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This is a trilogy series I'm writing. VERY long, but hopefully enjoyable.
Master of the Universe
Part One: Day of the Hunter
I woke up hungover. At least the girl lying next to me didn't way 300 pounds this time. She was still asleep, so I had some time to try and piece her identity back together. I whipped the sheets of the bed. The slam was lying face down and had a great ass. Her legs looked pretty toned. Maybe she was on the track team. Dreamy tits spread out under her weight to the side. They looked nice, too. She had black curly hair and kind of olive skin, but not the kind that like the Arabs have, more like she was Spanish. Pretty hot, I just wished I could remember fucking her. I did have serious morning wood, though. And what kind of Tau Kappa Pi chapter president would I be if I didn't take advantage of a golden situation.

I straddled her thighs and took a look at that ass. It really was pretty nice. Round and hear-shaped, the kind you have to stare at when it walks by in shorts like the chick really wants to get fucked hard. I pulled her hips up to mine and pushed my cock into her trim pussy. I got a few thrusts in before the motion woke her up

“What the fuck are you doing?” she said, and tried to turn around. She did have nice tits, not huge, but nice. Way to go, Mark. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her face back down into the bed.

“Shut up, whore. You're in my bed. You're all mine.” She shut up, only occasionally grunting in pain when I bumped against the end of her pussy with my dick. Nothing kills the mood like a slam that won't stop talking. I fucked her for a few minutes, but didn't feel like drawing it out any further, if she wasn’t going to enjoy it.

“Ugh you feel good. I’m gonna cum.”

“Please not in me. I'm not on the pill,” she pleaded, voice touched with delicious fear and pain. Sometimes I don't know what girls are thinking when they go whoring around and then expect the man to worry about wearing a condom.

“Well now I’m definitely going to.” I blew my load in her cunt, pulling her hips to mine, spitefully trying to shoot my sperm right into her womb. Not a bad sized load for a morning quickie. Rolling off that gorgeous ass. I saw a pack of cigs on my bedside table and lit one up, a gift from the frat gods. I watched her get dressed silently from the clothes on the floor. I think she might have been crying.

“Hey you’re a pretty good fuck! Come by anytime,” I chirped. She finished putting herself together and paused by the door to say something to me. Yeah she had definitely been crying.

“I can’t believe I lost my virginity to a rapist. You’re a psychopath.”

Hmm, I guess this chick couldn't be older than 18 then. Virgins, especially ones as hot as her, usually don't last past freshman year and it was March, now. 18 was the perfect age for a slam. Just young enough to be vulnerable and inexperienced. A girl that wouldn’t try to tell you what to do when you fucked her and couldn’t protest to much when you came inside. Just old enough to be really good looking without losing that vulgar, fertile look they get around middle school. A girl you could really defile.

The verbal attack didn’t bother me. “Rapist” and “psychopath” were just words used by people who don’t understand how sex works, how all human relationships work, really. They’d been thrown at me before in my 21 years, but they never stuck. I didn’t even know what she was angry about, to be honest. I would have been more than happy to try and make her cum if she’d shown the least bit of cooperation or gratitude. I swear, sometimes the biggest whores can be the most stuck up.

She opened the door and turned to leave. I remembered something.

“Hey, you can grab some Plan B on the way out!” The door slammed and I shrugged. From outside I could hear oohs and ahs coming from brothers who got up much earlier than I did. We really did have an “emergency” supply of Plan B, gratis from a brother who now works in pharmaceuticals.

It was Friday, so I only had two classes to go to. Economics and Biology, and since I hadn’t been to bio in a week and half I should try to go that one. Some people tell me I should go to class more, but they obviously don't understand the way the world works. People like to say its who you know, not what you knew. In finance, my dear old dad, being the first one. Sure he was never around much, but they old man taught me through living by example. Senior stockbroker at a top firm, different hot bitch, more money than he knew what to do with. His name opens more than a few doors, too, which is more or less how I find myself at such a choice school without barely lifting a finger and afforded a few other... fringe benefits.

Which brings me back to economics, Intro to Securities Trading. Econ was my major, and I was graduating next year, but I'd barely been to a class all semester. See, the class was mostly TA led, and my TA was a senior econ major with Wall Street ambitions who just happened to have a killer body and a firm pair of tits.

“Have you ever heard of Sy Waterford?” I'd asked after the first session when the other students had cleared out.

