A true story (names have been changed) which gave rise to experiencing fantasies, an occassion not planned, but happened!
"What's the matter?" Questioned Scott Wilson in answer to his wife Salina’s curse!
"I've just laddered my pantyhose and I don't have any left" she complained.
"Don't worry about it, it's only a casual show and besides it's too hot to wear pantyhose any way. Just hurry up, we're already late." spat Scott, becoming agitated at his wife's dawdling.

Salina Wilson, an attractive woman of 27, tall, blonde, voluptuous, taking pride in everything she did and her appearance was of no exception. It annoyed Scott intensely that Salina spent so much time preparing herself when going out, because she had so much natural beauty, he believed she didn't need to use so much “artificial camouflage” as he called it!. However, Salina saw it differently and always wanted to look the best for her husband even when attending a barbecue as they were about to do.

The Wilson's are an average suburban couple, happily married with a five year old son, Ben. They enjoyed spending as much time together as possible and joining the local bowling league was an activity, although uninspiring, they enjoyed it together and were off to the end of season barbecue and trophy presentation.

Arriving late, the only room left was at a table where two young men were already seated, who didn't mind the Wilson's joining them as they were on their own and welcomed the company.

Salina knew one of them, Darren Thompson, from the times they played his team in competition and although he was 10 years her junior, just a teenager, she had taken a fancy to him.
Often chatting with him during games even when he was quite a few lanes away from where she was bowling, often to the annoyance of her husband.

The other teenager turned out to be his stepbrother Mark, also the same age.

Salina asked Darren where his girlfriend was. "We broke up this morning" a down cast Darren replied mournfully.
"I'm so sorry to hear that" murmured an empathetic Salina, giving Darren's hand a comforting squeeze.
"Shit happens! Anyway let’s talk about something else" lamented Darren.

The small group shared small talk until the trophy presentation, Salina winning the most improved award with the husband and wife team winning the horses arse trophy for coming last!

As the evening appeared to be drawing to an early close, Salina suggested to Scott that they should head home, as it was past Ben's bed time. Scott asked the guys as to what they were planning on doing?
"Nothing!" they sighed.
"Would you like to come back to our place, we could play cards or something" jumped in Salina excitedly. She caught Scott's eye noticing his concerned look, "that is Ok sweetheart isn't it?" she added, seeking her husband's approval, to qualify her sudden impulsive invitation of two people into their home that they hardly knew.

"No probs" was the churlish reply from her husband.

Obviously the alcohol consumed during the evening was now taking effect, as Scott failed to appreciate the fact he had just endorsed his wife’s invitation to what was basically strangers into their home.

Not only that, the fact that his wife was interested in one of these teenagers seemed to have also eluded Scott.

On returning to the Wilson's, Salina put young Ben to bed while Scott arranged the drinks. It was decided by all to start off with Tequila slammers. The group, Salina, Scott, Darren and his stepbrother Mark, commenced with four slammers each and on top of what they consumed at the barbecue, were now quite loose.

Into the third hand of their card game, looking across the table at his wife, Scott smiled to himself as he noticed the rearrangement of her dress, drawing him to pass comment, "Um, sweetheart I don't mind one bit and it is truly a pleasant sight and I doubt if our guests disapprove, but part of your anatomy which you may not want to reveal is showing!"

Glancing down, Salina gave a shriek of embarrassment and quickly ducked down to hide her pert right breast which had fallen free from the confines of her dress, exposed for all to see.

Salina's dress consisted of a knee length skirt, with the top only consisting of a small piece of material at the front, in an attempt to conceal the breasts, held in place by two thin straps tied behind her neck, very similar to and not much bigger than a baby's bib.

This style of dress was not conducive to the wearing of a bra, hence it allowed plenty of "side boob" and once the tie for the straps had loosened, it was easy for her pert right breast to escape completely from the material attempting to conceal it.

Once Salina had regained her modesty, the four returned to their card game.

But now Scott couldn’t concentrate. He found that the sight of his wife's attractive breast being revealed to two strange men, well boys, teenagers actually, was strangely, quite stimulating. In fact it was quite an erotic and a arousing turn on.

Noticing that it was time to refresh the drinks and on getting up, passing behind his wife to do so, Scott playfully tugged on the bow of the straps to the front of her dress, allowing it to fall, done so quickly that she'd had no time in which to cover herself, allowing her gorgeous breasts with their dark pink tips proudly erect mounted on puckering areola, to be exposed for all to see.

"Do you mind?" she mewed at her husband, with a feigned show of embarrassment, freely allowing herself to be exposed to these two young men, these teenagers, making sure to rearrange herself with less urgency than she did the first time, making sure they had a good look at her ample charms.

