Carrie turns 12 and they have some decisions to make . . .
Craig awoke to the quiet of dawn and looked to his right to see the clock read 6:38 am. The sound of Carrie’s breathing and the warmth of her head lying against his chest were a feeling he thought he could get used to. This was the second night she had shared his bed and it was the morning of her 12th birthday.

He turned to put his nose against her head and breathed in deeply the clean smell of her silky red hair, which was spilled across his chest. His left arm encircled her and the feel of her thin frame beneath the fabric of her cotton night shirt was something he wanted to hold on to forever. Last night he had sat in the bathroom and just watched her after her shower. She had shamelessly stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror and let her father watch her dry herself off, brush her hair, and get ready for bed. The shower had followed their evening of sexually satisfying each other. Carrie was getting better each day at fellatio and last night had swallowed most of his load; just a bit of it running down her chin. Craig returned the favor gladly by eating her out until she squealed with delight. Then, after a break for a snack, they watched porn online to get worked up again and she pulled on his cock slow and easy while he fingered her little slit.

Craig knew that what they were doing was wrong . . . very wrong. But it felt so damn good and his daughter said she’d never been happier or felt so close to him. She was keeping up with her homework and doing good at school . . . while managing to find a few minutes in the middle of each day to take a naughty selfie in the bathroom stall and forward it to him at the office.

Carrie stirred and picked up her head a little bit. “Good morning, daddy, did you sleep OK?”

“I slept like a log, Carrie. It’s nice to have someone beside me in bed again after so long. By the way, Happy Birthday!”

“Thanks, dad. I like sleeping in here with you too. You keep me warm and I like having your arm around me.”

“I love holding you too, sweetheart . . . I’m just worried that maybe we’re taking things a bit too fast . . . and a bit too far.”

“Dad . . . I love everything we’ve done together . . . you make me feel like a woman and I’ve learned so much about myself and about making you feel good.”

“I know Carrie, but the truth is you’re NOT a woman . . . you’re 12 years old, and you’re my daughter. I would be arrested for endangering the welfare of a child and sexual assault if anyone found out about the things we’ve done.”

“Dad, a hundred and fifty years ago girls got MARRIED when they were 13 and 14. And Anna told me she’s heard about girls our age giving blow-jobs on the school bus! I’m not a baby, dad. My body is pretty grown-up and when mom left, that made me grow up a lot too.”

“You make some pretty good arguments for a 12-year old, I have to admit . . . but that still doesn’t change the fact that I could get in a lot of trouble . . . and you’d be taken away from me, Carrie.”

Carrie got on top of him, straddled his waist, and bent down to give him a kiss on the nose. “Then I guess we’d better make sure no one finds out, dad, because I LOVE doing sex stuff with you . . . and I was hoping that maybe you’d make love to me for my birthday present.” There, she’d said it. She’d been working up her nerve for the last few days as things had progressed in their explorations of each other and she had finally found a way to voice it out loud.

“Whoa, whoa, young lady, I thought we agreed that wasn’t in the cards.”

“No, dad. YOU said it was incest and we shouldn’t do it. But me sucking your dick is incest and you licking my pussy is incest . . . so it’s really not that different from what we’ve already done. I want to feel you inside me, daddy. I want us to be joined together and I want to squeeze your cock with my cunt. I’ve been practicing on a carrot, dad. I didn’t say anything before, but I took about 3 or 4 inches of a carrot inside me and then I squeezed it with my muscles down there. It felt sooo cool, but I know it would feel so much better with you inside me dad. You’re a lot warmer than a carrot!” she giggled.

“You did what? When did you do that?”

“The other night after you fell asleep” she answered. “Don’t worry, dad, I washed it first” she laughed again while dragging her fingers through his sparse chest hair.

“Where the hell did you get the idea to try that?” Craig wasn’t angry, just surprised at the initiative his daughter was taking to prepare herself for intercourse.

“You’re kidding, right dad?” she giggled some more, playing with his nipples now. “How much porn have we watched? Girls putting those dildos and vibrators inside themselves? I just looked around the house for something that was the right shape, and a carrot did the job.” There was pride in her admission. “Ooh, someone’s getting a morning boooooooner!” She gave him a sly look as she leaned to one side and fished his dick out of the flap in his boxers. “Oh, there’s my boy” she admired it as it grew, then she began to rub on him the way she had on Anna’s thigh.

“Carrie, we’ve got to get up and I’ve got to get ready for work.”

