Asian Shock Troopers vs. Blonde Infantrywomen. Who will prevail?
Day 5 (continued)

Sergeant Lin and her troopers plunge ever deeper into the blasted out, cavernous interior of the high rise. Heaps of concrete rubble cover the floor, along with overturned tables and chairs, the debris of a peacetime office building devastated by the ravages of war. Suddenly, the Troopers come under fire again. Lin motions for them to deploy, and they take cover behind piles of debris and office furniture. As her Troopers exchange shots with their unseen adversaries, Lin becomes even more convinced that there can’t be more than two or three enemy soldiers that they’re confronting. I’m not staying pinned down here, she decides. I’m not even going to waste time outflanking them. We’ll just do a frontal assault and overwhelm them with sheer brute force, she decides in her typical reckless fashion. She is just about to give the order to charge when the loud, staccato pop of gunfire erupts to her right.

Ellen and Julie have positioned themselves silently on the Shock Team’s right flank and pour a devastating enfilading fire into the black clad Troopers. Three Shock Troopers go down, riddled with bullets, and the panicked surviving Troopers turn to face the new threat. Before they can even fire a shot, Ellen and Julie are on them with their bayonets, thrusting deep into the bellies of two more of their black clad foes. Seizing their opportunity, Marilyn and Donna storm out of their concealed positions and charge forward. Leaping over the piles of debris providing cover for the Shock Troopers, Donna slams her bayonet into the belly of one of them, while Marilyn thrusts her cold steel at the startled Sergeant Lin. Hauling up short, the point of her bayonet almost touching the Sergeant’s throat, she screams, “Drop it!” In total shock, Lin lets her AK-47 drop out of her hands and it falls to the concrete floor with a loud clatter. Ellen quickly steps up and pulls the 9mm pistol out of Lin’s holster. The blonde infantrywomen realize that only two of their enemies are still standing; the Sergeant and one of her Troopers, who has also dropped her weapon. Quickly and efficiently, Donna and Julie move among the fallen Shock Troopers, sealing their fates with two slugs to the head of each of them. When they have finished off the last of the wounded enemy soldiers, they join Marilyn, facing the captured Sergeant and her one surviving Trooper. Ellen holds Lin’s 9mm to her head. “What are we going to do with them?” asks Donna. “Oh, that’s easy,” Julie replies, squeezing the trigger of her M-16 and dropping the captured Trooper with a slug to the heart. Smirking with satisfaction at her act of casual brutality, Julie now turns her attention to Lin. “This Sergeant here is more important. How many more Shock Teams are coming?” she queries the prisoner. “More than you can handle,” Lin replies defiantly. “Well, we handled your Team pretty well,” Julie counters, beaming a triumphant smile. “How about you tell us, or I’ll blow your fucking brains out with your own pistol,” Ellen interjects, pulling back the hammer on the 9mm. “You can do whatever you want with me!” Lin responds, without a trace of fear in her voice. “We’re not going to get anything out of her,” Marilyn offers. Ellen locks eyes with Julie and Julie nods. The muzzle of Lin’s own 9mm is an inch away from her temple. Ellen’s finger squeezes the trigger. The Sergeant never hears the sound of the bullet that destroys her. Blasting up the barrel like a rocket, it leaps the short distance from the 9 mm’s muzzle to slam with annihilating force into the young woman’s skull. Lin doesn’t even have time to blink before the high velocity slug explodes inside her brain, plunging her into the never ending darkness. She is already extinct as the bullet continues its journey on an upward trajectory, pulverizing more and more of her brain into a gray, soupy mush, before blasting out the other side of her head. The blonde troopers watch as a spray of blood mingled with gray brain matter explodes from the enemy Sergeant’s skull, and splatters the nearby wall, even as she drops like a rock to the floor. Looking down at the woman she has executed with a pitiless smirk, Ellen casually tucks the 9mm into her belt as the other Blondes walk over to join her. “Look at the mess you’ve made, Ellie!” Julie chides her playfully, calling attention to the brain and gore spattered wall. “Don’t blame me. Blame this little slut here!” Ellen responds in mock defensiveness, indicating the corpse of the enemy Sergeant, as the other Blondes giggle. “Come on!” Marilyn urges. “Let’s get back to our positions before another Shock Team shows up!” M-16s at the ready, the four Blondes make their way back to the front of the building.