Following the next hand and on the pretext of going to the toilet, Darren emulated his host by also undoing the bow of the dress as he passed behind, however Salina faking mock embarrassment, was able to preserve her dignity marginally by pre-empting Darren's action, hence was able to protect her modesty before anyone could get a good look.

Mark also tried the same as the other two males, but being more intoxicated, had limited success.

Salina then decided “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

With that, reaching behind her, she undid the bow to the straps to the front of her dress, allowing it to fall and turning to the three males, revealing her two gorgeous breasts for all to see.
"OK if you guys want to look at my tits here you are!" she quipped.

The three men were stunned, totally stunned, taken aback by this sudden and unexpected pleasant surprise, this uninhibited exercise in wanton exhibitionism, leaving them unable to move, unable to speak!

All three sat there silently, just taking in the wonderful sight before them, their mouths agape!

Whether it was the booze or the fact that she had just wantonly exposed herself to two virtual strangers, Salina was experiencing feelings she had never experienced before, nice feelings, wonderful feelings, tingly all over, a warm pleasant ache emanating from between her legs and rising to her breasts, to her nipples. Oh God it felt good. So good!

"Do you like what you see guys?" she purred, giving a jig, so that her breasts seemed to dance, bouncing up, down, swaying from side to side, a dance of wanton pleasure for the captive audience.

Hypnotising, so that all they could do was nod in the affirmative, as if in a trance. Salina moved her hands to her breasts and began to slowly massage them.

Although Salina and Scott had a wonderful relationship and love life, Scott had never seen his wife so brazen and wanton, especially in front of others, people they hardly knew.

"Oh what a turn on!" Thought Scott to himself, as he watched his wife fondling her breasts, tweaking her nipples, not only to him but to other males as well.

He had always fantasised about watching his wife being fucked by another man, or even a woman and although this wasn't quite the same he still found it highly erotic and extremely arousing to the extent that the ache in his loins was so great, that he began to shake. Oh! It was good.

Scott looked at his wife with admiration as she continued playing with her breasts, "I love you sweetheart, you are so fantastic." he said with feeling, a feeling truly from deep within.

"So this turns you on does it? So you like it when I play with my boobs like this and twist and pull my nipples like this?" giving a practical demonstration to emphasize her questions!

Not only was Salina turning on the three males, she was also doing absolutely wonderful things to herself. Never had she felt like this before, never so good, strangely she was enjoying what she was doing, enjoying the effect she was having the males especially the strangers, one in particular. Oh god she thought "I'm going to have to stop or I'll don't know where this will end. Oh but I know where I would like it to end?"

With that, Salina did up the front of her dress telling them "that's it; you've had a good look so now leave the dress alone!"
They still just sat there, in stunned silence, trying to comprehend what they had seen.

The four tried to continue the cards but interest had been lost. Jean asked Darren of his break up with his girlfriend and as Darren spoke more of his breakup, the more upset he became.

Salina went over to him to comfort him and give him a cuddle, brushing a curl of hair from his eyes, gently stroked his cheek and as their eyes met, the urge to kiss was overwhelming.

Salina couldn't explain her urges, was it the unrealised passion and arousal stimulated with her bout of unabashed exhibitionism, was it the alcohol, she didn't know, but she wanted to kiss this young man. Not a peck, but one of brazen passion. Not her husband, but a man she hardly knew.

Kiss she did. Darren responding with the same fervour Salina had showered upon him.

Scott was not jealous of his wife and Darren, in fact the opposite was happening, he found this situation arousing. However Mark became upset with the way his step brother was kissing the wife of their host and stopped them, but Scott assured him that there was no harm in the way Salina and Darren kissed, as he and his wife are very much in love, a love so strong that they will never ever lose it.

He explained, that although they are husband and wife, he doesn't own her, she is her own person, even if she chooses to go to bed with Darren, as long as she tells me of her intentions and doesn't go behind my back, it is fine, because by being honest and up front, shows that her love is still for me, she is only wanting to experience something different."

Mark seemed to accept this and asked if could lie down as he was tired and overcome with the effects of alcohol.

Directed to a spare bedroom, Mark was fast asleep on the bed before Scott returned with a blanket and pillow.

Returning to join Salina and Darren, Scott found that they had moved to the lounge and had continued their kissing, their passionate kissing.

Darren had his left hand on Salina's right breast, not doing anything, just resting there, while she had her hands in his crotch openly fondling his balls and as she felt the rising of an erection and as it began to grow she turned all her attention to it, gently stroking it to its full length, separated only by the material of his jeans.

All this occurring only feet from her husband, done oblivious to him. Not to arouse him, but for herself.

Her earlier actions were still lingering, she had urges that needed fulfilling, not by her husband, but by this stranger.

Yes that's what she needed, the strangers cock, this teenager is cock. A penis she has not had before. Big, hard, sliding in and out of her hot, wet and oh so juicy pussy, fucking her to the hilt every which way.

