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Wife's Sexcapades
For quite some time I’ve been wanting to put all of my wife’s sexual escapades in writing. Through being there or listening to them first hand right after they occurred, I have mentally kept track of virtually every detail. I have already created a list of the numbers of men she’s been with since we’ve been married as well as a close approximation of times she has had sex with them, but I haven’t yet put pen to paper as to all those wild sexual adventures of hers.

I’m thinking as I type this that I really don’t know if I’ll ever share this with anyone else, but it will at least allow me the opportunity to get the details noted so I can relive them time and time again in a more tangible way. And believe me, I truly love thinking about all her sexual adventures that she’s been a part of. They are incredible turn-ons to me. It rocks my world her having fucked so many other men so many times after we married. There is simply nothing more erotic to me.

With all that I’ve expressed so far, I’m sure it’s an understood that each and everything I’ll be talking about is 100% true and real. This is absolutely not a story writing session by a fantasizing husband who enjoys thinking about his wife being fucked by other men. While I understand those husbands that do write those kinds of stories (hell, it’s what dreams are made of for many husbands); this is more of a documentary of my wife’s sexual adventures over approximately a 7 to 8 year period.

I’m going to keep a few very specific details (like dates and locations) a little vague just in case I decide to copy/paste this to some sites on the Internet later. I wouldn’t want her or my identity to be compromised. That would totally suck.

Her first encounter will be more detailed so that I can stay mindful of how it all started and how it set things in motions for several more years to come.

So, with all this said – let’s get started. :-)

My wife is an absolutely beautiful woman. She still is even after a few decades of marriage, but in her prime; she was absolutely delicious in every conceivable way. Be it in beauty, personality, intelligence and oh so much more. She is simply the epitome of erotic. She is very dark haired with beautiful hazel to green colored eyes. She stands 5’3”, has rather small tits (which I adore) and is very fit all the way around. She’s never carried any extra weight and has a model like figure.

We married when she was just barely 18. I am about 1 ½ years older. We met and dated each other for several months before both of us felt we really needed to leave our respective nests so we could be with each other. Looking back, damn we were both so naïve in so many ways. She had only been with 1 other guy before me. He was a boyfriend from a another state before she moved with her parents to this location. I had been with several girls before my wife, but it was still less than as many fingers as I have on both hands.

So, we get married and I’m the one bringing home the bacon. I’m bringing home pretty decent bacon so there’s no real sense of urgency for her to go to work. We find an apartment and she settles in to being a stay at home wife. She still has siblings and friends around so, she’s got a lot of things going on to occupy her days.

Well, somewhere, somehow, someway, about 1 ½ to 2 years after we’ve been married – I’m not even sure I really remember how, but I found myself in possession of a girly magazine. I naturally liked looking at the photos and reading the different erotic stories in them. I remember they had ads in the back for making connections with others that had similar interests (swingers and such). I guess all of this got me into initiating some pillow talk with my wife about her past sexual encounters with her previous boyfriend. She saw how much it aroused me and her being somewhat a little naturally submissive was more than glad to answer specific questions about her past sex life. We had fantastic sex talking about it and it eventually evolved into us kind of fantasizing what it would be like for her to fuck someone else. It was purely fantasy talk and just something we occasionally did to spice things up sexually. Especially if we had been smoking pot or drinking some. It really got to be quite erotic and she started enjoying it every bit as much as I was.

Well, I’ll admit that somewhere along the line, I started to become a bit more obsessed about it and eventually included the name of a friend of mine into our fantasy sexual talk. Thinking back, I know it shocked her at first, but she started going along with the talk because she knew how much it aroused me as well as she wanted to make me happy. After all, it was only fantasy talk – right?

As one might can imagine – the “what ifs” starting coming up. Things like “what if” this or that, would she really consider going further during the right situation? I kept planting the seed here and there during our fantasy pillow talks. We came to know and understand more about how each other felt about real possibilities of her fucking other guys.

This friend’s name of mine that I had mentioned – well, we were constantly doing things with him and his wife on the weekends. Be it going bowling, playing cards/games at each other’s place, going to shoot pool or darts and that kind of stuff. We were seeing quite a bit of each other. One thing to note here is that his wife and my wife were really only cordial to each other, they just really never connected or got along that well. My friend and his wife were struggling a lot in their relationship. I knew he wasn’t particularly happy, but he didn’t know how to deal with it just yet. My friend’s wife was quite controlling and always so very negative, but despite all of that – we continued to get together and it always seemed to get fun after some pot smoking or drinking.

