You get cuckolded by your cougar wife, but you show her who's boss in the end.
You are in the living room reading the news one day when your wife comes in with two young guys in their early twenties who you recognize from the neighborhood. They are giggling uncontrollably as they enter and your wife has a chagrined look on her face.

"Hello," you say as they file in.

"Hello, dear, you know Tom and Jim, don’t you," she says.

"Sure, I think you guys helped out with the yard work last year, didn’t you?" you ask.

One of the boys gains control of himself and straightens up while the other continues laughing. "Uh, that’s right Mr. Jones, we helped your wife plow the garden," he says and then breaks up laughing again.

"We plowed something anyway," says the other laughing.

You furrow your brow in confusion wondering why these guys seem so hysterical.

"What’s going on?" you ask pleasantly.

You wife makes a pained expression. "Well dear, the boys wanted to show you something," she says. "I didn’t think it was a very good idea, but they kept insisting, so against my better judgement, I agreed." she looks at the two with consternation and then continues. “I am going to go get changed. I will let them explain what this is all about… if they have the gumption to do it." Then she walks out of the room shaking her head.

You are utterly bewildered at this point. "Alright boys, sit down, sit down. Try to calm yourselves. What’s this all about then?"

The two sit down on the edge of the couch and look at each then at the floor, but neither one will meet your gaze.

"Spit it out, then, no need to be nervous," you say gently. "What have you got to show me?"

Tom picks his head up and finally manages to look you in the eye. He has a smirk on his face and can barely keep from laughing. "Well Mr. Jones, Jim and I have really grown attached to your wife."

"Yes sir," chimes in Jim. "She has been extremely generous toward us, so we really feel that we are probably overstepping the bounds with this request." He’s keeping his lips tight and nodding his head as he looks at you.

"Well now, boys, I am sure my wife and I would be happy to help you out if we can," you say with confusion, unable to see where this might be going. "Do you need to borrow some money?" you ask lamely.

"Oh no, sir," says Tom, “It’s nothing like that. It’s more of a… personal favor." He is blushing now and you see that both boys are sweating profusely.

You are getting a bit impatient and are about to ask them to get to the point when you wife walks back into the living room. She is a wearing a transparent bra and panties and thigh-high stockings. You can clearly see her erect nipples through her bra and her dark bush through her panties. You stop and stare at her sexy body, admiring her hourglass figure and shapely legs for a moment before coming back to your senses. You glance over at the boys and are irritated to see that they are looking at your wife’s body with anticipation, nodding their heads and rubbing their hands together.

"Uh, Martha, shouldn’t you put some other clothes on? You are going to make the boys uncomfortable," you say, eyeing the two eager boys nervously.

"Oh, they might get nervous, but it will only be because you’re here. They’ve seen me wearing less than this plenty of times," she says resignedly, walking over to the couch and standing before your two guests.

Your mouth drops open in shock. It takes you a moment to process what she just said. “How do you mean?" you stammer as the two guy jump to their feet and flank your wife to either side.

‘They didn’t tell you, dear?" she asks, then heaves a heavy sigh. "Well I’m not surprised," she reaches over and starts unzipping Tom’s pants while Jim wraps his arms around her from behind and starts nibbling her bare shoulder and squeezing her breasts.

You heart is suddenly pounding in your chest and you can hardly catch your breathe to speak. "What the hell is going on here?" you gasp in shock as your wife pulls Tom’s shorts down.

"We’ve been fucking your wife for months behind your back, see," Tom says as your wife grasps his penis and starts stroking it.

"Martha!" you exclaim, but she avoids your eye

"Yeah, see we kind of felt bad about doing your wife behind your back and all," says Jim as he cockily unsnaps your wife’s bra, setting her generous breasts free to swing gently forward. “So we wanted to bring it out in the open and do her in front of you."

"This isn’t really how I wanted to break it to you," says your wife simply as she continues to pull on Tom’s penis. "But the boys kept insisting. And really, I figured you might actually get off on watching me get ravished by a pair of young studs." Then Tom puts his hand on the top of her head and starts pushing it down, so she bends over and puts his dick in her mouth.

"Yeah, check this shit out, Mr. Jones. Your wife is totally going to town on my junk," he laughs wildly, thrusting his hips forward slightly to jam his cock further into your wife’s mouth.

She gags slightly and withdraws his penis for a moment to comment, “Sorry dear, the boys have gotten quite puffed up over the fact that I agreed to do this, so they are going to be a bit prickish about this. Don’t mind them, they don’t mean anything by it." Tom shuts her up by forcing his cock back into her mouth and she resumes sucking it enthusiastically, making small sounds of pleasure.

"I can’t believe this is happening," you say in a daze. "How could you think I’d get off on this?" but you do actually notice that your own dick is getting hard as you watch Jim pull down your wife’s panties.

Jim pulls down his pants to reveal own stiff cock and he grabs your wife by the hips to guide it into her from behind. “Do you see what I’m doing, Mr. Jones?" he laughs lewdly. "I just slid my thing right into your wife. She loves getting from behind. Did you know that?"

You’ve had just about enough of this and you finally manage to climb to your feet. "You little prick! How dare you?" you roar, rushing over to Jim and punching him smartly in the jaw. He falls back onto the floor with his cock wet with your wife’s juices and his pants tangled around his ankles. You give him a swift kick to the gonads and turn to face Tom. Your wife has pulled his dick from her mouth and is looking back at you in surprise.

Tom tries to back away, terror on his face, but he is hampered by his own pants around his knees and you punch him right in the gut before your wife can even release his knob from her grip. He doubles over in pain and you kick him in the balls for good measure.

Your wife looks on with her hand over her mouth in horror so you slap that look right off her face. She takes the slap then turns the other cheek, meeting you gaze bravely. "I deserved that," she says simply.

"I’ll deal with you later," you grumble and you go about kicking and punching the two young guys as they struggle to get their pants back up. The kicks to the balls took most of the fight out of them and you are able to get quite a few good shots in before they regain their feet and you chase them out of the house.

"I don’t want to see you boys around here again," you call as they run out into the yard. You slam the door behind them and turn to deal with your wife.

"Now it’s your turn!" you tell her, unfastening your belt. She just lays back on the couch and spread her legs for you in response. You are about to beat her silly when you realize that you’d much rather fuck her. So, you pull out your johnson, climb on top of her, and slide it in. She moans with satisfaction and wraps her legs around you. You are pounding her for a couple of minutes when the front window shatters and a rock comes flying into the room. You stop for a moment in shock, then you and your wife break out laughing and resume fucking as the two young guys shout profanity at you from the front yard.

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