That was all it took to have her lips around my cock whenever I wanted and a guaranteed A in the class. I cruised by the classroom after hanging around at the house for an hour getting my morning drinking in.

Class had finished five minutes ago, she was just packing up her materials when I walked in the door.

“Good morning Ms. Rosen!” I chirped when I came in. She jumped and turned to look at me, her whole body seeming to slump and diminish when she realized it was her favorite student. I plopped down in the front row of seats about 10 feet away from her. She was dressed up for Friday, rocking a pair of dangerous heels and a tight skirt that showed off the curves of her ass. I was already getting hard.

“And how was class today?” The question was purely rhetorical, like I give a fuck about class, and Erica was already starting to unbutton her blouse and walk over to me. I pulled my cock out of my pants and smirked like the asshole I was.

She got down on her knees in front of me and started sucking with energy, smearing her red lipstick on my dick. I just leaned back and rested my hands on her dark brown ponytail.

“That's right, Erica,” I said. “Just keep sucking like that and you'll go straight to the top.” Seeming to miss my very clear instructions she pulled her head off my dick while still jacking me off.

“Mark you have been talking to your Dad, right. I graduate in a month and my parents say I need to get a job right away. He says I'm in?” I was just kind of annoyed more than anything. She'd interrupted a perfectly good blowjob to ask this.

“Yeah I've been talking to him, he says your resume's at the top of the pile. Someone should call you pretty soon for an interview.”

“Good,” she said, and got back to sucking me off. I hadn't lied to her. I'd told my dad all about the hot slut who'll take any dick to get ahead. He'd seemed very interested, but it probably wasn't the type of position she was expecting. Dad always said the only place for a woman in finance is bent over his desk, taking his load.

Her tongue flicked over my head as her mouth slid up and down, gently sucking, and after about five minutes I was close to cumming.

“Your choice,” I asked, “You want to swallow or take it on the face?” It was the least I could do. She gave a stifled grunt and kept sucking, so I figured she had opted to swallow. I pushed her golden head down onto my cock and fired my seed down her throat, rocking my hips into her face with every blast. She did give
very good blow jobs. After a few months of practicing on me she could take me completely into her throat.

She’d probably have a much better future if she just became a whore full time. I'm sure my dad would make some recommendations in exchange for some pro bono work.

Erica finished swallowing my load and pulled her head up, her lipstick was smeared and she wiped drops of my jizz from her mouth with the back of her hand. Her round, perky, tits were uncovered beneath her half-unbuttoned shirt.

“That was great babe.” I said putting my dick back in my pants. “Just make sure you do that in the interview.” She looked disappointed and exasperated. “See you Monday!”
I left. Biology was a useless general education class, but it was full of fine looking women I might want to fuck one day, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss.


At around seven o’clock I found myself balls deep in Sophie Cirraux backstage at the Francis Cohen theater. Sophie was an actress and her father was a senator or congressman or something. For her 16th birthday he’d bought her a pearl necklace and a tit job, so it’s not hard to guess what her particular issues might be.

They were great tits, too. The finest money can buy. You’d never know they were fake unless you felt them. Taken her from a B-cup to a D-cup, or so I’d been told. Sophie was the closest thing I had to a “girlfriend” but “top bitch” is really a more appropriate phrase. I was fairly certain she was blowing her director, among other members of the faculty and student body.

Curtain was in an hour, but Sophie always liked to get fucked before she went on stage. She said it calmed her down, so I was more than happy to help her out. I had her sitting on a makeup counter in a dressing room, almost a closet, really, with her back against the mirror, her ankles put up around my neck.

“Oh god daddy you’re such a stud. Harder!” She moaned, and I thrust for her cervix, hitting the back of her slit. She gasped at the new pain.

Her cunt was tight and wet, her curly gold hair a bouncy mess on top of her head. We’d been at it for about 20 minutes, seguing from one athletic position to another. She’d already came once. I was trying to get her there one more time before I blew it.

“Yeah, bitch! You like that dick?” I grunted. “You want my jizz, bitch?”

“Yeah daddy,” she groaned back. “Fill me with it.”

“Show me you want it little slut. Cum for me one more time.” I grabbed her big fake tits and squeezed them. Sophie shuddered and began to orgasm with a whimper. Her legs contracted around my head, pulling me right up against her. I relaxed my guard and filled her womb with my hot jizz.

“Yes daddy yes, put it all in me. Get me pregnant, daddy!”

