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Beth and Jericho's relationship is expanding
Chapter 4:

Beth made her way into town, she wanted to do something special for her son or her now lover. She blushed when she thought back to this morning, how he couldn’t get enough of her body, of her in general.
Beth turned her car into the parking lot, which was surprisingly empty for this time, she found an easy spot to park, as her car had a disabled sticker on it. The wind flowed through her hair and she pulled out a hair tie out and did her hair up.
“Beth is that you?” a familiar voice called out to her, she turned to see her sister, one of many, the tall one, out of 4, Isabelle.
“Hey Isabelle, how are you, what are you doing here?” Beth asked, reaching up and hugging her sister and going towards a bench so they could talk.
“I’m about to get lunch, want to join me?” Isabelle asked, rubbing her stomach in the process.
“sure i’m starving myself” Beth replied with a friendly smile.

It took them ten minutes to decide together what they actually wanted to eat, they sat down and ordered and when the waiter walked away, Beth looked at how beautiful her sister was. Isabelle was the oldest of all 4 sisters. She was 41 years old, curvy, blonde hair, she was a little bit of a hippy clothing wise and by the smell of her, also life style wise and she was single. Had been for 11 years, since her husband died in a car accident.

“So how is my favourite little sister?” Isabelle teased, out of jest, she loved her sister, and knew she was concious on her condition.
“I’m really, really good. I havent been this good in years” Beth admited, feeling all tingly as she spoke. She bit her bottom lip, as she thought about what she and her son had been doing all morning.
“You’ve had sex. Come on out with it!!” Isabelle shocked her sister. Isabelle always knew when her sister got laid, as she always bit her bottom lip, she knew when she was 18 and lost her virginity to the boy next door.
“um...wha? how do you...?” Beth was lost for words, and didn’t know if she could trust her sister with the truth. Luckily the waiter came back with their drinks, so Beth took a mouthful and so did her sister.
“Go on spit it out, i know it hasn’t been your husband, so who is the lucky man?” Isabelle glared at her sister, putting the pressure on her.
“Ok, but you can’t tell anyone......His name is...Jericho” Beth whispered, not knowing who was around that would know that she was his mother.
“No way” was all that Isabelle could say, her eyes were open in shock and she couldn’t believe her.
“Its true and...”
“Fuck how lucky are you. I’m more jealous than anything. That boy has turned out hot. I see him on Facebook and like i said, i am fucking jealous.” Beth grinned at how her sister was acting.
“Believe me, he’s bigger and better than my husband. And he knows how to make me cum” Beth bragged, getting wet at what she was saying.
“Do you think he’d be up for sharing?” Isabelle asked, seeing how far she could actually go.
“I’ll ask him later, but for now he’s all for me” Beth replied confidently, licking her lips as their food came.

Jericho woke up, he was hungry and also horny again, his cock was rock hard as he pulled the blankets off himself.
Jericho put on a shirt and a pair of boxers and went downstairs to see if his mother was home, he chuckled to himself, as he had gone through 3 shirts alone today. He saw the note on the counter, read it and frowned a little that she wasn’t here to play with, instead Jericho went to the fridge and made himself a sandwhich with what was left over from last night.
“Well, time to watch porn” Jericho said to himself, he went upstairs to his room and clicked out of his previous porn video and searched for some bondage stuff, as he wanted to tease his mother when she got back.