“Doesn’t it feel good, daddy?” she asked teasingly as she glided her crotch over his stiffened member. “Just my panties between your cock and your girl’s sweet pussy, daddy . . . oh, it’s making me wet!” She rolled her hips against him so that his cock began to push a crease into her panties. “I can feel your dick on my lips, dad, oh . . . oh, there’s my clit, rubbing right on the head of your dick . . . oohhhhh, that feels good” she purred.

Craig was powerless as his daughter seduced him with her nubile body. “Do you want to do it now, daddy, or should we wait ‘til later so you can take your time fucking your baby girl?” Her pelvic movement did not stop as she looked her dad in the eyes and continued her dirty talk. “I think I want you to take your time, dad . . . I want you inside me like in those movies . . . slow and easy . . . sliding in and out . . . pumping into my cunt . . . you want to, don’t you, daddy?”

Craig just nodded as he concentrated on the sight of his girl’s deeply-creased panties riding up and down his shaft. He slipped his hands under her night shirt and grabbed both her breasts firmly, getting his thumbs and fingers on her perky nipples.

“I think I might come just from doing this, daddy. Will you come too?”

Craig nodded again as Carrie increase her pressure on him, he could see the wetness in the camel-toe she had created; the white cotton fabric was slightly darker up and down her gash where she rolled up and down him, over and over. He slid his right hand down from her breast and into the back of her panties to grab her ass cheek and his middle finger ended up in her crack against her asshole. His left hand moved instinctively and came down to her hip, pushing down as she rolled her pelvis, pressing her gash against his cock. Carrie fell forward onto his chest to continue humping him and he squeezed her hard and pressed down aggressively.

His orgasm was very primal and he felt his jizz shooting between them, into Carrie’s night shirt and on to both of their bellies. Carrie was getting really close, Craig could tell, and he used both hands to push her panties past her hips so that her bare ass was sticking up. He rubbed her sphincter with the middle finger of his right and worked his left hand behind her to slip two fingers into her sopping gash. She moaned loudly at the feel of him back there and with a few more downward thrusts on her clit she began to shudder and quake. She put her mouth right against his ear and whispered “fuck, oooh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me, oh fuck, fuck daddy.”

*** *** ***

Carrie waved Anna to the seat she had saved at the back of the bus and grabbed her arm to pull her down next to her. “Oh, my god, Anna. I had such a fucking orgasm this morning it was unreal! Have you been doing it like I showed you?”

Anna blushed and nodded her head “I did it twice yesterday” she admitted. “Right when I got home in the bathroom, and again once I got into bed. I’ve been watching and listening for Adam too, I think he does it in his bed with his IPad. I looked at it when he wasn’t around and found some naked girl pics on it. His bedroom is right next to mine and I’ve heard him breathing heavy and his bed creaking. Just listening to him do it gets me going and then I do it to myself like you showed me.” Then, remembering, she said “Oh, happy birthday.”

“Thanks. Hey, give me a birthday kiss.”

Anna looked a bit confused but tilted in so their lips could meet. Carrie immediately opened her mouth and worked her tongue into her friend, simultaneously bringing her left hand up to squeeze Anna’s breast. Anna found herself returning Carrie’s tongue-kiss and it went on for almost a minute as Carrie explored her friend’s mouth and her considerably larger mounds.

“Thanks” Carrie whispered as they broke the bond. Both of them were flush and Carrie grinned naughtily at her friend. “I’ve been horny for you since the other night and we haven’t been alone since.”

“I really liked that too, Carrie. Nobody’s ever seen me down there besides you and I like the way you held me. The ride home in the car was kinda fun too.”

“I want to do more things with you Anna, we can trust each other, right?”

“Of course you can . . . besides, you think I’d want other people knowing about it? They’d say we’re lesbians and it would spread through the school like wildfire.”

The bus was pulling into the school and kids were standing up and grabbing their book bags. “Meet me in the bathroom near Whitwell’s after 4th period, right before lunch, ok?”

Anna nodded a bit nervously as she began shuffling down the aisle to exit the bus.

*** *** ***

Carrie was leaning against a locker next to the drinking fountain as Anna approached. Anna was looking hotter and sexier each day as far as Carrie was concerned. Her curves were a lot more womanly than her own, her butt had a great shape to it in those tight jeans she liked to wear and the swell of her breasts was teasing beneath that purple sweater. She grabbed her hand and slipped into the bathroom.

