The walls come tumbling down. This is a direct continuation of Chapter 3. They have dropped Anna off and are driving back home.
Craig was having trouble concentrating on the road as his daughter finished fingering herself next to him in the front seat. Good thing he was in his own neighborhood because the car seemed to be finding its way home on auto-pilot.

“Let me smell your fingers, Carrie.”

His daughter brought the first two fingers of her left hand right up to his nose, the two that had just been in her cunt.

“Oh, you smell so good, Carrie. I love the smell of your pussy.”

“You like the way it SMELLS?”

“Uh-huh. The way a woman smells can really turn a guy on. I think it’s one of those things that nature built into us.”

Carrie sniffed her own fingers, putting them right in her nostrils. “I guess it smells ok. Like sex, I guess” she giggled.

“Yes, your juices and a man's semen are the smells of sex. I noticed your smell from you the first time we watched that movie. We were sitting right next to each other and I can’t get enough of it now. I'm gonna put my nose right up to your pussy when we get home Carrie . . . and I think I WILL lick it too.”

“You will?! Oh, that will be so cool. I’ve been wondering how that feels since I’ve seen it in the movies. I guess I could have tried it with Anna but we both just masturbated. I showed her how to do it with her fingers and then I rubbed my pussy on her leg like we saw in that one video with the two young girls. I thought it was hot so I wanted to give that a try.”

“And? . . . “

“It felt really good, dad. She grabbed my ass too. I really liked doing that with Anna. Next time I’ll get her naked so I can see her tits and play with them too.”

“You’re making me really hard, Carrie” he said as he shifted his cock in his pants. Carrie reached over and put her hand on his bulge. “Oh, yeah, that’s pretty hard dad.” She said as he pulled into their parking spot. “Let’s get inside and get that out of your pants. I’m gonna pull on it for you, dad. Let me pull on it until you come this time.”

*** *** ***

Craig still couldn’t believe how life had changed for him and Carrie. He was fumbling with his keys at the door because he was so anxious to get inside and get naked with his 12-year old. Now she was talking dirty to him too! Maybe she didn’t mean to be talking dirty, she was just very matter-of-fact, but the things she was saying were so explicit and naughty.

They went into the family room and Carrie had Craig sit down on the couch. She then began to undress for him, doing her own little strip-tease. “Did you like the picture I sent you at work today, dad?”

“I liked it very much Carrie.”

“You shouldn’t be looking at your daughter’s tits, daddy” she said as she peeled her sports bra off and moved in close to him. “Your baby girls TITS!” she egged him on as she pulled on both her nipples. “You like to suck my tits, don’t you daddy?”

“Yes Carrie. God help me, I do.”

“Suck on ‘em, daddy” she held her little breast up to his mouth, offering him her sweet red nipple. “Oh, fuck, that feels good dad. You make me wet when you suck my tits. I can feel it inside my cunt . . . the juices are starting to flow again. Fuck I’m a horny girl, dad . . . and you made me that way you dirty old man!”

“I’m not THAT old, Carrie. I’m sorry if you think this is dirty. We’ll stop it right now.”

“Absolutely not! You’re gonna suck on my tits . . . and I’m gonna pull on your cock until you come. Then you’re gonna lick my pussy! You can’t take it back now, dad, you said you would! You said you’d lick your girl’s pussy and I’m gonna hold you to it.”

‘Where the hell was this coming from?’ was going through Craig’s head. Carrie was worked up and talking up a dirty firestorm. It made Craig even more excited than one of their normal mutual-masturbation sessions . . . plus she had just seduced her friend! His baby girl was becoming a very sexual animal.

“I bet you wanna see Anna naked too, don’t you Daddy? She’s got a black bush over her pussy . . . I watched her finger herself but I didn’t even touch her pussy . . . I opened her legs wide and looked right inside of her. It made me fucking horny daddy and I bet it would make you horny too! Her tits are a lot bigger than mine too . . . I’m gonna have to show her how good it feels to have them sucked on . . . fuck, that feels goooooood” she continued as her dad sucked hard on her nipple. The left one popped out from his lips and he vacuumed the right one in to take its place. Carrie was lightly rubbing the front of her shorts while her dad sucked and she spewed out dirty talk.

“Get that cock out daddy” she called him daddy when talking dirty, even though she usually just called him ‘dad’ in normal conversation. “Get that boner out so I can grab it.”

