The dream finally Ends
As it has been a while since I wrote the last episode concerning my Naked Doppelganger I have decided to include the opening few pages of the first episode to refresh the reader’s memory. If you wish to miss this opening reprise please go straight to Part Three which follows.


I have never shown much interest in science fiction and all that futuristic stuff. Life on other planets all alien to me! Couldn’t resist that - sorry! But honestly, time travel, alien invaders, other dimensions etc etc have always seemed impossibility that is really not worth thinking about. That is until three weeks ago!

I work as a doctor’s receptionist in a small surgery in my home village of Darkwood. I have lived here for the whole of my thirty nine years to date and even bought houses in Darkwood for both of my marriages. Almost everyone knows me, particularly since I took on the receptionist role at Doctor Blackwood’s surgery in Conduit Street. I have worked there for five years now and find the work extremely satisfying and enjoyable.

There are five of us working there. Doctor Andrew Blackwood our boss our good looking boss, same age as me and a fellow pupil when we were at grammar school. Helena Blackwood his equally attractive wife who works in the office doing all the paper work, and fills in for me as receptionist when I am not there. Gillian Menzies the practice manager. Rhona Dickinson practice nurse. Diana Smart telephonist, filing clerk and general office worker, and finally Tom Smart the gardener and general factotum.

It was a Wednesday three weeks ago. I kissed my husband Richard goodbye about ten minutes to nine in the morning. He would normally be at work himself but he had taken the day off to catch up with creosoting the garden shed and fencing. The surgery was only a ten minute walk away as I left the house. Elaine our next door neighbour was brushing her front step and greeted me as I passed.

“Off to work Tania?” she asked chirpily “Nice day for it!”.
“Sure is Elaine” I replied, nodding towards the lovely morning sun.

“Morning Mrs Daniels!”. Greeted Mr Thompson at the corner shop as I passed.
“Morning Mr Thompson” I replied happily.

I nodded and greeted several more fellow villagers before arriving at the pedestrian crossing outside the ironmongers opposite the surgery.

“Good Morning Tania!” Came the dulcet tones of George Toon, from inside the shop.
“Hiya Tan!” Yelled Jim Winthrop, his twenty year old assistant.

Both men were in Richard’s snooker team at the local conservative club, and I had spent many an hour drinking and chatting with them as the dreary process of a snooker match dragged through the hours.

I crossed the road and walked round the side of the surgery to the main door.
I stopped dead on my tracks as I was confronted with not ONE main door - but an identical door to the side of it! The only difference seeming to be that the door knob was on the left of the door on the one to my right, and on the right of the door on the other.

I tried the door that looked the most familiar with the left hand knob. It wouldn’t open. I tugged at the knob but it was in vain. I then pulled on the knob on the other door and that didn’t come open either. I then decided to turn it and push - it surprisingly then opened inwards, not outwards as normal. I shook my head, puzzled by this apparently strange happening, and went in. I pressed in the door code of the surgery reception and walked in.

“You are late Tania!” snapped the practice manager Gillian “Get your clothes off before Doctor Blackmore sees you; you know what a stickler he is for you being naked before the first patient arrives?”
“Take my clothes off?” I murmured almost incoherently “…being naked?”.

To say that I was confused and bewildered would be an under statement as I sat down on my receptionist’s chair and stared vacantly at Gillian. Nurse Rhona looked at me.

“Are you with us Tania?” she enquired with genuine care. I shook my head to clear it.
“Will you please get yourself undressed Tania?” Gillian snapped again “You are being paid as a naked employee, so get your kit off and do what you are paid for!”.
“Naked employee…?” I murmured quietly, and looked around to see if I was in the right place. Rhona was sitting by the photocopier writing in the event book. She looked different in some way but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I noticed - she was writing with her right hand, when I knew she was a left hander.

I looked across at Gillian. She too looked different. I surveyed her for half a minute before realising that she too was writing with her left hand instead of her normal right.
I then looked through into the main waiting area and stared in disbelief. There on the wall where the photographs of the surgery employees were displayed was a photograph of me, twice the size of the other photos, and I was completely naked!
Above the photograph were the words:-


I couldn’t believe my eyes. I blinked and looked again. Sure enough! There was I in all my naked glory. Totally full length and full frontal nude! I got up and went to the reception counter to get a closer look. Yes it was me alright! For there under my right breast was the small mole that I have often wondered whether to have removed. Just a minute. Surely the mole is under my left breast? I stared vacantly at it.

