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Sora, Mimi and Kari are tortured to their very limit
Sora, Mimi and Kari marched through the dark cave with the hopeless faces of criminals being sent to the guillotine. Their lack of clothes that only moments ago made them feel natural and warm now bought feelings of shame and helplessness. Sora looked around at her surroundings that sent a chill down her spine. The cave that they resided in had become a house of horrors. All around them were blazing fires with iron pokers sticking out of them. The sound of electricity hummed around them along with an unidentifiable sound that made their hairs stand on end. It was almost a mix of perverted moaning and animalistic growling. However the thing that frightened Sora the most was a pit dug in the corner. It was far too big to be a grave even for all three of them. It was too simple to be a type of torture device and that is what made it terrifying. The mystery dug in her mind like an insect. Sora’s body trembled well her mind flashed to the most horrible things imaginable.

The three reached the end of their journey. They stood in front of three sets of chains hanging next to each other. They moved forward like obedient slaves towards the chains. They didn’t fight their fate whatsoever. They understood it was pointless to resist and it would only make things worse. However none of them could imagine things getting any worse then this. As if by some sort of spell the chains began wrapping around their wrists and feet. The chains lifted into the air spreading them wide apart. They hung there like a trio of nude marionettes. Kari lowered her head. She had never been so humiliated in her life.

The booming sounds of drums began beating in the darkness. The girls suddenly knew that they were not alone. Thousands of red eyes appeared glaring at them. Kari attempted to close her legs in vain. They were exposed and there was nothing they could do about it. A series or torches appeared in the distance illuminating the darkness around them. As terrifying as the mystery of the darkness was it was nothing compared to what lay inside. Every enemy that the group had ever vanquished over the years stood there reborn in front of them. A pair of Devidramon licked their lips and snapped at them like wild animals. Apocalymon descended upon them with an evil smirk on his face. He looked at the girls and smiled. He turned to his subjects.

“My loyal minions after all these years in the shadows the time for our rise is at hand. Fear has been our enemy, fear from a group of children. Now we have them in our clutches to do with what we want. They are the key to a whole new world that will soon belong to us.” Apocalymon shouted.

“A new world?” Mimi thought to herself.

Apocalymon rose up to the three captured beauties. He smiled and felt Kari’s face with his large clawed hand. He moved his finger lower leading down to her vagina. He pushed his claw in her vagina causing blood to gush.

“Get your hands off of her you bastard!” Sora yelled.

Apocalymon withdrew his finger and smiled. He put his bloody finger in deep into Sora’s mouth causing her to gag slightly.

“You know there was a reason I choose you three to be my first victims and it has nothing to do with your gender. Out of all of your friends you three were the ones who fell the most. You all almost completely reversed yourselves and released me. As such I have chosen you three to be the first ones for me to break.” Apocalymon explained.

The word break repeated in Kari’s mind. There was something about the way Apocalymon said it that stuck in her memory. Her eyes widened in shock.

“It was you who has been speaking in my mind. You were the one who made me do those horrible things to TK!” Kari yelled.

Apocalymon chuckled.

“Well you’re half right on that one. You see I cannot install an emotion into your mind. That would make my job far too easy. I can only amplify what already exists in your heart. Deep down you wanted to humiliate him I just gave you a push.”

Kari sighed she knew that what he said was true. She could not deny that she had darkness in her. Part of her almost welcomed what was to come. Apocalymon saw her despair and grinned widely.

“Alright no more wasting time let us begin the show!” Apocalymon yelled with his words echoing through the cave.

All of the evil Digimon cheered loudly. Apocalymon reached out and felt each of the girl’s vaginas causing them to wince. He frowned and crossed his arms.

“You are all not wet enough for what is to come. Oh well we can do something about that.”

Apocalymon snapped his fingers and the chains holding them up began to move. Fear rolled through the girls. The growing tension cut them like a knife. Finally the chains stopped over a large pool of boiling water. The heat was so intense they were already beginning to sweat. Apocalymon lowered his hands and the girls began to lower towards the pool. The girls screamed in protest struggling with their chains in vain. The three were dunked into the water and every part of their body screamed with pain. The heat was unbearable burning their skin instantly. They screamed in pain causing the boiling water to travel down their throat burning their insides. Apocalymon watched the bubbles caused by their struggling and smiled. He waved his hand and the chains raised bringing the girls out. The digidestined struggled to draw breath savouring every trace of oxygen. Apocalymon walked over and began feeling their soaking wet vaginas.