Where the hell is she? thinks Sergeant Yung as she and her Shock Team approach the blasted out high rise. Lin is supposed to be waiting here for us. It would be just like her to go charging in without waiting for me, she thinks, silently cursing her fellow Sergeant. “Take up position and guard the perimeter,” she quietly orders two Troopers. Cautiously, she motions for the rest of the Team to fan out and follow her into the building. Moving stealthily forward, advancing from one pile of pulverized rubble to another, the Shock Troopers suddenly catch sight of figures advancing towards them through the strange haze that seems to hang in the building. Immediately, the Sergeant catches sight of the long tresses of golden hair and motions for her Team to hit the deck. She allows the blonde infantrywomen to advance a few more paces, and then, with a loud cry, leaps from her concealed position, firing her AK-47. At this signal, the other Troopers open up on the enemy with devastating close range fire. Total surprise is achieved. Two blondes go down, riddled with bullets, as the other two scamper to safety. The Shock Team surges forward after them, firing more bursts with their AK-47s. Falling back behind her charging Troopers, Yung slings her AK-47 over her shoulder, and pulls out her 9mm pistol. She walks calmly over to the two blondes. One lies face down and still. The other lies on her back, her pretty face etched in agony, her ample bosom heaving as she painfully gasps for breath. Yung smiles as she notes the five red splotches soaking the fallen woman’s olive drab uniform. Stepping up to the gasping blonde, Yung fires two 9mm slugs into her head, ending her suffering. She then fires another two slugs into the girl lying face down. Now carefully reholstering her pistol, she hurries forward to catch up to her Team.

Standing at the perimeter wall at the Headquarters complex, Amy hears the bullet whizz past her ear, missing her head by mere inches. Enemy infantry, she thinks to herself. Taking pot shots at us with those bolt action rifles of theirs. That means the cadets will be attacking soon. From the high rise just several hundred yards away, she can hear the muffled popping of gunfire. The girls are already fighting the Shock Teams in there, she realizes with a sudden feeling of dread. “Janine, I want you to go over and reinforce the girls in the high rise” she says, turning to the beautiful, petite trooper at her side. “No problem, Sarge,” Janine replies. “And take this with you,” Amy continues, slipping off the Uzi slung over her shoulder and handing it to Janine. “It’s good for close quarters work.” “You know I’m good at that, Sarge,” Janine replies, flashing a confident, stunning smile. She quickly checks the Uzi’s magazine, slings it over her shoulder and hands Amy her M-16 for safekeeping. Without further hesitation, the tiny private vaults over the perimeter wall and starts sprinting for the blasted out rubble of the high rise. Amy watches her go with full confidence in her abilities. She’s got the face of an angel, but she’s a one woman killing machine, Amy reflects. If our girls need help over there, she’s the one to help them. The rest of us should be able to hold off the cadets.

Running forward at a crouch, Yung rejoins her Shock Team, concealed behind piles of broken concrete and other debris deep inside the building. Peering into the dimly lit distance, she can see the muzzle flashes from the weapons of the unseen enemy less than 100 yards away. Her Troopers bang away with their AK-47s in response. We have them pinned, Yung assures herself. They’re no threat to us. But where the hell is Lin?

The two Shock Troopers that Yung left standing guard at the entrance to the high rise hear the noise again. It’s not the sound of gunfire emanating from the building’s interior. It’s a thumping sound and it’s much closer and on the outside. “It sounds like its coming from around the corner,” one of the Troopers says to her comrade. “Go see what it is.” The Trooper watches her friend disappear around the corner. It’s probably nothing, she reassures herself, blissfully unaware of the approach of death. Without warning, the cruel, sharpened point of the combat knife lances mercilessly into the Trooper’s neck, just below her left ear. Janine swiftly slides the blade downward to just below the Asian girl’s jawline and then draws it straight across her throat. With silent, yet almost orgasmic glee, she delights in the feel of the razor sharp blade as it rends the soft, delicate female flesh with lethal ease. As the red tide begins to gush from the trench being carved across her throat, the Shock Trooper’s eyes roll back in her head and her body begins to sag. So swift, so sudden has the attack been that she has had no chance to cry out. Holding her up, Janine completes the lengthwise slash of her victim’s throat and then slices upwards, bringing her lethal blade to rest just below the right ear. Cut her throat from ear to ear, the blonde killer laughs pitilessly to herself, letting the brutalized girl flop face down in the dust. Even as the pool of blood continues to expand around the dead Trooper’s head, her merciless assassin, hungry for more human prey, has already vanished from the scene.

