A Christmas competition between a husband and wife leads to the best gift ever!

There was only one rule…get something for the other partner that they would never expect. Well, my wife won this contest for sure. We had our regular gift exchanges as usual, but this year, to make things a little more exciting, we decided to have a little challenge on the side. The entire object was to prove how well we knew the other, and to find that absolute perfect gift, without the other one giving any kind of hints. Being that my wife is just as competitive as I am, I knew she would work hard to find the perfect gift for the challenge, especially since the winner would receive breakfast in bed for a week.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I opened up the very small box she placed in my hand on Christmas Eve. It was wrapped perfectly, but was only about the size of my cell phone. As I tore eagerly through the paper, Inside I found a white box, which held the smallest piece of red and green fabric I think I’ve ever held; it was a thong for men. I thought it was a gag gift at first, being that I was usually the lingerie buyer of the house, making sure to keep my lovely Stacy always dressed naughty and nice. Trust me now, her figure was one that warranted a frequently buyer discount at Victoria Secrets. At only 23 years of age, she still had the same drop dead body I had married her for…her breasts were a very perky 34C and her small petite frail had always made it easy to toss her around like my sexy little love doll. She was constantly running or exercising so as to ensure that she was clean of any flaws of the flesh.

As I held up the small piece of red and green fabric, her pretty blue eyes stared almost hungrily back at me. Though I would have never…and I do mean never…bought something like this for myself, her stare alone was making me horny and willing.

“It’s mistletoe baby…did you notice?” she asked, eager for me to grasp the implications of my gift…finally.

Sure enough, as I turned the thong around, there were three green leaves and two red berries hanging just above the hole that I knew my cock would hang through. Finally I was putting my gift in perspective…mistletoe meant “kissing” and it would be hanging over my cock…my wife really did know the perfect gift to give me.

“Go put it on sweetie…I have been waiting a month to see you in my present.” Her smile was a cross between a little kid waiting to open a gift on Christmas morning, and a shy, almost embarrassed school girl…my cock was getting harder at the thought.

I wasted no time retreating to our bedroom so that I could change and make my grand appearance back in front of the Christmas tree. However, being that I had never worn a thong before, much less one that was as skimpy as this one, I admittedly had to work a little at getting it on. Finally though, I stood in front of the full length mirror of the bedroom closet at the sight of my now fully engorged hard cock outlined by two red strings running up the inner part of my thighs and accented by the mistletoe which came to rest directly upon my pubic bone behind my cock. I took my hand and stroked up and down on my shaft a few times, eager to let my sexy wife view the effects her gift had had on me. Finally content with my presentation, I walked around the corner into the living room. To my surprise and delight, Stacy had taken the opportunity to change as well, and was now wearing a sheer red teddy with white accents. Her nipples were poking eagerly at the fabric and I could clearly make out a small patch of pubic hair shaped like a heart beneath her matching sheer panties. My cock twitched at the sight, eliciting a naughty smile from my wife.

“Come here,” she instructed, curling her finger up as she guided me to the padded dining room chair that was now placed directly in the middle of the living room. “Take a seat my lover, so that I can give you the rest of your gift.”

Now I was the one with the look of an eager little kid on Christmas morning. I quickly took my seat, watching my sexy elf as she paraded herself around me a few times, occasionally allowing her hands to drag her fingernails over my tender flesh, before finally coming to rest behind me. I could feel her warm breath on my neck as she kissed it gently, nuzzling her way up to my ears. “Baby, I have planned the greatest present you have ever had,” she whispered, and then sucked one of my earlobes into her mouth, teasing me with a taste of what was yet to come. But then, rather quickly in fact, her hands reached around and grabbed both of my hands back behind me. I had no desire to resist…so I happily allowed her to use the silk scarves on me, as she tied both hands together behind the chair. I loved where this was going.

Once I was tied, I looked down at my thick cock as it was already leaking a nice line of pre-cum that was now slowly running down the length of my shaft. Stacy moved around in front of me, and slowly and seductively placed her hands on my thighs as she lowered herself between my legs. Her cool small fingers wrapped around the base of my shaft as her tongue stretched outward and made one long lingering stroke up the length of my shaft, cleaning it of the escaping nectar. As I moaned out in satisfaction of her warm lips and tongue against my manhood, Stacy leaned back away from my cock.

