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This is a true account of a scene I did for my 40th birthday. It is primarily a tickling fetish story.
He came to the door dressed in only a black jockstrap and some high
top tennis shoes. "You didn't tell me what to wear or anything."
There is nothing quite like being greeted by a 6 foot tall, 235 pound
weight lifter. His head was shaved and his skin was very pale. You
could tell that sun tanning was not on his schedule.

"That is all right. I want you naked anyway." He was lightly furry
across his chest and belly. His nipples were large round and pink
against his white skin. Even though he looked like a big bruiser, his
smile was warm and disarming.

"I am glad you decided to go through with this for your birthday," he
said. We had been negotiating this scene by e-mail and telephone for
over a month. I wasn't certain until the last minute that I wanted to
do it. Usually, I prefer to play with men who are into my kinks.

"You have been a fantasy of mine for a while from your ads in the
paper, but I never thought you would do this. Then I saw a review of
you posted on a web site by one of your clients saying that you did
tickling scenes and were very sensitive."

"So, you decided to take a chance," he smiled. I was becoming more at

"I have never paid for a professional before, so you will need to tell
me how this is going to work. Do I need to worry a lot about time?"

"No," he said, "I mean, if you went over by a half hour we would need
to re-negotiate."

"Oh, that is plenty of flexibility." We chatted as he showed me where
the lube and towels were. I took a good look at the room. It was
heavily padded with carpet and he had built an elaborate framework
around it with galvanized piping. There were mirrors on some walls
and a full sized mattress in one corner. I laid the money on top of a
shelf where he could see it.

"Did you want to cuddle first?" he asked.

"No, I think I want to get right into it," I replied.

He brought out a sling from the closet. It was a triangular sling,
with the narrower part being the head support. He suspended it on
chains that hung from the piping in the center of the room. I began
undressing, down to my white socks while he tested the sling to make
sure it was comfortable.

"This has to go," I said, snapping his jock strap. He smiled and
slipped out of his shoes and jock. In the mean time I began arranging
my toys. I began attaching soft, wide leather cuffs to each wrist and
ankle. "Have you been tied and tickled before?" I asked.

"I have a client who likes to tickle, but this will be the most
serious bondage I have ever done like this."

When I was through attaching the wrist and ankle restraints, I hugged
him close for a minute. He wrapped his powerful arms around my much
smaller frame. Taller than me by an inch, he outweighed me by at
least 70 pounds. Even so, he was a bit nervous. He was about to give
up a great deal of control. I lightly stroked his sides and licked
his nipples, which caused him to moan a bit more loudly than I
expected. I thought for a moment that he was acting a little to
please me. No matter, since I knew I would be getting a lot more
sounds out of him in a moment.

As he lay back in the sling, I brought out my ropes with quick release
hardware on the ends. I snapped one on each limb and quickly tied him
down. Because of the narrower head area of the sling, his hands were
tied high up over his head, nearly together, and secured to large the
links supporting the sling. His ankles were secured wide apart, but
he was relatively comfortable on his back.

"What makes you like this sort of thing?" He asked.

I really wanted to go into detail describing what I liked about
tickling a man, the sense of power and control, and joy, but we only
had an hour and I wasn't going to waste too much time talking. "I
don't know, it makes my cock hard. It always has, since I was a kid.
So, I guess if your cock is telling you that you like it, then
eventually, you are going to learn to like it." That was my short
answer. He was going to find out exactly how much I enjoyed tickling
in just a moment.

I then reached into my toy bag and retrieved a one inch wide, black
leather thong about two feet long. I proceeded to tie up his cock and
balls into a makeshift ball stretcher. I wanted him hard as much as
possible. I also wanted easy access to this ass and balls. His balls
were lightly hairy and easy to tie. His cock began swelling almost
immediately when I started tying it off.

I stepped back a minute to admire him, then spread my fingers wide
apart and stroked his sides gently. I wasn't trying to tickle him
yet, just tease his nerves a little. Then, I swallowed his cock and
sucked him for a minute or two until he was hard. I began tickling
his balls and ass a little looking for sensitive areas.

When I was satisfied that he was hard enough, I leaned forward over
him, smiling an evil smile. Then, I began a light tickling of his
pits and sides. Again I was looking for sensitive spots, but the fun
was about to start. As my fingertips grazed over his muscles, I
noticed a slight giggle escape as I touched his lower ribs. I began
making lazy tickling circles over the same spot and watched as he
started to crack. It was that perfect sound. I love to break a man
down slowly because it is more excruciating. He gets the feeling he
is winning at first and gradually realizes that he is loosing all
control. Soon, his giggles grew to a steady chuckle and then a full
laugh. I kept it up at the same spot for a while, then my fingers
wandered back to his pits and then down to his abdomen. I made sure I
got a good response at every spot before I moved on.