The spell cast by her decadent behaviour had now become so over powering that she had now lost total control, why did she act like that? It was not like her, but what the hell, she has no regrets, she has enjoyed every second.

But what about Scott, what does he think? "I love him so much. I don't want to hurt him, he says he doesn't mind, in fact he says that it turns him on watching me like this, or does it?" Salina thought to herself.

Scott had now sat next to his wife, while she and Darren continued to passionately kiss and fondle one and another, but once Salina became aware of her husband's presence, momentarily cave him her attention, she gave him a kind loving smile followed by a kiss, a passionate kiss, as if she had never kissed him before, "I Love you darling....You don't mind me kissing Darren like that do you?"
"No, not really, I know that you love me and hey, besides you are really turning me on by what you're doing. You should do it more often!" Said Scott smiling.

"Thank you, that's why I love you so much...." she answered, hugging her husband. Turning her attentions back to Darren, Salina again began kissing him again and with such unbridled passion, she was in danger of swallowing him. Although his erection from her previous attentions had diminished, the urge was still there and this wild woman was rekindling the sleeping giant.

Darren was now trapped in the same web as Salina, he couldn't resist any longer, he had to feel and touch one of those pert tits, displayed earlier with such unbelievable eagerness and arousal by their owner.

As Salina continued kissing, her tongue lashing with the stranger's, this young teenager, he seized his opportunity. Reaching up, he began fondling Salina's right breast, fitting as this was the first to be seen, separated only by the material of her dress, but still felt nice just the same.

However, Salina promptly brushed the invading hand away. Embarrassed Darren, broke the kiss long enough to offer an apology for his indiscretion.

Breaking the kiss again to reply, Salina suggested "that if you're going to do it, do it properly". With that she resumed kissing, pulling aside the bib of her dress to reveal a naked right breast, with its dark pink tip so hard, distended with arousal, seeking the attention of the stranger's touch, which was not long in coming.

As they continued their passionate kiss, Darren’s right hand, enveloped Salina’s exposed breast, gently fondling and massaging the glorious orb, occasionally rolling her swollen nipple between thumb and forefinger.

Their kissing intensified, becoming more wonton, far beyond passionate and so too did Darren’s ministrations of Salina’s breast.

He massaged, he kneaded, twisting the nipple roughly, pulling and tugging, as if there was no tomorrow. It just felt so nice, both for him and for her.

What Salina was experiencing was saturating her knickers, the love juices were flowing, uncontrollably. Darren was so rough on her breast, but strangely, she was enjoying it and the twinges of pain when he pinched and pulled her nipple were like electric shocks passing through her, culminating at her pussy, stirring her clitoris and flooding her cunt like nothing she had ever felt before. She needed more!

“Shit, fuck that hurt!” hollered Salina to the excessive punishment of her right teat.

“Sorry!” exclaimed a repentant Darren.
“No no, don’t stop, it's okay, it’s wonderful, do it harder, oooh yea, suck it, bite it….yeh, bite it, chew it…” mumbled a delirious Salina.

Darren needed no encouragement and the sight of this virtual stranger ravaging his wife’s breast, sucking, chewing a gorgeous engorged teat, sharp teeth clamped on the sensitive nipple, stretching it beyond normal bounds. So much so, Scott thought his wife was about to lose a nipple but to his surprise, she grabbed the hair on the back of Darren’s head, pulling his head even further away from her, his teeth still latched onto that nipple, stretching it even further, the pain causing her to moan a guttural “Oh God”! “Oooooh, Yes, Yes, more, I want more”!

With that, she gathered the bib of her dress together, holding it between her breasts, allowing Darren access to both wonderful orbs, whispering to him, "There’s more than one you know, the left one is getting jealous, do it them do it to both of them, do it hard!"

Darren paused to preview the sight that beheld him, two perfect examples of female anatomy their dark pink tips so hard they ached. The breasts owner now gave the stranger full access to both pieces of enjoyable flesh, which he took to with relish.
Darren now gave the same treatment to the left tit as to the right, sucking, biting, chewing one nipple while pinching, twisting and squeezing the other, pausing only to alternate.

Salina’s new actions had become too much for Scott, he had never thought he would ever see anything like this, especially from his wife. Not with him but with another man and while he watched!

A fantasy coming true!

His cock had become so hard that it hurt, he was so turned on and the strange thing was that he felt no jealousy.

Well maybe a bit when Salina had presented Darren with her naked breasts for his enjoyment, and hers too by her reaction. Not so much that she was allowing Darren to play with her tits, as often Scott was given this same pleasure, but it was the extent of roughness and pain that Darren was allowed to exert on Salina's tender boob flesh, but left Scott slightly miffed, that as her husband he would have never been allowed to be any where near as rough with them as this teenager.