“So it seems your bodies are now ready for the real pain to begin. However as I said before I am slightly grateful for your corruption releasing me. I am offering a chance for one of you to be spared. However a price must be paid.”

The three girls looked at each other in disbelief. What was his condition and could any of them betray the other? Apocalymon reached down to his loincloth and ripped it off revealing a massive erect penis. The three winced it was much longer and thicker then anything any of them had ever seen.

“The first one of you to suck my cock will be spared torture and will join me as I burn this world to the ground. Well girls what do you say?”

The three girls slowly laughed. Kari looked Apocalymon in the eyes.

“Jerk yourself off you fucking loser.” Kari said firmly.

“I see you need more convincing.” Apocalymon said with a sad façade.

Apocalymon lowered his hand and the girls were lowered back into the water. He only lowered them half way in this time so that he could stare at their defenceless bodies as their suffered. Their slender legs waved back and forth like a fish on the deck of a ship. He watched Sora as she desperately tried to use her strength to force her upper body up. Apocalymon tightened her chains causing a scream that could be heard even above the water. Apocalymon once again rose the girls out of the water.

“Well have you given it some thought?”

Sora spit out boiling water on to Apocalymon’s cock however his leathery tough skin wasn’t even hurt. He lowered them again for more torture. Apocalymon walked into the water putting his cock right near their faces. The girls wanted nothing more then to punch it as hard as their could but their hands were tied. Apocalymon went over to Kari and gave her wet behind a hard spank. Her squeezed her ass tightly drawing blood with his claws.

“This is your last chance to do something. Either one of you joins me or you all die.” Apocalymon shouted.

The girls began to feel weak. Beyond the burning sensation the lack of oxygen was becoming too much to bear. They could feel themselves slipping away to the soft embrace of death. Mimi floated there in the water feeling conflicted. She thought of herself and the life of lust she knew to be her reality. She knew that her sins outweighed her virtues. As bad as life was, hell was something that was unacceptable. She had to do whatever she could to stay alive. She stared at Apocalymon’s black cock floating in front of her face. What did she care if she blew him? She had done far worse things in her life already. Mimi put her mouth around Apocalymon’s penis and began sucking it like a new born puppy tugging desperately at her mothers nipples. Sora and Kari watched their friend suck him off and screamed in protest. Apocalymon lifted them out of the water. He moved Mimi to the edge of the water.

“Prove you have what it takes to survive.” He said well rubbing her face.

Mimi resumed sucking his dick wildly. His cock was bigger then even she was used to so she could not take it all. However what she lacked in deepness she made up for with energy. She bobbed her head faster and faster using all the tricks she knew. Her tongue twirled around the tip of the cock causing Apocalymon to grin widely. Her friends watched in horror as the princess of the group was reduced to sex slave in front of their eyes. They tried to turn away but a pair of Devidramon forced their heads forward.

“Very good girl now take it all!” Apocalymon shouted.

Apocalymon forced Mimi’s head on his cock with full force. The whole cock went into Mimi’s mouth. It only took a second but to Mimi it felt like minutes. She could feel her mouth spreading right open causing blood to trickle down her chin. The cock forced it’s way deeper and deeper in bruising her throat. The cock went down her throat cutting off her air hole. Mimi gagged wildly feeling as though she could pass out at any minute. Apocalymon squeezed her skull and shot a large load down her throat. The semen was thicker then a milkshake and extremely bountiful. It was like a small waterfall pouring down her throat. She looked at Apocalymon staring down at her and she knew what she was supposed to do. She relaxed and swallowed every last drop. Apocalymon pulled his dick out as quickly as he could causing even more pain to Mimi. Mimi coughed and panted she had never experienced anything more painful or humiliating in her life. Apocalymon laughed loudly echoing through the cave.

“Ok everyone let’s get this party started.” He yelled.

Apocalymon waved his hand causing Sora and Mimi’s bodies to fly into a rock knocking the wind out of them. The chains locked into the ground leaving the girls bent over the rock with their rears hanging in the air. Sora and Kari could only imagine what horrible things were going to happen to them next. Apocalymon walked over to them and felt their buttocks.

“You know part of me would love to be the ones to devour you. However there are a couple of others who want it even more.” Apocalymon said softly.