“I know what you are thinking lover…you are thinking that you are about to get the best cocking ever from your sexy little wife…but you are mistaken.” I saw her grin as she noticed the bewildered and almost disappointed look on my face. “No lover…you see, I have given you plenty of blowjobs before…but this challenge meant that I had to do something better than just a blowjob…sooooo…..” Her words ceased to flow as her hand stretched out and pointed toward the kitchen, as though to show me something else. To my surprise and further delight, Polly, Stacy’s equally hot girlfriend walked into view, revealing an identical outfit to the one worn by my wife. Her breasts had always been obviously larger than Stacy’s, but in this outfit, it was clear just how massive they actually were.

“You see honey, it does not take a genius to know that you have always noticed how hot and sexy Polly was…I mean come on…look at those DD’s...they are luscious. So when I was at lunch with Polly a month ago, talking about our little challenge, it hit me…what if I gave her to you for a gift…you would never expect that.”

Without saying a word, Polly walked over and knelt down next to my wife, and in the same exact manner, grasped the base of my cock and then made a long slow stroke with her tongue up the length of it. I was fixated on the two lovelies at my feet, as well as the plump breasts and lips of my wife’s best friend. But then, they both sat back again in the same fashion that Stacy had done only moments earlier.

“I am sure now my husband, that you are thinking that you are going to get a little three-way action on with your wife and her girlfriend…but again you are mistaken. You see, while Polly and I were talking about the gift you are wearing, and the gift of her lips on your cock…which you will be receiving plenty of today my love…her 17 year old daughter Heather, overheard the conversation. At first we were both a little embarrassed at being caught, but then… and once again her words stopped as her hand again pointed toward the kitchen. From around the corner walked Polly’s sexy young teenage daughter Heather, wearing the exact outfit as the other two beauties were wearing. Her breasts had obviously been inherited from her mother, eagerly bouncing with each step she made toward me. Unlike the other two ladies though, it was clear that Heather had completely shaved her pussy mound.

Taking her place on the other side of my wife, Heather leaned forward and without a word grabbed the base of my shaft and made the same long stroke up my cock with her tongue. My mind was in visual overload as I gazed hungrily at the “present” sitting at my feet. I could feel Heather’s young soft fingers slowly beginning to stroke up and down my cock, as all three women just waited for my response.

“Baby…even if nothing else came next…you have already won this Christmas challenge.” I muttered out in total lust.

“Oh husband…there is going to be a ton of cumming next. You see, when Heather overheard out discussion, she also revealed to us that she had never given a blowjob, nor has she lost her virginity. The conversation went from what we could do to help remedy this situation. Before we knew it, Polly and I were debating on who was the better cock-sucker qualified to teach Heather properly…finally we realized…that YOU would be the most qualified to make that determination. So for you Christmas present baby, you are going to evaluate who is better, and then evaluate how well Heather has learned what she is about to be taught. For the contest…well…you are not allowed to use your hands at all….this is about our technique. But after we have finished with that part of the contest, then you are going to take Heather’s cherry once and for all.”

Without another word, all three women stood up before me, giving me another great view of their nearly naked bodies through the sheer fabric of their lingerie, and quickly adjusted so that Polly was now kneeling directly in front of me. She wasted no time as she wrapped her tender fingers around my shaft and gently began pumping her fist up and down it. Her crystal green eyes gazed up at me as she pulled my shaft forward as she stretched her tongue out to lick at the tiny slit at the top of it. I already wanted to cum, eager to fill her mouth with my hot load of cum, but I knew I had to fight it.

No more words were spoken with exception to my mutterings of “fuck, fuck, fuck,” as her and my wife took turns swapping back and forth at sucking my cock. When Polly moved down to my balls and sucked them both deep inside her mouth, teasing them with her tongue, Stacy stroked at my tight tender asshole on her turn. Both women worked to out-do and out feast the other one. Sweet young Heather moved close to my side, so that she could view the women from the same point of view as I was. She rubbed her hand across my back as she pulled herself tight against me. Her young perky breast was smashed snuggling against my face, and I quickly turned to face it, taking this opportunity to suck her nipple into my mouth through the sheer fabric. She moaned out as her nipple hardened inside my mouth, causing her to turn even better to face me. Her hand reached up and pulled downward on the sheer fabric, moving it out of the way so that she could feel the direct contact of my mouth. Her flesh was sweet as candy as I devoured it hungrily.