That kind of pregnancy bullshit would worry me with a random hookup. “Never worry about getting her knocked up,” I frequently told pledges, “but Jesus fucking Christ never cum in a bitch that might keep it. Or if you do, do it 2,000 miles away and never tell her your last name.”

With Sophie’s that wasn’t a problem. Her special daddy had already paid for seven abortions already, dating back to eighth grade. It was all part of their fucked up little game. We’d been fucking on and off for about a year and a half, and I was responsible for four of those little “accidents.” It was almost a point of personal pride.

She finished her climax and kept herself wrapped around me as I worked out the last few jets.

“Oh god Mark that was so hot.” I pulled out and stepped back. Sophie was completely naked except for that pearl necklace, and I could see my cum start to drip from her shaved pussy. I grabbed my shirt and pants from where I’d thrown them to the ground.

“Hey. I do what I can.”

“I’ve got two shows tomorrow and one on Sunday. Are you down?”

“I’ll see if I’m busy, babe.” It’s always important that your women know that you’re more important to them than they are to you.

Sophie frowned. I finished getting dressed and opened the door.

“Break a leg, or whatever.”

I left her there, naked and pouting, maybe if I held out I could get her to offer me anal. I try to play these things by ear.

While leaving, I walked past the open dressing room door of one of Sophie’s co-stars. Natalie, or Nicole or something. I knew she was a sophomore, but I’d never realized that she was hot, too. She was standing by the makeup chair with a corset on, and it pushed her small tits into heaving mounds that rose and fell with every breath. Her waist was small and her hips flared in just the right ways into a flowing skirt. I practically did a double take as I walked by the door.

I knocked on the door frame. She looked up from her phone. Short brown hair framed a face with wide, chocolate eyes. She looked innocent; I was going to make her less so.

“Hey, I’m Mark,” I said, stalking forward and extending my hand.

“Hi.” She said, jarred. “I’m, uh, Naomi.” Naomi, shit that’s right. She took my hand limply.

“I was just walking by.” I took a step closer to her again. I was closer now than I would be to, say, a brother, but it was all part of the plan. “And I realized that if I just walked past without telling you how unbelievably sexy you were.” She maybe-subconsciously retreated further into the closet/dressing room. I advanced. “I would never forgive myself.”

We made brief, deep eye contact. She had in her eyes that beautiful mix of fear, vulnerability, and primitive lust that all needed to be present for my hard sell to work.

“Oh, thank you,” she stammered out. Now it was all a matter of dialing in the percentages.

“Naomi.” Advancing. “Have you been fucked before?” Retreating.

“Mark, I think you should go.” I was very close to her know, and her voice was shot through with arousal.
Not high and cracking, as if she were very afraid, but low and breathy. Fear goes down, lust goes up. I could feel her breath: rapid, shallow; and her heat.

“Naomi,” Advancing. “I don’t think you really ever have. But I think you want to be.” Retreating. She bumped into the counter, out of room.

I wanted to watch her tits rise and fall as she tried to catch her breath, but I kept my eyes locked in on hers, waiting for that fatal last moment of eye contact. The power of the Gaze, my friend. Read a book sometime.

Naomi murmured something. I knew it was “I do” because it’s always “I do.” She did want to be really fucked, just like they all did. Raped and fucked and filled with babies while I killed mammoths.
She could feel me standing almost on top of her. Feel my power to her weakness. Feel my strength to her frailty. Feel my size when she knew she was so, so small. Feel my cock straining against my jeans, barely grazing her thigh. Lust at 50, vulnerability at 40, fear at 10: all systems go.

She turned her head at last back up at me. Locking her eyes into mine. It was all over now.

I gripped her arms in my hands and pulled her mouth to mine suddenly, violently. She melted in my arms.
My tongue ripped through her lips and fucked her mouth like she knew I was going to fuck her.

I grabbed the top of her corset and ripped it open halfway down. Buttons skittered across the floor and her chest expanded, taking in the breath she’d been struggling for. Her breasts spilled out of the gap. Her tits were girlish but shapely. Her nipples were hard and rose colored.

I flipped her around and her upper body basically collapsed onto the counter, thrusting her hips toward me. Perfect. I threw her skirt onto her back and ripped her barely-there panties off, not down, all the fucking way off. In the mirror I could see her screwing her innocent doe-eyes shut, waiting for my opening thrust.

