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This is my first story. I hope you like it.

I watch my sister, Tera, in her room, naked, fingering herself. This was the first time i have ever seen another girl play with herself. It made me real hot.
I burst in and said, "Can I help?"
"No, you are my sister. Get the fuck out."
So I walk out and went to my room. I grab my handcuff, I keep them under my bed so if i ever do get a boyfreind, i can make him use them on me. I walk back into my sister's room. I grab her my her hair and throw her on her bed. I pounce on her and handcuff her hand to her bed post. Our parents were out for a week, so this was a good time to practice being a lesbain. I started by sucking on her tits. She was 12 and i was 17. She had some 31C tits. I liked them so much i started to play with on of them.
She is yelling "No."
So i decide to bite her left tit while playing with her right tit with my tongue. She screams ever louder. I moved down to her pussy and started licking it. I stuck my tounge in her tight, virgin pussy. When i got to the virgin barrier, i pushed my tongue even harder until it broke. She screamed and i licked up the blood. She was moaning and was begging me to stop. I removed my tongue and stuck a finger in her. She was tight. I stuck another finger in and then another in. She is screaming. I remove my hand and start smacking her pussy. I did that for about 3 minutes.
Tera is screaming, "Sister, please stop. You are hurting me."
I said, "Shut up, Bitch or I will do something you will really not like."
She ignored me and keep screaming. So i went into my room again and grabbed a 10 in long and 3 in wide dildo. I went back into her room, showed it to her, and forcefully shoved it into her cunt. I pushed it in and out until it was covered in cum. I make her suck it clean with i lick her cum-covered mount clean. I moved over her pussy lips and inserted 3 fingers again. This time while i fingure her i went into a 69 position. I ate her and she ate me. If she did not eat me i would shoved the dildo in her ass. We did this until we both had a powerful orgasm. I fell off of her and I laid on the floor, catching my breath.

Next day, i went up to my sister room and feed her since she was still handcuff. I fell asleep on her floor after that orgasm. I phoned every boy i know about my sister being handcuff to the bed. I told them they can have her pussy, mouth, and/or ass for 10 dollars and to get me to fuck them they will need 20 dollars. A bunch of men came to the house. They all had 10 except for one guy, he had the 30 dollars for me. The first guy only wanted Tera. He hands me the 10 dollars. He start on her by eatting her pussy while playing with her clit. She quickly orgasms. He put his dick in her mouth and told her to suck or she will get beaten until she is unconsious. She suck his dick and he played with he tits. He grabbed the left one with his left hand and the right one with his right hand. He shot his load down her throut. She swallowed it all. He then got to work on her pussy with his cock. He placed his cock on her slit and rubbed it on her mound to get it wet before entering her with his 8 in. She wailed. All the guy who fucked her did about the same thing everytime, but some of them made her ass bleed. I asked who want me and my virgin pussy, my 36B breast, and my tight ass. The man who wanted me, Matt, came over to me gave me 20, pushed me on the floor, and pounced on me. Matt stuck his 9 in. dick in my mouth.
I took it out and said," I do not want to suck your dick."
He said," To damn bad. I bought you, you will do what I want you to do."
He forced his cock back into my mouth. He fuck my mouth for a bit them shot his load down my throat. I about choked on his jisz. He them moved down my body. He slapped my tits, bit them, and rubbed his tongue on my slit and them pushed it in as hard as he could until he reach my barrier. He pushed harder and I screamed. He tongue fucked me good, going in and out very fast and hard. I orgasmed. Next, he made me finger myself. While i was doing that he was slapping my pussy making it all red and sore. Then after i orgasmed he made me lick my fingures clean of my cum. Then he fucked me. It really hurt. While he were doing that he made me eat my sister's cum-filled cunt. I did not like to eat other mens cum out of my sister pussy. He made me tongue her pussy until we both orgasmed and i got filled with his jisx. Then he made my sister eat my pussy. While she did that i was to eat her some more. It felt good to have someone eat me, but it did not feel good when he shoved his penis in my ass. I screamed and squirmed trying to make him stop. He fucked me until he cummed in my ass. Everyone left i undid my sister and no one ever talk of this until our parent left again and i did it again.

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2009-01-19 15:54:04
This is the worst story i have ever had the displeasure of reading. Someone please take it off so no one else will have to suffer reading it.


2007-12-02 23:16:39
i give this story a negative billion and i can do that for i am thor god of thunder


2007-10-01 01:24:21
this doesnt even deserve a vote. take it off. this was really horrible


2006-08-09 23:15:51
Dude make me get haerd not feel sorry for the girl!!!!!


2006-06-08 03:52:38

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