved until the doors opened.
We made it into the metro and it all started again. There was one seat open so Brooke took it with Gee sitting on her lap. Gee and Paola held onto the pole and I held Amanda under my arm. I leaned against the pole with Paola holding me around the waist under my arm. The metro took a turn and we shifted with my now semi erect cock rubbing against Gee’s hand. I acted as if I did not know it and she seemed to move her hand against it making it hard once again neither of us moving until we got to the train station. At least I was not the only one that seemed to be somewhat perverted.
The train was packed, but we found four seats together and one a few seats down. I let them sit together and moved to the other seat. I actually started to sleep when Gee came to get me “Tony, these guys are bothering us and standing between our seats even though there are other places for them to stand.” She looked back “One even sat in my seat when I got up and is bothering Amanda.”
I told her to act like we were together and she got into it grabbing my hand and giving me a kiss as we got up. As we stopped she moved under my arm placing my hand on her amazing ass. In Italian “You need to move and leave my girlfriend and her friends alone.”
“Fuck you, find another seat!” said the man laughing. The other three moving close to me as well. One moved his crotch up against Gee’s ass close to my hand and another bowed up on the other side of me.
I looked down at Gee and she was full of fear. I leaned down kissing her on the lips and told her “when I squeeze your ass jump into the seat with Amanda. She kissed me back in understanding. I gave her ass a nice squeeze and there she went as I grabbed the two closest men pinching a testicle each like a vice in my hands. They screamed in pain and I gave a straight kick to groin of the other standing man as he advanced. The guy sitting looked pissed, but afraid to make a move. I Told the guy whose testicle was in my right hand “tell him to get out of the seat or I will make your ball explode!” He quickly followed direction and the man got up reluctantly looking up at me as his head only came up to my chin. I ushered the four men to the standing area between the cars as everyone clapped. As we entered the empty area the man quickly turned and I felt a hot pain against my pelvis muscle. He had tried to stab me with a small pocket knife, well he actually did but it did not get too deep as it poked against the bone. The pain made me squeeze hard on the testicles in my hands dropping those two as I could swear I felt them collapse. I grabbed the guy with the knife by the throat and slammed him against the pole knocking him out. The fourth man dropped to the ground begging me to leave him alone as the train master walked in on his radio calling for help.
I walked back towards the girls who were all peeking over the seats watching what had happened. The clapping started again and the girls smiled from ear to ear until Gee screamed seeing the blood running down my side. One of the train workers came in with a red cross on their arm and a first aid kit. She unbuckled my belt dropping my pants my pants. I was wearing white compression type boxers with a loose contour pocket in the front that was transparent enough that everything could be seen. The girls all stared at my now flaccid cock. Gee noticed that I was showing and pulled my pants up over my crotch keeping her hand there to hold them up while the woman bandaged my side. I looked down to notice Brooke sitting and probably not thinking as her legs were open as she perched on the front of her seat watching the work being done. She had no panties on and her perfect little clean shaven camel toe was clearly visible. It looked a little puffy and slick, which got me going along with Gee’s hand touching me. My manhood started to swell in Gee’s hand. She looked up at me with a sideways smile. Amanda then turned to Brooke “your kooch is showing ho!” Brooke looked up at me catching me staring at her beautiful pussy turning red, but not embarrassed, while pulling her skirt down and sitting back in her seat.
The first aid technician was quickly done placing butterflies and glue on the wound and telling me to go to the ER when I got back. Gee zipped my pants up and Amanda helped her buckled my belt. I sat in the chair with Gee sitting on my other leg and Amanda holding my hand laying against my arm. Paola came over kissing me asking if I was ok. I got Brooke pulling the Sharon Stone and even turning sideways putting her legs underneath her displaying her ass for me at times. I could see that she was getting more and more aroused from my appreciation. The girls could not stop telling the story of me taking down the four guys to protect them. How I fucked the three up and the other one begged me not to hurt him. Amanda placed my hand on her thighs as she let go of my hand leaning over to pull my shirt up to check my wound. Her breasts pushed against my arm as she lifted over with my being pushed between her legs to the point that it was trapped with my pinky pressing up against her crotch. It rubbed back and forth as she moved. I could feel the heat of her arousal through the thin material and she did not seem to think anything of it as she reported that no more blood was coming out. Leaning over to kiss me on the cheek, which pressed my hand down to the point that I could feel her ass cheeks. My cock was now fully erect and straining against my pants. She sat back down holding my arm and leaning against my shoulder leaving my hand wedged tightly between her thighs and against her crotch.