Naomi screamed when I entered her. This was too animal for ladylike moaning. Her cunt was narrow, tight, deep smooth, hot, and fucking monsoon wet. Even though I’d just came a bucket in Sophie I knew this couldn’t last long.

Fears that I wouldn’t be able to get her off before breaking myself disappeared when she started gasping, mewling, and finally erupting in a fit of spasmodic ecstasy. Her pussy tightened on my cock and I was floored at how sudden and violent my own orgasm was. Sticky seed exploded out of me into Naomi before I could get a grip on myself.

It felt like someone had snuck up behind me and jabbed a syringe of morphine into my neck. I grabbed a fistful of skirt and rode her, pumping uncontrollably until I was spent.

We were both out of breath and only stayed upright out of inertia. I leaned over to her ear and whispered.

“That’s what it’s like.”

I not-so-gently pushed her into the makeup chair so she could recover, I saw those gorgeous eyes look at me and it was so beautiful it almost broke my empty black heart. Her smile was ragged, blissful.

“Take care of yourself, babe,” I said, I feeling like God.

I staggered to the door. Standing at this fucking Gate of Horn which, I only now realized had been wide open for the duration, was none other than Ms. Cirraux herself, half dressed.

Her eyes were red and watery. She looked broken in smudged mascara. My poor little Sophie apparently wasn’t too pleased that I had fucked her costar before my cum was dry inside her, or that she had just stood there and watched it happen. I closed Naomi’s door behind me and slipped my dick back into my pants.

Life sucks doesn’t it Sophie? But hey, at least you can always suck off the president of the University again, or maybe ask daddy to bump it up to double D’s and fuck you like you always wanted. She’ll bounce back; she usually does.

“Hey,” I said, putting my hand on her shoulder as she sniveled. “You know the rules of the game. We don’t make promises to each other.” Shockingly, this did not appear to comfort her. Oh well! Can’t win ‘em all.

“See you tomorrow then,” I said, cheerfully.

I walked, practically skipped, down the hallway towards the exit. Today had been one of my all-time great Fridays. Four different bitches only tied my record, but hey, there was still TKP tonight.

TKP was a fucking madhouse. I was standing at the bar at the edge of our dance floor giving consul to a freshman pledge. The guy just couldn’t get laid if his dick were solid gold. I, as a wizened sage in the art, took it upon myself to school him in these matters.

“No not her,” I told him, referring to slim blonde drinking a vodka and red bull. We were scouting out targets. “She gave Nate herpes last year. Bad mojo.” This was a total lie. I’d fucked that girl last semester and she was both an amazing lay and monumentally slutty, but I have to keep the young wolves away from my territory. This isn’t an entirely noble enterprise.

“Alright what about her?” He’d pointed at an Indian girl I knew in passing. Skinny like you could wrap your hand around her waist, with a model face and trim body.

“High degree of difficulty there, bro,” I said. “Indian girls hate giving it up, a lot of guilt. And it looks like you’ve got competition.” She had a few other satellites in orbit. Coming in to talk to her then drifting out among the crowd. Repeat ad infinitum. Once you do this long enough, you pick up on the patterns.
“But man, I would really like to fuck her.”

“Yeah you and everyone else here. I’ll find someone else.” My heart went out to him.

“Jake.” I put my arm around his shoulder and gestured at the floor with my beer. “You can do anything you put your mind to. You can fuck anyone.” Yeah I hadn’t exactly brought my “A” game to this pep-talk so far, but I was about to turn it up.

“How?” Brian asked, hope in his face.

“Never take no for an answer. Never let her talk to other guys for more than three sentences. Act first, think later. Lead and make her follow. And never, NEVER, walk away until you’ve finished fucking her.

Simple stuff, really.” I should put this on a business card I had to say it so often.

“That seems kind of… shady.” Ah sweet, naïve youth.

“Shady doesn’t exist, Jake. We’re in a game preserve buddy, and everyone here is either the hunter or prey. Not everyone knows it, but it’s the truth. Look at her right now. She’s the hunter, and she’s got the prey fucking circling around her, eating out of her hand. Now maybe she’ll take the kill shot on one of them, or maybe she’ll just let them back into the wild. When you’re the hunter, you get to make that decision.

