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They were interrupted again

Chapter 3:

Jericho opened the door and his mate walked in, he had a black eye, which was new for him and he looked like he was going to burst.
“What the fuck happened to you?” Jericho asked, his head was still swirling, he really wanted to get back to his mother, but he knew his friend would want to talk forever.
“I fucked Dani last night, and her boyfriend caught us after we were done and decked me. I’m not mad, still got to fuck her” Eddie laughed, wincing as he touched his prize.
Beth heard the commotion down stairs and put on a dress, just in case she had to go down stairs, the call she picked up was of a local survey and she instantly hung up.
Her pussy was throbbing and calling out for more, and every time she took a step, her sons jizz leaked out.

Ten minutes went by and Jericho listened to his friends entire story about how Dani was upset, how she wanted a revenge fuck, how he was there at the right time. He just kept nodding his head, but really he was playing back what he and his mother were doing, how her lips felt on his cock, how her pussy tasted, when she sprayed in his face. How when they were in the midst of fucking, their orgasms were so powerful that white spots were seen.
“So do you think i have a chance with her?” Eddie asked, snapping Jericho back into reality.
“I guess so, depends how much Gil doesn’t fuck her up, you know what he’s like, you’re lucky you just got a black eye” Jericho told him, he looked up and saw his mother descending the stairs and blow him a kiss. Eddie had his back to her, so he couldn’t see, plus he was in a world of his own.
“Shit i never thought of that. I should call her, just in case. I’ll catch you later bro. Oh hey Mrs. G” Eddie got up, turned around and waved at her, then pulled out his phone and called Dani as he went out the door.

“Thank fuck he is gone. I want more of you” Beth growled seductivly, she ran down the last couple of steps and locked the door, before jumping on her sons lap and putting her arms around his head and pulling him in for a deep and passionate kiss.
“I don’t want them to stop.” Jericho chuckled, once his mother pulled back from the kiss.
“Now how are you feeling? Are you ok with what we did upstairs?” Beth asked, wanting to know how her son felt, just in case she was in trouble.
“More than ok, what happened upstairs was amazing. I felt like we were one, when you came with me, it was intense. Words cant describe how i feel.” Jerico blurted out, while his left hand went up her dress and he began to finger her still drenched pussy.
“I....know what you....mean. So are you ready to keep going? Be mummy’s fuck buddy?” Beth asked, biting her bottom lip as Jericho fingered her.
“Take off the dress” Was Jericho’s response, Beth squealed with delight as she took it off and sat naked on her sons lap.
Jericho kissed his mother on the lips and then kissed down her neck and began to suck on her erect nipples. Her left one was more prominante than the right, but they both tasted amazing and her skin was so soft, the smell of honey was still lingering, but it also smelled of sex. Their sex and sweat.
“MMM keep sucking, that feels so good. Do you like mummy’s tits?” Beth moaned seductivly, running her hands through Jericho’s mattered black hair.
“Uh huh, i love mummy’s entire body” mummbled through each suckling, playfully biting her nipples, not hard, but enough for her to feel.
“Be gentle now, dont hurt mummy” Beth warned, knowing her son was only playing, but she didn’t want to have sore nipples. Her pussy was dripping, and Jericho’s fingers were getting her so worked up.
“Damn it, i can’t take it any more, take your pants off. I want to fuck your brains out right now. But this time, lets see how long we can last before cumming” Beth told him, pulling his shirt off and holding on as Jericho pulled his pants off, his cock springing to attention.
“Oh that is beautiful, now slide that cock into me now” Beth demanded, and held her breath as Jericho sat down on the couch and slid her down on his erect cock.
“Fuck, that feels so good. I love you mum” Jericho said through gritted teeth, holding onto her hips with a tight grip.
“I love you too baby.” Beth replied, holding onto the back of the couch and thrusting hard onto her sons cock. She teased him for a bit, plowing down hard on his cock, knowing he could go off any minute, but he was doing his best not to explode.
“Kiss me” Beth pleaded. Jericho leaned in and kissed her soft lips, they tasted like his cock and a little like strawberries. Beth slid her tongue into his mouth and she danced around his mouth for a little bit, she moaned into him.
Jericho put his right hand on the back of his mother and dug his nails down on her skin, causing her to moan deeper into his mouth and making her thrust harder into him. Beth felt the pressure build in her sons cock and felt their juices squish together, as she was extremely wet.
“Oh...fuck...Jericho....yes, baby” Beth moaned in his ear, putting her left hand on the back of his neck and still holding onto the couch with her right. She began to ride him harder, thrusting her pelvis deeper into his cock.
“I’m almost....there mum” Jericho panted, sweat was coming from his brow and his cock was pulsing, he knew that any second he was going to explode in his mother.
“Me too baby, oh...god...oh i love...this cock” Beth kissed Jericho again, moaning deep in his mouth again.
“Aw Baby!!”
“BABY. CUM FOR ME BABY!!!!” Beth screamed as she grabbed onto her sons shoulders, Jericho grabbed his mothers hips and pulled her closer as they both came together, he could see her breasts bounce and hit him in the face as they were having their orgasms.