Craig didn’t release his lip-lock from Carrie’s nipple as he unbuckled his belt, unzipped and pushed his jeans and boxer-briefs down past his knees. He instinctively grabbed himself as his erection swung free, pulling his balls up from the hot confinement between his thighs.

Carrie immediately dropped to her knees in front of him. She rested her elbows on his legs and reached out with both of her hands, grasping his shaft with her right and fondling the head with the fingers of her left. Her cool touch made Craig’s cock twitch as extra blood tried to pump in to his fully-pressurized pole. He couldn’t believe how stiff he felt. Victoria had never made him feel so hard, made his body tremble with excitement they way that his daughter was right now.

His baby girl’s fondling and stroking was a bit clumsy, and it was obvious that she was still in the early stages of her education about cocks; but that just made it more endearing, taboo and exciting. She’d watched him jerk off each night for the last week or so, and she’d grabbed hold of him a few times, now SHE was going to make him come with her own hand. She stroked up and down like she’d seen him do, and toyed lightly with his head because she liked the way the skin felt up there, it was different than the shaft; smooth like silk or velvet.

Craig had sometimes dribbled spit onto his dick when he jerked off, so Carrie moved her mouth over the tip and gathered some saliva to let it drool down onto it. As she stared down at his pee-hole from above, the urge to do what she’d seen in the movie took hold of her and she brought her mouth down onto him, wrapping her lips around the collar of his dick with the head in her mouth.

“Ooooh, fuck!” Craig breathed out. “Carrie, are you sure you want to do that?”

She pulled back off and looked him in the eyes. “Yes, daddy . . . I’m gonna suck your cock . . . I want to make you feel good.”

“But I think that’s a bit over the line, Carrie . . . I think that’s incest.”

“Who’s gonna know, dad?” she said bluntly, like that was all that mattered. “I’m gonna suck on you until you come because I love you . . . then you’re gonna lick my pussy ‘til I come, because you love me.”

She didn’t wait for any further protestations but bobbed back down onto his head, pulled back off and used her hand to spread her spit down his shaft. With the lubrication there she squeezed a bit harder, figuring she must be doing something right as her dad moaned in response. “Oh, fuck, Carrie . . . that feels so good . . . you are a naughty fucking girl.”

Carrie grinned at hearing her dad talking dirty back to her. “And you are a nasty, dirty man . . . your baby girl is sucking on your dick, daddy . . . oh, fuck are you a dirty man” she scolded before engulfing him again, seeing if she could get a little of the shaft inside her mouth. He tasted a bit like sweat at first, salty and sweaty from the day’s confinement inside his pants. Now that taste was gone but the smell from his balls caught her nostrils and she found that it got her excited the way her pussy smell had excited her dad. She tried to move like the girl in the movies but found that her mouth was pretty full from just the head and a bit of the shaft, there wasn’t further room to bounce down on him and she wasn’t going to try to take it deeper in. So she used her tongue to lick it, sucked hard on the head until he moaned again, dribbled more spit down on it and then pumped it some more with her right hand.

“Oh . . . fuck, Carrie . . . I’m gonna fucking come” Craig announced as he shifted his ass slightly toward her, opening his legs wide around his baby girl.

“Good, daddy . . . I wanna see you shoot . . . let’s see that cock shoot daddy” she said as she continued to stroke him, now with both hands alternating. She leaned forward again to suck on his head once more and she felt his cock start to pulse. The first shot of his jizz hit the roof of her mouth as she backed off of him and she stroked him hard for the next three pulses of goo, which landed by his belly-button and on her hands. Carrie didn’t know what to do with the cum in her mouth so she decided to give it a try and swallowed. It was kind of warm and slightly salty . . . the best she could think of to describe it was that it tasted a bit like his balls smelled.

Carrie smiled up and him and then started giggling. “I ate some of your cum, dad . . . I didn’t mean to but you shot sooner than I thought you would . . . that was sooooooo weird.”

“Fuck . . . wow . . . holy fuuuck” was all Craig could say. Whatever barrier he had tried to erect between he and his daughter had a gaping hole through it now, and he was reloading for another shot. “Get those shorts off you dirty girl . . . and let’s switch spots.”