“What you do is show her that you’re her hunter, and she’s your prey. If she doesn’t start running to your blind then you have to work harder: stalk her through the woods, follow the blood trail, get your kill. We’re all prey to someone or another, and it doesn’t matter if we’re eating from the trap or sprinting through the woods, prey is prey, and prey doesn’t get to make the decisions. Prey gets eaten or prey gets away, but because it never had the choice, it was always dead. How it dies doesn’t even matter.”
Sometimes I even surprise myself.

Brian let it all sink in. He nodded slowly. I clapped him on the back.

“Ready to get your kill?”


“Then do it.” I pushed him away from the bar in the general direction of where the bitch was standing. The kid didn’t even look back. I had complete confidence.

That just left me to find my prey. Nutting four times in four different girls tied my record, not to mention obliterating most guys’ (no, it doesn’t count if you pull out. What am I, thirteen?), but I’d sooner start fucking dudes than let a night at TKP go by without bagging a new young cunt. Maybe a little warm up would help me grab that fifth.

I spied Erica on the dance floor. She was with a guy I guessed was her boyfriend. Real preppy looking asshole, no threat there. I worked my way through the crowd until I was standing next to them, they hadn’t noticed my.

“Good to see you tonight, Erica,” I said, yelling above the dance music. She jumped when she saw me.

“Mark!” she said. “I, uh, forgot you were a brother here.” She must have. Something tells me that she wouldn’t be too keen to run into me in an extracurricular capacity. Her guy looked a little confused, Erica looked panicked.

“This is…” gesturing at the guy.

“Oh, this is Sean, he’s my, uh, boyfriend.” He nodded at me. “Sean, this is Mark.” I shook his hand much more tightly than he did mine.

“Right. Great,” I dismissed him and leaned into Erica’s ear. “Why don’t we go somewhere off to the side?”
She paled.

“Mark I can’t right now I’m with Sean. I-” Erica was too smart to waste my time like this. We both knew what was going to happen. I leaned in again.

“Look if you don’t want the job that’s fine, but it feels like you’ve put in a lot of work to lose it so close.” I just stared at her. She fought against herself in her head, but her face showed that she had already lost. She looked at her boyfriend.

“Sean I just need to go talk to Mark about something really fast,” she said.

“Now?” he said in response. He didn’t get it, yet.

“Yes now. I’m sorry I’ll meet up with you soon.”

I was already dragging her through the crowd towards the bathrooms. I pulled her into a men’s stall and shut the door. She’d changed her pencil skirt to a pair of leggings, so I pulled those down and turned her against the door.

I entered her and she grunted at the force and of my penetration. I pounded her pussy for a few minutes, and while she felt great like always, her body was stiff and she wasn’t putting in any effort into this little menage. Well if she’s going to be a bitch about it...

I reached around under her shirt and bra at her C-cup tits and gripped them in my fists. Erica gasped in pain and bucked under me. That’s better. I continued to abuse her breasts while I pumped her. She whimpered and mewled but didn’t complain. It became pretty clear that she wasn’t going to cum, so I shot it in her cunt without hesitation. It was a minor, but alright orgasm given the circumstances.
When I pulled out and released her chest she pulled up her leggings and stormed out without a word.

Fuck you too, Rosen.

Putting myself back together, I headed back into the jungle for girl five. I decided that answers are best found within oneself, and asked myself what kind of girl I was really in the mood for tonight. I’d had athletic, bimbo, waif, and now Jewish twice. I grabbed another drink while I thought.

What I needed was a classical girl. Curvy with big, fleshy breasts, and I thought I saw a girl that looked right. She had long red hair and a pale, freckly face with a cute button nose. She had wide hips, thighs, but a narrow waist. Best part, she was already so drunk her tits, which I pegged at DD, were basically spilling out of her shirt. This would be easy.

I came on soft, not too pushy. I have a deep war chest of hard-sell tactics, but when there’s a mark as easy as this one, I can do finesse work. She was sloppy and her friends weren’t going to try to protect the weakest of the herd. I brought her a drink, then another 15 minutes later, then I was sucking on her exposed nipples in the middle of the room and rubbing her cunt through her jeans.

I led her up the stairs to my room. In the hall I passed Brian getting his dick sucked by that Indian slut. Way to be, Brian.

I threw open my door and pulled the girl (Kara?) inside. She half jumped half fell onto my bed, where we began tearing clothes off, violently. She took off her shirt and bra, DDD would have been a better guess. I pulled off her pants, then my own with my boxers. I dove on top of her and stuck my hand into her trimmed bush, feeling how Kara’s body jerked and tongue seized as I prodded her clit, her lips, the inside of her cunt.