I had lost all control at the taste of this young 17 year old in my mouth and the sight and feel of the two women who were now assaulting my cock and balls together, eager to drain my first load of cum. The electricity shooting through my body caused me to reluctantly break my hold on Heather’s tit, as my hips eagerly began bucking up toward Stacy and Polly’s attacking mouths. Finally Stacy broke away, instructing Polly to enjoy her first load of her husband’s cum. The offer seemed to ignite even more lust in Polly as she drove her lips down my shaft, grinding it as deep into her throat as she could. Before she could pull back off it though, Stacy grabbed the back of her head, holding her there for a few moments. The sight was the last straw, and my cock erupted its hot cum from deep in my balls. Stacy released her grip as Polly feasted and swallowed as frantically as she could. I am not sure I have ever cum as much as I did with that first load.

As more and more cum seemed to drain from my cock, Stacy joined Polly in drinking and licking up every drop. My body was quaking with orgasmic bliss as these two lovelies continued to suck and lick me. When they were finally content that they had drained me completely, they both stood back up before me, as though waiting for me to give the next command…so I did.

“Untie me ladies,” I ordered, eager to have my hands on all three of these vixens. Heather must have been equally as eager, because she quickly removed the silk restraints and moved herself directly in front of me.

The other two ladies were a little shocked by her boldness, but grinned naughtily at the gesture. “I guess it is Heather’s turn to please,” my wife expressed happily, giving her a little nudge in the back, bringing her close enough to feel her legs against mine. Heather’s eyes never left mine as I stood up before her, allowing my semi-hard wet erection to rub against her tummy. I leaned down, and without warning, brought my lips to hers and kissed her deeply. I pressed my tongue inside her mouth, only to find her willingly return the gesture. As my hands moved around her, I quickly found her ass cheeks, and pulled her tight against my body. I could feel my cock already regaining its hardness as my fingers explored her ass. Her body quivered in my grasp, but she responded like a woman.

I felt her hand slide between us as she quickly grabbed my thick shaft and began pumping it even more back to life. Polly and Stacy moved inward, and before I knew it, I had six soft hands exploring my cock, chest, and ass. I was in ecstasy. For at least five minutes I took turns kiss and rubbing on all three women, eventually managing to remove all of their nighties and panties.

Finally my cock had regained its strength, and Stacy guided the blonde teenager down to her knees before me. “Remember what you have learned, Heather. If you ever hope to suck my husband’s cock again some day, you better make sure you learn to make him happy the first time.”

As Heather opened her mouth for the second time in front of my cock, this time she started with far more than a little lick up its length. Hunger and lust had taken over where innocence once lived. At first she focused on the head, sucking it wonderfully as though it were a lollipop. But then Polly leaned down and reminded her, “I took all 8 inches of that luscious cock into my throat…do you think you can imitate mommy?”

Apparently Polly and Stacy were not the only one’s with a competitive spirit. Heather grabbed tight to the base of my cock with one of her hands as she lunged her head downward onto my shaft. Immediately she started gagging and choking, but after lifting off just enough to catch her breath, Heather lunged forward a second time. My hands locked on to the top of her head, allowing my fingers to tangle in her hair before gripping tight to her. Stacy had moved behind me and started running her hand up and down my ass, allowing her middle finger to teasingly press at my tight asshole. Polly took this chance to lean in and kiss me passionately, thrusting her tongue hungrily in my mouth. Instinctively, my hips began pumping in unison with Heather’s thrust, helping her to drive more and more of my shaft down her throat. She had quickly overcome her gag reflex, and with a little more time, she was almost completely impaled on my cock.

The beauty of cumming once already was that I lasted much longer as I pounded my little 17 year-old’s throat. Her mother’s hand rested on the back of her head as she helped to pump her even more intently on my shaft. Though I wanted to fill her mouth with my seed, the reality was that I was not anywhere close to cumming…so it was time for another part of my gift. I was pleased at the disappointed look on Heather’s face when I pulled my cock from her lips. “Do not worry sweetheart…you are not leaving this house until I see you drink a load of my hot cum.” The assurance seemed to return a smile to her face; she was eager to prove to Stacy and her mother that she could suck me dry just as they had.