Then, I went for his week spot. While tickling his side with my left
hand, I reached back and began tickling his foot with my right hand.
His voice raised an octave as I scratched my nails under the balls of
his feet. "No! Not my feet! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh
baby, not my feet!" I decided it was time to focus on those feet.
For the next five minutes or so, I went from one foot to the other,
sometimes both, scribbling between his toes, raking my nails, licking,
nibbling. He laughed and thrashed around, suspended in air, unable to
fight the sensations. I began moving my hands up his legs, to his
inner thighs and back to his sensitive ribs. Then, I let my hands
dance back to his feet for some more torture. I worked him into a
frenzy for about five minutes, then I shifted gears again and began
stroking his cock.

His cock was cut and fat at the base, a great shape for sucking. I
concentrated on getting him very, very hard, while tickling his balls.
I wanted a better look at his ass and balls, but it wasn't time yet.
Once he was on edge, I shifted gears back to his feet and tickled
some more until he was out of breath.

"Would you like some water?" I asked.

"Yeah, that would be good." He said. I grabbed a tall cup of water
off the counter and held his head while he drank. I gave him two good
drinks before I put the cup down. I took out my black leather
blindfold and covered his eyes. I could see that this made him
nervous and I wanted to play with that tension for a while.

I brought out two long feathers. One was a very soft pheasant feather
with a pointed tip. The other was a white goose feather with a
sharper edge. Each was over a foot and a half long. I paused and
silently moved back in front of him, standing back between his legs.
Then, I began stroking his torso with the full length of both
feathers. I ran them up and down his body, letting them dance in
random patterns across his pits, sides, inner thighs, nipples, and
arms. I could tell he was enjoying the treatment. He groaned and
writhed, letting his body reach up to meet the stroking feathers. I
ran them around the side of his balls and seesawed them across his
cock head. I spent some time stroking his hard cock with them. Soon,
he was in a blissful state of erotically charged tension, waiting for
the next delicious stroke across his skin.

Time to mix it up again. I put down the feathers and began stroking
his sides with my finger tips. I gradually increased the speed and
pressure until he began to squirm. Then, I gently coaxed him into
giggles and kept increasing the intensity until he was laughing out
loud. I moved up and down his sides, then pushed him over the top by
once again tickling his feet. "Oh, baby! Ha, ha, Oh baby! Give me a

"Let's get rid of the blindfold." I said. As I uncovered his eyes, I
smiled at him maniacally.

He looked around. "Wow, those were feathers. I thought they were
brushes because I saw some brushes earlier," he said. That gave me my
cue for another change of pace. I scooted him down in the sling until
his ass was spread wide.

"Let's play a little game," I said. I held up four artist's brushes
with different widths of heads. "Let's see which of these you like best."

I knelt down between his legs, took a wide sable brush and began
stroking up and down his spread ass crack and around his hole.

"Oh, wow, that is nice!" he said. I continued stroking, then switched
brushes for a pointed sable brush.

"Is that a different brush? Wow that is even better!" Although I
liked watching him get off on the attention, disappointingly, his ass
hole didn't appear to be very ticklish. Still, I didn't want to shift
gears yet, teasing him was a good thing too. I applied a fan brush
and a courser brush, but ended up going back to the first two, which
were clearly his favorites. It was having a good effect. He
continued to relax his ass to allow me to touch him in his most
sensitive spots. I let the brushes dance along his hole and around
his perianal area, occasionally tickling his balls and his cock.

Then I stood up and began stroking his toes with the brushes. In a
second he was laughing out loud. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, oh baby, no not
my feet again!" Time to get a little serious. I grabbed the feathers
and dragged them between his toes, scratched the balls of his feet
with the blunt ends of the feathers and brushes. Finally, I started
nibbling on his meaty soles. "No! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…." I made him
thrash around hysterically.

All of this thrashing was taking a toll. The leather thong on his cock
and balls had become loose. Time to pause to make some adjustments. I
untied it, then re-wrapped his balls and cock so that they stood out
from his body. I leaned forward against him, nose to nose and kissed
him lightly on the lips. He kissed back, lightly. I planted feather
kisses around his face and then began lightly tickling his forearms.
It is always wonderful to see the look of surprise that strikes when
you find a new ticklish zone. I let my fingers tickle lightly around
his arms and pits, sliding around to his now sensitized back.

"I've never been tickled on my back before," he giggled. "I never
thought I could be ticklish there."

"My question for you is not where you are ticklish, but how you avoid
being tickled in your line of work?" I teased as my fingers danced
along his lower ribs. As I stroked his sides, I looked down and saw
his cock swelling up in front of me.

