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I squint before hearing a door open and in walks Marcus in his black suit. Chairs appear and he begins to talk. "Look kid, I don't know what's going on anymore than you do here. Usually the dead can't enter the living unless the living person's soul has already left that body. I saw a door in you and I took it. I'm here now, we can fight. It will tear your body apart but you can probably kick me out...
I've long thought myself mad. I mean, I've got to be crazy to do what I want to do...

"Charles! Wake up! It's time to get to school for your field trip to the museum!"

My step-mom shouts at the top of her lungs on this warm Saturday morning. "Alright Claire! I'm up. Have you cooked breakfast?"

I yell back down to her. No reply. She hates it when I call her Claire. The way I see it, she's not my mother until she's earned it.

I throw back my Doctor Who bed sheets and am immediately assaulted by the warmth of the sun's light beaming through my window.

I sigh and take it in. Feeling it's rays energize me like a plant. Not just any plant, a tree. An Oak tree. Sturdy. That's me alright.

I smile somberly as I make a nice attempt at a muscle. Flexin on em! I'm not overly muscular but I'm also not weak. It fits for me. I chuckle and stand up to slip on some basketball shorts and then a pair of loose jeans.

I sleep in my boxers for this very purpose. Everything's faster in the morning when you don't have to take off clothes just to put more on.

I play with my flat stomach for a bit before slipping on an abandoned hoodie and walking out of my room to the bathroom.

I look into the medicine cabinet mirror and smile. If I've got one thing going for me it's my face. I'm fucking beautiful.

My shade of skin makes my brown eyes shine even when they shouldn't. I'm slightly darker than caramel coloring on lighter skinned guys.

I really like it. I smooth out my shoulder-length twists/dreads so that they lay over my hood before grabbing my toothbrush and brushing my teeth.

I hurry downstairs after finishing my oral hygiene tasks and I smell the breakfast I'd been waiting for.

I quickly tie my dreads back into their usual ponytail and sit down at the kitchen table.

I didn't even realize I'd walked into the kitchen. Honestly? I'd be so much sexier if I didn't LOVE food.

My step-mother Claire has just departed to work. You want me to call you mother? How about you sit down and eat with me?

I sigh and wolf down the eggs, biscuits, and sausage before grabbing my phone and car keys and leaving the house in favor of my Bumblebee styled camaro.

It's old, but it's still beautiful. Once driving, I start to think about the field trip my class is taking. The museum? Who the fuck thought it'd a fun for teenagers to go to a museum?

I wouldn't even be going if it weren't for Jasmine. My best friend Jasmine Marlo, practically blackmailed me into coming with her. Big nerd, she is. Me? I prefer to sit back, roll up, and watch DBZ over and over again.

Guess I'm kind of a nerd myself? I don't know. Don't really care about things like social status; Although I would kill to get a shot at a couple of choice cheerleaders. The James Woods High Sparrows can most certainly get it. My school is about 15mins from my house by car.

Still having around 7 minutes I leave my thoughts to themselves and turn on the radio. Drake's All Me is playing and I bob my head. I enjoy a wide range of music. My taste is so wide I'd probably be a producer if it weren't for my extreme laziness. I've got ears for talent though. Pulling up to my school. I see the school bus and see Jasmine boarding.

I scramble to turn off my car and run to the bus to secure my seat with her. I'm not too popular with the girls and sitting by her makes me happy. I'm also her impromptu bodyguard. Guys don't mess with her when we're together.

I jump on the bus after confirming with my teacher, Mrs.Wils. I plop down next to Jas and she smiles brightly before hugging me hard.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She says over and over again before releasing me. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're welcome Jas. Just remember, you owe me."
"Yes, I know! Oh my god can you believe it? The museum just got a new mythology section. I heard they found several artifacts from all over the world right here in our town. I mean how can that be?.."
I let her drone on about the new additions to the museum as I space out. The bus is soon filled with everyone from our class and we are on our way. The ride is rough and bumpy and Jas falls on my lap on several occasions. She apologizes but each time she lays there a little longer. Does Jas like me? I quickly trounce that thought and enjoy the ride.

