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This is my first go. Something different and something that i want to try.
Please leave comments, i would like to know what everyone thinks.

Intro: This is a story of a mother and her son, and the mother is a little person.

Chapter 1:

The sun began to rise and Jericho felt the warmth on his face, he sighed, all he wanted was sleep. Being 15 years old and horny all the time, he basically cared about sleep and masturbation. Jericho was still a virgin, but not for lack of trying, apparently all the girls liked him just as a friend, which was odd, he was tall, good looking, had an incoming 6 pack and he didn't have acne, but that wasn't enough.
"I'll see you later Beth, i love you" Jericho heard his dad call from the bottom of the stairs and close the door quickly before his mother could reply. He knew their relationship had been rocky for the last couple of years, apparently his father wanted a change from short women to tall women.
Jericho's mother was a midget, or a tiny person, little person...he didn't know the correct term, but he loved her none the less. She came up to his belly button, for a 6ft teenager. His father was 8ft and his sister was taller than him by half a metre.
"love you too...(sigh)" Beth said quietly, she opened Jericho's bedroom door and waddled her way to his side of the bed and poked him gently in the back.
"Wake up sleepy head. I need your help today" Beth cooed, he rolled over and she smiled at him. He smiled back as he enjoyed the view, his mother was wearing a silk nighty and for a short person, it was short on her.
"You look nice" Jericho told her, and he meant it. For a 35 year old woman, she was amazing, she had a curvy body and her breasts were a 32 C cup. She had long auburn hair and her eyes were a piercing green. Jericho had inappropriate thoughts about her every now and again, which he felt bad for, but when he need to wank, he just did his thing. Being that his mother was married....and his mother, he knew nothing could come out of it.
"You're just saying that. Come on, get up please, your father and sister are away the whole day and i need to make food for tomorrow's gathering" His mother informed him, turning quickly, letting the bottom of her nighty rise to see her firm ass cheeks. Beth went to open his curtains, she reached on her tip-toes to pull the string and Jericho saw her firm ass, her silk panties were up and he felt a rise in his boxers.

"Right now get out of bed mister" Beth said sternly, she came over and yanked the blanket off him, with some effort and she saw the tent in his boxers and she felt herself getting wet.
Jericho manoeuvred off his bed, which caused his erect penis to pop out of his boxers, Beth looked down and her jaw nearly hit the floor, she knew her son was a good looking boy, but she didn't realize he had a huge cock, even bigger than her husbands.
"Crap, sorry mum I..." Jericho started, trying to put his cock away.
"Don't be sorry, that is amazing. And i have to say you're bigger than your father. Tell me, has that beautiful cock seen any action yet? apart from your hand?" She giggled stopping him from putting it away.
"Nah, i'm still a virgin" Jericho blushed, feeling awkward that his mother was staring.
"Would you like me to fix that?" She looked at him in the eye and waited for his reply, Jericho couldn't believe what he heard.
"Really? Isn't that wrong and wouldn't dad be angry?" Jericho stammered, he wanted to fuck his mother, but he didn't know if she was serious. And if she was serious, he didn't know how it would work out if they were caught.
"Your father doesn't have to know, plus he doesn't look at me like you have been. Don't deny it either, i've seen you staring when you think i haven't been looking. You perv" Beth punched him playfully and kissed him softly on his lips.
"Well who's the perv now?" Jericho joked, looking down at his cock and grinning from ear to ear as his mother wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly began jerking him softly.
"You love it" she purred and knelt down and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began to lather his cock with her saliva. Beth was in heaven, her sons cock fit perfectly in her mouth and tasted amazing, and the way he was moaning, she knew he was loving it as much as she was.
"Mum....oh god that's amazing...fuck yeah" Jericho moaned, he put his hands on the back of her head and helped guide her down to his cock, he felt pressure building up, and Beth could feel it too.
"Tell me when you're about to cum, I don't want to drown" She teased, and then went back to sucking. Jericho couldn't believe what was happening, he dreamed of moments like this and now it was happening.
"...i'm about to cum mum" Jericho moaned, Beth braced herself and sucked harder and felt 3 hot, long spurts in her mouth, she swallowed with ease and came up for air and licked her lips.
"You are yummy. Thank you for allowing me to suck that amazing cock" Beth beamed, fixing her hair and leaning in and kissing her son deeply.
"My pleasure is there anything i can do for you?" Jericho asked, putting his hands on her hips and began playing with the bottom of her nighty.
"Now that you mention it...."Beth began, but was interrupted by a loud knock at the front door.


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2016-06-14 23:31:23
why did you steal a story posted the day before? delete all your crappy stolen stories you thief

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2015-11-21 07:11:28
dads 8 feet tall and if sis is a half a meter taller then him that would make her 7 1/2 feet, then be some tall ass peoeple


2015-03-02 03:47:05
4 paragraphs? you call that a story?

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2014-01-01 08:53:28
Good start. Whats with the midgit and giant , are you leading to a curcus connection. Just stick to the fun and sexy stuff . .
Oh ! Please Please Don't Get Into Stuff Like Watersports !


2013-12-28 12:31:41
hmmm cheers for that. I'm not a huge fan of a hairy pussy, but maybe the sister may have one. I'm glad you're enjoying it to start off with

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