"Well," I smiled, " I guess you do like this, at least a little."

I began stroking his cock in my hand while tickling his balls. "I
think it is time to fuck you, if that is okay," I asked.

"Yeah, that would feel good."

I pumped some lubricant into my hand and began stroking his cock while
opening up and lubricating his hole. His muscular ass was warm and
welcomed my fingers inside; letting me wet him with slimy lubricant.
I stroked his cock as I finger fucked him, then rolled a condom on and
slid inside.

What a hot muscle butt! I varied the speed and depth of my strokes,
gradually building up the pace. All the while I stoked his cock and
tickled his balls, edging him closer.

"You better stop stroking that cock or I'll cum!" he said.

"Okay," was my only response, as I withdrew my hand. I kept fucking
him and tickling his balls, increasing to an ass-pounding pace.

"Wow, my body feels so confused. I am being tickled and fucked at the
same time." I held onto one leg as I rode him, continuing to tease
his balls with my free hand.

"You'd better stop, or I'll shoot."

"Okay." I said. I backed off and pulled off the condom, letting a
huge drop of my pre-cum drip to the floor.

"Hey, my arms are getting kind of tired from being up like this."

"All right, let's tie them behind you." I quickly un-clipped his
wrists from the ropes, then re-clipped them behind his back, relaxed,
below the sling. "Is that comfortable?"

"Yes, that is fine," he said.

"Well, that covers your pits quite a bit, but it also opens up new

I reached for the soft, pointy pheasant feather and ran it along his
now fully exposed neck. He groaned and turned his head to meet the
feather's strokes. I danced around his neck and ears for a minute and
then decided to do something I knew would be irresistible.

Standing as far back as I could, I touched his upper lip and nose with
just the sharp tip of the feather. In just a few seconds, he
dissolved into a fit of giggles. No matter how he turned his head,
the tip of the feather hovered over his lip and nose, just touching
the hypersensitive nerves and sending intensely ticklish sensations to
his whole face. This was like striking gold! This huge man was
smiling and giggling like a little boy. He looked completely
surprised by this new, intense sensation, and his happy, playful laugh
made my cock throb. He was out of control.

I kept this up for a few minutes, because it was such a turn on to see
him giggling this way, but I shifted gears again before it became
unbearable. I went back to stroking his cock and tickling his balls
to keep him aroused. I tickled his ass some more with brushes, then
decided it was time to up the level of intensity.

I kneaded his muscular thighs, sending him into fits of hearty
laughter. I poked and prodded his groin, then let my fingers dance
across his lower back muscles.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha…. I can't believe… My legs are ticklish! Ha, ha, ha,
ha, ha…."

"It is a good thing my friend Alfonso isn't here. My style is a lot
more sensual than his. He has a touch that would drive you crazy," I
said as I leaned over and dug into his ribs. I massaged each rib
deeply, as if to demonstrate a different approach.

Ha, ha, ha, ha! I don't think I could take Alfonso," he cried out
between fits of laughter.

I went back to his vulnerable right foot. "Oh BABY, NO! Not my feet
again!" he screamed as I locked his ankle under my arm and scratched
the tender sole. Then I began nibbling his foot and raking my teeth
across his instep and flicking my tongue between his toes as he
thrashed and laughed like a man possessed.

After a few minutes of extreme tickle torture, I backed off to let him
catch his breath.

"I think it is time to rap it up," he said, once he calmed himself

I looked back and there, over my right shoulder, was a clock I hadn't
noticed before.

"Okay, time to get you off then."

I lubed up his cock and stroked it. Then I slid two fingers up his
muscle butt and began massaging his prostate as I continued to milk
his cock. In a minute he was wriggling around on my hand as I brought
him to the edge of orgasm.

"I'm gonna shoot!" he said as he sprayed his hard stomach with ropes
of milky spooge.

"My turn now," I said as I wiped my hands with a towel. I began
stroking myself with my left hand as I let my right hand spider walk
across the sole of his hypersensitive foot. He rewarded me with a
continuous stream of giggles as I continued to beat my cock. I
relished the delicious sounds of his laughter as I took myself over
the edge and added my own cum to the pool on his belly.

I wiped up the mess and released him.

"Give me a hug," he said. Ever the professional, he looked a bit
tired, but happy. We talked for a few minutes about bondage and
leather play as I got dressed and gathered my things. This was a
birthday treat that lived up to my expectations. I pushed him pretty
far, for a man who doesn't have a fetish for tickle torture. I hoped
that he enjoyed it too, because then I might be able to do this again
some day. Who knows, he might even want to find out what his own
limits are.
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