My peaceful reverie is broken as I notice Jas has stopped talking. I also enjoy her silence a bit. I enjoy it thoroughly until Sam Riker walks up to our seat. "Jasmine, hey. When are you going to start hanging with me? I know you look at me in class." He smiles crookedly and I glare at him. He ignores me and continues. "Come on Jasmine, come sit with me." she ignores him further and he reaches for her arm.

At this point I've had enough. I have almost zero tolerance for guys who fuck with my best friend. I grab his arm and pull him into the aisle."Leave her alone Sam. She's sitting with me." He wrenches his wrist free of my grip and walks back to his seat muttering. I believe I hear him call me a faggot but I shrug it off.

We finally arrive at the Moore's Town museum and the bus creaks to a stop. Someone really needs to oil those wheels. We depart from the bus and I look up at the big white building. Something about it un-nerves me but I shrug off the feeling. We are paired and as luck would have it I'm with Jas.

Still not sure if that's good or bad. "Alright everyone. Back here at 2:15! Have fun!" Mrs. Wils says as she walks off with our bus driver. Are they going to mess around?

Now that I think of it, Mrs. Wils is very attractive. She's fucking sexy. How have I not noticed her before? Maybe it's this atmosphere. I don't know.

What I DO know is that today Mrs. Wils is wearing a sensible thigh length black skirt. There are cuts about an inch up the sides. She is also wearing a black blouse with all the buttons up. Despite her attempts to look scholarly, you can still tell she has a fine ass body.

Her ass puts most of the girls in this very class to shame. "Charles! HELLO? Earth to retard, come on. I want to check out the new exhibits." I glare at her a bit before smiling.

"Fuck you, let's go. I want to go home already. Vamanos amiga." I playfully shove her towards the new stuff while I continue to fantasize about Wils.

She grabs my wrist and drags me with her. As soon as we enter the exhibit room. Something changes. I come back to reality to see that everyone is frozen. Jas is still holding my hand but not moving. She got frozen in mid step.

I grab my wrist free and look all around me. It looks like everything and everyone are frozen in time and space. I take a deep breath and walk further past Jas, into the room. "What the fuck is going on.." I think out loud. Suddenly a man appears a few feet in front of me.

He looks around before stopping his gaze on me. His skin is glowing faintly and I have to blink a few times to get used to the shimmer. He is wearing a business suit and looks very dapper. He certainly has good taste I think to myself.

His eyes go wide as starts looking around more frantically. I debate on whether I should try to talk to him. His skin is fucking GLOWING. Everyone is frozen. He's not normal, this museum definitely isn't normal. Why can I move?

Shouldn't I be frozen as well? What the fuck..I ferry these thoughts to and fro in my head until a loud shout brings me back to the scene. "Cyrus come on! How long are you going to stay down? We've got to catch Marcus!" I hear this girl's shout before I hear her run into the room.

I stay still and pretend to be frozen. Just for the hell of it. Why not right? As soon as she enters, the shimmering guy, whom I assume to be "Marcus" looks at me and smiles wickedly before turning into a ball of what looks like fire and hurling himself at me. I freak out and jump out of the way. Forgetting that I was supposed to be frozen.

The loud girl's face looks priceless when I jump. "Why aren't you frozen? Am I getting weaker? Ugh fuck, I'll deal with you in a minute. Marcus! You're going back to Hell you evil fucker!" She exclaims while I watch in wonder as she starts to blow against the fire ball.

It's not normal wind. It's an unearthly wail of wind. If that makes any sense. The ball starts to glow dimmer and dimmer. I stand back up and walk close to study it.

The girl stops blowing long enough to yell, "NO" at me before the ball launches itself into my body at my chest area. I am overcome with pain. It feels like my body is splitting apart. I double over and grasp at myself as I reel from the unknown source of pain.


I yell as my body starts to convulse and twist in the worst positions. I continue to scream and I hear a laughing in my head. The voice isn't my own. It's someone else's.

I have an idea who. I stop screaming long enough to yell, "WHAT THE FUCK! WHY ARE YOU INSIDE OF ME?! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?! ARGH." Marcus laughs harder and replies, "Shh, be quiet kid. I'll be here for a long time now. No need for us to fight. Just give me your body for a bit eh?" I hear his request in my head and the pain stops.