The last stall, the wide one for handicap access, was thankfully empty and they stepped inside and set their book bags down in the corner. “Won’t it look funny that there’s two pairs of legs in here if someone comes in?” Anna enquired.

“Hopefully they’ll think we’re just smoking weed!” Carrie joked. They both burst out in giggles.

“Show me your boobs, Anna, I wanna see them” Carrie whispered. Anna barely hesitated before peeling off her sweater. She wore a black satin bra underneath and she put her hand behind her back to pop the closure. As she pulled it off her arms she looked up to see Carrie taking a pic of her with her cell phone. “Hey, no fair! I didn’t know you were gonna take a picture!”

“I want to be able to look at you later” Carrie said matter-of-factly and turned the phone around to show her the pic. Anna blushed.

“You’ve got beautiful boobs, Anna” Carrie complimented as she brought her hands up to cup them and give them a squeeze. Carrie’s breasts were an A-cup and wearing a bra was more of a formality than anything else. Anna’s, on the other hand, were a healthy B, heading toward a C, plus she was a lot thicker build than Carrie in the first place. Carrie caressed her friend’s flesh and ran her thumbs across her tan-colored nipples, getting them to stiffen and protrude from the slightly oval areolas. Carrie leaned in and licked her left nipple then pulled the right one into her mouth, sucking gently as Anna sucked in a breath and said “oooh”.

Carrie gave her friend’s boobs loving attention for a few minutes while Anna closed her eyes and stroked her hair in return. Carrie stepped back and pulled her phone out of her pocket again “one more shot with your nips sticking out.” This time Anna posed proudly, smiling and turning a bit to show some profile. “OK, just one more” Carrie held the phone out to take a pic of the two of them kissing. “We’ve got to get to lunch, girl, but thanks for breaking up my day a little bit . . . I’ve missed you.”

“You see me EVERY day!”

“I know, but I’ve been thinking naughty thoughts about you since the other night and with you getting a ride into school the last few days, we haven’t had the chance to really talk. I was worried about how you’d feel after what we did, or really what I did to you. I know I kind of took over there . . . you didn’t do anything you didn’t want to, right?”

“It was really unexpected, Carrie, but you didn’t force me into anything, if that’s what you’re worried about” Anna replied as she snapped her bra together and spun it around her body to get the cups back in front. “You’re my best friend and you’ve just added an extra layer to our relationship, I guess. You helped me feel really good, and I liked that we shared it together. Boys can be total assholes and so immature, so if we can do some things together, learn about sex and have some fun, I’m good with that.”

“So you don’t think I’m a nutcase then, right?”

Anna finished straightening her sweater and looked her friend in the eyes. “I think you are beautiful, and loving, and you’re my best friend in the whole world” she said very seriously, then pulled Carrie to her and placed a soft kiss on her lips. They shared a firm, warm hug before opening the door to the stall.

*** *** ***

The three-note alert tone made Craig jump at his desk at around 1:30. ‘Thinking of you, Daddy’ it read . . . as usual. Today there were THREE attached jpg’s. Craig figured he’d want to look at these in private so he headed to the john. The first one surprised him but it was still very sexy, Carrie was kissing Anna in a way that looked way beyond platonic and friendly. The second one was a set of boobs, but obviously not Carrie’s, the skin tone was darker and the size much larger. The last file answered his question as he turned his phone vertical to look at Anna’s smiling face as she posed topless for the camera, her nipples very much erect. Craig had just started to stroke himself when the tone rang out again, echoing in the bathroom stall. ‘Oh, BTW, Anna says hi too!”

“You little slut!” Craig chuckled as he pulled his crank, looking at a topless 12-year old.

*** *** ***

Craig found himself nervous as he waited for Carrie to get out of soccer practice. His little girl was expecting him to take her virginity tonight. His mind went back and forth over the moral and ethical questions involved, over his desire for her and her obvious desire for him. Picturing her in his mind didn’t help much and usually resulted in an erection. He wanted his girl and she wanted him, but he didn’t want to do anything that would screw Carrie up emotionally or psychologically.

“Hey, kiddo, how was practice?”

“Real good” his sweaty redhead replied as she waved goodbye to Anna and plopped down in the front seat. “I’ll be playing midfielder and Anna’s gonna be the starting stopper.”

Carrie looked ridiculously sexy with strands of sweaty hair stuck against the sides of her flush face . . . nature just wasn’t fair that it could make such a young girl so attractive. “What’s a stopper?”