Beth got home the same time as her daughter, Yasmin, she was back earlier than expected, as she thought she would have been back with her husband.
“Hey mum, how has your day been today?” Yasmin asked, hugging her and noticing her bags from the sex shop, which grossed her out a little.
“Pretty good, I caught up with Aunty Isabelle, she’s excited to come down for drinks soon, which you can join in, being you’re 18 soon” Beth told her with a smile, not shying the bag away at all.
“Awesome, I can’t wait, hopefully i can find something i like. Not a fan of whiskey” Yasmin explained with a shudder.
Yasmin was beautiful and caring for a teenager, Beth smiled as she saw her daughter grow into a beautiful young woman, her daughter had a 16 B cup, but she still filled out nicely.
“We’re home” Beth shouted, not knowing if Jericho knew his sister was home as well, and didn’t want to see her son be naked in front of her daughter.
“Oh I got you something you’ve been wanting for a while. Here my sweet” Beth handed Yasmin a pair of headphones, the ‘Tainted’ brand.
“Oh, thank you so much mum!!” Yasmin squealed, hugging her mother and opening the packaging, she put them on her ears and squealed again. Yasmin ran upstairs, ignoring her brother as he was coming down and closed her bedroom door.
“What is she excited for?” Jericho asked, standing in front of his mother and quickly leaning down to kiss her softly.
“New headphones, able to block out lots of noise.” Beth winked at her son, putting her hand on his crotch and feeling him get hard.
“Awesome. What do you have there?” Jericho motioned to the bag.
“Want to see?” Beth lead the way to his bedroom, Jericho followed and sat down on his bed, as she locked his door and jumped onto his lap and kissed him passionatley.
“I hope you had a good sleep.” Beth moaned, feeling her son’s fingers on her crotch and push past her silk panties and finger her already wet pussy.
“I did. Now, show me what you have” Jericho demanded, teasing her clit and kissing his mother, so she could moan into his mouth.
“I got some sex creams, for tasting purposes. More for nipples, as your cock tastes perfect” Beth told him, moving her hips with his fingers barely able to hold herself together.
“Sounds yummy. I want to try something, get naked and put something over your eyes” Jericho told her, curious Beth got off him and did so.

“Holy crap, i haven’t been tied up before. I’m so fucking horny right now” Beth uttered, not knowing if her daughter had the headphones on or not. Beth had a mask over her eyes, and she felt Jericho tie her hands together and onto his bed post, her legs were free and Jericho could see she her pussy was dripping.
“Just try your best to keep quiet, or Yasmin may hear us” Jericho whispered, kissing her neck softly and he felt her breathing get heavier.
“uh huh” Beth moaned, wiggling her fingers, knowing it was useless, but she had to try. Jericho slid his tongue down her stomach, rubbing her nipples in the process, causing them to perk up and harden.
Jericho slipped the tip of his tongue over his mothers dripping pussy, before moving over to the sex bag near his door. Beth’s toes curled and her breathing became rapid, as she heard movement, and desperatly wanted her son to continue teasing her.
Jericho pulled out a tube of sex cream labelled ‘Peppermint’ and it was heavily strong, he opened it and squeezed a little on the tip of his index finger.
“Suck it!” Jericho demanded, surprising his mother with his tone, she opened her mouth willingly, and Jericho gently put his finger on her lips, letting her wrap her beautiful lips around his finger. Beth swirled her tongue around his finger, licking as much as she could reach, lifting her head off the pillow, causing Jericho to chuckle.
“MMM yummy” Beth moaned, licking her lips, while Jericho ran his thumb seductively down her stomach towards her pussy, seperating her lips before her pussy engulfed his thumb, drenching it in the process.
Jericho pulled his thumb away, sucking it, before going into the bag and pulling out a feather, which was extremely fluffy.
Beth was about to open her mouth, but Jericho leaned in and kissed her deeply, teasing the feather over her left nipple, she squealed into his mouth, causing her hands to try and get released from her bonds.
“Oh...fuck, you little bastard” Beth growled playfully, once Jericho moved from the kiss, she tried to stay quiet as the feather wandered over her belly button, followed by her sons lips, then the feather again.
“Do you want my cock?” Jericho whispered, nibbling on her ear playfully, running the stick of the feather on her pussy, getting it soaked in her juices.
“Yes...oh fuck yes” Beth begged, turning her head and kissing her son, barely getting his lips.
Jericho grinned and opened his mothers legs, he could see her pussy was drenched and her lips were a pretty pink. Jericho slid the tip of his cock over Beth’s pussy, with that simple movement, his cock got drenched.
“Oh...Oh..Oh” Beth cooed, thrusting her hips, trying to get her sons cock deeper in her, but failing, as Jericho was paying attention and pulled back. Beth felt her sons cock slid deep into her pussy for a few amazing seconds, before it was pulled out.
“Suck it” Jericho demanded again, placing his cock near her lips, her mouth opened and she sucked without complaint.
His cock tasted like her pussy, and Beth loved the way she tasted, her cum was delicious and she lapped up all she could of his cock, her hands aching as she was trying her hardest to get ahold of it.
“Baby, i can’t take it any more. Fuck me. I need you to fuck me” Beth begged, continuing to suck his cock, before he could move it.
“Hopefully you can handle it” Jericho teased, moving his cock away and going between his mothers legs, sliding his tongue deep into her pussy, tonguing her pussy walls, making her legs wrap around his head.

