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Drew starts High School.
Hi guys! This is my first story ever, so I would love to hear some constructive criticism of it! I wrote it very quickly and each part is quite short so in order to have the required characters, I will post two in one story. I have more written, but i will wait to see what to guys think and will modify the following ones based on that. In part 2 there is some bisexual stuff. I don't know if i plan to make that a part of the overall story, so any comments about that would be appreciated. Feel free to leave any suggestions as well. Hope you enjoy.

Part 1

I woke up and looked around. Silence. It was 6 O'Clock. School started at 9, my first day of highschool. At age 14 I was a year younger than everyone else going into grade 10 with me. I had just transfered schools in order to get the best education possible. My name is Drew. I'm 6foot, 150lbs. Basically I'm skinny and tall. I've had girlfriends before but nothing too serious and I was a virgin.

I lay awake until 7 then proceeded to get up, get a shower, get dressed and go to breakfast with my family. My family consists of my two parents, whom I will call "Mom" and "Dad" and my brother Adam who is 12. Were a middle class family who lives in a good neighborhood, nothing too interesting about us really. Adam was still at junior high school, grade 8. After slowly eating my breakfast and waiting until the last minute I walked out the door and started the daunting walk to highschool.

When I walked in I was greeted with chaos. Tons of people in the halls, lots of talking, shouting and just plain craziness. I had no idea where to go! I was suddenly approached by a girl who I'd never met before. She seemed a bit sketchy with a cigarette under her ear but hey, better than nobody! Her name was Nicole and she had just transfered too. She actually seemed pretty smart, something I valued highly. She was also hot. Not crazy, unreal hot, but pretty hot. She was about 5'5 with a flat stomach and probably B or C cups. Her ass was pretty nice too. She asked me to come out for a smoke but I said I didn't smoke. I did go out with her though. We talked about junior high, relationships and just other interesting topics about our teenage lives. I found out that she was far from a virgin and at one point she lay her hand on my cock when she asked how big I was. I'd had no experience with sex so I was really surprised by this. By the way I'm 6 inches. Not that big or anything but its not bad.

School starts. I went to homeroom for the first time and walked in to a lecture by the teacher about rules and blah blah blah. Complete waste of time. My next class was gym. This was my one slack course I had elected to take. In my school the different sex's locker rooms were separated through a locked door and they each had their individual doors coming from the gym. However the school was doing renovations on the front end of the girls room, just leaving their showers. So girls had to travel through our locker rooms into the showers. This lead to the girls getting priority and the guys having to wait for the girls to be done (ugh!). Having not paid any attention to this and arrived early, I walked in to the locker rooms and began to change. When I was stark naked changing guess who walked in? Nicole. She just stopped and stared for a couple seconds then led me into the boys showers, where no other girls would be going, still completely naked. Being confused, my cock didn't even grow until Nicole licked her lips and said "why isn't my baby getting bigger?" My cock started to expand rapidly until it reached its beautiful 6 inches. Nicole just got on her knees. "That's much better" she said. Sticking her tongue out she gently licked the tip of my dick. "Do you like that baby?" she whispered. Without any warning she stopped teasing my bulbous head and opened her mouth wide. In a split second my whole cock was down her throat. She just held it there swirling her sexy tongue around it. I could hardly refrain from moaning out in pleasure. I could feel my balls tightening and so could she. Slowly, she began to pull my dick out from her wet mouth, swirling her hot tongue over every inch. This was too much for me. "I'm cumming!" I whispered through clenched teeth. She whispered back,"In my mouth sexy". I let loose more cum then I ever have, filling up her perfect mouth. She took my cock in her cum-filled mouth for a last time to squeeze every bit of cum out and then showed me what she had in her mouth by playing with it in her mouth and then swallowed every last drop. She then rose, kissed me and walked out with the sexy words "I hope I see you again soon".

Part 2

Wow, what a first day! A blowjob from a pretty hot girl and actually getting to know a few people. Life couldn't get much better. Three days had gone by since the locker room and not too much had happened. Me and Nicole hung out a lot, but nothing sexual except that one time. I had met another friend, a guy named David. He was a shorter guy at 5'10, but was pretty built. Him and Nicole were already friends so we got to know each other quite quickly when they were out smoking and I tagged along. It was a Friday and I'd just been invited over to Nicole's place with David. Nicole's friend Ashley was also invited. I didn't know her that well, but she was a beauty. She stood at 5'7 with bigger boobs than Nicole and a really nice, curvy waist and ass. She had long blonde hair that reached all the way to her hips.

