Hey guys, this is my first go and this is something that i have been thinking about for a while. Enjoy, sorry for the mistakes.
Intro: A son has a thing for little people porn and it just so happens that his mother is a little person. This is a set up for something amazing, sorry if its too long

Chapter 1:

Birds began to squawk, waking Jericho up. He needed his sleep, wanted it more than anything, being a 15 year old horny teenager, sleep and masturbation where the only things on his mind.
"Fuck off birds" he growled, rolling over and pulling the covers over his head. A creak from his door caught his attention.
"come on sleepy head, time to get up, i need your help today" his mother sang softly, knowing how her son was in the morning. She poked him in, where she thought his back was playfully. Jericho moaned, but didn't move, just to tease his mother. His mother poked harder and yanked the sheet off without question.
"Fine mum" he sighed, he rolled over and looked at her in the eye. It was easy as she was a midget, or little person and for a 35 year old woman she looked amazing.
"Thank you, i need you're help, as your father is at work and your sister isn't here today" she smiled at him, turned around went to open the curtains. Jericho watched, as she reached on her tip-toes and pulled the cord, he noticed her silk gown go up over her silk panties, exposing her firm arse. There was a movement in his boxer shorts and he felt a little embarrassed. He tried to think of stuff that would make his erection go down, but his mother went to the other curtain and did the same thing, causing him to stare.
"Put your eyes back in your head you perv" His mother joked, turning around and seeing him stare at her. She may have joked, but she loved the attention. Her son was very handsome and better looking than her husband, which she was a little jealous.
"Sorry mum" Jericho blushed and got out of bed, causing his penis to pop out of his boxers, his mother gawked at it felt a tingle in her pants, Jericho quickly put it away "now put your eyes back in your head perv" he teased back, fixing himself and grabbing his pj pants off his bedroom floor.
"Well...i'll see you downstairs. Sometimes it sucks being tiny" His mother pouted, walking out of his room, she purposefully bent over to grab 'something' off the floor, making sure her son got a good look. She smiled, he did.

"Ok mum what do you need?" Jericho asked as he came down the stairs and went into the kitchen, his mother had a step stool and was rummaging through the fridge, he noticed she was wearing a dress and it was flowing freely.
"Excellent, i need the cream and ice and the banana pudding from last night. As well as chocolate and caramel sauce" she told him with a smile, she turned to get off the step-stool and tripped.
"Fuck me" She cried, she closed her eyes and prepared to hit the floor, but she felt hands on her, she opened her eyes and saw that Jericho had caught her.
"you ok?" Jericho held her still, looking into her eyes.
"yes, thank you" She kissed him lightly on the lips and stared back into his eye. They stayed like that for a few seconds, Jericho felt a movement in his pants and he knew he had to get up.
"Well...ok let me get that stuff you need." He cleared his throat, put his mother down and stood up and got the stuff out of the fridge. His mother watched as he got everything. Jericho grabbed the cream last and turned to put it on the bench, but he tripped over his mothers step stool and fell, dropping all of the cream onto his mother.
"....whoops, i am so sorry mum" Jericho groaned, sitting up, trying not to laugh as the cream was dripping down her face and all over her.
"No need. it is kind of funny. Plus gives me a chance to do this" his mother jumped on him and rubbed the cream all over his. Jericho didn't fight back, his mothers breasts were in his face and he was enjoying it. For a little person she had amazing curves and had 32 C cups.
"Ok, no more mucking around, lets get changed." His mother stood up and pulled her dress off, dropping it to the floor and going to help her son with his.
"what are you doing?" Jericho asked, looking at her breasts and feeling movement in his pants again.
"pulling your shirt off, come here" Jericho leaned forward and he pulled his shirt over his head, showing off his lean stomach, and his abs, which his mother loved.
"I'll go put them in the wash" Jericho grabbed his mothers dress and his shirt and went down the hall to the laundry, trying to hide his erection.

