Another story for my slave and what I plan on doing to her.
The slave showered and went to bed. She couldn't believe that she had broken her cardinal rule and actually met with her master. She had done all sorts of depraved things at his suggestion or his instance. Some of them she had enjoyed. Others she hadn't, but for the past 3 and a half years her master had always been there. He had given her orders and commands. He had demanded that she provide him with pictures and perform acts for him. He was in control of her life. Now that they had met and fucked and she wasn't sure how she felt about it.

She tossed in her bed and looked to her phone. There was the message from her master that he sent her after dropping her off telling her how magnificent her eyes were. There was no thanks for the sex, or any mention of it. He had been her first and he didn't mention anything about it.

Coming down from her sex high was realized just how sore her pussy was. She had been fucked hard and she had loved it. Now she was sore. There was a raw torn feeling on top of a bruised feeling. She knew she must have some bruises on her wrists and ankles from being tied but she wasn't seeing them.

She was staring at her phone wondering if she should try to contact her master or if he was going to call her. She stared at it willing him to call. Begging for him to call. She needed him to contact her more than anything.

Her phone vibrated and the message read, "Check your bag."

She opened her bag and found the bag from the sex shop. Inside were a pair of nipple clamps mounted on a piece of cardboard and a box the size of one of her master's large fists. She took the clamps off the cardboard and tightened them on her nipples. She knew her master liked her to be proactive and would punish her, or usually have her punish herself if she didn't guess what he wanted and complied immediately. She put on the nipple clamps and quickly sent a picture to her master. The master sent back "Very nice slave, tighten them a bit."

Her nipples had always been incredibly sensitive and they seemed tied to her pleasure centers. She had gotten off nipple play alone before and once at the thought of her master sucking on her nipples. She tightened the clamps and sighed. This was pure pleasure. She sent her master another picture and then started to rub her shaved pussy. She snapped a picture of her pussy and then sent that to her master as well.

Sometimes her told her that she was doing a good job. Occasionally he would go father and reward her. This time he did and he sent her a picture of his dick. She looked down at the phone and stared at his long hard cut cock. She rubbed her pussy remember how it had tasted and how she had at the delicious cum which had come out of it.

She furiously rubbed her sore pussy, she needed to cum but she knew that the master would be displeased if she had cum without his permission. She sent another shot of her pussy and the text, "May I cum?"

The response was swift, "If you had asked before you started masturbating I would have said yes."

The slave sighed and typed, "I've stopped master."

"No slave you will keep at until I tell you to stop."

The slave moaned in pleasure as her fingers returned to her pussy. She licked on and slid it inside, deeper than she had dared to before. She was determined that who ever had been her first would have the full experience. She was glad that it had been her master. He already owned her mind and soul. She was pleased to give him her body.

The slave moaned and pussy juice started to run down her leg. "I'm cumming master." She said and sent a picture of her soaking pussy.

She knew he would punish her. Instruct her to spank herself or stand in an uncomfortable position. She had to be honest though and tell him.

"Slave, you won't be punished by pain this time."

She grew even more nervous. Her master was good at surprising her. He had inventive ways to bend her to his will. There were times where a beating was preferable. She knew that this was going to be on of those times.

"Open the box."

She opened the box and inside found a round device about the size of an egg with a string and a loop attached to it. She stared at it and then looked at the box, promoting it as the ultimate in teledildonics. As she handled it, she got a text message from her master. In the email was a link with a URL. she clicked on the URL and was taken to a webpage telling her to follow a ling and download an app.

When she downloaded the app she saw it flash a message about seeking a connection. The egg then vibrated and the app said "connection made"

The got a message from her master. "Put it in."

She compliantly obey. The smooth silicone slid into her soaking pussy. Her pussy was sore from the fucking the night before but the toy felt comforting.

She texted her master that it was in and felt the toy expanded inside of her. It stretched and grew and then shook. She had to steady herself to keep from falling to the floor.