However the erotic sight and decadent actions of his wife soon doused that. For the moment!

Besides he now had some thing to look forward to, hopefully.

The scene became even hotter with Salina feeling for Darren's hard ridged cock, oh she wanted it, wanted it bad, so bad it hurt, a wonderful hurt, somewhere deep within her being, no, it was in her wet, juicy, sopping cunt.

Salina and Darren then parted with such a suddenness, that it caught Scott by surprise.

"Maybe threes a crowd" thought Scott, getting up and moving into the kitchen, leaving the "lovers" to themselves. However his wife quickly followed. "What's the matter" she asked concerned "is there anything wrong?"

"Nothings wrong, besides does this look like I'm upset" replying Scott, indicating the bulge in his pants. Reaching inside her husband’s pants, Salina felt the hardness of his cock "OOOOh it is big and so hard, so watching me with another man does turn you on?" she exclaimed.

"Better believe it... Salina would you like to make love with him?"

"Yes!" No hesitation. It wasn’t necessarily the answer that stunned Scott, but more the speed and exactness of her answer that surprised him.

"OK, it's fine with me honey. If he wants to with you, go for it. But I do ask two things, he wears a condom and that I might come and watch."

"I'll go and ask him". Both were filled with trepidation and a wonderful sense of erotic excitement at the same time. Salina asked Darren and when he answered in the affirmative she almost fainted with excitement. She was going to experiencing love making with another man and wasn't cheating on Scott in fact it was something they were, in a way, going to share.

Just the thought of Scott watching another man making love to her only serve to heighten her excitement so much she felt as if she was about to come just thinking about it.

An excited Salina returned to Scott in the kitchen with the "good" news, this virtual stranger had agreed to fuck her while husband watched!

"We'll use the guest room and as soon as we are about to start, I'll call you, so you can come and watch!" Salina explained with breathless excitement to her husband. Then promptly returning to her new proposed lover.

Scott remained in the kitchen waiting for the action to commence, to be invited to watch his wife being fucked by another man.

He waited and waited and waited! The two "lovebirds" were still in the lounge, "what are they doing?" Asked Scott impatiently of himself and decided to go and see what was happening.

Entering the lounge Scott found his wife and Darren sitting together on the couch holding hands and occasionally kissing. Not wanting to interrupts them, Scott never said a word, but simply went and sat next to his wife, an action which attracted no attention from Salina all the teenager.

Salina leaned closer to Darren and they began to kiss again, kiss with more passion, Scott placed a hand on his wife's right lower leg, gently rubbing, eventually moving up over her knee to her upper thigh underneath her skirt and continued to slowly and gently rub and massage her upper thigh.

Still in the throes of a passionate kiss with Darren, Salina moved to spare hand back under her skirt placing it on her husband's which was gently rubbing her. Immediately, while still passionately kissing this other man, Salina directed her husband's hand to the top of her thigh to her pussy, pushing his hand over her sensitive excited swollen pussy which he did without hesitation, with his wife still directing him, to apply more pressure increasing the pleasure.

Finally breaking the kiss with Darren, Salina turned to husband, leaning over to him, whispering in his ear "slip your hand inside my knickers, play with my cunt, toy with my clit, slip one, maybe two or even three fingers in, I want you to get it hot and ever so wet for Darren so he can slip is big hard cock into my juicy cunt and I want you to watch his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, I want you to watch another man make me cum."

Scott, so turned on by his wife's decadent actions and profane language soon had his hand inside his wife's knickers, her hand still guiding his and it had become quite obvious to Scott that his wife was already saturated, her juices were freely flowing to the extent that his manipulations were creating squelching sounds and his wife gave little jumps each time each time he brushed her clitoris.

Salina had in the meantime returned her attentions fully to Darren, fondling his cock while continuing their passionate kissing, but Scott's masturbating of her was arousing her even further and she was beginning to squirm, she was truly in an erotic place.

Thinking it was now time to get things moving further, with his free hand, undid the straps to the front of his wife's dress allowing him access to her wonderful tits which prompted a quick question from her as to what he was doing? Scott promptly explained that as her husband he was entitled to a fondling suck as much as any other man.

With that Salina returned attentions to Darren once again leaving her husband munching on a breast like a starving infant, but still was observing what his wife and Darren were doing.

Here was Scott getting his wife totally aroused, tendering her wet juicy pussy while simultaneously fondling and sucking a gorgeous breast with its engorged rubbery teat, while getting his cock and balls played with, was not doing anything in return.

So reaching across to Darren, Scott took hold of his hand which was resting on Salina's knee and placed it on her left breast, but quickly went to remove it as soon as it was placed there.