One night we’re playing cards at their place and we are almost out of beer and wine. Somebody was going to have to make a store run, but it wasn’t going to be my friend or me doing the driving due to our alcohol consumption. My friend had already been picked up on a DUI once and we were very paranoid about drinking and driving. I remember quickly offering up my wife to drive (she was limiting her consumption) and saying I would buy, but I didn’t think it wise for her to go alone so late at night. I remember throwing some money to my friend and said “Hey, you go with her”.

It was all so innocent and nothing really seemed unusual or different. Though, in my mind, I got butterflies thinking about her being alone with him. I was able to get a quick minute alone with her before they left and I definitely put it out there that I was super ok if anything happened between the 2 of them.

Off they go and my friend’s wife and I start having a rather deep conversation. I quickly start understanding more about her obsessive, controlling and bitchy ways. She’s got a buzz going on and saw me as an ear to listen to her complaining. Me – I’m half listening to her and half beside myself wondering about my wife and my friend together. Could it happen? Would it happen? My mind was going crazy thinking of possibilities. I remember the deep sensations in my stomach, the adrenalin rushes and all the very intense emotions.

I truly lost sense of time. My wife and friend eventually returned with the beer and wine, but I had no idea of how much time had elapsed. Everything had been so surreal while they had been gone together. Once they returned, my wife went immediately to the bathroom, but that’s not so unusual in that she sometimes has a micro-bladder and will need to pee often.

I look for any sign from either of them that something might of happened and I’m just not picking up on anything – nothing at all. We start playing cards again and after a while, it’s eventually time to go home. I’m so anxious to talk to her on our drive home. I’m thinking by now that nothing has happened, but I’m overwhelmed with wanting to at least hear about her alone time with him.

We’re barely out of the driveway and her nervousness starts to show. I started to pick up on a lot of reservation and hesitance in just what she wanted to share and even how to share it. I thought it best for us to get home before we got too intense about it all. It was late and she was driving and I certainly wanted her attention to be on the road.

Once we got home, it was really obvious that she didn’t know how or what to say just yet. There was just so much nervousness about her. I suggested we go to bed right away and that I would like to ask questions about her time together with him as opposed to her having to try and talk about it. I stopped short of asking her whether they did anything - be it kiss, touch or whatever. It was like that was still a mystery to me and I wanted to savor it as long as I could. My asking questions like this became something I started routinely doing with most all the times she was with other men.

Once we got in bed together, I reassured her with words and comfort just how much I loved and cared for her. I emphasized that I hope she had a wonderful time and that I most certainly did. She remained fairly quite and let me do almost all of the talking. I told her just how aroused and excited I was knowing that she was alone with my friend and how it kept entering my head how there was at least a possibility of her having sex with him. During all this time of talking with her; I’m caressing and touching her, kissing her and snuggling. I remember tracing her tummy down to her pussy and feeling how wet she was. I confess it never occurred to me why she might be so wet like that. I guess I just thought at the time that she was wet from all of this erotic talk and that maybe she was quietly turned by it all and didn’t want to admit it.

I was rock hard and so ready to fuck at that time. I didn’t finger her a lot because I know from experience that I can quickly dry her out with my dry hands. I was tipsy and extremely horny so I got on top and started entering her very warm and very wet pussy when it suddenly hit my like the proverbial ton of bricks. She’s more than just pussy wet right now; she’s super slippery velvety smooth sloppy wet. My cock just fell into her pussy like it never had before.

I remember the intensity of the moment like no other moment I’ve experienced in my life. I gently commented on how wet she was and she uttered something about how they stopped before getting to the store and after leaving the store to get alcohol earlier in the evening. The kissed and fondled each other before getting to the store and when they pulled over just a street away from his house – they actually went all the way and he fucked her.

I never felt prouder of her for being able to say what must have been the most difficult words she ever spoke in her life. I kept slowly pumping her pussy while kissing and holding her tightly. I suspect if it had not of been for the pot smoking and alcohol that I would have exploded in her pussy in seconds. Somehow, it lasted for at least several more minutes. I will never forget that sloppy second pussy feeling like that very first time. I came inside her already soaking wet pussy and we fell asleep together until morning.

I talked with my friend about 2 days later and let him know that I was privy to all that happened and that it wasn’t an issue with me. I let him know it’s something we had actually already talked and fantasized about and that he was one lucky son of a bitch to have experienced my wife like that. He agreed and was apologetic that he didn’t resist his desires that night. I told him that I’m glad he didn’t.

