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An attractive older business woman in New York only wants to return to her expensive hotel room, it is almost midnight. She is tired from a grueling meeting, and do to her inattention has gotten on the wrong subway train!
Rape in The Subway Station

An attractive older business woman after a late night business meeting only wants to return to her expensive hotel room, it is almost midnight. She is tired from the grueling meeting, and do to her inattention has gotten on the wrong subway train late at night. Then realizing her mistake, and in a hurry while talking on her cell phone with a business associate, and still trying to tie up the loose ends of the meeting she realizes her need to use the ladies room at the next stop! But when she gets off of the train it is at a poorly lit deserted station, and do to being tired inters what she thinks is the ladies rest room, it is in a rundown area and do to vandals an graffiti has left these rooms indistinguishable from each other ! But has entered the mens rest room by mistake! There are several young black gang members in the rest room, one is using the urinal and the other washing his hands at the sink! She quickly tries to leave but is stopped by these two and are quickly joined by four others! They had been waiting for their black brothers as they watched her enter, and have jammed the door closed behind them so no one can inter! But at this time of night and the area of the city they are in there is little chance any one would come to her rescue, even if they did hear her screams! They have taken her purse lap top and cell phone!

She had married her husband late in life, and do to her strong conviction for the success of a business woman in a mans world! She was gone a lot on business and does not realize her own sexual needs that have been repressed and pushed aside. Feelings she did not know even existed, that were now going to be awakened in spades, so to speak!

She is screaming kicking and fighting at them not to hurt her, as her business suit jacket is pulled off and her white blouse is ripped open! Now with a black hand over her mouth and the threat of hurting her badly if she does not do what she is told, has with her chest heaving stopped her violent struggling for the most part, as they pull her into the urinal area! More black hands have continued to rip at her modest bra skirt and white panties leaving just remnants of her clothes, and her mostly naked! Once her pussy is bare a black hand starts slapping it and her pubic mound quite harshly! Then more black fingers have found her golden brown well trimmed pubic hair and pulled her mature full meaty cunt lips sadistically apart! She is a 50 yr old tall 5' 9” attractively shaped older woman with large breasts brown hair and a most attractive round ass, and even more appealing to these black gang members is the virgin like white skin of her mature breasts bottom, and pubic area!

Still struggling but not nearly as hard now, as these six young black men are very strong and easily manhandle her leaving her mostly helpless to resist! With her top bare and her big soft beautiful breasts totally exposed one of the men from behind has started squeezing and twisting them as he hugs her naked body to him! Her hands are held helplessly out by others, to either side! The one behind grabs her chin and tries to kiss her, she is unable to twist away from his unpleasant forceful unwanted nasty kiss! This pulling and ripping of her clothes has left her totally naked with the exception of her thigh hi pull up black stockings and polished heels! Part of her ripped white panties is used to make an improvised gag that is duct taped tightly over her red lips and around her neck, to keep her from screaming! More black hands abuse the soft tender flesh of her naked breasts !

The black fingers pull on her nipples sadistically as still others have again found her wet pussy folds and her body subconsciously with no control from her at all starts to give up and no longer resist knowing the inevitable surrender is going to take place in only moments! For those watching it is erotic and perversely stimulating to see? This naked vibrant attractive woman as she, still struggling is turned around and bent over!

This is followed by these black hands harshly groping her bare buttocks and is accompanied by numerous hard bare handed whacks on her bare bottom, and by more than one of these nasty black bastards! The groping and spanking has gone from this, to fingering her cunt slit and folds, as other black hands hold her ass cheeks wide apart allowing dreadful liberties as more long black fingers investigate her now almost dripping vaginal opening ! At the other end pants are unzipped and as others hold her hands tightly behind her back, and twist her so a big black cock can be forced down into her helpless throat!

As if this is not bad enough other harsh black hands are squeezing her hanging down breasts and pulling sadistically at her big nipples! Finally another has stuck his thumb in her tight little asshole and holding her bottom up! Then first probes her with the head of his hard dick into her wet dripping pussy folds! Was it a pleasurable sigh, a moan or a submissive groan that is barely heard from deep in her throat, one that is being massaged by one, and the first of many black hard dicks! Then with black hands on her hips holding her, a helpless gagging groan is also heard as the big black dick in her pussy is shoved in hard all the way, and up to the hilt! Followed by some brutally hard and very nasty fucking!