“Tania!” yelled Gillian in complete exasperation “Get your bloody clothes off!”.
“OK!” I replied in a daze “sorry”.

Without further thought I just obeyed, and almost robot like began to undress. I unzipped my dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. It was a warm day and so I only had bra and pants on underneath. I unhooked by bra and allowed my full mature breasts to spill from cover. I absentmindedly dropped the bra into the waste paper basket. I sat on my chair. I lifted my left breast to view my mole. It wasn’t there. In trepidation I lifted my right breast. Sure enough - there it was!

“Knickers!” yelled Gillian in a higher decibel range “Get ‘em off!”.
I smiled weakly at her and stood up. I eased my pants down and stepped out of them.

“That’s better!” Gillian remarked in a calmer voice “now get into Doctor and let him check you over!”. I walked zombie like from the office but stopped abruptly on seeing the information sheet - headed ‘Official Naked Employees rules’.

I read, with growing interest, the rules and information regarding my apparent role.
An EU ruling the previous year had made it legal for businesses that dealt direct with the public to engage ONE employee who would work totally naked - being classed as an official ‘Naked Employee’ with legal rights to be naked 24/7 both in work and in the public domain. It was not a legal requirement for businesses such as shops, doctors and dentist surgeries, filling stations etc etc to comply with the requirement, but those that did were allowed to claim 50% of their taxable profits back from the exchequer. Apparently Doctor Blackmore had made the surgery compliant in order to get this not insignificant rebate.

How I had been appointed as the surgery’s naked employee was a mystery. On further thoughts I naturally assumed it was because I was the best looking female there. However, by checking with telephonist Diana afterwards, I discovered it was because no-one else had wanted the job, and that my exhibitionist nature had been recognised. Also, apparently, I had pleaded for the role which doubled by wages!

With the full facts now explained by the notice I walked more confidently into Doctor Blackmore’s surgery. He looked up from his desk, glanced at his watch, and gave a grunt. He beckoned me to stand in front of him. He placed his hands on my hips and turned me round to survey both my front and back.

“Not bad Tania!” he quipped “Not bad at all - I think we definitely chose the right girl! However…!”. He stopped and picked up a comb from his desk. “You really must consider having these pubic hairs removed! They are almost hiding your vagina from view!”.

He proceeded to comb my pubes away from my cunt so as to bring my labia into full view. He then licked his fingers and ran them around the full extremity of my cunt lips. He then stepped back to survey the improvement.

“That’s better!” he smiled “now the hunter can see the rabbit! Try and keep your labia wet like that Tania. Looks much better glistening in the light. Very well, get back to work”. I turned to go “Oh, by the way” he whispered “put a spot of rouge on your nipples love; it will make your breasts look even lovelier!”.

Now read on


The lovely memories of my parallel universe became a distant memory as the weeks rolled by. I was beginning to think that it had all been a wonderful dream, and I couldn’t believe that I was missing the public nudity and free sex so much. Work at the surgery was becoming as tedious as always and sex with just my husband was not fulfilling me in the way that it should.

Following the scare in the surgery toilet I began to make some necessary rules and adjustments to my life. It appeared that there was no rhyme or reason to the timing of my switches between universes. It could happen at any time without warning, the moment I walked through any door.

I therefore had to make allowances and decided that if I should ever be transported into my parallel universe again I would have a failsafe dress in my handbag when naked. In this way I would be able to cover my naked embarrassment by quickly donning the dress as swiftly as possible.

Not that being naked in public worried me at all. I loved other people - particularly men - seeing and enjoying my naked body. I began to understand how one person can be a totally different individual in another dimension. How many Tania Daniels were there in how many different universes? It appeared that both the clothed and the naked Tania were in the same geographical place at any one time, with the only difference being clothes or the lack of them - and what nudity causes!

The clothed Tania had been stuck in the surgery toilet for over an hour, while the naked Tania was busy being fisted and fucked by Dr Livermore. They were both, however, in the surgery, with only the lack of clothes bringing about a different outcome. I walked home clothed that evening while the other Tania walked home naked. We both arrived home at the same time and did the same things when there.