That was the only time they ever had sex with each other. It was a one shot deal with him primarily because she knew his wife and they were already having relationship issues. Well, that and because he had such a tiny dick and didn’t know how to use it – lol. She admitted later that it was fun in the sense of the eroticness department, but it was a huge disappointment that her first extramarital fuck was with such a tiny dick. Actually – I think it was because of his tiny dick and the disappointment that she stepped up to the 2nd opportunity so easily to fuck another man.

As one might imagine, we talked a lot about what my wife did that night and her being fucked by my friend. It fueled many hot passionate times as well as started the talk of even more fantasies we started to share with each other.

The rest of her encounters I write about won’t be so detailed, but I will definitely try and capture the essence of what those experiences were like for the both of us. So, her “Sexcapades” is how I’m going to refer to the rest of her sexual adventures.

Many of us remember the times of the door-to-door salesman. There was a time that mostly teenage guys either in high school or having just started college would go door-to-door trying to sell magazine subions to supposedly help with the college tuitions.

Well, one day there is a knock on the door and it’s 2 door-to-door magazine salesmen trying to sell subions. I was at work and my wife confessed to me later that day of each and everything that happened. This was probably about a month to 6 weeks after her sexual encounter with my friend. She said when they knocked on the door that she was bored and went ahead and invited them in. She expressed that it wasn’t long after they came in that she decided to try and seduce them. She very much succeeded.

When I came home from work that day; there was just something different about her. It’s hard to pin down, but I definitely recognized it. It wasn’t until after we went to bed that she started to let some details unravel with me. It was the weirdest of feelings, but I was incredibly turned on and let her tell me that she had basically been a naughty girl earlier that day. From there, I started asking questions about each and everything that happened and she almost in a bubbly kind of way filled me in on them. It was incredibly erotic and I came multiple times that night fucking her while she answered some specific questions I had about her 2-guy encounter.

I confess that it would have been at it’s best had I of been able to fuck her freshly filled pussy soon afterwards, but she eventually shower afterwards so as not to have cum dripping from her pussy for several more hours. I do remember that it occurred to me to check her panties later to see what I might discover. After finding them so soiled and crusty in the clothes hamper; I knew without a doubt she had been thoroughly fucked earlier that day.

Now is when things start to get sexually busy for her. She now knows that I not only approve of her fucking other men, but that I very much encourage her to.

From there, she met 2 other guys living at the apartment complex that were rooming together. She eventually starting fucking the both of them separately from each other. She never did them together or even on the same day, but she did fuck each of them several times while we lived there. Sometimes, it was while I was at work during the day and a few times, I encouraged her to hook up with them in the evening after I got home from work. It was fantastic to have her leave for maybe an hour or a little longer and then come home freshly fucked to me. Wow – if I could only express the magical world I felt I was living in during those times. It was the best of the best. I gave me memories that I carry all these years later that still make me hornier than hell when I think about them.

Before we moved from these same apartments, she met another guy that she had a one-time fuck session with. This was right before we moved or I suspect it could have become a regular thing as well.

So, to kind of summarize. My wife is 20 years old at this point. She’s fucked a friend of mine once. She’s fucked 2 door-to-door salesmen who she allowed both of them to come in her twice before they left and she has fucked 2 roommates living at the apartments at least 4 or 5 times each as well as fucked a guy that she got to know while washing/drying clothes in the common laundry room there.

That’s fucking 6 guys more than a dozen times in less than 6 months and all before she has even turned 21. Plus, lol – she’s married.

We moved into an upstairs apartment after re-locating from that apartment complex. We really only left that other apartment complex because they raised the rent so much and the lease had expired.

Now, it’s the hot summer time and we’re living in an upstairs apartment that the air conditioning is barely working. One Saturday after we get home from doing some running around; I suggest she take a swim to cool off to help with dealing with the heat. I of course encourage her at times to participate in anything that “comes up” that sounds fun to her. I tried not to be over-bearing, but I did keep it front and center that it was something that really turned me on.