Friday night came and I got permission from my parents to go, happy I'd made new friends. I was the second one at Nicole's after David so we all talked about the week, the summer and about junior high. At one point they asked if I'd ever gotten drunk or high. The truth been told I've always wanted to, but my friends never did so I never did. They laughed at me and my "virgin lungs".

Ashely finally arrived about an hour after I had gotten there. Boy was she stunning. She had her hair in a ponytail and she wore some short shorts and a tank top that didn't nearly cover her stomach. It also left little to imagination a little higher up. Immediately after walking in she announces, "We are getting high right now". No complaints from anyone! We stepped outside and fired up Nicole's pretty awesome looking bong. It went straight to my head and I felt a bit dizzy. Everything was so great! Coming back inside after taking a few hits made everything even better. Everyone was laughing at me and poking fun of the fact I'd never been high before. Before I'd even really had the chance for everything to sink in bottles were getting broken open and we were all drinking. Never having drank before or being high, I went pretty easy on the drinking, but I felt even more gone than before. Everyone else seemed pretty bad as well, even though I was probably the worst.

What came next was probably not the best decision we'd ever made. Nicole started up a game of truth or dare. At first it was all truths, lots of them lame: who do you hate the most, favorite season, blah blah blah. We finally got on to a bit more interesting stuff: who was your first girlfriend, first crush, first kiss, first fuck. Then I volunteered myself for the first dare. Ashley was the one asking it. "I dare you to take off Nicole's shirt". Easy. In a few second that was done and it was my turn next. I had to dare Nicole and I dared her to take off Ashley's bra. Under Ashley's shirt it was quite apparent that her nipples were hard and were pressing right against her shirt. Nicole decided to dare David to remove my shirt. This continued until everyone in the room was down to their undergarments, except Ashley who had the shirt but no bra. Then we were all naked. Our cocks were at growing fast, but David's cock was just huge. At 9 inches we were all just surprised and mesmerized. I didn't care too much, but the girls were giggling pretty hard. Next it came to Ashely, and she chose me (we had eliminated the truth option). What she did next surprised me. The first thing she did was remove her hair elastic. Then she went straight up to David. "What on earth is she doing??" I though. She then grabbed his dick and slid the elastic down it right to the very base. She then got me to come over. "What should I do?" I asked. "Get me my elastic back". When I proceeded to get it with my hands she grabbed them. "With your mouth". I just stood there shocked. David looked a little uneasy and Nicole was smiling wickedly. I snapped out of my trance. "What". "You heard me". "A dare is a dare" Nicole whispered to me. I guess I really had to do this. I proceeded to the side of his huge cock and tried to lift it off his dick from the side, but it wouldn't budge. To my horror, I finally realized what I had to do. That cock had to go down my throat in order for me to lift off the elastic. Nicole seemed to realize that as well for she squeezed my balls with the words "I can't believe that goes in your mouth first". Slowly, I lowered my head right to his cock. I didn't know what to do and immediately tried to see how much I could take. Slowly my mouth wrapped itself around his cock and inch by inch began to lower my mouth onto it. At around 3 inches I couldn't take it anymore and let up. His dick came flying out of my mouth. Ashely and Nicole were watching me closely. This seemed to be turning David on a bit as well. On my second try I did better, getting 5 inches in my mouth but nowhere near the 9 I needed. After my third try. Only 5 inches again, I realized I could never get it. So did everyone else, except Ashley. "There's another way to get it you know" she said. "How?" "Make him soft". Unfortunately I know what she meant. A wide-eyed David just stood there as my tongue extended towards his rock-hard cock. I licked from the base all the way to the top until I reached his gigantic head. I swirled my tongue all around it. I looked up at David to see him groaning in pleasure. Both Ashley and Nicole were playing with themselves and each other. Immediately I responded by taking 7 inches in my mouth and down my throat. I don't know how, probably because I wasn't trying and was actually turned on by the fact I had to get him off. My tongue was running circles around his perfect, throbbing dick. I pushed down harder and got to 8 and... 9! With my teeth brushing against his hard dick, I was about to get the elastic when "Ughhhhhh!" I started to pull up but it was too late. Stream after stream of cum flew down my throat into my stomach. After he was done and his cock had went limp(er), I took the remaining 5 inches down my throat and got the elastic back.


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