Apocalymon walked away leaving the girls stuck in confusion. Who could hate them more then Apocalymon? Heavy footsteps sounded behind them. The girls slowly turned their heads as best as they could. Terror slowly filled their faces. Their jaws dropped as they saw their assaulters. A small clunky robot with claps for hands stood behind Sora. He was Datamon an evil Digimon that had kidnapped her long ago. The fury on his face was more then apparent. They were interrupted by Tai last time and now she knew that he wanted to make good on what he had planned. Behind Kari was something far worse. A tall male vampire stood with an evil glint in his eyes. He was Myotismon one of their most feared adversaries they had ever encountered. He waged a war to find and kill Kari however the plan horribly backfired and Kari was instrumental to his destruction. He licked his lips well looking down at Kari. His rage was boiling out of him. Datamon moved in front of Sora and faced her.

“Long time no see little red. You have really evolved into a beautiful creature. It looks like your fortunes have not changed since last time though. I’m going to enjoy this, before you were a child and now you’re a woman. It will be much more fun to break you now.” Datamon boasted.

Datamon stuck out his metallic tongue and licked Sora’s face. Sora flinched for his tongue was rough and cold. It felt as though she was licked by a socket wrench. Datamon crushed Sora’s throat with one of his hand clamps and looked deep into her eyes. Sora felt a cold wave of fear rush through her. It was as though he was looking deep into her soul.

“What should I do first? Dissect you and see how long your intestines are? Perhaps I could implant you with cybernetics and see how they react to your biological form. I could infect you with a virus and see how long it takes to rot you from the inside out. I know since you are already wet why don’t we go with something simpler?” Datamon said with an evil grin.

Datamon withdrew his clamps and aimed his arm sockets at Sora. Several wires shot out and wrapped around Sora’s body. She could feel their cold copper cores cutting into her skin. In an instant she knew what was going to happen however she could do nothing to stop it. Jolts of electricity shot through the wires and into Sora’s body. The electricity reacted with the water causing more pain to Sora then she had ever known. The pain traveled through every part of her body inside and out. Sora’s screams filled the cavern drilling into the ears of everyone who heard it. Sora’s mind flashed to her husband.

“Matt please help me!” Sora screamed.

Datamon ceased his electrocution and examined her carefully.

“Matt huh? What ever happened to Tai? He was the one who risked everything to save you last time. Did you betray his trust and choose another. That is down right cold and this is coming from a machine. You deserve this more then you know.”

Datamon resumed his electrocution. Though the pain was virtually unbearable it didn’t bother Sora as much not as much as Datamon’s words. Tai had always been there for her even before the digital world. He was her best friend and he cared for her more then anyone. He always cared for her and the truth be told she always knew of his feelings but she ignored him. Up until the moment she began dating Matt Tai must have believed that she had feelings for him as well. She played with his emotions and then threw his heart on the floor. Sora felt new feelings of hate boil up inside of her. However these feelings were for herself. She indeed deserved what she was getting.

Myotismon walked up behind Kari and grabbed her buttocks tightly drawing blood.

“My single greatest regret in my life was you. I was so close to achieving victory. I literally had you in my grasp and then you were ripped from me. I should have sliced your throat then and there but now we have all the time in the world.” Myotismon told Kari in his traditional gentlemen like tone.

Myotismon withdrew his claws and stepped back. His looked at Kari’s soaking wet defenceless body. He pondered on how best to extract his revenge. He wanted to do every worst thing that he could to her. He wanted to devour her body and soul. A sly grin appeared on his face for he knew what to do. Myotismon crossed his arms and drew in the dark energies of the underworld. He straightened his arms and screamed “Grizzly Wing!” Kari closed her eyes in fear. After her battle with Myotismon she had seen this technique and she knew what was coming. A flock of bats flew out of a portal caused by the darkness. The bats wasted no time in swarming her. The bats chewed on her skin and slashed at her most sensitive and private areas. A bat began chewing on her neck and sucking her blood. Kari had never felt more violated and humiliated. A vision of her gagged and bound lover filled her mind. This is exactly what she did to TK. All the pain she felt now was Karma for what she had done in the past. Myotismon created a pair of red whips with his energy and began whipping Kari’s bare ass hard. Each stinging whip of energy caused an almost animal like yelp from Kari. This truly was hell.

Mimi watched her two friends suffer and cry right before her eyes. It was like watching a horror movie that you couldn’t turn off. Every yelp of pain from them caused a stabbing pain in her heart. Well they were being tortured she was sitting safely watching with Apocalymon at her side. She had let her fear and selfishness take control over her. Mimi turned away with tears in her eyes. Apocalymon gently stroked her hair.

“Something wrong my dear?” Apocalymon asked.

“I just never imagined it would hurt this much.” Mimi replied tearfully.