I try to stand up but my body doesn't move. I try to talk but I can't. Suddenly my body starts to move on it's own. I stand up and walk over the girl. I sneer in her face. I speak, but my voice is not my own. "Kylie, you failed. I've got a body now. Try and pull me out. I dare you.

You'll kill this boy. Hahaha bye babe." Kylie stands speechless and I take a closer look at the girl. I recognize Ashley Reddburn, why is she here? Why did Marcus call her Kylie? Before I can attempt to ask the still surprised girl, I watch my body walk out of the room. I bump into a boy. He's also not frozen.

He's wearing converse, cargo shorts, and a hoody like mine. He blind sides my body with a right to the face. I feel the impact, and I feel my body hit the wall. My body doesn't move to rub my cheek, or my shoulder where I crashed in the wall from the punch. Instead, Marcus makes me rush at this kid and tackle him to the ground.

I watch helplessly as my fists pound into his face. After about 15 ounches Marcus makes me rise. I/Marcus picks up the boy and tosses him into the room with the girl who recovers and screams. "CYRUS!" She runs to his now sleeping form and glares at me.
"Look Charles, I don't know you. Ashley knows you, but that's not important. I don't know how Marcus is inside of your body, but you need to push him out.

He's a ghost. He died from a mugging and has since been haunting wherever he pleases. He's been interfering in the lives of many people and he needs to go where he belongs. In life he was a womanizer and in death he is torturing the living. Kick him out."
"Kylie dear, I'm not going anywhere. You can give it up. Now that I've got a body again. I'm going to live again. You can't stop me, and neither can this kid." What the's my body. Not his. I close my mental eyes and open them.

When I open them I am in a room. There's nothing here but myself and a table . I stand at the table and the room is blindingly white. I squint before hearing a door open and in walks Marcus in his black suit. Chairs appear and he begins to talk. "Look kid, Id on't know what's going on anymore than you do here. Usually the dead can't enter the living unless the living person's soul has already left that body.

I saw a door in you and I took it. I'm here now, we can fight. It will tear your body apart but you can probably kick me out. I'm new at this. I propose this, you share your body with me. I experience, what you experience. In turn, I'll get you as much pussy as your dick can handle. Agreed?"
"Do I agree? You come into my body, use me to beat the shit out of some kid from my school..and now you're asking me to stay in my body? Why are you even asking when my only real choice is yes.?"
"Like, I said. You CAN push me out. You'd probably die, but I would also be weakened and easy to expell from this world I love so much. I just want us on the same page."
"If you use me or take-over my body anymore I will kick you out. Regardless of what happens to me. Got it?"
"Yeah kid. I got it."
I blink and I am again in control of my body.

Ashley and that kid Cyrus are gone. Everyone unfreezes just as I take my first step. Jas finishes her step and looks at me. "When did you..? Never mind. Look at this Ankh, it's from Egypt. Cool right? Right? Say it's cool..or else.." She threatens me with a smile. You want this one hm?

I hear Marcus in my head and I say no out loud in response to him. Jas punches me in the arm and says whatever before moving on to the next piece. No? I'm part of you now kid. You want that girl. We're going to get her.

I could practically see him smiling in my mind. No, Marcus. Not her, she's my best friend. I think to him/myself. Ah well, all in good time. His easy answer to my rejection worries me but I walk over to Jas anyway and listen to her ramble about some coins from the Mayans or something like that. I am barely paying attention as I start to take in her body.

Jas, is really cute. She's got this little pert nose and bubbly face. I smile just watching her smile. I look over her outfit with new eyes. Marcus's eyes. She is wearing tight jeggings that cling to her shapely ass in the best way.

They are grey and I figure she's wearing a thong because I can't see any panty lines when I glance at her behind in-between exhibits. Her 36 c-cup breasts look delicious in her tank top and short jacket. Her gym shoes contrast to her sexy body. I mentally smack myself. No. Not her. She doesn't even like me. The bus was nothing. Quit lying to yourself, kid.
"Shut up." I say aloud and Jas looks at me stunned.
"Excuse me?" She says with her hand now on her hips.
"Ah, sorry Jas. I was just thinking out loud." I smile. She misinterprets my smile and yells at me,

"So you want me to shut up? Fuck you Charles. I begged you to come on this trip so I could have someone to talk to. Everyone else only came for the extra credit.. No one else would talk to me about this crap but Mrs. Wils and as you can see she's occupied with the fucking bus driver."