“Daaaaad, come on! Haven’t you actually WATCHED any soccer in the last 7 years? The stopper is the up defender when you’re in a diamond pattern, duh!”

“I’ll pretend I understood that, ok?” he laughed, pulling out of the lot. “You kind of surprised me with those pics of Anna today.”

“You liked them though, right? She’s got a great set of tits, doesn’t she dad?”

“Well, yeah, Carrie . . . but that’s not the point . . . you’re not telling her anything, right?”

“Give me a little credit, dad. The only thing she knows is that you showed me porn to teach me about sex. I let her think that you couldn’t figure out any other way to do it” she laughed. “She doesn’t know that you were watching us in the car the other night, either.”

“I didn’t know that YOU knew I was watching you, Carrie.”

“Your little girl is more observant than you think, daddy.”

“So, are you two . . . like a couple now?” he followed up.

Carrie laughed out loud “a COUPLE? Pfff! Dad, you crack me up.”

“Well, it just looked like, uh, you know . . . the way you two kissed and everything.”

“We’re having fun together dad. We know we can trust each other and we’re just having some fun.”

“Well, I’m glad that you have someone like that, Carrie. I know some girls your age are starting to date boys and that can lead to break-ups, hard feelings, getting hurt.”

“There’s a few girls in my grade who are ‘going out’, a bunch of 8th graders are, they even make out in the hall if no teachers are around.”

“Things have changed a bit in the last 20 years; that shit didn’t go on until high school when I was in school.”

“Kids are exposed to a lot of stuff these days dad. I know you did your best to shelter me and were careful about the friends I hung out with, so I’m not a perv or a slut like some of the kids in my grade.”

“Well, you really broke out of your shell in the last couple weeks Car’, and I’m worried that some of this ‘stuff’ will be more than you can handle.”

“Dad, I love you. Mom kind of fucked things up for us but I think it’s better that she’s gone now. She was wasted a lot of the time and you were the one I looked to for everything anyway. I’m not gonna try to pretend that I’m going to be your ‘woman’ or anything like that, dad, but I trust you more than anyone in the world. I know you won’t let me down or hurt me because you never have. I want you to make love to me because I think it can make us even closer. Plus, I’d rather it be with you for my first time than with some kid my age who’ll probably end up dumping me or screwing some other girl that lets him into her pants.”

“Wow, you’ve certainly thought about this some, huh Carrie.”

“I have dad. If you don’t think I’m ready I guess I can accept that . . . how old were you your first time?”

“Fifteen, Carrie . . . it wasn’t with your mom, it was a girl from school that I went out with for a few months. I know three years doesn’t seem like a big deal but there IS a difference between a 12-year old and a 15-year old.”

The remainder of the ride home passed in silence.

*** *** ***

***** Don't worry! I'm working on the next chapter. I wanted to give some reflection on their situation prior to continuing.

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Carry seems very mature for 11year old. I'm female and my dad was the one to have the sex talk with me, but he didn't go about it the way Craig did with carry.
It was a long gradual process , he talked about the selfworth a female should have for herself. And to make sure that I was emotionally and physically ready for the sex act. It was a long gradual process which spanned over 3years from the age of 14 till 17. Funny enough at age 11, I was still baking mudcakes climbing trees and beating the living daylights out of the neighbourhood boys. That's why it's so weird reading about (^_^')Carry and Craig. There is a level of authenticity to your story, I didn't feel uncomfortable either talking to my dad about sex, he was the person a trusted the most in the world, it just seemed natural hearing about it from him.


2014-09-09 18:45:21
"Craig and Carrie, Chapter 5:" - Craig Wallace and Carrie, and Anna - (Thirty-four Year Old Father and Twelve (Today) Year Old Daughter, and Twelve Year Old Friend of Carrie).

Father Craig is going to regret not alerting and warning his daughter Carrie about the risks and hazards of freely discussing her's and her father's incestual forays into sexual foreplay, nakedness, giving each other massive orgasms orally, hand jobs, blowjobs and him tongue-fucking her young and nubile pussy!! For each "outsider" that becomes aware of any of their transgressive affair the more expotentially their risks and exposures to being "outed" about their lover's affair! In all fairness I'm the jealous-type incestual reader, preferring the affair to remain the sole knowledge of the carnal blood-related incestual male and female related couple! Teenagers of all ages and even older pre-twenties somethings have a wish to brag and share their experiences! Erring on the side of caution is a must-do!!

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