Harsh helpless face fucking is occurring as her head, that is held tightly to a big hard cock at one end and an even harder home wrecking black cock is pounding her hardly used mature pink pussy,... deeper and deeper at the other! Her bare unencumbered tits are flying around wildly as her ass cheeks are smacked an slapped hard again and again as others wait their turn, that adds to her abusive heartless rape! Squeals of painful abuse and vulgar noise's emit from her as she is forced to comply by voraciously sucking on the first of six big hard black home wrecking cocks! The first two unload, and they are quickly replaced by two others that have been patiently waiting their turn loping their meat at the ready, and the whole sorted affair starts all over again!
For this older woman it is a sea of hard black wagging cocks, and spurting cum! She was swung around first one way so others could use her mouth and ass! Another big cock banged away at her pussy as more gluck, gluck noise's of a less than lady like submissive cock sucker could be heard escaping from her forced open lips! She seemed to have gotten past resisting as her body was now in charge and starting to respond from pent lust! Her hands were now out to either side and were forced to clutch big black dicks as they helped her to jack and stimulate them ever harder! The only time she seemed to resist or be concerned was when one of these nasty men would hold her head down helplessly in a deep throat gagging pinching her nose closed until she would try with all her might to pull away unable to breathe, or when she was really slammed hard from behind! OMG! Was it ever as sadistic brutal thing to watch! Unknown to them a camera had been installed by some gay pervert to video men at the urinals and was recording the entire brutal event! One that the police would later use in trying to identify her assailants!

Gasping and moaning now a bit more pleasurably she was passed to what seemed like another even larger black cock! One had gathered up her hair into a quasi pony tail followed by the biggest of all men had taken his place behind her and thrusted this swollen thing, one that could easily match a donkey's dick! This had brought the pleasurable moans to a quick end as they were replaced by scream after scream as this thing and searing pain was almost ripping her apart! More hands squeezed her hanging exposed breasts as her hands were again held helplessly behind her back! The one behind her with his big donkey dick now all the way in increased his brutal rapid humping of her helpless bare bottom! The sight was perverse harsh and sadistic as the rape continued! Her soft white buttocks would bell out vulgarly and her naked breasts were gyrating around wildly in an unrelenting abusive sexed up pace!

She was finally forced down on her knees and her wrists were helplessly duct taped tightly behind her back,..... and again came the brutal face fucking with her totally helpless to resist! Her nose was forced all the way up, and tightly against his kinky haired pubic bone! For Karen she thought her tortured burning lungs would collapse from lack of air, as she was roughly held firm and then pulled off giving her barely little relief! With her mouth held open another black cock was jacked off into her helpless mouth and the big cock head was then flicked out from in her mouth to the corner of her lips, spraying ejaculating cum all over her face and naked body! Then it was pushed into one side of her cheek bulging it out! Harsh unyielding hands were holding her head tight allowing her no way to move or alter her positing thus leaving her even more helpless than ever! These hands then descended to her throat trying along with the large cock in it to seal off her ability totally to breathe as her nose was again held tightly closed in some sort of sadistic breath play ? Her tear filled eyes were getting bigger and bigger and her lungs were starting to burn and she started to pass out with the world going grey, and was enveloped in helpless euphoric bliss unable to do anything, as she experienced an incredible mind blowing oxygen starved orgasm! Just before and what she thought would be her last breath she was pulled free for the moment!

This cock was only replaced by another that was intent to finish what the one before had started! It seemed like the face fucking would never end as soon as one abused and squirted its cum , another would quickly follow! Back and forth they went as none seemed to ever be satisfied as she was passed from one black brother to another! Some of the men were entirely naked and others only had their pants down, but all six of them took more than one turn on her naked submissive female form with her on her knees , and hands duct taped tightly behind her back these vile men were using her pretty face as a well used succulent sucking pussy to pleasure them!

More and more nasty face fucking occurred as one of the gang has slipped under her and has impaled her on his big black dick, then was screaming at her to ride it! For her it was a rape scene that no woman could ever imagine, in their wildest dreams! But imagination had little to do with it as this was stark reality?...Then with a threat to cut her tits off, and as a switch she was presented with several sets of big cum filled kinky haired black balls to suck on!