Gee was laying against me with her head in the bend where my neck and shoulder met with my between her butt and the arm of the seat. I guess she was getting uncomfortable taking my hand turning to sit against me looking down as she hit the speed bump, yet continuing so her ass was now on it placing my hand on her bare belly. I rubbed her flat belly and played with her belly button ring as she laid back against me. Amanda, Brooke, and Paola were sleeping. I could get a peek of Brooke’s little pussy due the position of her legs. Amanda’s legs had relaxed and I was able to wiggle my pinkie on her crotch while drawing circles with my fingers on her upper thigh. I could not tell if Gee was sleeping or not, but her breathing was heavy.
I acted as though I had fallen asleep as well relaxing my arm letting my hand drop into her pubic region outside of her stretch pants and then further down so that my fingers were now resting in her sexy gap. It was just resting there and I did not attempt to touch her in any way. I thought that I was busted when she grabbed my hand pulling it away, but she pulled it up to her face kissing it “Thank you Tony” placing it back where it came from. I pressed my index finger against her camel toe, but was afraid to go any further than that possibly causing a scene. Then she shifted back and forth turning to look at me while rubbing my arm. I pressed my finger harder against her crotch splitting her swollen camel toe and she let out a soft moan. I could feel that she was warm and mushy as I began to stroke her crotch. Her breathing got faster as I rubbed her swollen nub. I pulled my hand up running it across her belly and under her shirt to massage each of her breasts rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She turned and kissed my cheek as I did then pulling my hand down across her belly she had lifted up her waistband pushing my hand inside. My fingers found the string waits of her little panties and I pushed underneath. Gee moved her body up to allow me to reach her into her hole. This had the tip of my cock pressing against her anus through our pants. I was pleased to find that her pussy was sloppy wet as I pressed my finger between her lips into her honey hole while rubbing my palm against her clit.
I had not realize in the throes of lust in the action with Gee my other hand was now vigorously rubbing Amanda’s pussy through her panties and a nice wetness had built up. I pressed hard against her panties rubbing up and down and back and forth. Her legs opened wider to give me better access. I looked over at her and she seemed to still be sleeping. I felt Gee start to shudder as my ginger assaulted her wet hole and palm rubber her nub. My hand was being dowsed with her juices as I kissed her neck and her breathing became like panting. Her thighs began to open and close on my hand with the rhythm of her orgasm. Amanda’s panties were now soaked as well and I was not far from making a mess in my pants either. I pulled my hand out of Amanda’s crotch to reposition myself with Gee. Amanda turned towards me pulling my arm down on her hip laying her head on it to continue sleeping. Gee leaned forward and I licked and sucked my hand and fingers clean. The taste and smell was intoxicatingly good. Gee saw me do that and turned kissing me passionately, but she did not say much at all for the rest of the ride.
The train stopped at the main station in Rome and the girls all woke up. Amanda talked about a nice dream she had then I noticed her put her hand between her legs with a puzzled look. Brooke stretched giving me an open view of her beautiful bald pussy once again. She caught me looking and smiled as I returned the smile. Gee grabbed my hand pulling me up holding my hand as we exited the train heading towards the metro stop. They decided that we needed to go to the mall to get replacement pants and underwear for me since mine were all bloody.


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2013-12-26 06:04:43
Your stories are usually good for the most part, but the more you tell, the more they start to contradict each other, and the more your claims of them being "true stories" start turning into obvious lies, makes them less enjoyable to read. I'm almost to the point of not bothering to open up your stories anymore because I really have a deep seeded disrespect for liars.

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