“Since this is my gift, I believe it should be my right to collect on it any way I please…is that correct baby? I asked my wife.

“Anything you want honey…and I do mean anything.” She smiled back, running her hand down my chest for confirmation.

Well then, I want Polly and Stacy seated on the floor with their backs pressed up against the couch. Heather, it is time we bring an end to that virginity of yours, so I want you to stand between both women, but you are going to face the couch. Without any protesting, all three women took their place against the couch. I moved to Heather first, and helped her to basically kneel on the edge of the couch, leaning forward to use the back of the couch for support. As she bent over, she gave me an incredible view of her tight ass and her glistening and quite wet pussy lips.

“Now ladies, as I fuck our little teenager here, any time I pull out, if I turn to you, it is your duty to suck her nectar from my cock…do you understand?” Polly and Stacy smiled up at me as they agreed to the terms, so I turned my attentions back to Heather. My big strong hands eagerly began exploring her body as leaned downward and stretched my tongue out between her thighs and quickly found her wet slit. Her nectar covered my tongue as she moaned out in approval. My nose kept pressing against her tight little asshole, grinding gently against it with each forward thrust of my mouth and tongue. The more she moaned out, the more I wanted to drive my thick cock into her virgin pussy…but I could not stop feasting on her sweet little snatch…she was delicious.

Though it was not what I had planned first, I could tell she was getting very worked up from my oral attentions, so I decided to turn her around and sit her down on the couch with her ass hanging slightly over the edge. Polly and Stacy turned to face the action, and as I parted the young lady’s thighs, they both moved their hands to hold them open for me. Heather had lust in her eyes as the two ladies gently began caressing their hands up and down her tender flesh, stopping just short of her smoothly waxed pussy. I reached down to both of them, and directed their other hands up to each of Heather’s plump breasts…again they eagerly complied.

I then dropped to my knees, and while now taking my turn at gazing into her eyes, stared intently at her as my mouth hungrily began to feast upon her young pussy. My tongue and lips sucked at her tender clit as I began focusing more of my attention to it. Apparently, that was the final stimulation, because Heather’s hands quickly moved to the back of my head as her hips violently began bucking up against my eagerly feasting mouth. Her body exploded in pleasure as her nectar covered my thrusting tongue. The two women next to her moved their hands inward and each of them pressed a finger only partially inside. Heather trembled beneath me, even more anxious to feel my cock inside her.

She was not the only one anxious though. As her body started to calm down, I instructed Heather to roll back over and assume the first position. She quickly complied. My hands moved to her hips as I felt my wife’s fingers tenderly wrap around my shaft, helping to guide me to the young girl’s wet slit. My cock was aching with anticipation, and the sight of this sexy young thing before was only making it hurt more. I pulled myself forward, allowing the thick head of my cock to easy slide inside of her, once again eliciting a soft sensual moan of approval. I allowed the weight of my body to press me deeper, until finally feeling myself pressed against her tender unbroken hymen.

“Hang on baby…this is only going to hurt for a few seconds,” Polly whispered into Heather’s ear as her hand caressed her back.

“I am ready,” her trembling voice replied, “take me Jack.” Her soft approving voice guided me forward as with one strong thrust of my hips, I plummeted past the wall, and drove my way deep inside her virgin womb. Heather gasped out as I held myself steady for a few moments, allowing her to adjust to the intrusion. So far I barely had half of my cock inside of her, and was amazed at just how tight her little pussy was. I felt her body starting to relax, and took that as my cue. I drew back a little, and then thrust even deeper inside. This time Heather let out a soft moan…the pleasure was taking over.

Within about 10 thrust, I owned her. I was thrusting eagerly back and forth, though still reluctant to drive inside her completely. My thick shaft was stretching that tiny pussy open wide, but she was taking it wonderfully. After a couple minutes, I pulled out, and gave Polly the first taste of her daughter’s pussy. She eagerly thrust her face down on my shaft, feasting hungrily on it, as though disappointed at it taking me so long to bring it to her lips. After a few moments of masterful sucking though, I returned it to Heather’s pussy, only to repeat the same actions with my lovely wife receiving my cock next.