This brought me to thinking about the times I went with Richard to the theatre. The other Tania must go naked and stand talking to friends in the bar naked. On the rare occasions when I attended a football match with my husband the other Tania must be naked among those thousands of fervent men. Wherever she went I doubted that the other Tania would make a point of dressing when she could legally attend naked.

Richard and I loved to dance. The thought of dancing completely naked thrilled me beyond belief. My breasts bouncing freely as I moved. Dancing in a smooch with a man’s arms around my naked body. I had been brought up by strict parents to never refuse any man a dance without a very good reason. His lack of good looks was not a reason. Being drunk and incapable was, of course, a legitimate reason. Being naked would not change that situation - and I would therefore have to accept any invitation to dance whether clothed or naked.

What about holidays and aeroplane flights? Did the legal 24/7 nudity for a naked employee allow this nudity on a plane or abroad? It was an EU ruling and so obviously anywhere in the European Union countries would be ok - but what about the rest of the World? I had so many questions and queries but finally satisfied myself that having a ‘spare’ dress in my handbag was the lifeline that I needed.

I also wondered whether to confide in Richard about the whole situation. How would he react to me being naked in public in the other universe? How would he take the fact that so many other men fucked me in that same universe? I had only ‘switched’ dimensions twice and already two men had fucked me to orgasm. How many more men would I spread my legs for in that parallel universe?

No! Richard must not know! Well not for the time being anyway. Yet the other Richard accepted me being fucked by other men without any qualms! Surely, as the other Tania, I wouldn’t have allowed Jack, the chemist’s security man to fuck me if there had been any doubt as to my husband’s wishes. Jack not only fucked me, he fucked me on a bench in the high street with a crowd watching and applauding!

Hmmm! This was not going to be easy explaining all this to MY Richard. What if he didn’t believe the parallel universe theory, but believed the part about me allowing myself to be fucked by several other men. Oh my goodness! My mind was in a constant turmoil.

Several months had passed since the ‘fisting’ Universal switch and I was beginning to think that the dimensional shift forces had probably deserted me. I was relieved to think that I would not be having any more problems regarding my husband, but also a little disappointed that I would not be walking naked in public again.

I checked the mole under my breast daily, eager to see it move to the other boob, but to no avail. Dr Blackmore left the surgery two weeks before Christmas and was replaced by a younger doctor. Dr Nigel Marshall was thirty years old, blonde and single, wore dark rimmed glasses and was extremely amusing when he decided to escape the sanctuary of his consulting room to chat and laugh with us in the office.

It was mid January. I was sitting at my desk in the surgery office fifteen minutes prior to opening the surgery to the afternoon patients. Gillian Menzies, the practice manager, was the only other person present as all the others had left after the morning surgery. Dr Marshall came in and sat on the edge of my desk. It was a friendly gesture I had become used to as he greeted me each day with a smile and an inquisition as to how my previous evening had gone.

“I had a frozen meal from Iceland in the microwave and then fell asleep watching television” he explained after hearing my boring tale of the evening’s happenings.
“I think you probably made the wisest decision to sleep Nigel” Gillian giggled “it was a load of rubbish on telly anyway.” Nigel smiled at her and then turned back to me.

“Are you not taking your clothes off today then Tania?”

I stopped abruptly from writing in the surgery journal! I glanced outside into the waiting room and I felt my cheeks blushing as I saw my nude photograph on the wall. I looked down to see the pen I was using in my left hand. My heart gave a jump of excitement as I realised I was back in the parallel universe once more.

“I’m sorry Dr Marshall!” I quickly gasped my apologies “almost forgot I was supposed to be naked!”
“No problem Tania” he replied with a smile “Just so long as you are naked for the patients and ….” He hesitated slightly, seeming a little embarrassed, before finishing his sentence “… and for our start of surgery fuck!”

I doubt that I have ever heard anyone so anything so wonderful to me! Obviously Dr Marshall had switched the evening sex I was contracted to enjoy with Dr Blackmore to an earlier time. He watched closely as I quickly undressed to my underwear, and reached over to unfasten the rear hook of my bra for me. My bare breasts spilled out in front of his eyes and he ran his fingers over my left breast, teasing the nipple.