She’s barely at the pool for 15 or 20 minutes and comes back to our hot apartment. I’m thinking at the time that it’s too bad she didn’t meet a guy to hook up with since it’s Saturday and we both can have a late night. She comes in the door, goes to the bathroom and tells me she got invited to have a beer by some guy she had just met at the pool. She said they don’t allow beer at the pool so she’s going to go to his apartment and take him up on it. I’m beside myself thinking - “YES”. :-)

Quite a bit of time goes by. Then an hour goes by. The 2 hours go by and I’m thinking; I don’t even know what apartment she’s at. More time goes by and I’m starting to get more than a little concerned. All at the same time, I’m still aroused as hell at the thought that she is probably getting thoroughly fucked right at that very moment. Finally, even after quite a bit more time, she comes in the door and I’m in the bed kind of trying to watch TV and keep my mind occupied.

She’s still wearing her bikini, but there’s no doubt by looking at her hair that she’s been on her back and who knows what other sexual position. She’s also quite tipsy and even giggling. She obviously had a great time, so I wanted to make sure to make the best of everything for her.

Once she comes to bed, I do my questioning kind of thing. I really like asking questions because I can savor certain details. If it just gets blurted out, it’s just not quite the same as getting a blow by blow of her entire sexual escapade.

I learned that the guy she went to have a beer with was apparently a virgin. She told me that he claimed to be 19, but she’s sure now that he was younger, how much younger, she wasn't sure. She said that he came in her hand before she even got a chance to suck his cock or put it in her pussy. She said he quite literally ran into the bathroom there and didn’t come out for quite a while. She said when he did come out that he was so embarrassed and so apologetic for having come so quickly.

She said it was ok and she was still definitely very interested in being thoroughly fucked. She said they soon started fucking when she heard a noise in the front room. That’s when the guy expressed that was his older brother and he was just getting home. She said she mentally started putting things together that the apartment was his older brother’s place and he was just over there swimming at the apartment’s swimming pool.

She confessed to me after she started outpouring details later that she recognized he was probably a virgin and wanted him to remember her for many many years to come. She said she had never opened up her legs so wide and put them so far behind her back and demanded that she be fucked so hard and deep in all her life as she did with him. He apparently did just that and she was very proud of herself for having taken the virginity of a young man.

You know how they say, “truth can be stranger than fiction”. Well, they finish fucking in the bedroom and go into the living room where she meets his older brother. The younger brother quickly dismisses himself and says he needs to go. My wife starts to leave as well, but is offered a beer by the older brother and she decided “what the hell” and decided to stay a while longer.

She apparently drank quite a few beers with the older brother before being fucked by him as well. That’s why she came home so late and so tipsy. Talk about reaping the benefits of it though. Wow – I got all the juicy details while I fucked her a couple of times and deposited my own heavy loads of cum in her thoroughly fucked pussy. It was simply one of the best of times that I remember.

She did eventually run into that younger brother at the pool one day while I was at work. There was a bit of a confession on the brother’s part and she even brought him back up to our apartment and fucked him again. I got to hear all about it later that same day. Wow – she amazes me sometimes. Amazes me in the best kind of ways.

Well, I was going to keep the details more to a minimum and there I went getting all detailed again.

This was about a week before her 21st birthday. Now she’s been with 8 guys about 15 times at this point. The numbers didn’t occur to me so much until years later. I think it’s so fucking hot when I actually start doing the math on such things.

I’m going to have to start seriously condensing things or this is going to turn into a novel. So, let’s try this format for a while and see how it comes together.

We move again because of the lack of air conditioning working in our apartment. We moved across the city to yet another apartment complex. Here’s what she did while we lived there.

She went out to bar one night and met a young guy on a motorcycle. They went to a park and fucked with her leaning back on a picnic table.

With my approval and even encouragement; she fucked 2 of my single friends (separately and on separate occasions) several times with me. These were our first 3somes. There was also at least 4 times that I remember her fucking these same 2 friends by herself because I encouraged them to take her on a “date”. That included a meal, movie and/or fucking. :-)

We got involved with a friend of mine and his wife and eventually started sharing each other’s wives with each other. We would have all night fuck sessions either at their place or our place or even going camping together. There were also times that this couple’s wife would be out of town and we would have 3somes together with the husband only.

This time we move into an almost new duplex and she winds up fucking 2 more guys she met for the 6 months we lived there. They became quite regular fuck buddies for her. One of the guys was a senior in high school. I’ll say he was 18, but I don’t know that for certain. The other guy she started fucking there lived across the street and was married. She fucked each of them no less than 10 or 12 times each during that period of time we lived there. She also fucked the young guy she met at the bar who had a motorcycle at the last place we lived. She only fucked him one more time from what I understand.

There is one very specific memorable sexcapade she had while living at that same duplex. It’s definitely worth going into a few details on this one.