“Hurt you are not the one being tortured. However if you really want to join them that could be arranged.”

Mimi paused for a moment. Part of her wanted to join them if nothing else then to clear her own guilt. She looked at Sora screaming in pain and begging for her husband to save her. Mimi closed her eyes and a stream of tears fell from them into the cold floor.

“No thank you master.”

“Well then you have to earn it. Lie down now!”

Mimi did as she was told. She had been in this position numerous times and it seemed as though her years of suffering finally were doing her come good. She looked into Apocalymon’s eyes and saw the same lustful look as the man who stole her virginity from her. She knew exactly what he wanted and if she wanted to escape the pain she would use it to please him. Mimi looked up at Apocalymon with the innocent face of a little girl.

“What shall I do now master?” Mimi asked in an almost song like nature.

Apocalymon was driven mad by Mimi’s innocence and submission. He grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as they would go. He lowered his head and began licking her vagina like a thirsty animal. His tongue was dry and thin like a snakes. It made Mimi uncomfortable but it was far more preferable then the alternative. Mimi thrust her hips into his face and put on the best fake moans that she could. Apocalymon grabbed her ass and dug his claws deep into her. Mimi winced in pain.

“Ow master please be more gentle that hurts me.” Mimi said innocently.

“Oh I know.” Apocalymon said slyly.

Mimi became afraid very afraid. Apocalymon dug his claws in even deeper.

“You said that I would be spared. You promised me.” Mimi pleaded.

“I promised you that you would be spared from the torture that they are enduring. However if you think that you are going to be getting out this unharmed you have another thing coming. I didn’t sit in the despair of nothingness for 13 years just to forgive and forget. You will suffer and you will regret what you have done.” Apocalymon said coldly.

Apocalymon grabbed Mimi by the throat and squeezed. He placed his penis at the tip of Mimi’s vagina causing her to wince.

“I know that you don’t usually feel anything when it comes to sex but I promise you that you feel this. You will feel pain and humiliation the likes of which you have never known.” Apocalymon said slowly.

Apocalymon grabbed Mimi’s arms and pinned them down. Mimi could feel his warm breath traveling down her neck and it caused a shiver to travel down her spine. She feared what was about to happen more then anything however she was completely powerless to stop it. Apocalymon wasted no time and stuck his cock in hard and deep. Mimi had done many things to cause her pain over the years. She broke her leg when she was three and her wrist when she was 10. She had been attacked by monsters and done things that no woman should do. However nothing compared to the pain she was feeling. It was like her vagina was going to explode from the inside. Apocalymon wasted no time in ravaging her body. He began pumping his cock into her at almost blinding speed never relenting for a second. Mimi could feel her vagina tearing open wider and wider causing blood to flow. Apocalymon grabbed her shoulders tightly and held her down steady. He moved his cock in slowly forcing it deeper and harder. Inch by inch the cock forced it’s way inside. Mimi began screaming like a dying animal. She was close to passing out and wanted nothing more then to die. Finally the cock went all the way inside and Apocalymon smiled. Apocalymon smacked Mimi’s thighs hard and sent a wave of pain through her. The world around her disappeared, as she knew nothing but pain. Mimi finally passed out.

While Mimi was unconscious Sora and Kari were forced to endure tortures never seen before. From the piercing pain of red hot pokers to the humiliation of being forced to swallow literal galleons of cum. Their flesh was torn by several beasts and their souls lay dead at their feet. The two hung from chains with their bodies hanging limp as legions of evil Digimon ravaged their bodies. They had become nothing more then pieces of meat being cleaved and devoured. Whatever their lives had been before was now a different reality. It was a fleeting dream that they had been ripped from their eyes. Apocalymon watched them scream as he continued to pump the still unconscious Mimi with his cock. Their physical pain was satisfactory however something was missing. There was something in them that had yet to be broken. Apocalymon nodded the time had come. Apocalymon dug his claw into Mimi.

“Time to wake up darling.”

Apocalymon shot a sharp jolt of electricity coursed through her veins bringing her back from unconsciousness. Mimi looked up at his grinning face and she began to cry. She had prayed that everything was a nightmare and that she would wake up in her soft bed. However this was reality and there was no escaping that. Apocalymon grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off the ground. He grinned at her and licked her face. Mimi was so disgusted that she felt that she might pass out again. Apocalymon dragged her across the cave causing gashes all across her legs. He waved his hand and the other two girls floated along. Sora didn’t need to lift her head to figure out where they were going. She sighed things were only about to get worse. They had reached their destination and Apocalymon threw them into the ground. They were in the pit.