Then, without asking, he calmly gripped the waistband of my knickers and pulled them down to the floor. I stepped out of them completely naked. He then reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and brought out a necklace. He placed it around my neck and fastened it.

“What’s this?” I asked, staring at the upside down NE letters hanging from it.
“All Naked Employees now have to wear this official necklace to avoid the sort of confrontation they have been getting in public. Now everyone can see that you are a Naked Employee and legally entitled to be naked in public.”
“Makes sense” I quipped

“I doubt if I will ever really get tired of seeing your gorgeous body Tania!” he whispered almost lovingly. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gillian sniggering, I gave a nervous smile as he knelt in front of me and nonchalantly leaned forward to kiss my pubic bush. “…and this beautiful forest over your vagina is something I never expected to see before coming here. All the other naked employees I have come across were all depilated.” He ran his fingers through my pubes before moving to the extremities of my wet labia.

“Will you two please get on with it, I want to get home!” snapped Gillian.
“Sorry Gill” he chuckled, and grasped my hand “Ready for our first fuck of the day young lady?” he asked chirpily.

I nodded without hesitation. ‘First fuck of the day’ he had said. Could that mean that there were more to come? I felt my cunt tingling in anticipation as he took my hand and led me into his consulting room.

“Can you get on the couch Mrs Daniels please?” he commanded “I fancy a missionary so I can kiss your face off!” he laughed with a hint of nervousness. I climbed on to the couch as commanded and watched as he undressed completely to be as naked as I was. His cock was only semi erect as he walked to the couch and calmly eased my legs apart. He slipped a finger inside my cunt and ran it around the inside of my labia.

“You are always so wonderfully wet and ready Tania.” He quipped as he began to pull upwards towards my G-spot. “The naked employees at my previous surgeries always seemed to make me feel insecure, as if I was violating them instead of just getting them to honour their duties. “You are always ready for me, and seem happy for me to enter your body.”

I smiled without replying. My doppelganger seemed to have everything arranged nicely. I too was happy for him to enter my body. His fingers pulled hard upwards and I felt the sensations beginning to increase in my cunt and spread slowly through my tummy and upwards into my breasts. Nigel’s cock was thickening and getting longer with each erotic thrust of his fingers into my cunt. Oh how I had missed all this! He climbed on top of me and settled comfortably between my legs.

I grasped his dick firmly and began to masturbate his now rock hard manhood as he withdrew his fingers from my pussy. Our lips met in a gorgeous wet open mouthed kiss. Our tongues entwined as we erotically swapped saliva. Lips pressed tightly together as we kissed with surprising love and tenderness for working colleagues. I continued to stroke his impressive erection, and then led the helmet to the entrance of my throbbing wet cunt. Then, slowly, oh so wonderfully slowly, he pushed his erotic stiffness inside me. I gave a tiny gasp of acceptance and submission and thrust my groin towards him to ease the slide of his cock into the deep recesses of my tingling body.

I gasped loudly as he hit home inside me.
“I love fucking you Tania!” he exclaimed as he retreated his cock until the helmet was just inside my cunt lips, and then rammed it back inside me with a combination of love and lust. In and out he thrust his incredible dick. Slowly bringing me to the peak of my erotic sensations, and awaiting the explosion that these sexual exertions were about to give me.

“I love fucking you Tania!” he yelled again as his own sensations built towards his inevitable climax. It was the first time I had met this athletic doctor, but I had already discovered that he was an incredible fuck! My Tania doppelganger must be a right little hot arse to have arranged to shag this gorgeous male twice a day, when the previous contract with Doctor Blackmore had stated just once a day. I was swiftly becoming a little hot arse myself by not refusing sex to any of the men to which my doppelganger spread her bare legs, and I was increasingly enjoying spreading my own legs in order to keep up with her.

Any reluctance on my part to continue her arrangements would obviously have repercussions on her life when I returned to my own universe, and I had no wish to damage her relationships with any of them men who regularly fucked her.