Pinned down, Julie and Ellen trade shots with the Shock Team members just yards away. They both know that Marilyn and Donna are dead; even if they survived the first volley of bullets, they would have been shown no mercy by the advancing Shock Troopers. Both surviving Blondes know that no help is coming for them, and that it is only a matter of time before they are overwhelmed by superior numbers and firepower. Their job is now to sell their lives as dearly as possible. Only a miracle can save us now, Julie thinks to herself as she slaps a fresh clip into her M-16.

Janine grabs the second Shock Trooper sentry from behind, and with lethal skill honed by killing hundreds of women in battle, she plunges her combat knife into her victim’s back up to the hilt. Janine’s instincts do not fail her. The deadly blade unerringly finds the girl’s heart and punctures it like a balloon. Janine lets the Trooper drop. Already dead, the girl’s inert form limply flops to the ground like a rag doll. There is now nothing blocking Janine’s access to the interior of the high rise. She sprints into the cavernous building, Uzi at the ready, making her way towards the sound of the gunfire.

In her typical deliberate fashion, Sergeant Yung has assessed the situation she is dealing with and has finally reached a conclusion. The enemy in front of us is of unknown strength, but we probably outnumber them, and they must be neutralized. Lin and her Team should be here by now, but I can’t wait for them forever. I’ll keep the enemy pinned down with heavy fire from half of my force and send the other half around to outflank them. Never one to throw caution to the wind, Yung decides to give Lin just a few more minutes to arrive on the scene. She must be nearby and she must have heard the gunfire by now! Yung reasons.

Without warning, five tightly grouped slugs rip into the Shock Trooper’s side, killing her instantly. The Trooper next to her barely has time to process the meaning of the visceral death groan of her comrade before she, too, feels bullets tearing into her body. Dropping onto her back, her last conscious realization is of the warm, thin trickle of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth before all goes black. Springing to her feet from her kneeling position, Janine charges the firing line of Shock Troopers from behind. Sprinting past the corpses of the first two Troopers, she is confronted by a third Trooper, leaping to her feet, AK-47 at the ready. Firing from the hip, not breaking her stride, Janine kills this new adversary with a five round burst to the belly before she can get off a shot. Two more Troopers jump up and spin around to confront the petite blonde executioner. One of them gets off a wild burst with her AK-47. Janine stops, raises her Uzi to her shoulder and fires a well aimed burst. Five bullets rip into the fourth Trooper’s upper chest, with one slamming into her heart. Before the startled fifth Trooper has time to react, she too, is brought down by a deliberately aimed burst to her belly. “Drop it!” Janine screams at the four stunned survivors of the Shock Team which she has single handedly demolished. Shaken by the battle frenzied blonde who has coming charging into their midst seemingly from nowhere and slaughtered their fellow Troopers, they are now also confronted by two more blondes, rushing forward from their concealed positions, M-16s at the ready. “It’s over! Drop it!” the tiny blonde with the Uzi commands again. The three Troopers drop their AK-47s. Only Yung hesitates. “Drop it, princess! It’s all over!” Janine orders the bewildered Shock Team Sergeant, advancing towards her and covering her with the Uzi. Yung finally, reluctantly drops her weapon and puts her hands up. Lin will be here any moment to save us, she reassures herself, even as Julie steps up and pulls the 9mm out of her holster.