However, Salina still passionately kissing Darren, grabbed his hand before he could remove it from her breast saying, "if Scott wants you to play with my tits, you play with my tits. Like, it's nothing that you haven't already done!" With that Darren began to tender to her left breast while Scott actively committed to her right.

It wasn't too long before Salina was at the point that she wanted to be fucked, desperately needed to be fucked, to have a big hard cock stuffed into her warm, wet, juicy cunt, she was teetering on the edge of an orgasm and needed to be pushed over the edge by the teenagers cock!

Jumping up from the intention of the two men and after she did at the front of her dress, Salina grabbed Darren's hand saying, "come on you, I need you to come and fuck me now!" And turning to her husband adding, "we are adjourning to the guest room to fuck like horny rabbits, but don't worry, you won't miss anything, I'll call you when we are ready, wait in our bedroom until call you!"

With that, Salina and Darren retired to the guestroom. However they just sat and talked, kissing occasionally. The guestroom door was ajar allowing Scott to see all, but he was getting impatient. As crazy as it may be, he just wanted the stranger to fuck his wife. 'What's with the talking?" he thought.

As a rouse to get closer to the action, Scott went to the toilet, which was next to the guest room. Salina came to see if he was all right. Going back to their own bedroom, Scott asked Salina if they had done anything. She replied "no.......Look, you go to bed, I'm going back to Darren for a minute, I'll come back later and suck you off and then you can fuck me."

"What after he's fucked you" chipped Scott sarcastically.
"Don't worry before we start I'll come and get you, so you can watch.... I do love you"
"I know, off you go, have fun and enjoy it"

"I will" replied Salina returning to Darren.

Scott continued his watch from the doorway as Salina climbed back onto the bed with Darren, straddling his lap, engaging in one of her stimulating passionate kisses. Darren could not help himself as he found the need to fondled those gorgeous tits again as he slipped his hand inside the bib front of Salina's dress. "At last thought" Scott, "it's going to happen." Darren eased Salina back on the bed, continuing the gentle massage of her bosom; bring her nipples to hard points of aching pleasure.

Salina was obviously enjoying this, her head back, eyes closed, the gentle quiet sighs of pleasure a give away. It was really turning Scott on, watching another man giving his wife so much pleasure and to see her enjoy it was the most erotic sight he had ever experienced.

Salina's nipples had become so hard from their teasing that when Darren removed his hands they stood so prominently against the material of the dress as if they were large marbles. Darren's hands moved to Salina's inner thigh, moving up under her skirt. Drats cursed Scott, he could no longer see what Darren's hands were doing, hidden by Salina's skirt, but there was no doubt to what he was doing by her reactions.

The sighs were getting heavier and the unmistakable "hhnnnnnnnn!" as Salina was enjoying the fingering of her soppy juicy love hole. Darren's hand was inside her panties, running up and down her slippery slit, giving the occasional jolt of pleasure as his finger slid over her clitoris.

Darren proceeded to slip a finger deep into her vagina, "Oh…God, Oh…That feels fantastic...Oh God! Oh God! Don't stop, pleeeeease don’t stop!" she cried huskily through her moans of pleasure.

Damn thought Scott, as he wanted to see Darren's fingers, one, two, then three fucking in and out of his wife's soppy cunt, but watching her reactions to the finger fucking was a turn on in it self. Darren increased the speed, to such a rapid rate that his arm looked like a piston rod of a racing car engine at maximum revs: Scott had never seen anything like it. Salina had never felt anything like it.

She was thrusting her hips to meet the fucking fingers, she wanted more, "Oh this is great, OH yes fuck me hard"' she mumbled between gasps of pleasure,"HHHHHnnnnnnnnnnnn....... HHHHHHHHHn
nnnnnnnnnnnnnn," Oh the wanton erotism of the moment was overwhelming. A stranger’s hand fucking her cunt, "Oh god this is sooooo wonderful, I don't want it to stop".

Salina, now in a state of wonton erotic lust, wanted more. Darren was tending her cunt, oooh! Was he ever! “stick a finger in my arse”, did Scott hear his wife correctly? He wasn’t sure and unfortunately with the lack of a full sight of activities from his position, prevented a visual confirmation.

However the sudden increase in the volume of Salina’s moans of passion could be a testament to that. "Oh god, Oh god, Oh god HHHHHHHHHHHHnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn", or was she was just enjoying the moment?

She must have been, as she moved both hands inside the front of her dress and although he couldn’t actually see, it was obvious to Scott as what his wife was doing by the movement beneath the bib of her dress.

He always found it exceptionally arousing watching the rare times his wife masturbated, fondling and playing with herself, but this was beyond that.

Salina was giving her bosom the same treatment that Darren had done so earlier and Scott almost came on the spot when she dropped the front of her dress exposing her gorgeous orbs, pushing first one breast up enabling her to lick her nipple, then sucking from her own breast, clamping the nipple between her teeth and stretching, then repeating the treatment on the other breast.

