Taking a group of girls shopping in Rome.
We got on the metro and it was pretty packed. Amanda sat by the window and I sat with Gee on my lap once again. Paola and Brooke sat with their backs to us leaning against the arm rail connected to our seat and the one behind us. Brooke was actually leaning with her ass against my arm that was draped over the railing behind Gee. She looked back at me and started playfully rubbing her ass up and down against my arm. As more people got on she was pressed harder against it, so I pulled it down leaving just my hand. I could feel her rubbing her ass against it and then felt bare skin as her dress was now up a bit with her ass hanging out from underneath it. I turned my hand around feeling her ass as I pulled her shirt down. She looked back at me disappointed, but once the metro started to move through the tunnels I moved my hand back up to feel her ass. She stood acting as if nothing was going on as she talked to Paola. I caressed her ass pushing her anus with my thumb and I could feel her push back against me. So I pushed it further running my hand up her thigh rubbing her sopping wet pussy. Her legs opened wider and she leaned forward enough to give me good enough access for my finger to enter her tunnel. She turned around facing me and I slipped my hand back up assaulting her pussy with two fingers while rubbing her clitoris with my thumb. Her hips now moving to meet my motions until her legs almost fell out from underneath her and my hand seemed to be the only thing holding her up.
We had to switch to another metro and this one was packed. Our car seemed to be filled with school girls on a trip. Gee was behind me with Amanda with Brooke and Paola in front of me. Gee had a hold of my belt in the back and I felt Brooke’s hand on my cock then my zipper pulled down with her hand reaching in to expose my swollen cock. My cock was out and she was rubbing it between her and Paola. The train car swayed and jolted as we passed a train going the other direction. I grabbed Brook as she started to fall and Paola fell back against me with my rock hard exposed cock poking her in the ass. Brooke grabbed it again and I now had my arm around her. I took advantage of the darkness pushing my hand down into her halter like top massaging her left breast actually exposing it while I did. Our stop was coming up so I covered her up. She moved in front of me pulling her skirt up placing my cock between her cheeks and rubbing it up and down her crack. She just got it back in my underwear when the train stopped. When the lights came on Paola noticed my erection poking through the zipper. She reached won squeezing it “the barn door is open and the cock is escaping” she laughed pushing it into my pants and I zipped up. Paola looked puzzled as Brooke turned checking my zipper and kissing me on the lips as I cupped her ass. Gee slapped my back, but I was not sure if it was because of that or just for me to start moving with the crowd.
Gee and Amanda held my hands as we walked into the mall finding a unisex outlet store with some nice clothes. The only thing they had were pants and shirts in the big and tall area. So I found some pants heading to the dressing room. I thought I heard someone crying and cussing. It sounded like Paola, so I asked if she was ok and it sounded as though she started crying harder. I stepped into the dressing room and she was trying on a white see through thong body suit, she still had her own micro mini panties on underneath. I walked up behind her holding her against me kissing her shoulder and looking with her in the mirror. “God, this is the sexiest I have ever seen you look and the sexiest thing I have seen in a long time.”
She looked up leaning her head against mine “Whatever Tony, you are just saying that to make me feel better. Look at me! I have such an ugly body!”
“You must see something different than what I see!”
“Look at my pooch belly and small tits.” She frowned.
I reached around rubbing her belly and squeezing it “This is sexy as hell, much sexier than any six pack.” She took my hands pushing them up to her breasts “These are so damn small though”
I rubbed them pushing them up like they were in a push up bra and then teased her nipples to harden “Now look at that. Big sexy hard nipples with small dark areolae.” I rubbed them some more and she was now starting to smile.
She turned to the side “Ok, but this big ass does not fit at all.”
“Seriously Paola?” I stoked her ass outlining it in the mirror “Most women work hard to get a booty like this!” This was the first I had ever seen her ass naked like this and I think it could have been listed as a wonder of the world. “You have the most amazing ass I have ever seen. Look at it, there is not one sign of cellulite.” I slapped the bottom of her ass “look it has just the right bounce too.” I turned her around looking at her ass as I felt every inch of it and then I bent her over “Paola, this is incredible! I wish you could see what I was seeing.” She turned with her ass to the mirror bending over looking up from between her legs.
“What is so special?” she asked.
I started on the outside working my way towards the middle “this big round ass is what is incredible.” As I rubbed in pulling her cheeks a part and then outlining her camel toe then running my finger through the middle of it. She got really quiet as I turned her back around going down and licking every bit of her ass pulling the underwear and lingerie to the side while I licked her anus with my hand rubbing her pussy. Then we heard Amanda come out “Paola, are you in there?” We stood up as he came in.
“Are you done in there? I need a changing room. Gee and Brooke are supposed to be looking for underwear for me” Amanda looked amazing in a draping teddy looking dress holding her folded skirt and shirt in her hand.
“Oh, yes go ahead.” Smiling as I checked her out “Holy shit Paola, you look fucking amazing!”
Stopped me hugging me as I held her ass “Thanks!”
I got into the next dressing room and closed the curtain pulling my pants and underwear off. My cock was throbbing and there was pain starting in my swollen balls. I looked up to see Amanda’s little panties were hanging on the wall hook. I pulled them off the hook smelling their perfume. I was not a panty sniffer, but I was drawn to these. The smell was a potpourri of sweet and musky that burned my nostrils and caused precum to flow from the arousal it caused. I was lost in ecstasy and did not hear the curtain open with Amanda looking in awe. “I forgot my panties” she said looking directly at the raging hard on with veins trying to explode out of the sides. “Are you sniffing my panties?” I was speechless and just nodded my head. “Well, do you like it?” I nodded again pointing down to my erection. “Jesus, I guess you do that is huge!”
