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A Story About a guy I saw on Tumblr and met in Germany
Ok, This is my first story. all criticism is welcome, even the bad and the ugly.
I hope you like it!

This is fiction

A New Friend from Afar

So, I am a thin guy with blond hair and a muscular body. I am about average height and weight. I also happen to be gay! I love to travel. On my 23rd birthday, I decide to take a trip to Germany to celebrate.

I had just arrived to my hotel in Germany. The culture, people, and scenery were perfection from every angle. After I finish getting settled into the hotel room, I decide to go for a walk around the city. About half an hour into my walk, I decide to sit for a few minutes. So, I go and find a nice cool spot in a nearby park under a large pine tree, away from the summer heat. While taking my break, I pull out my phone and start looking through Tumblr. The first post on my dashboard is a picture of a dreamy brown hair boy with glimmering hazel eyes and an amazing thin and muscular body. I tap on the picture to go to his Tumblr page. When the page comes up I read his deion. He is a 15 year old German boy named Max.

After about ten minutes of scrolling through Max’s page, I look up. Standing across the park is a boy that looks identical to him. I thought, “That couldn’t be Max! It must just be someone who looks like him.” Then, one of the guy’s friends looks at him and yells “Max! Catch!” as he throws a ball towards him.

At this point, my mind is racing. ‘Could this really be the max from Tumblr?’ It looks like him. He has the same name.

I sat and watched the cute guy play catch with his friends for a while. About 20 minutes pass and by chance, Max looked my way. Our eyes met and my heart stopped. I quickly looked away, blushing.

I heard Max call out to his friends, “Hey, I’ll be back in a bit. I’m going to take a break to cool off for a while.”

I could not believe what was happening. Max, the Cutest and Hottest Guy on Tumblr was walking towards me. He walked up to me he said, “Hi! I couldn’t help but notice you watching us.”

I blushed and said, “Ya. You look a lot like a guy I saw on Tumblr. And I heard your friends call you Max, which is the same name as the guy from Tumblr.”

To my surprise, Max looks me in the eyes and says, “Well, I have a blog on Tumblr. It’s called Forced Love.”

My eyes get wide as I gasp, “YOU ARE THE MAX I WAS THIKNKING OF!”

Max sat next to me under the tree. For a few minutes, we sat there and talked about the chances of actually meeting each other when we live in two different countries. We also talked a bit about things like hobbies friends and a few other things. After about half an hour, he asked me if I wanted to come over to his house and watch a movie.

“Hell ya!” I exclaimed.

He walked over to his friends and said he was going home. When he came back we walked back to his house.

“So, what movie would you like to watch” max said.

“It doesn’t matter to me. What sounds good?”

“I don’t know. How about we you just close your eyes and grab one.”


So I grabbed a movie and we sat down to watch it. The couch was big enough for two people so me and max were sitting right next to each other. The only thing that I could think was ‘dang! I have been fantasizing about this guy since I found his page on Tumblr. I’ve thought of tons of things I would love to do with him.’

As I sat there thinking about him, I can feel a tent start to grow in the shorts that I am wearing. I can’t help but look up at Max’s incredibly cute face and sexy body. He slowly looks over at me and our eyes meet. For the second time that day, my heart stands still.

Max looks down and sees the tent in my shorts and says, “Let me guess, you do more than just look at my pictures on Tumblr.”

My face flushes red and I look down away from gaze.

“Its ok.” He says as he gently sets his hand on my leg.

I look up into his crystal clear and perfect eyes. Before I know what is happening he leans in and starts kissing me. When I finally realize what is going on, I gently kiss him back. After a few seconds, his tongue slips between my lips and mine between his.

In the heat of the moment, I reach down and slowly put my hands under his shirt and slowly lift it. We stop kissing just long enough for me to pull his shirt over his head. A few seconds later, he begins to take off my shirt. As we both sit there making out shirtless, passion overtakes me and I softly and slowly start to kiss his neck right under his ear. I gradually move down his neck, to his collar bone and down his chest. I stop on his nipple and gently suck on it then move to the other and do the same.

After about a minute, I once again start to descend down his stomach, across his abs and to the waistband of his shorts. As I start to pull off his shorts and underwear, I realize that he is resting his hand on my shoulder and watching me lustfully.

I finish pulling of his shorts and find myself staring at his 6.3 inch cock! I reach up and begin to caress his fine dick, slowly pulling on it. A minute or so later, I kiss the tip of this rock hard cock.