As she says this her breasts jump and strain against her black bra under her tank and jacket. Her animated movements cause them to push up and a bit and I can feel my cock stirring. Come on kid, let me at her. I'll calm her down.

You obviously need help. I relent and give him control of my body. I can't have Jes hating me. He wastes no time and takes one of her hands. In my voice I hear, "Jas, I didn't mean for you to shut up talking about the exhibit. I told you I was thinking to myself and it got out loud. I..I wasn't telling you to shut up."
"Well who the fuck else were you talking to, Charles?"

She crosses her arms around her chest and I start to panic a bit. she's really mad. I've never seen her this mad. Was she always this hot?

Marcus replies in my voice, "I was talking to myself, a bunch of stupid questions kept popping up in my head and it was annoying me. One question in particular..." My voice trails off and I see Jas's face soften before she asks what question. "Do you like me?"

Marcus's answer immediately causes me to take control of my body as I watch her hands go to her face in surprise.
"Why do you ask me that? all of a fucking sudden...of course I fucking like you. God you can be such a tool.

You're my best friend. I've liked you for a long time Char.." I smile widely and draw her into a hug. Good job Marcus. Maybe you're not bad after all. Told you.

I can feel Jas's tits pressing into my chest and my boner grows. I'm sure she can feel it."Come on." She says before grabbing my hand and leading me towards a door marked exit. "It's 2:00, we have 15 minutes.." She says beaming at me.

God she's beautiful. Go on kid, giver that 15 min dick down. Shut up Marcus. I manage to think inside of my head this time. I place my hands on her waist and pull her close. I'm a virgin. I tense up with my hands on her waist.

Damn it kid, come on. I feel Marcus tugging at the reigns and I let him have them. "Then let's make good use of it." I hear hime/me say as I drop my hands to her ass and squeeze while nibbling on her neck.

She moans and grinds into me, my cock bulge prodding against her covered cunt. "Are you wearing a thong?" Marcus asks her. "No.." comes her shaky reply. My cock is now hurting in my jeans so I take them off and free it from my boxers. Hearing her say she doesn't have on a thong means that she's not wearing ANY underwear my cock is impossibly hard and standing straight her.

She reaches down and grabs my 6 inch mini me and starts to stroke. I groan at the touch of her light fingers and kiss her before leaning forward to bit her neck again. She moans louder and starts to stroke me faster. I moan loud and move my hands back to her ass to squeeze and knead it.

"Oh Charles..I want you. I've wanted you for so long."

She whispers into my ear. I grind my cock into her covered mound and move my hands inside of them to rub her bare ass. She moans again before grinding herself against my cock.

Now knowing that the only thing separating her from me are her jeggings, I slowly pull them down her curvy thighs. Not all the way.

Just enough rub her pussy while I squeeze her ass and bite her neck. As soon as I make contact with her pussy, I start to rub up and down slowly parting her slit with my index finger.

She moans and grinds against my hand while she puts her hands in my hair and pulls on my dreads.

I growl and rub her pussy harder, taking my flick her little hard clit when it pops out. She shudders and my hand is flooded with her girl juices as she climaxes on my hand.

She groans and falls against me. My back to the wall. I hold her. I smile inwardly. Marcus returns control to me and I just hug her.

"Come on Jas, we've got to go meet up with the class." I say reluctantly. She nods and pulls some wet wipes from her purse and wipes herself down before pulling her jeggings back and following me inside.

Well kid, how'd you like that?


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2014-01-01 02:21:52
Okay I attempted to read this even though you failed to use any tags, and apparently the main character is gay, I have no problem with gay people or stories but I am not personally turned on by them. I could only get through the first 14 lines before I had to stop. Reading about this guy playing with his own stomach and then getting turned on by looking at his own face and hair in the mirror, was enough to realise his attraction was not aimed at women and so I stopped before It got to explicit for my personal taste. If you had used tags, I would have been warned that even though the title sounded intriguing, this story was not my style of story before wasting my time starting to read it.

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