“Well ladies I commend you three for lasting this long. I thought you would all have begged for death hours ago. I have to say despite living almost every fantasy I have conceived over the past 13 years I consider myself disappointed. I don’t know why but this somehow feels hollow as though I succeeded on the first try. I believe that the hunt was better then the catch. It is that reason that I am offering one of you a chance at freedom.”

The three girls looked up in shock. This couldn’t be true. One of them would have a chance a freedom? But what would be the cost? Would they have to sleep with him? Kari and Sora glared over at Mimi. They may have been unwilling before but they would now do anything to escape the torment that they had just endured. Apocalymon could feel their anger and desperation. It filled him with joy and malice.

“As I said this gift will only be offered to one of you. Your freedom will be secured in the simplest manner possible, physical combat. All you have to do is knock each other out. The last woman standing goes free. Begin!”

The girls froze in their tracks. They couldn’t possibly fight each other. They were friends no more then that they were sisters. They had been through unspeakable horrors together and came out strong every time. They could never harm each other no matter what. However one person didn’t feel the same way. Mimi came charging over to Kari tackling her to the ground. Kari didn’t even have time to react before Mimi delivered a hard shot straight to her face. Mimi wrapped her hands around Kari’s neck and began squeezing the life out of her. Kari could see the anger in Mimi’s eyes.

“Just go to sleep bitch I am not staying here any longer!” Mimi said softly.

Kari could feel the world disappearing around her. She could feel herself fading. Her senses became more aware. She could feel the bruises and blisters all over her body. She had endured so much she would not stand for it anymore. Kari mustered all of her strength and punched Mimi hard in the stomach. Mimi had the wind knocked out of her and she fell to the ground. Kari got up and gave Mimi a hard kick to the face.

“It hurts doesn’t it? Well get used to it princess because well you were living it up we were being tortured and humiliated.” Kari said coldly.

Mimi rose to her knees and spit out blood.

“Now you know how I’ve felt all of these years you fucking cunt.” Mimi responded.

Mimi rose up and began punching Kari rapidly. Mimi grabbed Kari’s hair and ripped it out violently. Sora could not stand to watch her closest friend be beaten. She charged over and put Mimi in a tight full nelson. Kari glared at Mimi and began beating her in the face with all of her fury. Her blows became more violent and devastating. Kari gave Mimi a hard hammer fist knocking her out cold. Mimi’s body fell gently to the ground. Kari and Sora glared at each other. They both knew that only one of them would walk out of that pit.

“Let’s at least fight with honor.” Sora said with an outstretched hand of friendship.

“No.” Kari replied.

Kari grabbed Sora’s wrist and flipped it over. She palmed Sora’s elbow hard causing an ear splitting shriek.

“Yeah Tai taught me a few moves over the years. Did you honestly think I was going to let you win?” Kari said coldly tightening her grip.

Sora grunted in pain with tears streaming from her face.

“Remember your promise to me.” Sora said softly.

Kari was shocked at her words. Soft tears rolled down her cheek. Kari’s grip loosened and Sora capitalized on it. She twisted out of the grip and uppercut Kari in the jaw. Kari fell down and Sora jumped on top of her. The two rolled around wrestling each other with all of their strength and will. Apocalymon smiled and chuckled to himself. Mere hours ago they were making love and now they were trying to kill each other. The two were close all they needed was a final push.

The two fighters rose to their feet. Sora punched Kari back farther and farther. She had used the strength she gained from constantly using her wrists and arms for her work. Kari had spent her time in a classroom and Tai’s instruction was very limited. Kari’s back was finally pushed against the wall. Sora slammed Kari’s head off of the wall knocking her to her hands and feet. Sora knew that it was her chance to make a move. Sora jumped on Kari’s back and leaped out of the pit. She made a sprint for the cave entrance. Apocalymon’s eyes widened in fear and shock. He never knew that she had it in her. He sent his minions to cut her off. To Sora none of this mattered. She cared not for the monsters attempting to flank her. She cared not for the demon at her back or for those two traitors in the pit. She hated them all. In an instant everything changed. Something was wrong a horrible wave of sickness rolled through her. Her body felt hot and cold at the same time. She fell to her knees and began throwing up. She looked at her skin and a horrible blackness began coursing through her veins turning her skin darker. Apocalymon smiled widely. It had begun. Sora began to cry and scream in pain.

“Someone please help me!” Sora screamed.

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