This is story is 100% true.
This is my true story I've kept to myself long enough. When I was 17, I fucked my Aunt Kim three times. This story is about the first time we fucked. To this day it's still some of the best pussy I've ever had...

This all came about because I gotten myself into some legal trouble ..I was released to my aunts custody on house arrest. Little did we know in court that day id be on house arrest for nearly a year.

My aunt Kim is my moms older sister. I was 17 so she musta been around 40. I'll be the first to admit, my aunt is pretty good looking. She's around 5'7" and 150 pounds. She has an a average ass but set of huge boncy knockers that a hard to keep your eyes off of. Around the time I got put onto house arrest was when my aunt divorced my uncle she'd been married to for almost ten years.

One morning I was walking into our kitchen my boxers, still semi-hard from my morning wood. (Which I didn't realize)
I asked my aunt Kim where the butter for the toast was and when she didn't answer, I looked at her to ask again and that was the first time I caught my aunt checking me out. If u wanna call staring down at my junk checking me out. Neither of us said anything, but that was the first step towards what happened down he road......

After that day I started almost exclusively walking around the house in my boxers. I liked the way it made me feel to know my aunt knew I had a big dick (7.5",thick) a few weeks later I was wearing briefs instead of my normal hanes. Boxers have a looser, more open flap in the front, and because of that I was actually able to "accidently" let my half hard dick flop out In plain site of my aunt Kim. She couldn't have pretended she didn't see if she wanted to. Again nothing was said though....

Another week or two after that incident, my aunt called me into the bathroom one morning while she was gettin ready for work. She was in her bathrobe. Only her bathrobe. She had the top loosely tied and everytime she moved (which seemed almost on purpose) I got a good flash of her firm tits. I noticed her nipples were ROCK hard. She new exactly was she was doing to me and she was loving it..I could tell she had as much fun teasing me and i had teasing her...:)

After a few of these occurrences, it was pretty clear there was mounting sexual tension between us. Remember, I was on hour arrest and she was recently divorced. We both hadnt gotten laid in quite a while. But all it ever was, was a fantasy. I never thought anything would ever come of it...
Another day a week or so later though, something DID happen. We both finaly released our sexual frustrations out on each other. We NEEDED it!

That fatefull day started off with my aunt running around in her bath robe again, in the morning. She was running late for work and was flustered. We were arguing with each other a little bit that morning which added to the (tension) She was rinsing her mouth out in the sink after brushing her teeth, and when she stood up, her right boob plopped out of her robe.! I blantanly looked right at her chest and noticed her nipple was rock hard at attention. She sorta stared at me staring at her breast for about five seconds.... we sorta just paused. Then, Ina move of pure lust, I reached a hand out and filled it with soft flesh. It felt so good in my hand. I'd imagined someday gettin my hands on those titties, and it was actually happening!! I used my thumb and pointer finger to sharply pinch, then twist her nipple. With that, she let out soft moan of pleasure. I pushed her back up against the sink and reached up with my other hand and snatched her robe off. I couldn't believe this was really happening! I had my aunt totally naked and both hands full of her titties. Everything was happening so quick. When she reached down and grabbed my now hard package, I knew there was no turning back. This was goin down, now!

We wasted no time. While she pulled my boxers off, I released my firm grasp her boobs and swung both arms under each of her legs. I picked her up effortlessly, and slammed her on her ass on the bathroom sink. I bent down slighty to pull her legs apart, which she complied with without hesitance. I licked two fingers and forcefully jammed them into my aunts hot snatch. I was pleased to find she was already dripping wet in anticipation of her first cock ina while. I grabbed my dick and slid in a few inches easily. This whole time since her boob fell out we hadn't said ONE word to each other. We both new what we wanted. We needed it. I sunk my manhood in farther with each whap until finally, I'd fed her sopping pussy to the hilt. I arched my back for leverage as i jammed balls deep into my Aunt Kim and begun thrusting, finding my rhythm. The bathroom walls echoed loudly as I pounded her hard "whap whap whap whap whap whap" I gave it everything I had for about two minutes. I felt myself getting close and violently hammered away until I finally exploxed, bursting deep inside her. As i filled my Aunt with my seed, i reached up and turned her head towards mine by her chin...We blissfully stared deep into each others eyes as I finished inside her.. We held each other tight, dripping in each others hot juices for what felt like forever...Finally she broke the silence "welllllll I'm gonna be late for work, I need to get cleaned up and go, k lemme Get dressed"

I stepped out of the bathroom, my mind spinning. I couldnt believe i seriously just fucked my own aunt. My moms sister! Five minutes later or so she came out dressed for the day, ready to leave. We hugged each other tight for a momenent. Then i again turned her chin towards me and kissed each other deeply lost in our own world. "I love you" she said. I told her "I love you too aunt Kim" She said the me, "We'll talk about and figure out everything tonight when I get home tonight, k?" I nodded my head. When she turned around to walk out the door I swung my hand with everything I had, wacking her tight little ass, hard. She let out sexy grunt of approval and gave me a small smile as she left. I watched her ass all the way to the car. Boy oh boy. What had I gotten myself into??? we'd only just begun......;)

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