As she sucked on her nipple, Salina reached down, taking one of Darren’s hands bring it up to the breast she was suckling on, moving his hand so that he could feel her sucking her nipple, which attracted his attention immediately and obviously the sight of Salina sucking and biting her own nipple aroused him as much as Scott because he increased the speed (Scott didn’t think that it was possible to go any faster than he already was) of his finger fucking of Salina.

It now seemed that the culmination of the evening’s erotic behaviour was about to peak, as her orgasm began to build.

Salina didn't know where, she didn't care, the ball of erotic sexual pleasure had built to such a point within her, she felt that she was about to explode into a million pieces, arching her back as she felt the first waves of an orgasm began to wash across her, she reached for her bare breasts, taking one in each hand, squeezing, pulling on her nipples as hard as she could, "I'm CUUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNG, CCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNGGG, OH GOD AAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNN" she came with such wild abandon, she came like never before, wave after wave, she lost how many times she orgasmed, as each orgasm built to a crescendo greater than the one before, as waves caressing the shore, all this only encouraged Darren to finger fuck this gorgeous woman harder and faster than anyone thought possible, driving her to orgasm after orgasm.

The sight of his wife reaching these heights of wanton pleasure playing out before him, was too much. Returning to their bedroom, the erotic symphony Scott just witnessed left him a trembling mess. So turned on, that his huge erection, larger than he can recall, so large and hard that it was excruciating. He needed attention, he needed relief. He needed relief now!

Unaware that her husband had witnessed her finger fuck, Salina felt somewhat contrite that she had not invited him to view the proceedings and decided to quickly check on him.

Before she had time to move, Scott was standing at the side of the bed. He had become impatient with his wife. She had allowed this virtual stranger to finger fuck her and was now lying in his arms for what had seemed an eternity to Scott. He felt left out, he wanted to watch this man fuck his wife, he, wanted action!

Nothing was said, there was only silence. The movement beneath Salina’s skirt caught Scott’s attention and lifting it up he witnessed Darren’s right hand still manipulating her pussy, middle finger sliding up and down her slit, still glistening from
its earlier manipulations.
Scott’s interruption did not deter Darren, as he continued to play with Salina’s juicy wet cunt, regardless that he was being watched by her husband, drawing the occasional moan of pleasure each time he brushed her clitoris.

Letting go of the hem of Salina’s dress, it fell to cover Darren’s busy hand. With that Scott paused, looking at the couple, again in silence, deciding to let them be and fuck in their own time.

With that he turned, returning to his bedroom, in the hope he would be invited back to watch.

No sooner was Scott back in the bedroom, Salina immediately joined him. “Why are you here, thought you want to have sex with that guy?” chimed Scott.

Coming up behind him, Salina gave Scott a hug and said that she was sorry the way she treated him just then.
“Especially when you have been so understanding” added a sympathetic Salina, “I want to thank you first!” she said smiling.

Stepping back from her husband, Salina in one swift movement, removed her dress and stood totally naked in front of Scott, who immediately realised that she was devoid of underwear, it had been obvious that she had not worn a bra, but where were her panties?

Only moments ago, with Darren, even though he was fingering her she still had her panties on. But before Scott could think more on the missing panties, Salina had laid down on their bed, beckoning him to come to her.

As Scott started to the other side of the bed, Salina Chirped “ no sweetie, this side baby, by my side of the bed!” and as he drew closer, she reached out taking his penis in her hand, pulling him closer to the bed so she could take Scott’s penis in her mouth, which she did with relish!

The sensation of Salina’s warm moist mouth on his cock caused it become even harder…that is if it were possible to be harder than it already was?

Although Salina didn’t give many head jobs, what she did was wonderful even though she didn’t swallow.

Scott was enjoying what his wife was doing to him, she was actually taking all of him into her mouth, so much so that every now and then while Scott’s cock was buried deep into her throat (“so this is deep throat” he thought to himself) she actually licked his balls at the same time. A sensation so exquisite he could hardly remain standing.

Scott could not believe what happened next. While Salina continued to do wonderful things to his cock with her lovely mouth, one of her hands strayed down between her thighs, stroking gently between the pussy lips, yes Salina was masturbating!

Now that in itself may not seem out of the norm for some, but for Salina, it was something she did not do all that often, in fact rarely, even with Scott’s many requests to watch her masturbate.

Now she was giving her husband one of the most erotic exhibitions he had ever witnessed, the very few times Salina had masturbated for Scott were sensational, but this was absolutely exquisite, probably because she was doing it on her own initiative, not because of Scott’s pleading!

This now had driven Scott to the brink of a powerful orgasm, he could feel it building from somewhere, but he knew not where.