“Wow! Are we glad to see you!” Julie exclaims to Janine as the three blondes survey their prisoners. “Sorry I got here so late,” Janine offers apologetically, still training her Uzi on Yung. “No problem, girlie!” Julie replies cheerfully. “Let’s take care of these bitches now.” She turns to the three captured Shock Troopers and their Sergeant. “Alright, strip!” Julie orders the Shock Team prisoners. “What?” Yung responds, in a tone of contemptuous incredulity. “You heard me!” Julie answers. “Get naked! Lose the clothes! Now!” she orders, her voice rising in tone. “We will not strip for you!” a tall Shock Team Trooper replies, unintimidated by the blonde weapons leveled at her. “If you don’t take your clothes off, we’ll do it for you, sweetie,” Janine counters, cocking her Uzi and pointing it at the Trooper menacingly. “No! Wait!” Yung suddenly breaks in. “We will strip for them. Let’s show them what real women look like,” she sneers, as she begins to unbutton her tightly fitting black uniform jacket. Following the orders of their Sergeant, the other captured Troopers begin to follow suit. The blondes, their weapons still trained on their prisoners, watch in fascination as the Troopers pull off their boots and then wiggle out of their skin tight black pants, revealing black thong panties underneath. Soon, the panties, along with matching black bras and socks, are lying on the floor at the Asian girls’ feet. “Quick! Tie them up!” Julie orders, and she keeps her rifle trained on the captives as Janine and Ellen bind their hands tightly behind their backs. With a little smirk, Julie notes that all four prisoners have shaved pussies. With all the prisoners tied up, Janine and Ellen rejoin their friend, facing the prisoners. “Well, well! Look at this,” Julie says tauntingly. “The Great Leader’s best troops, all tied up and bare ass naked! Whatever would she say about this!” “Oh, I’m sure the Leader loves tying up naked women herself,” Janine replies with a giggle. “We would rather die than endure your insults, blonde animal!” the tall naked Trooper calls out defiantly, the nipples standing erect on her perky little breasts. “Oh, that can definitely be arranged,” Julie replies with a deadly purr. “Nobody has to die,” Ellen now quietly interjects. Silent until now, her sudden words catch the attention of friend and foe alike, and all eyes are now on her. “Just tell us how many more Shock Teams you have coming, and we’ll let you all go.” “That’s right,” Janine agrees, playing along with her fellow blonde. “Nobody has to know what happened here except for us.” “No! We will not tell you anything!” the tall Trooper spits back defiantly, assuming her role as spokeswoman for the rest. “Well, that’s not up to you, sweetie,” Janine counters. “That’s up to your Sergeant.” “Even if our Sergeant ordered us to, we wouldn’t tell you! We would never betray our sisters or The Leader like that!” the tall Trooper replies passionately. “If we told you, how could we be sure you wouldn’t kill us anyway?” Yung now asks quietly, shrewdly continuing to play for time. “You can’t,” Julie replies frankly. “But we’ll definitely kill you if you don’t tell us.” “We are not afraid to die, Sergeant!” the tall Trooper calls out. “We are warriors and our lives belong to The Leader!” “No, your lives belong to me,” Ellen now quietly announces, raising her M-16 to her shoulder, and taking deliberate aim at the tall Shock Trooper’s upper chest. The tall Trooper’s lips begin to part, but her words die in her throat as Ellen’s hollow point slug punches into her body, directly about her perky left breast. Aimed by a practiced eye and fired by a steady trigger finger, the bullet finds its mark, obliterating the girl’s heart as it slows, flattens and expands. The naked Trooper, flung back like a rag doll, hits the ground just as Ellen puts her second bullet through the heart of the next Trooper in line. A third shot to the heart snuffs the last of the three captured Troopers. Janine and Julie, keeping their weapons trained on Yung, watch her closely for her reaction. She’s actually pretty hot, Janine appraises her enemy with womanly admiration. The petite Sergeant, with her luxuriant shoulder length black hair and perfectly rounded little breasts and luscious, shaved mound of Venus is no taller than I am, Janine reflects. Yung stares straight ahead, a tragically beautiful look of stoic resignation on her face as the women of her unit, standing right next to her, are pitilessly slaughtered. She counts the three shots and braces herself to take the fourth. There is a pause. “Want me to take her?” Ellen asks Julie, sighting down the barrel of her M-16 at the Sergeant’s heart. “No, wait!” Julie calls out. She turns to Janine and whispers in her ear.