Jericho pulled his tongue out, as his mother was on the verge of cumming, he moved her legs off him and put his hands on her knees and slid his rock hard cock deep into her pussy, causing Beth to bite her bottom lip to shut herself up.
Jericho moved his hips slowly, making his cock go deep in and out of her pussy. Beth’s lips puckered as his cock grinded against her walls, Jericho looked down and saw his entire cock dissapear, all he could see was his pubic hair at the base of his mothers pussy.
“Oh god” Beth moaned, her toes curling and her breasts bounced as she was on the verge of cumming.
Jericho began to go faster, holding his mothers right leg on his shoulder and leaning in deeper, reaching towards her mouth so she could suck his fingers. Beth sucked his fingers, she was too much in pleasure to scream or moan. Jericho felt the pressure build up in his cock, he dug his nails into her hips, hearing her squeak and moan in the process. His nostrils flared up with the heavy smell of sex, and sweat was forming on his forehead, Beth couldn‘t see but she felt her eyes roll in the back of her head and her back arch up.
“Get...ready mum, i’m going to cum” Jericho told her, thrusting harder and harder, feeling his head get lighter, and his cock get tighter.
“Cum baby....oh cum for me” Beth was barely able to get it out. Jericho thrusted as hard as he could, holding tight as his cock jizzed his sticky and hot load into his mothers pussy, she came at the same time, gushing all over his cock.
Jericho laid next to his mother, he moved her blindfold off and took a few deep breaths, before removing her hands from their binds.
“” Beth breathed, her hands were numb, but she rubbed them over her sons chest, which was covered in sweat and felt sexy.
“I’ve been wanting that since i got up” Jericho confessed, leaning in and kissing her deeply, trying to blink the white spots out of his vision.
“I’m thirsty, can you get me a drink sweety, i dont think i can walk yet” Beth pleaded, barely able to sit up.
“Sure thing” Jericho kissed his mother, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth, teasing her tonsils, before getting up and going to the door.
“No..wait” Beth was too slow to warn Jericho, as he wasn’t in the right head space to use his brain. Jericho opened his door, to find his sister leaning against the door, her pants were off and he could see her hairy pussy covered in cum and a bright purple vibrator sticking halfway out of her.
“What the hell?” Jericho uttered.
“I knew it” Yasmin breathed, seeing his huge cock dripping with their mothers pussy juices.

to be continued


2014-01-20 18:58:27
"Yasmin … had a 16 B cup"
! ? ! ? !
Please know what you are talking about with measurements - the number on a bra is normally referring to the "barrel" or band length or IOW, the distance around the chest below the breasts. My NECK is 16 inches, I doubt that any female has a 16 inch chest unless they are under 2 years old. That number should never be smaller than a waist measurement and should actually be quite a bit larger.


2014-01-02 23:10:58
Apparently you aren't logged in, it just says you are an anonymous reader, i want to know your name so i can ask for help when i need it lol!!

Cheers, my writing thing doesn't have error-reader or whatever

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2014-01-02 20:22:53
Yes by the way I don't often proofread my comments LOL. You'll get the gist of it I'm sure. Maybe I'll distract a critic and get and get dumped on for my errors. Better me than you friend hahahaha

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-02 20:20:14
Cont... Also don't forget to address the hair on the sisters ass and describe the smell precisely. You do that well and your going to gain some fans I guarantee it. So just watch your typos, this is the time I've really had anything jump out at me in your work. Take a look at the third paragraph first sentence. Wording is less than desirable there, you're entitled to mistakes but we both know you're a better writer than that. Otherwise a good solid chapter and another big ass positive vote from me. Anxiously awaiting the next chapter!!! -K

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-02 20:14:03
Good, flow was better this time, a few typos were present so Im guessing you could still slow down a bit. Are you proofreading out loud to yourself? This is a much better way to find typos and grammatical errors. Nice to we the clichés a sent in this chapter so another notch on your belt for that! You've set the next chapter up quite well, you've left the reader wanting more. I also found the "Hippie" reference with the aunt intriguing. Kudos for adding the element of smell there as well. That's one of those small things that make good writing, great writing!! Can't wait for the coming chapters with the aunt and the sister. Good to see you're gonna add some fetish material, you won't be sorry!! Just make sure to hit hard with the deive language and cover the five senses. Especially smell when you address the hair fetish, that's one of key elements of the fetish. Cont..,

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