So there I was, stark naked on the examination couch with this handsome young doctor shagging the arse off me, and awaiting both my own and his orgasm to rip through our tingling bodies. He gasped out loud, the sure proof of his impending climax. I braced myself for what I hoped would be the gush of juices to end all gushes. I was approaching my own sexual peak as his thrusts into my grateful cunt brought me closer and closer to my own climax.

With a loud scream he erupted and spurted his manly fluids deep within me. This triggered my own orgasm and I exploded inside with a sexual force I never knew existed. Wow! Could this man fuck! I clung tightly to his naked body as the sensations swept through me. His hot spunk filling my eager cunt and satisfying my erotic desires a hundred fold. Spurt after spurt of hot semen pumped into me. Was he ever going to stop cumming? And this was the FIRST fuck of the day with him? Wow! How on earth was he going to top this?

“I love fucking you Tania!” He informed me for the third time.
“I sort of guessed that Nigel” I replied breathlessly, “any chance of my wages being increased to cover the insurance on my vagina?”

He eventually stopped filling me. Was he empty I wondered? I had a quick feel of his balls. The two spherical testicles seemed much smaller than earlier. Yes. Whether empty or not he had stopped his hose like cock from spurting. Our lips met in a mutually enjoyable kiss. Our tongues entwined for the last time in the present fuck.
A knock came on the door.

“Have you two finished as I want to get home?

It was an impatient Gillian. She had obviously heard our gasps and moans of climax and realised that our fuck was almost over. Doctor Marshall slid off me and I eased myself carefully off the couch and planted my feet on the floor. I clasped a hand tightly to my cunt in an attempt to prevent spillage and opened the door with my other hand. Sally stood outside in her coat and carrying her handbag ready for the off.

“Can you wait until I empty myself Gillian? This guy cums a damn sight more than Doctor Blackmore ever did!”
“Am I glad I didn’t apply for the Naked Employee position!” she laughed “I’m afraid I couldn’t have taken all the shagging that you have to go through Tania!”

I disappeared into the toilet with her laughs ringing in my ears. I sat down and felt the gush of juices flooding from me, and the splashing as the doctor’s spunk hit the water. Gillian certainly had a point. How on earth did my doppelganger manage to cope with all the sex that was on offer in the naked employee contract, and the additional sex that being naked in public attracted? I only managed because it was an odd day every few weeks or months - but every day? I felt a touch of admiration for her fortitude.

Do you think she was taking my place in MY universe? If so I bet she was glad of the rest from sex. Talk about ‘iron rations’. I very much doubt that Richard was fucking her in my absence. He might have done if he realised that it was another Tania and not HIS. I giggled as the last drops of Nigel’s juices dribbled from my cunt and dripped from my labia. In a way I hoped he realised that it was not me and that he was getting a fraction of the enjoyment that was being given to me.

I checked in the mirror before leaving the toilet to ensure that the mole was in the ‘other universe‘ position, as I did not want to walk out naked into my own universe’s surgery. That could have caused serious repercussions. No. All was in order for my departure from the toilet.

“It takes you longer each time to empty yourself Tania!” Gillian laughed as she headed for the door. “See you tomorrow!”
I made my way into the office to await the first patients. The phone rang.

“Hi love!” It was Richard, my husband “How do fancy going to the theatre tonight?”
“What’s on?”
“South Pacific by the Orpheans Operatic Society.”

Richard knew I enjoyed musicals, in fact I had played Nellie Forbush myself a couple of years ago for my own operatic society. I smiled as I recollected the shower scene. If I was playing Nellie in this production I could have played the shower scene naked, instead of in shorts and shirt like Mitzi Gaynor in the film. Ah well! C’est la vie!

“Yes that would be lovely!” I replied “But I have nothing to wear!”
“Good!” he laughed “That’s the way I like it!”

I down the phone and giggled. This universe’s Richard certainly loved me being naked in public and, for the few occasions that I was here, so did I. I knew I was going to enjoy walking into the auditorium stark naked, and feeling the eyes of everyone on my totally exposed nudity. I wondered if they had a Naked Employee of their own at the theatre. I frowned. I didn’t like competition. Hmmm!