Beth fell on her sons chest and laid her head down, hearing his heart beat pump extra fast. Jericho held her tight, breathing hard and wiping the sweat off his forehead. His cock was still erect, but he didn’t have much feeling in it.
“That was amazing” Jericho said aloud, running his fingers up and down his mothers back lightly, smiling as she kissed his chest and snuggled into him.
“Tell me about it. You are so much better than your father. Better and bigger and you know how to handle your cock” Beth told him, kissing his neck playfully.
“I don’t last long when wanking, which is surprising” Jericho replied, wrapping his arms around his mother, which was pretty easy, as she wasn’t as tall as her sister or as fat as his friend Gordon.
“Well my pussy is much different to your hand now isnt it” Beth giggled, moving so she could look her son in the eye, she saw a twinkle in his eye and knew she felt the same way.
“Different and better....” Jericho yawned and put his hand over his mouth, “I’m so sorry mum, i didn't mean to yawn in your face”
“That’s all good, you have had a proper work out today. I’m sure i have worn you out” Beth teased, pulling herself off Jericho and watching his cock flop out of her pussy and spray some cum onto his stomach.
“Let me get that” Beth grinned and leaned in close and licked the hot sticky cum off her sons stomach, before going down and sucking his cock clean, she heard him moan, but she knew he didn’t really have any feeling left in him for a while.
“Ok, why don’t you take a nap, i’ll clean up a bit, make you something to eat when you wake up and then, if your sister or father aren't home, we can play some more. How does that sound?” Beth asked, licking her lips and helping her son out of the couch, which now had a huge wet stain on it, which she would fix later.
“That sounds like a perfect plan” Jericho yawned again and followed his mother up to his room, she fixed his curtains and he got into bed.
“Sleep well my handsome man. Dream of what you want to do to me” Beth purred, then kissed him passionately, before walking out of his room, once his door was closed so were his eyes.

Beth decided to have a quick shower, she got clean, washing all the cum out of her pussy, which was now asleep, but she still wanted more of her son, she got out and got dressed into a pair of plain pants and a pink top.
Beth wrote a note to Jericho, just in case he woke up and grabbed her car keys and drove off.

To be continued

Where did Beth go? It will unfold more next chapter


2013-12-31 02:49:02
Thanks, i like you dude :), yeah i do rush, i need to take my time.

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2013-12-31 01:08:49
I see the critics are after you lol. I tried to warn you about realism and not to use clichés. Not surprised that you got dinged for that. The readers here are a fickle group friend, at least in this chapter when you mention the lips tasting slightly like strawberries it could have feasibly been lip gloss. Next time you write something like that though I would make reference to the lip gloss. You did mention the shampoo in accordance with the hair so that was nicely done ;) I would advise you to take more time writing your chapters. They have that "rushed" feeling. Rushing things affects your content and flow quite negatively. Heed my advice friend, when your votes start dropping hit he the fetish material. Seriously, even if you don't like it, others will!! Especially if your deive language is real and believable. Hit the watersports next chapter and take your time till you feel you've really nailed it. Keep your chin up and keep writing!!! -K

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