I used to play poker with the guys fairly regularly. This one particular Saturday night, my wife decides she wants to surprise me when I get home from the poker game. She put on her sexiest negligee, completely shaves her pussy (this was long before shaving a pussy became popular) and put on some really colorful and heavy eye make-up.

She told me later she wanted me to come home to a fun and fantastic time. She apparently was listening to her favorite music, drinking considerable amounts of wine and smoking some pot. She’s settled in and was waiting for me to come home when the doorbell rings. She said at first, she kind of freaked because of the smell of pot in the house plus how she was dressed. She said she peeked out from behind the curtains to see who it was. She said her first thought was just to let him leave when it hit her that maybe he had come by to tell her something important.

So, with reservation because of who it was, she opens the door to see what he wants. He was apparently in the area and just decided to drop by. It was still fairly early evening and she told him that I wasn’t home. She said she actually started closing the door as he was leaving when she all of a sudden asked him if he wanted to come in. She had put on a robe, wasn’t worried about the smell of pot and says she’s not really sure other than that why she asked him in. It was only after he came in that she remembered about the heavy eye make-up and confessed to him what she had in store for me when I got home from the poker game.

I know who this guy is of course, but I’m not so sure I want to divulge his identity or relationship just yet. I would hate for my wife to be judged too harshly should I actually decide to share these thoughts I’m writing.

Well, my wife apparently put the moves on this guy and decided in her extreme state of horniness to seduce him. I’m sure he must have felt extremely uncomfortable, but apparently not so uncomfortable that he could walk away and not succumb to her beauty and erotic enticements.

She tells me that she continued to drink even more wine, smoked even more pot and they eventually started making friendly dares and bets with each other. That of course means one of them had to lose and with each loss, a piece of clothing was lost or a kiss had to be given. Typical stuff like that from what I understand.

During the course of the next several hours; they wound up fucking over and over and over and over. They would take breaks and then apparently would fuck again. Even after fucking 4 or 5 times and she thought he could not come again; a dare was placed that she couldn’t suck him off and she managed to win that dare, too.

After she sucked him off that last time, he left and she quite literally fell back onto the bed and soon pretty much passed out. Maybe ½ an hour or 45 minutes later, I come home to find all the lights on, but no wife to greet me. I find her passed out on the bed with just her negligee on, heavy smeared eye-make up on and a very shaved pussy. Her pussy is very red and swollen, but I figured it was because it was so freshly shaved.

I tried to wake my wife up, but she wasn’t really with it at all. She managed a few slurred words here and there, but nothing that helped me put the whole situation together just yet. So, seeing her like this of course has me extremely horny. I get her adjusted so I can get in bed with her and I give her a kiss. It’s at this time that I realize there is oh so much more to what happened tonight. Her lips, her breath, her taste was of having giving a blowjob. There was no doubt about it at all. I knew now that she had been with somebody and there was more to this situation than her just passing out from drinking or smoking too much.

The lights were still on and I remember spreading her legs. She was somewhat stirring with me moving her and I was trying to ask her questions, but she sure wasn’t very aware at all. I ran my finger down her pussy lips and slid a finger into her pussy and I can’t even begin to describe what her pussy was like. Even in her passed out state, she would somewhat flinch when I touched her in certain ways. It was very obvious that her pussy was extremely sore or sensitive right now.

I kept exploring her pussy with my fingers and trying to position her legs so that I could get a good visual of what it looked like. All of this was a mystery to me at this point, but it sure had me hornier than hell. I eventually quit exploring her, turned out the lights and crawled on top of her. There was no way I was going to miss fucking her like this. My cock quite literally fell into her pussy with almost no friction at all. lol – I’m not even sure it touched the sides because she was so loose and so thoroughly fucked. I don’t have a tiny cock either, but I do know one thing – whoever had fucked her must have had quite a tool and banged her quite hard and fast to have done this to her.

I got all the details the next day. Hell – fuck it; I’ll even tell who it was. It was my brother that had stopped by earlier that evening. I’ve never really told him that I know all the details about it, but I did on one single occasion tell him “I understand you dropped by one evening while I was playing poker”. I winked and smiled and with that; I’m certain he knows that I know. It just doesn’t make sense to focus too intensely on it, though. It was a one-time experience for the both of them. Hell – they had a fantastic time so what’s not to love about it? Hell, I had a great time, too. :-)

Oh, keep in mind that we were still seeing this couple I talked about earlier. We became quite good friends and our getting together for dinner and fucking had become somewhat of a regular thing. I’m sure we were getting together at least once or twice a month anyway.