True to my expectation Doctor Marshall fucked me again after surgery, although it was more of a wham bam thank you ma’am standing up knee trembler, rather than the in depth fuck of earlier. Neither of us had an orgasm - but I wasn’t surprised. Nigel had probably emptied himself for the day the first time. I never really expected a second coming of the flood the same day! Still, it was a pleasant fuck, and put me in a good mood for the evening’s theatre.

Richard was pleased with the new NE necklace I was wearing as it would alleviate him from having to explain my nudity in public. He suggested cream six inch killer heels to enhance my legs and a little sparing touch of rouge for my nipples. He trimmed the longest pubic hairs to ensure none strayed over my cunt, and I was ready to hit the town.

Richard was clearly trying to make an impression by booking a taxi, which duly arrived on time to allow us to reach the theatre fifteen minutes before the overture. The taxi driver cheekily suggested that the ‘naked lady’ could sit by him in the front, adding that there was a cushion on the passenger seat, pointing out that the leather in the back might be cold to my bare bottom.

“Then pass the bloody cushion to us in the back then!” snapped Richard. It might have been more interesting sitting in the front with the driver He drove the taxi with only his right hand; goodness knows what he might have been planning with his left one if I had been within touching distance. We arrived at the theatre and the old doorman, clad immaculately in dinner suit and black tie, opened the door for us to alight. He looked slightly concerned at seeing me so sparsely clad.

“Naked Employee mate!” I informed him, lifting my NE necklace to his face “legally entitled to be naked in public!”
“Yes I know madam” he replied “We have one in the front of house team.”

There were two girls selling programmes in the foyer, one had two people buying and the other was surrounded by about ten men. Not really a brain teaser to guess which one was the Naked Employee.” Richard, to my consternation, made for the naked girl to purchase our programme. He spotted my knowing look on his return to me.

“Just wanted to see if she was as lovely as you my darling” he lied.
“Well is she?”
“Not in the slightest my love and she has shaved her pubes to a five o’clock shadow with her name cut into them. It looks great. Why don’t you do that?”
“This I must see!”

I approached the crowd around the girl. Only her small but perfectly shaped breasts, each side of her NE necklace, were visible to me through the surrounding men, but I forced my way through to observe the shaven pubes on which Richard had commented.

She was indeed trimmed as he had described, with the name EVE neatly cut into the short hair rectangle above her vagina.
“Hi” she greeted me on seeing my own necklace.
“Just admiring your pubes - love the inscription.”
“It’s my name” she replied “Well sort of ….my name is Evelyn but Charles couldn’t fit that in, so he just made it Eve.”
“Yes he is our front of house manager. He is a retired men’s barber. It was his idea to cut my bush shorter and sculpt out my name. Looks good doesn’t it?”

It did indeed look good, but I was in no mood to have my pubes cut short in that way, nor have my name emblazoned on them. I feared what the Richard in my own dimension would say - how the devil would I explain the fact that a man had trimmed my pubes and sculpted my name.

“It looks great Tania” Richard told me “why don’t we ask this Charles to do yours?”
“He’s over there by the reception desk” Evelyn informed us, and waved him over. “This Naked Employee lady and her husband were wondering if you could trim her bush the same as mine and put her name on it Charles?”
“I could” he replied after kneeling and perusing my bush and genitalia “but it would have to be after the show is over, as I am very busy until then.”
“That’ll do!” quipped Richard “We’ll come into the foyer then and wait for you.”

I walked up the stairs and into the auditorium with my mind in a whirl. There was no way I could return to my own dimension with my pubes designed in that way, my own Richard would go mad on discovering another man had done it. Several whistles echoed around the auditorium as I was spotted walking down the central gangway and I smiled in acknowledgement. A few women looked away in disgust as I passed, but their dismay was more than made up by the many men openly ogling my nudity.

We found our row and discovered our seats were in the centre. The first eight couples had to stand in order that we could squeeze past and sit down. I smiled to myself as two of them men allowed their hands to stray over my thighs and bottom as I crushed by, and openly giggled as I heard their wives snap angrily at them. We sat as the lights were dimmed and the orchestra conductor entered to spontaneous applause. I hummed along with the overture, mouthing the words I remembered from my appearance in the musical.