Jericho put the clothes in the washing machine and put it on the set wash, his erection was pulsing in his pants and he desperately needed to wank or something.
"I'm going to get a new shirt mum" He called out to her, going upstairs "ok, i'll get something on as well" Jericho went to his room and closed the door, he went onto his computer and typed into google 'Little people porn' he knew it was wrong to have thoughts about his mother, but it wasn't wrong to look for something to wank to that was close to his mothers condition.
"this one will do" Jericho whispered, clicking on the first link and grabbing a hold of his penis. The video was of two little people in a 69 position, Jericho watched for a few seconds, wanking every time the small female's pussy came on screen.
"Honey i need to talk to....." his mother opened the door and saw her son, holding his penis and watching porn.

Chapter 2:

"Mum...I...." Jericho tried to pause it, but accidentally clicked on the wrong button, causing it to appear huge on the screen, just as the woman in the video was sucking the huge dick of the male in the video.
Jericho watched as his mother calmly walked towards him, clicked on the pause button and looked her son in the eye. She put a hand on his chest and kissed him softly but firmly on his lips.
"I'm not mad, Believe me, i am also horny today as well and i would like to know if you want to go further" she cooed to him, putting one of her hands down to his penis and jerking him off lightly.
" be mad?" he asked, enjoying his mothers touch and putting his hand on hers and helping her, causing her to smile.
"He doesn't pay attention to me any more, i like a man who likes what he sees and wants to actually touch me.....which you can by the way" she purred and watched as her son moved his free hand to her silk panties and rubbed her moist pussy through the material.
"you sure you want to fuck a virgin?" He blushed as he said it, causing his mother to giggle and kiss him again.
"Really? That is cute, i have no problem with that, I will teach you all that i know, before your dad and sister come back.;...which looks like we have around about 10 or so hours. Come with me" she pulled him up, with effort and they went to her room and she pushed him on her bed.
"Relax and enjoy what you're about to experience" his mother told him, she pulled his pants off and his boxers off and her eyes opened wide as his 8 inch cock sprang out of his pants.
"Oh my, that is a big cock, much bigger than your fathers, by four of my hands" Jericho watched as she put her hands on his cock and measured upwards. It was nice that he was bigger than his father, but everything went out of his mind as soon as he felt her lips on his manhood. She slid her tongue up and down his vein-throbbing cock, enjoying hearing her son breathe in out and heavily.
"Do you like that big boy? Enjoy mummy sucking this big dick?" she cooed sexily, jerking her hand every so often, then going back to suck it deep and long.
"Fuck yeah i do" Jericho moaned, he looked at his mothers head bobbing up and down, he moved her auburn hair out of the way as she continued to suck, he touched her shoulder gently, causing his mother to stop.
"Where are my manners, im sure you would like some pussy" She giggled, she got up, pulled her panties and bra off and sat on her sons stomach, turned around and continued to suck, having her shaved pussy in his face.
"Your pussy looks amazing mum." Jericho told her, sliding two fingers over her wet lips, feeling the heat it was portraying. Jericho slid them in and fingered her for a while, he had watched enough porn to know what to do and by the way she was moaning as she was deepthroating his cock, he knew he got her spot.
"Oh baby, your fingers are amazing, keep going and im about to cum. Tell me when you're about to cum, so i dont drown" she joked wiggling her pussy for him, making Jericho finger faster.
Jericho felt the pressure build up in his balls and he knew he wasn't going to last a few more seconds.
"I'm about to cum mum" He moaned, she stopped sucking and braced herself, he shot three times and she swallowed it all.
"My, My you taste amazing. Thank you for telling me before hand" She licked her lips and swallowed a few more times, enjoying the fact that her sons cock was still rock hard and he had his fingers inside her.
"Are you ready to not be a virgin anymore?" She asked him, kissing her way up his chest and then passionately on his lips, shoving her tongue in his mouth lightly.
Before he could answer, there was a loud knock at the door "BETH!!! You home??"

To be continued......

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Says at the end,to be continued

Please don't.

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