He got off the couch and Carrie quickly slid her shorts and panties down her skinny legs, plopping down on the warm spot her dad had just vacated. She put her knees together and laid her hands on them. “Daddy, I’m all naked” she announced like she just discovered her state of dress. “I’m your daughter daddy and you shouldn’t see me naked like this . . . “she teased and batted her eyes at him. Craig enjoyed her teasing most of the time but right now he was still worked up, despite having just come. “Daddy needs to see you baby . . . daddy needs to make sure everything is ok with you down there.”

“You mean in my privates?” God, she was good at this . . . too good.

“Uh-huh, daddy needs to see your privates sweetheart, so open your legs for daddy.”

“If you’re sure daddy . . . I’ll show you my pussy if you’re sure.”

“Daddy is sure, sweetheart.”

Carrie slowly used her hands to push her knees apart and slid them up her legs, drawing Craig’s eyes up to the sweet sight of her young cunt. He didn’t think he’d seen her this aroused before. Her clit was large and engorged, her outer labia curling open as her legs spread and the shine of moisture was evident in her pink folds. “Daddy” she whispered as if someone else might hear, “my pussy is really wet daddy . . . I can tell without touching it . . . can you smell me daddy?”

Craig nodded mutely as he stared into her pretty pink flower. He stroked both of her smooth thighs and planted kisses inside of each of them as he moved in close and inhaled his daughter’s aroma. Her scent was so much more subtle than he remembered of Victoria’s, it must be because she is so young, he thought. ‘She is so young’ went through his brain again. This was wrong what he was doing . . . his face was inches from his daughter’s cunt and she was about to have her 12th birthday . . . he could officially put himself in the pervert classification now but he didn’t think he could stop himself from leaning forward the last few inches to taste her nectar.

He continued to inhale her essence and brought his nose right up to her mound until her fine red hairs tickled the tip. Craig could just feel his upper lip brushing against her as her pursed his lips and lovingly place a kiss upon the apex of her slit.

The jolt that went through Carrie was exquisite; she hadn’t felt anything like it in her limited experience. When Anna had pushed up against her while spreading her ass cheeks was close, but this was different. Her dad’s warm, moist lips were giving her clit the most intimate kiss possible. He didn’t move for several seconds . . . just kissed her there and felt that bond with her secret spot.

Craig was doing mental double and triple takes. His mouth was on his girl’s button . . . on her twat . . . her cunt . . . right on her clit. Holy shit! He could feel himself getting hard again as he pushed his tongue past his lips and into hers.

Eating pussy had been one of his favorite parts of sex with Victoria, and his technique, though out of practice, was solid. He started very slow and easy with Carrie, exploring her young folds with the tip of his tongue while continuing to inhale her aroma. His daughter began to lightly moan or just make ‘mmm’ sounds as he navigated her virgin gash. Fresh fluid was released and he lapped it hungrily. She began to twist her body in the ecstasy he was giving her, and grabbed his short-cropped hair with her hands.

Craig let his left hand roam up to Carrie’s little tits, then back down to slide under her ass cheek and grasp her firmly there . . . his right hand got busy stroking his reborn erection.

“Ooooh wow, dad. That feels soooo fucking good . . . oh my god, don’t stop that!”

Craig picked up his pace slightly, applying more pressure with his tongue and then sucking her clit into his mouth. Carrie arched her back and practically shouted “aaah”, then just continued with a stream of “uh’s” and “ah’s” as she approached a climax like she’d never been able to give herself with her fingers.

Carrie was getting close . . . he could tell from her sounds and movements. He removed his right hand from cock-duty and used it to grab her other ass cheek. Now he could move her little body with his hands and push her cunt right against his face until her juices were coating him and his tongue was pushed as far as it would go into his girl. She grunted and moaned, bucked and twisted and Craig could feel the muscle contractions in her pussy as she finally came, then pushed urgently on his head to get his lips away from her hyper-sensitive nub.

Craig grinned at his little girl and Carrie smiled back as she descended from her rapture. She saw the shininess on his face and knew it was from her but she also knew she wanted to kiss her dad hard on the mouth. She pulled him in for a very grown-up kiss and tasted herself on her taboo lover.



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"Craig and Carrie, Chapter 4" - Craig and Carrie Wallace - (Thirty-four Year Old Father and Eleven Year Old Daughter).

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Onward, Father's of The World! Teach your young daughters how to be and become a young father-pleasing lady, a young woman of feminity, beauty and wholesomely all woman...even though's she a mature pre-teen bent on knowing how to pleasure herself, and her father!!

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