Her nipples were hard at the tips of her huge, pale tits. I sucked and nibbled on them when my mouth wasn’t on hers. Her flesh was exquisite. She was juicy and tender, but without an ounce of fat anywhere there shouldn’t be.

My hand between her creamy thighs flicked her clit, and she came suddenly, squealing like a pig as her juices ran over my hand. She pulled my hair, grabbed her tits, and writhed on my bed in climax. When she came down she seemed to sink into the mattress and her jiggling mounds slowly came to rest.

I wriggled out of my boxers and freed my erect cock. Now it was time to get mine. I reached for her sticky panties and began to pull them down when she stopped my hand.

“Nuh uh,” she cooed. “You can’t put it in me. But I’ll jerk you off and you can come on my tits.” She pushed them together and smiled a smile I think was supposed to be cute. I couldn’t believe this bitch. I hadn’t been jerked off since Cindy McAvoy gave me a handjob behind the playground in 6th grade, and after I’d taken her virginity 15 minutes later, I never wanted to be again. Maybe she was joking.

“Hilarious, babe, I’m laughing on the inside,” I said and pulled her underwear down to mid-thigh, she closed her thighs and pushed my hands away.

“I’m serious,” Kara said. “I don’t let any guy put his cock in my pussy.” I stared, blankfaced.

“Well does that mean you take it up the ass?” She laughed.

“Silly! No one actually does that.” Christ, I never should have fingered her. Slams get entitled when you let them cum first like that. Okay this would require some emergency measures. I swung my leg over her clasped thighs and pinned her wrists above her head. Her face started to change from playful to worried.

“Look, Kara.” Maybe I could still save this. “I bring you up here, I make you cum. I get to fuck you. That’s how this works. Now will you open your legs for me or do I have to make you?” She was angry now.

Come on, bitch, just say okay and spread.
“Get your hands off me,” she said “First off, my name is Claire. Second, I don’t have to do anything for you.” I almost rolled my eyes.

“Yeah. Yeah you do,” I told her. “You have to open your cunt and let me cum inside you, but you wouldn’t do that so now you’re getting raped.” Anger dissolved into fear as she realized the reality of her situation.

“Wh-what?” she said, starting to snivel.

“Yeah shit luck, right? Anyway, just shut up and lie there. It only hurts if you try to fight me. Are you on the pill?” She just started crying. “Alright, well then I hope you know a good doctor, because I have strong sperm.”

I moved one hand to her throat and started pushing her legs apart with my other. When she didn’t cooperate I tightened my grip on her windpipe and her thick legs fell apart at my touch. Her panties slid off easily and I took my place between her thighs, cupping my other hand around her bouncy left tit.

My cock slipped into her pussy and drove in six inches before finding her cervix. Claire was still bawling.
After a couple of minutes they usually just get kind of glazed.

I fucked her hard and rough, hitting her end with every stroke. After a little while Claire had stopped making noise, but tears still dripped from her eyes. I was really enjoying her body. Her fleshy softness seemed to envelop me when I sank into it, and those world-class tits rocked and bounced with every thrust. I played with that left one, pinching her nipple and seeing how far the tit could stretch, twist, and bounce back after hard smacks.

Claire kept her arms limply at her side while I raped her. The crying had stopped and the dead-eyed shock set in. I was looking into her eyes while I felt her body bounce against me every time I dipped into her. Without warning, she jerked her arm across her body and slapped me in the face.
In immediate response I gripped her throat and hit her with my right hand, twice as hard as she had hit me. She started crying again, but smashing my hand into her adorable face felt very good.

“You want to play rough?” I snarled. “Well I can do that, too.” I hit her again and slightly cut off her airway with my palm on her throat. She audibly choked. I tightened the grip. I backhanded her across the cheek but before I could draw back again I was wracked with the force of my ejaculation.

I lost all strength and collapsed into Claire’s soft flesh. My cock shot volley after volley of sperm into her cunt, while I couldn’t do anything except spasm with my whole body and rest my head on Claire’s shoulder. Even after my cock had started to wither and only a few drops kept oozing out of my head, I just laid on top of her and felt like I was dead. She was still crying, but softly, desperately.

When I’d sufficiently enjoyed my afterglow I rolled off Claire and cradled her body with mine, my hand fell to rest on a soft tit.

“Rapist,” she whispered between sobs. The word still didn’t hurt.

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