Not wanting to do such a nasty revolting thing she did the best she could to twist away, but helplessly forced to finally swallow and suck on each of the big hairy balls, with the big cock head hitting all over her face! Finally she was lifted up and fuck walked over to one of the urinals with her wrists still duct taped behind her back with the silver 3-M duct tape, then bent over with her head in between the porcelain to where she could see and smell the stench of rusty yellow brown dried piss that was all around the edges of the dirty putrid urinal!

The smell to Karen was nauseating, but also strangely sexually intoxicating, and with her head against it someone flushed the urinal! This had left her beautiful brown expensively styled hair, head and face wet as she stood bent over shivering with her toes pointed in, and a big black cock deep in her pussy! This had forced her head firmly against the water that continued to dribbling down after the urinal had been flushed totally humiliating her as she was hard fucked from behind! One big black male had pulled her by the hair back against him and thrusted his big cock all the way up and into her! The result had lifted her up and away from the urinal to where her toes even in hi heels were just barely touching the dirty tile floor! Part of her ripped business suit dress was used to dry her hair and face! This was an incredible sight even to his gang banging brothers as she was held up off the floor by only his hard meat and her long brown hair!

Now forced down on her knees again, she was only confronted by another big black and very hard cock to suck! OMG! She thought how many more, the six men that had taken turns now seemed to be well over a dozen, or were there a dozen her mind and abused body had lost count some time ago? For a moment part of her ripped clothes were used as a blind fold that was tightly tied around her head leaving her unable to see,! Oh? What were they going to do next? More glucking face fucking deep throat abuse was to follow unseen! Again one big cock after another as they took turns forcing each one deep into her throat right up to their hairy balls! In between she started to plead then beg OMG! No more please no more, I cant, please don't make me, all this had done was to incite them to be ever more harsh and brutal!

With her wrists still taped tightly behind her back she was held down tightly against the cold and dirty tile floor! One had her head between his knees and had arched it up by the neck and had easily placed it deep in her abused throat leaving her nowhere to go and him unyielding! With her bare bottom firmly against the tile floor her legs still with the thigh hi pull up stockings and polished heels were now held wide apart as the gang member with the biggest donkey dick was going to really work her over good! There was no way she could move and the only thing between her cunt and unyielding tile floor was the softness of her white fleshed bottom!

This was rape and at its most sadistic and brutal height no respite was given as she gagged and choked helplessly with her upside down view of his black hairy legs balls and butt crack and his cock deep in her throat could only choke and groan as the first of six young black men ones with big cocks and incredible stamina pounded her pussy with her bottom firmly against the hard floor!

At the very last she was placed on her knees with her back against one of the urinals and her wrists ducted taped tightly together, then tied up above her head to the pipes and with her toes in the drain at the bottom of this urinal ropes had run around her knees and then pulled them wide apart that had left her gaping well used cunt vulgarly wide open and dripping an enormous amount of cum! As a parting shot they had all taken turns jacking off and as one held Karen's mouth open, and each had tried to fill it full of cum! After the last had squirted off they had duct taped her mouth shut making it impossible for her to spit any of the nasty gooey cum out! This had forced her to actually swallow all of it in order to regain any relief! The very last thing they did to her was put duct tape over her eyes and had taken all of her clothes purse and cell phone, this was about 4:00 am in the morning and with the restroom door still jammed shut had hung a made up out of service sign that had taken until noon the next day for someone to finally investigate and find her!

A rescue ambulance and paramedics took her to the emergency room it was obvious she had been brutally raped and they had taken so many samples of semen that were mixed together that made it difficult to get a good DNA reading! It was an incredible sight of her being brutally raped by these young black gang members and how bruised and beaten her body especially her breasts ass and her pussy that was now destroyed and would take several months to heal and return to its original size plus she was continuing to burp and cough up cum for weeks after the rape! This vivid and in color video was one that I would get to see over and over as the police in a perverse sort of way wanted me to watch it thinking I could some how come up with why and how it had happened? We of course lived in Ohio and my wife was in NYC on business at the time, but we had both been invited to the station near where it had happened during the investigation and I had went also to support my wife through this terrible ordeal as she was having a hard time dealing with it!

They say lightning does not strike twice in the same place but my wife I found out later had been raped before as a young women at a college campus fraternity party! And that this latest rape was only the start of several more that by chance would happened to her!......

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