I was a little disappointed with the girl playing Nellie, with her opening number ‘cockeyed optimist’, but satisfied myself that it was probably beginner’s nerves. The show was fast paced and well produced. I found myself singing along and smiling in the shower scene, imagining myself naked in the shower singing ‘I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair’. But then the worry regarding my forthcoming pubic hair removal reared its ugly head, and I didn’t even listen to the final number of the first half by Emile. This was turning into something that was not going to be ‘Some enchanted evening’.

Richard and I made our way to the bar for the interval. We were too late to get a seat and I stood and waited as he stood in line to be served at the bar. We would normally have ordered our interval drinks before the show, but by chatting to Evelyn and then being introduced to Charles it completely went out of our heads.

Several people, including several women, came up to me and complimented me both on my body and on my courage in attending the show naked. I assured them that it was on my husband’s insistence that I had not worn anything, and had been somewhat nervous about it. This modest admission sort of warmed them to me and it was a common theme of their remarks that I looked great and should not hide the beauty of my naked body in case some people took offence. I loved being admired in this way and realised that if I had been dressed no-one would have come over and spoke to me - so nudity was a great way of attracting friends.

Richard returned to me with the drinks just seconds before we were instructed to take our seats. WE decided to get plastic beakers in which to take our drinks into the show, and we made our way back into the auditorium and to our seats. This time none of the men attempted to touch me. Damn. I cursed the dominance of wives over their weak husbands. The second half opened with Bloody Mary singing ‘Happy Talk’ and I was immediately transported mentally into the mood of the show.

This was short lived however, as the show sped on to the finale, as I knew the moment of truth regarding my pubes was nigh, and I almost ran to the toilet after the final bow feeling physically sick with worry. I poured myself a small beaker of water and drank to calm my nerves and my nausea.

“This is it!” I snapped as I looked at myself in the mirror, and then looked down at my bush. My soon to be removed bush. It was then that a woman entered and almost screamed in shock at my nudity. I stared at her in surprise as she pointed to my bare breasts and then to my exposed cunt. I looked again on the mirror at my breasts. The left one to be precise. Oh my God! There it was - my mole, nestling cheekily under my left boob.

“My apologies Madam!” I heard myself consoling the shocked female “But I was unwell and perspiring all over, just had to remove my dress!”

I rushed into the cubicle and closed the door. I was so happy and relieved at being back in my own universe, and not having to run the gauntlet of the pube shaving front of house manager, and possible divorce from Richard on my return home to my own universe. I took the standby dress from my handbag, looked at it and smiled. I then slipped it over my head and zipped up the back. Richard was waiting for me in the foyer.

“There you are!” he quipped as I walked towards him “I was beginning to think you were ill or something.”
“I’m fine my love” I replied “just needed a glass of water.”

We passed the front of house manager on the way out. I held my breath but he just bid us Goodnight, and an invitation to come again. Another day in my parallel universe had come to an end. Just the two fucks at the surgery to remember this time, together with the thrill of being naked with a theatre audience.

Thank goodness I decided to keep that standby dress in my handbag. I dread to think how I would have got out of the theatre otherwise. WE drove home singing ‘There is nothing like a dame’ at the top of our voices.

This dame was glad to be back.

A month later Richard was promoted to General Manager for his company. The Head Office was over a hundred miles away and so we had to move house. I naturally had to give up my receptionist job at the surgery. I have not yet applied for another job as Richard feels that the General Manager’s wife should not have to work. This is something I have yet to dissuade him about. I assume that my Doppelganger has made a similar move and is not now a Naked Employee. A pity as I enjoyed the three naked excursions into the other universe.

I’ve started to put on weight since giving up working so maybe she wouldn’t be offered a new post of Naked Employee for a new company anyway. Never mind, it was good while it lasted.


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Oh, it 's such a lovely parallel universe and to have Miss Tania naked in it with her parted and exposed labia and rouged nipples is truly delightful. Thank you Tania Daniels for liberating all of our pussies from the confines of the evil, and I suspect, jealous, reviewer who might have trying to suppress the exquisite eroticism presented in these lovely tales.

Norton XReport

2014-06-27 22:24:00
There is no doubt in my mind - taniadaniels is one of our better authors. Thank you very much for your efforts.


2013-12-31 05:09:35
How do you down vote 4 times?


2013-12-30 16:45:52
Now I see which is the latest posted. I will look on other sites.

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