"Oh masterrrr. Thank youuu. I just cameee." She texted.

"Good slave. I want you to keep it in you at all times."

She looked down at her pussy and the string hanging out. The string that was attached to her toy. The toy that was connected to her master. She felt content and gave a light rub to her clit and smiled thinking of her master and him fucking her. She knew that she had to get ready for class. She pulled together her clothes and started to put them on. She thought about putting on panties but realized it was thrilling for her master for her not to be wearing them. She slid on her pants and sent her master a picture of her bare pussy being zipped into her jeans. She felt the toy in her buzz almost silently giving her a small thrill.

She went to put on a bra. Her large tits needed it. She looked down at her breasts as she started to fasten it. Her pale tits were covered in bruises. There were hickeys on them as well. Her master had been rough and she enjoyed every second of it. She started to play with her nipples before her bra was fully on. She loved having her breasts played with. She had gotten offbefore just by just touching them. Her master had set her on fire by playing with them. She squeezed them now. They were still sore from her masters touch. She was thinking of his touch as she playing with the nipple clamps. She felt her self cum and quickly put on the bra and a shirt.

She saw her phone buzz. "You just came."

"How did you know?" she sent back.

"The toy works both ways. I can tell when your pussy contracts around it."

She felt the toy buzz and start to throb in side of her. She had initially positioned it at the bottom of her pussy but now it felt like it was climbing up inside of her. Her pussy was soaking wet and she was afraid of staining her jeans. She was getting close to another orgasm when the toy suddenly stopped. She sighed and knew what was to come. Her master seemed to get off making her wait for her orgasms.

She hurried to class her pussy squishing as she walked. She couldn't wait for the day to be over. She had resolved that she would message her master and give him her address. She would let him into her apartment. She had been so happy when she got it. It was her first place totally alone, where she could do what she wanted when she wanted without worrying about interruption.

Her course load was fairly light this semester. She had only one lecture today and a then a recitation immediately afterwords. She say in the back of the lecture hoping no one would see her squirm and surreptitiously rub her clit. For the most part the toy was quiet. Half way through class it started to expand and throb. She quietly moaned as the toy picked up its pace then just as she was about to orgasm it stopped and went quiet.

Class seemed to last forever. She couldn't pay attention to the lecture. She thought she was never going to end. She had her hand down her jeans and rubbed her clit. She looked up and saw her hot TA looking at her. He was going to be running the recitation later that day. She saw the bulge in his pants. She knew she had to have his cock in her mouth. Her master didn't like her being with other men. He was jealous and tried to steer her away from them.

She winked at him and squeezed her tits. The bulge in his pants jumped. No one saw her, but she saw a few girls in the class giggle. The professor had been looking at the board at the time. When class finally ended she ran down to aisle to the front of the class and hooked the TA's arm and started to drag him towards his office.

The TA's office was shared with 4 other grad students. He quickly pushed them out as the slave sat on his desk. The crotch of her jeans were soaked with her cum. She needed him now. He locked the door as she ripped off her bra and pulled down the cups of her bra baring her abused breasts.

The TA bent down to gently lick them. She slapped him hard. Suck them she screamed. Bite them! Bite them hard. He did his best to comply. She grabbed his head and pulled him in. She was close. Finally he bit hard enough and she came. That was when she realized her mistake. Her phone buzzed. She ignored it and sat the TA down on his desk and yanked his pants down revealing his hard cock. She swept her long dark hair back and wrapped her lips around his cock and started to suck. She was reveling in the taste of another penis.

Her phone buzzed again. She knew she was in trouble but had to taste him cum. She wrapped her massive tits around his cock and used them to stroke him off as she pinched her nipples. She could taste his precum now and it was turning her on even more. Her phone buzzed again and the toy in her pussy started to expand and stretch her, almost painfully so.