From this duplex, we moved once again to some more apartments. We wound up living at this apartment complex for just a little over 3 years. This is where most of her fucking others actually happened. Yeah – believe that if you can. HaHa!! It’s true, it’s really really true, though.

So, lets do a little math before I get to the last 3 years or her fucking other men. She’s now 24 and has fucked 14 different guys about 60 different times. Wow – how hot is that? Her fucking others gets even more intense and much more numerous from here.

Most won’t believe this next 3-year period I’m going to write about now. It doesn’t really matter because I’m not so sure I want to share all of this anyway. I mean on one hand it would be incredible for others to know about my wife’s Sexcapades, but on the other hand; I would hate for somebody to take all of this and claim it to be a story or adventures of their own. Oh well – I’ll have to think about it some more.

This won’t necessarily be in chronological order because of the nature of things. This is approximately from the time she was 24 to 27. Anyway – Here goes.

She invited 2 more magazine salesmen in to fuck her.

She fucked 3 different guys she played tennis with. 2 of the guys she fucked together about 5 times. She even allowed them to each fuck her, take a break and then fuck her again, all in the same session and outside at a park during the evening. Then she fucked those same 2 tennis guys individually about 5 more times apiece. The 3rd tennis court guy she fucked about 8 or so times by himself.

She fucked a guy doing contract work on our heat/air system for our apartment complex.

She developed a long-term fuck buddy relationship with a guy by the name of Mark (his real name) that she fucked quite regularly the entire 3 years we lived there.

The excitement of fucking complete strangers became something that appealed to both of us for a certain period of time. She fucked guys she just barely met from all kinds of places like bars, clubs, a movie theater, lake, parks, hotels, clubs, the grocery store, etc. Some were repeats; some were just one-night stands.

There was one short era that she got off on picking up a guy and fucking him in the parking lot. If he were any good, she would follow him to his apartment or hotel to fuck again. If he wasn’t any good, she would go to another bar, club, hotel, lounge, etc. and then pick up another guy in the same evening. Believe it or not, this is seriously true – she did that no less than 10 or 12 times during that era. That is at least 20 to 24 guys. That’s a hell of a lot of guys and fucking in a short period of time. I LOVED it. :-)

There were 2 different occasions that she went home with 3 guys. There was also another occasion that she let 2 brothers pick her up and take them back to their place. There was an older guy (about 50) that she claimed he said virtually raped him. He was teasing of course, but she absolutely knew what she wanted out of an encounter and quite literally always got what she wanted. That same 50 year old guy is the only guy that every fucked her in the ass. She’s never really cared for anal, but she got so tipsy on tequila shots that night that she allowed him to fuck her ass and come in it as well. I’ll never forget the night she came home after that. She had to take a taxi home because she was so drunk. She barely made it in the apartment before passing out. It was so much great fun to explore her body right after she had been so thoroughly fucked like she had that night. That’s the only guy that ever came in all 3 of her holes. Well, beside me :-)

There are so many others that I really didn’t get into too much detail about. Virtually all of them were really wonderful experiences for her and me as well. There was one quickie experience early on that left her feeling a little used, but she quickly adapted to it and never let herself feel that way again – no matter what.

Yes, she did have sex with a black guy. She just did it once though. It’s not that she didn’t necessarily want to again – it’s just that the opportunity never really presented itself again.

Oh, one other thing worth mentioning. Only one guy, one time ever fucked her with a condom. All the rest were bareback – 100% bareback. She was fortunate that we lived in an era that STDs weren’t so prevalent and that she never ever caught anything at all.

I guess I will wind this down for now. But, it’s worth noting that we were still having the occasional 3somes with those same 2 friends I mentioned a long time ago, plus we were still spending evenings with the couple we had grown to be close and intimate with. That and she had her regular fuck buddy Mark she was fucking. Oh yeah and I was fucking her more than quite regularly myself – lol.

What a 3-year era that was. She was fucking so many, so often and so close together.

The math adds up to more than 60 guys during this 7 to 8-year period. The math also speaks to her having been fucked others at least 250 times during this same period.

We relocated out of state for the next several years after moving from that last apartment complex. We eventually returned to where we are now and built a home.

We still talk about those times now and again. But, believe it or not – we’re still married all these many years later and she has not had another Sexcapade since those times.

Dammit – lol :-)
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