With menacing deliberateness, Janine strolls towards the bound, naked Shock Team Sergeant. With a cruel little smirk on her face, she looks Yung directly in the eyes. Yung, determined to show no fear, returns her gaze unflinchingly. Janine saunters directly past Yung, lightly brushing up against her bare arm, and positions herself directly behind the prisoner. “Nice ass, princess,” Janine purrs tauntingly, taking in the pleasing sight of Yung’s nicely rounded backside. “You can kiss my ass, blonde whore,” the Sergeant replies contemptuously. “Whore? You’re calling me a whore?” Janine asks in mock shock. “I’m sure you’ve taken more than your fair share of dick, you little slut.” “I have satisfied myself in bed with many men,” Yung replies proudly. “You can call me a slut, but a slut has honor. A whore like you has no honor.” “You still have a chance,” Ellen offers the prisoner. “Just tell us how many more Shock Teams you have out there and we’ll let you go.” “You have killed all of my women. I will not dishonor them,” Yung replies quietly. “I want to die with them,” she states calmly, looking into the eyes of the two blondes standing in front of her. “Well, if you really want to die, we can definitely help you with that,” Julie replies in an ice cold voice. “She’s just like that other one we killed,” Ellen remarks casually. Hearing Ellen’s remark, Yung’s heart sinks. They killed Lin, she now realizes. They’ve not only wiped out my Shock Team, they destroyed Lin’s too! Yung steels herself to meet death. She waits for one of the blondes to level her rifle at her and pull the trigger. But death does not run forward to embrace her. It seizes her from behind. Without warning, Janine grabs Yung’s long, silky black hair with her left hand and gives it a brutal yank. Yung lets out a little grunt as her head is thrown backwards and she is thrown back on her heels. Eyes darting rapidly, she surveys the scarred, pitted ceiling above her, conscious that she is completely helpless and at the mercy of the cruelly beautiful blonde standing behind her. “Good night, princess,” Janine snarls. With her right hand, she draws the razor sharp blade of her combat knife straight across Yung’s beautifully exposed throat. Janine releases the Sergeant’s hair, and her head snaps forward. Yung’s feet hit the floor, and her pretty little toes instinctively grip the cold concrete floor. Her eyes open wide in startled agony and she lets out a gasp in a last, convulsive effort to catch her breath, even as the blood pours from her slashed open throat in a torrent. Yung’s last vision is of the two blonde Troopers standing in front of her, cruelly smirking at her death agony. Then, the black veil drops over her wide open eyes as she flops face down onto the floor, her blood saturating the cold, unforgiving concrete beneath her. “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, princess!” Janine heartlessly taunts the lifeless girl lying at her feet.

With two Shock Teams wiped out, the triumphant blondes are in a relaxed, almost euphoric mood and pause a moment to savor their victory. “You do know that even if they gave us the information we wanted, we still would have killed them?” Julie queries Ellen about her gambit. “Oh, I knew that,” Ellen replies with a smile. “But they didn’t,” she continues, glancing at the naked corpses. “I like your style, girl!” Julie exclaims appreciatively. “Wow, look at these uniforms,” she marvels, picking up the tall Trooper’s black pants. “They’re so fucking tight, how could they even move in them?” “I know,” agrees Janine. “Did you see how they had to peel them off their asses?” “Well, they were in pretty good shape,” Ellen points out, calling attention again to the lithe, lean corpses, perfect specimens of 18 and 19 year old womanhood. “Yeah, they were,” Julie agrees readily. “What a waste of good pussy. But better them than us.” “And what’s up with the thongs?” Janine asks, scooping up Yung’s panties and holding them up for examination. “Who knows?’ a bemused Julie replies. “I mean, wouldn’t they be riding up into your ass crack all day?” Janine ponders out loud. “How could you fight like that?” With a shrug, she stuffs the discarded panties in her pocket, claiming them as a battle trophy of one of her most satisfying kills. “We better get going,” Ellen reminds her friends, as the sound of gunfire from the direction of the nearby Headquarters reaches their ears. The beautiful, battle hardened trio make their way toward the front of the building once again.

“Poor chickies,” Janine says sadly as they come upon the bodies of Marilyn and Donna. Marilyn lies on her back, riddled with bullets. Julie walks over to Donna’s corpse, lying face down, and gently rolls her onto her back, revealing one bullet hole in her upper chest and one in her forehead. “I wish we could take them with us, but we can’t,” Janine reflects mournfully. All three are sadly resigned to the knowledge that their slain sisters will be deprived of a decent burial. After reflecting silently for a moment over the bodies, the three survivors continue on their way to the entrance of the high rise, Julie walking slightly ahead of Janine and Ellen. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Janine catches sight of a shadowy figure darting from the shadows. “Look out!” she cries, but the warning is too late. The lone Shock Trooper fires a burst with her AK-47 that drops Julie in her tracks. Janine and Ellen both fire bursts that cut down the Shock Trooper in her turn. Janine hurries over and fires the obligatory two slugs into the enemy soldier’s head, while Ellen rushes to Julie’s side. She feels for a pulse and finds none. Pulling away her blood soaked hand, Ellen gets to her feet and says to Janine, “Let’s get out of here!” Sprinting toward the exit, the two surviving blondes hurry back towards the Headquarters, where the battle is reaching its ferocious climax.