She grabbed her phone and snapped a shot of the cock in her mouth and sent it to her master. She knew she was going to be punished for it but she didn't care. She thought of her master whipping her and correcting her and that was thought that set her off again. She was coming hard and could feel the TA's dick getting hard and remembered something she had read once and pinched his cock off hard with her thumb blocking the urethra down by the base.

The cock started to spasm in her mouth as she sucked harder but nothing came out. She held on tightly as the cock jerked and jerked. She backed her head away and teased the tip with her tongue. He cock twitched again and there was a tiny bead of clear fluid at the end.

She let go of his cock and when the pressure was released it went flaccid and a little cum dribbled out. She picked a bit up with her finger and tasted it. It was delicious but not as good as her masters. The TA was sitting on the desk looking confused and dejected with his limp cock oozing. The slave did up her pants and walked off to class feeling much better.

She started to text her master to tell him all about it. When he read he told her that she was going to get 5 lashes. If he had cum it would have been 10. When the recitation came around the TA staggered in 5 minutes late and couldn't help staring at her. He would lose his train of thought and just stare back at the young slave in the back of his room.

She smiled and jiggled her breasts and texted her master how turned on the TA was. She also told him when she would finish and gave him her address. It was a small third floor walkup in a converted house a few blocks away from campus.

She ran home right after class and inspected her apartment. It was a bit of a mess but she didn't have time to clean it. She quickly stripped down and unlocked the doors to her apartment. She stood naked at the top of the stairs in her inspection position and waited. She was there for almost 15 minutes when the door off of the fire escape opened. She turned to see her master standing there in her kitchen. It was a small galley kitchen and his presence filled it. He looked at the stove and the walls and the fridge and inspected it. The slave assumed the position again.

"This slave is sorry for jumping. She assumed you would be entering the front door."

"When I lived here I usually used the fire escape. I laughed hard when you gave the address."

Her master walked up to her towering over her. His hands reached down and freed her nipples from the clamps. She was surprised how it changed the pain. She had been used to the ache from the pressure of the clamps but now it was pins and needles. He placed the clamps on the little half wall next to the staircase and started to massage her breasts. They felt like they were on fire as the blood flow restored into her nipples.

He bent down then lovingly kissed one and then the other. He then bit one nipple hard and she started to cry because it felt so good. His rough hand found her soaking pussy and reached up inside. He pulled the string attached to the egg and pulled the silicone toy out. She saw that it was glowing a bright red now as well as throbbing. He took it to the bathroom and rinsed it off and put it into the charging cradle.

He walked in front of the slave and started to massage her breasts with one of his hands. He used the other hand to start rubbing her pussy.

He pulled out his phone and held it up to her. Then he set a timer.

"Here is the deal, slave. If you can keep from coming for five minutes I will take off a stroke of the five you owe me. If you last 10 minutes that mean no lashes. If you come before 5 minutes you will owe me more lashes. Five extra lashes for everytime you achieve orgasm."

"Sir is kind and generous." The slave watched as he walked into the kitchen and took one of her wooden spoons and slapped it against his hand.

"This should do nicely." He put the spoon down on the half wall next to his phone. He touched the screen and it beeped. He reached down and started to feel her pussy.

"Nice and wet he said as he rubbed her clit." I like it when you are wet and ready. His finger slid in freely. He slid it back and forth and then curled it forward and rubbed her G-spot.

She moaned in pleasure. "You are so close to cuming slave aren't you. It's been less than a minute. How many times will I get to paddle you? Ten Twenty? He pinched pressed on her clit and g-spot at the same and started to moan.

"Be kind master."

"I am being kind." He said and bent down and started to suck on a nipple. That was all it took for her. Her pussy spasmed as juice ran down his hand.

"That's one orgasm at," He paused, checked the clock, "One minute thirty seconds. Ten strokes."

He squeezed her breasts again and flicked the sensitive nipples with his tongue. She tensed. She could feel another orgasm coming. She tried to think of other things. Things that wouldn't make her cum but his hands and mouth were so insistent. She could feel herself cum again as he pulled hard on her nipples.