“Oooooooh, oh my god baby I’m about to explode, I’m cuming…big time!” he warned.
Now normally Salina would at this point finish Scott off by hand, as she did not want him cuming in her mouth, but his warning only seemed to excite her more as she increased the speed of her mouth on his cock, her hands too, becoming part of the synergy, one stroking and fondling his balls, while the other continued working on herself, concentrating on her clitoris, bring her too to an erotic climax!

Then “AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHH” shouted Scott as his sperm exploded in Salina’s mouth and her erupting orgasm hid any hint of the fact she allowed her husband to cum in her mouth.

Scott could not believe that he was still able to stand through the most powerful orgasm he’d ever experienced, Salina too could not believe what she had done, moreover, enjoyed it.

Salina, now basking in the afterglow of orgasms never before experienced, now wanted more. She now wanted to fuck the stranger. To have his cock buried deep inside her.

Looking up at her husband from the bed, admiring the fact that he still had a prominent erection, Salina continued a gentle stoking of the hard cock, while advising its owner that she would take care of it after seeing to Darren's aching throbbing erection “Which I am sure is still in needed of attention, besides I need it to buried in my warm, juicy cunt.......” she muttered.

Putting on her dressing gown, Salina started for the bed room where Darren was waiting when stopped by her husband, “here, take this” he said handing her a condom, “hang on, here better take several, just in case!”

Turning to leave, Scott stopped his wife again, “look, let’s give that guy really something to remember” he suggested.
“how?” retorted an increasingly impatient Salina. “let me shave you!” exclaimed Scott excitedly “WHAT?” she gasped in a loud whisper.

“You know how your bald pussy excites me and that is something he would never have expected and I’m sure it will drive him wild!” added Scott.

“May be you’ve got something there, Ok! But be quick!” Salina agreed eagerly.
With that, in no time Scott was back with his razor, shave cream and bowl of water and was about to apply shaving cream to her pubic region, when Salina suggested that it would be easier to remove most of the hair with scissors.

Finding a pair, Scott tentatively began to snip at his wife’s pubic hair, so tentatively that he hardly removed any hair, to Salina’s annoyance, prompting her to grab the scissors from her husband and trim her own pubic locks far more efficiently.
“OK! Now you can finish” Salina commanded, to which Scott proceeded to remove any sign of pubic hair from Salina’s pussy, her ‘mound of Venus’.

He applied the shaving cream to Salina’s newly created stubble, gently rubbing it in, slowly, taking his time, being ultra thorough and although Salina was enjoying the stimulation from her husband, she was getting restless, she just wanted to be with this other guy, being fucked senseless!

Taking the razor, Scott commenced to remove the remainder of his wife’s pubic hair, pulling the razor through the lovingly applied shave cream, leaving soft bare skin, taking extra care with her lips, now swollen with passion and how wet she had become, not un-noticed by Scott.

Having finished, Scott admired his handy work by gently rubbing his hand over the smooth bare pubic skin, kissing her bare lips, plus several licks and a suck of her clit and although she was enjoying Scott’s attention to her naked pussy, Salina interrupted him and in trying to compose herself, pushed her husband’s face away from her denuded Mons.

In doing so her hand brushed the soft bare skin of her vaginal lips and was stunned at how nice it actually felt and double checked by allowing her hand to languidly wander all over the newly shaven erogenous area.
But even as nice as this felt, Salina knew what she desperately wanted, even needed and that was to be fucked by this other guy.

Getting up to leave she quipped, “I’m really off this time!” slipping on her robe as she began exiting the bedroom.

“Wait, one more thing” chimed Scott. “What now?” growled Salina impatiently?
“Here” with that Scott removed his wife’s robe, “this will really turn him on, to have you walk in like that, now go and don’t forget the condoms!” Scott stated excitedly.

Holding up several condoms that she had in her hand as confirmation, Salina hugged her husband, gave him a parting kiss, while he in turn gave her breasts a gentle fondle as she turned to leave the room, advising Scott that she would come and get him before they start, so he can watch her, his wife, have wild passionate sex with another man!

With that, leaving her husband in the bedroom, a naked Salina was off to the arms of her lover to be.

From the door way Scott watched his wife, naked, walking down the hallway, his attention was concentrated on her arse, its seductive gyratory movement hypnotising, on her way to be ravished by another man’s cock!

“Was there something wrong with him?” he thought. Not an ounce of anger or jealousy, just an unbelievably heightened state of sexual arousal, generated by the erotic recreational act about to befall him.

Scott watched as his wife entered the bedroom, going to where Darren lay on the bed, watching the naked nymph approach him and it was obvious to Scott watching, that Darren’s eyes were only on his wife’s bare naked pussy, especially when he mouthed “FUCK”!