Chong and her fellow cadets continue to march with a steady tread towards their objective. They are the third and last of the three Cadet Troops being thrown into the attack and the sound of gunfire grows progressively louder as they advance. As they pass through their front lines, the regular infantry part ranks and cheer them on. “For The Leader!” the khaki clad infantrywomen shout. “For The Leader!” the cadets cry out in response. Chong joins in the shouting with gusto. She’s now excited at the prospect of actually tasting battle. As of yet, she hasn’t seen any of its horror.

High up on the second floor of the command post, Barb waits patiently, her finger poised on the trigger of her M-60. She doesn’t flinch as she sees the long ranks of Cadets break into a run, bayonets poised like a steel tipped hedge, shouting their war cries. She watches the massed formations getting closer and still she holds her fire. Closer they come. 50 yards. 40 yards. 30. Finally, exhaling a deep breath, Barb slowly increases the pressure on the trigger, bracing herself for the kick that she knows is coming. Her first burst cuts down the entire first rank of charging cadets like a scythe cutting ripe wheat, as the hollow point slugs brutally reap their harvest of human lives. A second rank charges into the killing zone and Barb sweeps them with fire. Another rank of teenage girls goes down. Barb watches with satisfaction as every cadet in the second rank is swept off her feet. Some are flung onto their backs, while others topple forward, their bullet riddled bodies piling on top of the slain cadets from the first rank. Like waves crashing ashore, the third and fourth ranks merge into one another, and Barb mows down the mass of girls in a paroxysm of slaughter. Now taking a blood thirsty enjoyment in her work she watches as more bodies are flung on top of the growing pile of corpses. Suddenly, she blinks, shakes her head and stares again in disbelief as the troop of staff cadets comes trotting forward awkwardly in their high heels. Barb slaughters the hapless staff girls with relish, watching with glee as the pretty, pampered teens are literally blown out of their high heeled pumps. More cadets come rushing up to the wall of corpses and are cut down in their turn. But now, the human tidal wave is surging in so fast that not even the storm of bullets can stem it any longer. They’re coming in faster than I can mow them down, Barb realizes. A cadet takes a bounding leap over the pile of corpses, now 5 or 6 deep, and makes a dash for the perimeter line. She disappears from view before Barb can cut her down. She is followed by another girl, and then by little groups of twos and threes. Soon, the trickle becomes a steady stream, as more cadets somehow escape the carnage and make the final dash for the perimeter wall and victory. Barb can’t do anything to stop them. That’s up to Amy and her infantry, stationed behind the wall. All she can do is continue her steady work of killing as many of the charging teenage girls as she can.

The cadets in Chong’s troop continue their advance, stepping more frequently over the bodies of their dead and wounded sisters. Like a blinkered horse, Chong keeps her focus on what lies ahead of her, training her gaze steadily on the backs of the cadets in the rank in front of her. Battle is now no longer an exciting prospect, but a terrible reality, which somehow, she must survive. Suddenly, the three girls directly in front of her are swept off their feet simultaneously, toppling over like dominoes. To her right, she is vaguely aware of the cadet who couldn’t stop yawning letting out a gurgling gasp and convulsing as three slugs thump into her body. Chong can feel the girl sinking away into death at her side, dropping to the ground even as Chong takes her next step forward. She braces herself for the impact of the bullets that will destroy her young life, but the impact doesn’t come. Death is still sparing her, luring her on to her ultimate fate. She steps now over one of the three cadets who had been in front of her. The girl is flat on her back, gasping in agony, bleeding from multiple bullet wounds, but the normally warm hearted Chong can spare her no pity just now. Lightheaded with hunger, running on pure adrenaline, her only goal, her only concern, her only and deepest desire is to reach the enemy lines with her bayonet. Fleetingly, she reminds herself that her friend from Bunk 21 is still at her side, still alive, still on her feet, and this knowledge gives Chong a source of solace and a lifeline to the humanity that she feels imperiled by the mounting fury of battle. She is also aware of the presence of a new cadet to her right, taking the place of the yawning girl, as the ranks close up. Without a second thought, Chong leaps over a heap of dead and dying fellow Cadets and breaks into a heart pounding run. The perimeter wall is in sight, only yards away.
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