I slowly wrap my soft lips around the head of his penis, causing him to moan in pleasure. I take a bit more of his cock into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down slowly. As I continue to suck, Max starts gently rocking his hips back and forth in sync with my head and moans softly.

Sucking his iron clad cock, I wish for the moment to never end. Max puts his hand on my head and starts to run his fingers through my short silky blond hair. About five minutes pass and I stand up to take off my shorts, letting my cock spring up to full attention at 8 and a half inches.

Max reaches out and begins to tenderly caress my dick, Sending a wave of ecstasy crashing over my entire body, causing a moan to escape my lips.

After another couple of minuets, I look down at max with a sinister grin on my face.

“Hey Max, you want to go up to ur bedroom?”


“one more thing, Do you have some rope or handcuffs around here?”

Max smiled and laughed “well, this just keeps sounding better and better!”

So, he goes and finds some rope and we go up to his room. I close the door behind me and turn back to the boy of my dreams. I grab the back of his neck and start to kiss him wildly. Then, I turn him around and throw him on the bed.

Jumping on his back, I pull his hands behind him and start to tie them together. Then I grab his ankles and bind them together as well. I slap his ass (hard) a few times and quickly flip hum onto his back.

I lower my head to his dick and quickly start to suck on his raging boner. With one hand, I grab his shaft tight and start to jerk him while I suck. With the other hand, I grab his large balls and roughly start to pull on them.

I look up at Max to see the huge surge of pleasure ripple through his body repeatedly.


His body shuttering harder and harder as he tries to squirm against the ropes that are keeping him from moving too much. His body goes ridged as he is about to orgasm. I stop sucking and let his body relax for a second. I kiss the tip of his dick and start kissing down his hard shaft to his balls. I spread his ass and start rimming it quick and rough. Moan after passionate moan escape him as an emence pleasure fills his body.

I stand up and spit on my dick to add a bit of lubrication. I rub the tip of my cock over his tight little virgin ass hole and spit on it once more before starting to push my cock slowly into his ass. Max tightens his ass at first then slowly starts to relax as I push my huge dick into his willing little body. Slowly at first I push inch after inch of myself into him, pulling out a little each time and going back in even further.

Once my dick is half way in his ass, max says, “I want the whole thing in me!”

“How bad do you want it?”

“I want that beast so bad I can’t stand it any longer!”

So I forcefully shove the rest of my boner inside of him. I start to pull out and push back in gradually humping faster and faster.

“Oh my god! Its so big!” Max yells through gasps and moans.

Faster and faster I ram my dick into his body. In and out I can feel his hot ass clenching around my tight ass. We are both breathing really heavy. I Watch his chest rise and fall as I untie his feet so I can spread his legs apart. As I spread him wide open I give myself more room to pound his ass harder and harder.


I lean forward while still ramming myself into his ass and start kissing him between breaths and gasps of pleasure. I grab his hips and pull him into me as I thrust into him driving him into an absolute frenzy where he cant control his body. As he spasms against the rope holding his hands behind his back, I continue fuck his tight ass until he cant stand it anymore.

Max shouts at the top of his lungs, “I WANT TO TAST YOUR CUM!!”

“haha. Ok but you will have to wait a bit longer!”

I keep thrusting in and out and he clenches his eyes shut in pure, untainted pleasure. Flexing every muscle in his 15 year old body, The preasure in his balls starts to become too much for him.


I start to fuck him as fast and hard as I can. Almost imidiately he shoots a massive load of cum all over his face and chest. As he orgasmed, his amazingly strong ass clenches my dick like an iron fist. I almost shoot in his ass but remember how he wants to taste my cum. I pull out and let him start to blow me as I untie his hands. Grabbing his head I shove my dick as far down as he can take. As I guide the bobbing of his head with both hands I feel his grip close around my balls. In a short time, he has all 8 and a half inches of my cock shoved down his throat.

“HOLY FUCK THAT IS AMAZING” I say gasping uncontrollably, “IM GONNA FUCKING CUM!”

Max pulls away as my cock starts to jump uncontrollably, unloading tons of my cum into his mouth. Squirt after squirt, Max tries to swallow everything, but, it is too much. My cum starts to spill out of his mouth and down my dick.

Once my orgasm starts to fade away, Max falls on me and starts to kiss me furiously.

I fall asleep with the hottest boy on Tumblr in my arms and between my legs with his cock and mine pressing together. We lay there sleeping for about two hours covered in cum and holding onto each other tightly.

When we wake up, Max looks at me with a glimmer in his eye and says, “I think we should take a long, hot, and ‘messy’ shower”

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