Each time I returned my cock though, I was less gentle with Heather. The stimulation must have finally taken it toll though, and with a hard deep thrust inside, finally plummeting my way completely into her soft womanhood, Heather’s body erupted into a violent series of spasms, causing her tight cunt to lock aggressively around my shaft. With each thrust inside her, her entire body seemed to shake around me. Her nectar once again oozed from her pussy, soaking my cock even more abundantly. As I frantically pounded her to a second and then a third orgasm, the other two ladies were now fingering their pussies in unison with each thrust.

Almost without skipping a beat, I withdrew my cock from Heather, and forcibly thrust it down Polly’s throat, driving then entire 8” inches as deep as I could get them. Polly’s fingers continued to finger her cunt as I smashed her head hard back into the couch cushion behind her. After at least thirty seconds of fucking her throat, I withdrew and performed the identical action on my wife, who was now in the middle of her own self-induced orgasm. My hands grabbed two fists-full of her hair as I plunged my cock completely down her very skilled throat. I could feel the lust turning to a boiling pot of cum deep in my balls, and after a few more deep thrust down Stacy’s throat, moved back to Heather.

Though she had caught her breath, she was still surprised when I pulled her by the hair onto the floor before me. My cock pressed eagerly against her lips, now completely controlled by lust. Heather quickly opened her throat only to find it filled in one quick feverish thrust with 8” thick inches of cock. Polly and Stacy fixated on my cock as it pounded Heather’s frail face, an image that pushed Polly over the edge, causing her to erupt her own sweet nectar all over her thrusting fingers. I could feel my balls tighten, and though I wanted to drive my way inside Heather’s throat completely, more of me wanted to see her mouth filled with my cum.

I pulled back slightly, making it easier for Heather’s lips to form a suction on my thick cock head, and immediately began firing my second load of cum for the day into this 17 year-old’s hungry mouth. She swallowed as frantically as she could, as I held tight to her head for support being that my knees had gone completely weak.

As the last few drops finally oozed from my shaft, I staggered back a little, sitting back down into the chair that had started it all. I gazed upon my three lovers, and at the sight of my wife and Polly now licking off the cum from each other’s fingers. I was catching my breath as all three women whispered something to each other and then began crawling seductively across the floor, coming to a stop in front of my still trembling cock.

Polly and Heather once again took their place on my cock and balls, sucking and licking at them gently. They would switch back and forth, making sure that at no time did I have to go more than a second without having one of their mouths working on me. Stacy began kissing her way up my stomach, pausing only long enough to suck on one of my tender nipples, biting it gently with her teeth. Her mouth then moved up my neck as it finally came to rest on mine, opening her plump lips as she pressed her tongue inside my mouth. For a few minutes I just enjoyed the two women sucking on my cock and the loving embrace of my wife’s mouth on mine.

Finally though, Stacy broke our kiss and with a small glint in her eye said, “You know, Polly has always wondered what it would feel like to be fucked in the ass. I told her that no one fucks an ass better than my Jack. What do you say baby, would you like to prove me right?”

As my cock twitched excitedly inside Polly’s mouth, she stopped her sucking only to say, “I am going to take that as a “Yes!”.

Stacy let out a flirtatious giggle, and whispered back in my ear, “Baby, your gift has only just begun…surely you have heard about the 12 days of Christmas…well, these two ladies plan on staying at our house for all 12 days.” And with that, Stacy made her way back down to the floor, ordering the other two ladies to move aside so that she could get her husband’s cock hard again.

What a Christmas!

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2014-07-16 07:11:38
I should add all your stories to my favorites, but I try not to fill my favorites list with stories from just one author, even though all of yours deserve to be favorited.

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2014-07-16 07:09:46
I love reading this story because it is so well done. A true master of threesome and group sex themes at work. Wonderful and raw sexiness.

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2014-01-28 20:12:29
What a story! What a wife! Merry Christmas! Bfreetorun

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What a story! What a wife! Merry Christmas! Bfreetorun

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Story was very good until he took heathers virginity. Instead of making it special for her as well, he proved his selfish asshole character by taking her from behind where he didn't have to look at her face like a common whore. The 3 women should have left his worthless unappreciative ass tied up on the chair and walked out of the room to enjoy each other without him instead. Teach the pathetic asshole a lesson. Very disappointing turn of events ruined the whole story.

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