"Twice in four minutes fifty. That's fifteen strokes." He stopped touching her briefly and pulled out his rock hard cock. She sighed in pleasure remembering how he used her the day before. He turned her to face down the stairs and then grabbed her hair and pushed her head forward. She instinctively thrust her hips back impaling herself on his cock.

She sighed in contentment and came again as his cock filled her to her cervix. He started to thrust into her hard. She was looking down the staircase at the door below. If he let go of her hair she was sure she would fall and fall hard. She was exhilarated at the risk. She loved the feeling of her hair being pulled and of her masters cock inside of her hot quim.

"Fuck me sir! Fuck your slave hard. Use me master."

He started to pound into her harder. She felt a fiery pain in her scalp as her hips slammed into his.

"That's it slave. Take it! Take my cum. Be my slave."

The slave was concentrating hard on not cumming but she felt her master start to cum in her and that was all she needed. She started spasming again as he pulled her head up and she was no longer face first over the abyss. She dropped to her knees and started to massage her masters cock with her lips and tongue. Unlike earlier with the TA she was trying to get every drop out of him she could. She sucked hard and rested her head against his strong thigh. She wrapped her arm around his muscular thigh and gripped his firm ass. He rubbed her head until the alarmed beeped.

"Very nice slave. You owe me twenty five strokes as punishment for your lack of self control."

"Master, this slave thinks she only owes twenty. I only came the three times."

"Four times slave. Once from your breasts. Once from your pussy. Once from me starting to fuck you and once when I came."

"Master is right. This slave is sorry for doubting."

The slave looked at her master hopefully.

"Twenty five. I should double it for you doubting me, but I won't this time."

"Master is so generous."

"Grab the doorframe."

She turned and grabbed the doorframe of the door leading to her bedroom.

"Count them off." He said as he brought the spoon down across her ass.

"One." She said. The stinging pain registered half a second after the echo of the slapping sound faded.

The next stroke came down on the other side. "Two" She said.

"You are being punished because you lack self control."


"You are my slave."

"Four." She wondered if her butt was getting numb or if he was easing up.

"You will fuck who I say." She struck her across the top of her right thigh and she realized her butt had numbed.


"When I say."


"But only when I say."


He grabbed her pussy roughly. A finger sliding in her cummy cunt. "This belongs to me."

She moaned in pleasure and gasped, "Yes master. It is all yours."

He slapped the front of her right thigh.


Then the front of her left.


"You will suck who I say."


"When I say."

"Eleven." He was striking her ass again which was freshly and extra sensitive.

"But only when I say."


Her pussy felt like it was exploding in pleasure. Each stroke had almost made her cum. He gripped her mouth tightly then kissed her hard and looked into her eyes. "This," He said pinching her cheeks together, "belongs to me."

"Yes master. Thirteen."

"Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes master. Fourteen. But this slave needs to be punished to be sure."

"Fifteen. Master is kind and generous."


"Turn around slave and kneel." She turned to face her master and saw his erect penis. She instantly took it into her mouth and began to suck on it.

"Thank you master." She raised her ass so he could swat it again.

She mumbled the rest of the numbers around his erection as she squeezed his ass. The blows were landing softer but it was worth it to have her masters cock in her mouth. He reached down and pulled her head up off his cock and then threw her roughly onto the bed. She bounced a bit and he grabbed her ankles and forced her legs apart. When they were spilt he buried his face in her bald shaved pussy. His beard was a stark contrast to her shaved pussy. He drove his tongue in, lapping up her liquid like a man possessed. She squealed in delight as his stubbly cheeks scratched her smooth thighs.

She held his head tight as he inserted one finger and then another into her. "Master, please, thank you, this slave, oh!!!" She was moaning and cumming uncotrollably. Just when she thought she couldn't take it any more he pulled his face away and started to fuck her hard. It wasn't long until he came again and collapsed onto the bed. She cuddled up to his form and started to stroke his cock.

"Master is so good to his slave."
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