She stepped in closing the curtain behind her starting to feel my raging hard cock and then I felt her mouth on it. She licked the shaft up and down while caressing my balls with her hand until she started trying to fit it in her mouth. I pushed her with my hand on the back of her head helping her suck it. I was ready to shoot already so I pulled her up kissing her and pulling the teddy off sucking her breasts and then picking her up on my shoulders like a backwards chicken fight eating her golden pussy with her thin brown landing strip tickling my nose. She started to orgasm so I put her back down licking her magazine ready ass bending her over to tongue her anus. She was going crazy by now reaching back for me to give her my cock guiding it towards her sloppy pussy. Just as I entered her I heard Brooke talking to Paola who told her that Amanda was in the next stall. She walked right in catching us in the act. Neither of us thinking about stopping. Brooke walked right up shoving her tongue as far into my throat as she could. I pulled her dress down and off sucking her D cup breasts. I pulled Amanda down with me as I laid on the floor with Brooke straddling my chest. Amanda turned around and the started making out while she rode my cock. I stopped Brooke from sitting on my face long enough to lick her tantalizing ass. I started licking her anus and I thought she would break my tongue from how hard she bucked against my tongue. My tongue going so deep that I could taste her salty rectum. I pulled it out and she rode my face with her impeccable shaven pussy. I sucked her clit as Amanda came on my cock. They quickly switched positions with Brooke first cleaning Amanda’s juices from my cock with her mouth while Amanda continued a tongue assault on her pussy. Amanda sat on my face and brook started slamming herself up and down on my cock as I bottomed out against her cervix until her inner walls contracted milking my cock while Amanda reached another orgasm on my face. All of this had me ready to shoot. Brooke felt it coming and held herself down on it so that is hot load after load against her cervix overflowing out of her pussy with our juices combined. Brooke pulled off and the two of them licked me clean with Amanda cleaning up Brooke’s creampied pussy.
We got dressed and left the changing room just as Gee was coming back. She had a questioning look as we came out together, but thought nothing of it as the other two began kissing. I dropped my bloody underwear and pants into a shopping bag as we waited for Paola to come out. She came out in a white fluffy top that made her top look bigger and a tight white cotton mini skirt that was so stretched out that you could easily make out her ass crack. She placed her receipt in her bag and went to take it. When I looked down into it I could see her panties on the top. I put my hand on her ass and kissed her “amazing!” she blushed and smiled taking my hand. Gee took the other and we headed to another store. Gee and I went in and she started picking out boxers telling me to take one and head to the changing room. I pulled my pants off and noticed that the curtain was not fully closed giving the two hot young Italian saleswomen a view of my manhood. They seemed to not be able to look away. I backed up bringing it to a full erection to give them a better show as I moved back into view. I put the underwear on and it was too tight. Gee came up with a couple of pairs in her hand “Do they fit?” I acted as if I was covering up “are you kidding? Do you not remember what we did on the train?” I pulled the underwear off and she said “oh my!”
She walked into the changing room handing me the other two pairs. I tried the next one on and it was too tight as well. The curtain was now more open than before and the ladies were not shy at all about watching. I pulled Gee towards me and we kissed as she started tugging on my erection. I pulled her shirt up and started sucking on her perky tan breasts while shoving my hand down the front of her pants. I turned her around pulling her pants and panties off while licking her skinny ass and warming up her pussy. I opened the curtain further with my foot as I sat Gee on the stool and tonguing and sucking her bald pussy until she moaned almost having another orgasm. I stood facing the saleswomen while Gee dropped to her knees sucking my cock. One stood there with her mouth open and the other sat on a stool with her legs spread touching herself. I stood Gee up turning her around and inserting my cock fucking her as hard and fast as I could until the head was slamming against her cervix and she moaned like a wild woman. She screamed as she reached orgasm and I continued to fuck her through her contractions. I pulled her down to clean her juices from my cock as looked out watching the saleswoman’s eyes start to roll back in her head as she arrived at paradise. Gee started to get dressed as the other saleswoman came to the dressing room and I handed her the underwear that we would not be purchasing. She reached in past them feeling my cock still hard from not ejaculating.
I put my pants on without underwear. Get kept me in there as we made out some more and she cooled down. We left the store seeing some sights and then heading back to the metro. It was now dark and the metro was crowded. Paola was backed up against me and I was foundling her ass. Amanda and Brooke leaned forward with Gee listening in “She doesn’t think she is sexy. We dare you tom come on her ass her in the metro. We have 30 minutes and that would be so hot!” I looked back at Gee and she kissed me unzipping my pants pulling me out. Just the thought of what they were saying made me instantly hard.
I turned continuing to caress her ass pulling her skirt up and kissing her neck. She jumped a bit when she felt the tip of my hard cock rubbing against her ass. Her hand reached back and she started pumping it as I reached underneath running my finger through her pussy sinking my index ginger into it. She bucked against my hand as I pulled it out placing my cock between her cheeks pumping it in and out like a hotdog in a bun. A group of Italian girls was sitting in there next to us and had taken interest in what they could see when the lights would flash into the windows. She turned around kissing me tugging my cock while I massaged her clit. She was so quickly overtaken by the situation that she came all over my hand. I was ready to shoot and turned her around. All of the girls watching as I gave myself a few pumps between her big ass cheeks pulling back shooting load after load on her ass. She turned around in the tunnel sucking my cock dry.
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