Reaching out, Darren cupped his hand over the soft smooth bare female flesh, fondling, feeling, enjoying how different the sensation to when he finger fucked this same woman earlier.

Climbing on the bed, Salina straddled Darren, sitting on his lap as she had done earlier, except this time she was totally naked, even to having shaved her cunt! Darren kept his hand on her pubis, but now a finger or two found their way into her vagina.

Salina seemed to be oblivious to Darren’s ministering, taking his face in both hands drew his lips to hers and they kissed ever so passionately.

Scott, watching was bemused in that this, he found somewhat unsettling, but was not necessarily jealous as such… but bemused in that seeing his wife have her breasts and nipples torturously treated by another man was upsetting to him, leaving him extremely jealous because he was never permitted to do that, yet, was totally turned on and aroused at the same time, watching what this other man, actually this teenager, as he was seventeen, did to her tits and even finger fuck her.

Salina finally broke the kiss, moving Darren’s head to her bosom.

Darren needed no further encouragement as he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking hungrily as if a starving child, first the left breast then the right and back again. The sucking gave way, with Salina’s encouragement, to chewing and biting, clamping down on the left teat, Darren pulling back with his teeth still firmly attached to the nipple, stretching, distending breast and nipple about six inches, biting down harder on the nipple, causing Salina to release a deep throaty, guttural groan, finally releasing the trapped teat, allowing nipple and breast to shoot back like a broken elastic band, however the nipple still swollen and distended, literally stood out like the “proverbial sore thumb”.

Darren wasted no time and gave the right nipple and breast the same treatment, to which Salina seemed to enjoy, exhibited by her propensity to encourage Darren to “Oh yes, do it harder, stretch it more” through those guttural moans, more of pleasure than of pain.

This stunned Scott somewhat, jealousy arising, as he knew for sure, Salina would not allow him to do that to her. With that he left the doorway to lie on his bed and ponder what had transpired, waiting to be summoned by his wife when she was ready to fuck, not with her husband, but to be fucked and ravaged by another man…while her husband watched!

However in doing so, Scott missed his wife slip from Darren’s lap, more that Darren had eased Salina from her perch, as his cock had grown to the point that it was painful with her sitting on it, restricting its growth.

As Salina shifted her position from Darren’s lap, she had to extricate her left nipple firmly clamped in Darren’s teeth, which she eventually did, painfully, so firmly was his grip that it drew blood.

Salina showed absolutely no reaction other than to lift her breast allowing her to gently kiss her nipple, rolling her tongue around the protruding nubile and puckering areola, licking then taking the nipple into her mouth, sucking it feverously, removing all traces of blood.

Unzipping Darren’s fly, Salina reached her hand in and eventually was able to free his cock, his large cock, larger than her husband’s, both in length and in thickness.

She was now free to feel this wonderful cock that she had been craving all evening, gentle but firmly rubbing Darren’s penis its full length, its head poking out from the foreskin on the downward movement, which allowed Salina to kiss the tip each time it was exposed.

Salina finally lent forward, taking the head into her mouth. Darren thought he was now in heaven, the warm moist mouth around his cock felt utterly sensational and when Salina took the whole of his cock in her mouth, which amazed Salina herself as she didn’t feel it possible to take all of such a large penis at once without choking, even though she did gag slightly once as the head disappeared deep into the back of her throat, he thought he was about to faint!

Repeating this twice more was too much for Daren and he blasted copious amounts of sperm down Salina’s throat, so much so that she thought she about to drown, as he experienced his greatest ever orgasm!

Waking mid morning, Scott awoke to the sight of his loving wife, peaceful in sleep. Quietly he explored the house, only Ben to be found blissfully sleeping
"But where were the strangers? Was it a dream?"

Returning to his bed, Scott lay there watching his wife sleeping serenely. Her naked beauty over awing, inducing the need in Scott to gently caress her, to stroke her smooth soft skin. He leaned forward and applied a gentle fairy kiss to each delicate eyelid.

Arousing from her slumber, Salina smiled at her husband and stretched. The smile was that of the cat that ate the canary. This prompted Scott to ask the question he didn't want to but yet he needed to know! "Did you know.....did you do it?" Salina lying back, snuggling into her pillows still wearing the cheeky grin, her hands moving to gently fondle her breasts, to tease the nipples, "Do what" she quizzed cheekily.
"You know..... Um err make love with that guy".

"You mean did Darren fuck me?” “Actually, I can't remember. All I know is that what ever happened, it was wonderful, I've never felt so good. Besides didn't you watch?" she teased.

"Ah, no" replied a crest fallen Scott.
"Come here lover, I need that wonderful thing protruding from up between your legs, my warm juicy love haven is aching for him!"
Scott did not need to be asked a second time.
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