Tyler gets more than he bargins for...or does mom?
Tyler was a very cute boy – a bit small for his age, and on the thin side making him look younger than his actual age of 12. He was very popular, and was friends with about everyone in school. Tyler had skater-type shaggy brown hair, stunning blue eyes, and a great smile – in fact he was so cute that women and girls of pretty much any age would stare at him, and find themselves thinking sexual thoughts about him.

Tyler’s looks were so stunning, that even men and boys who were straight would find themselves staring at him – and the guys that were gay, bi or secretly either would find themselves also thinking sexual thoughts about Tyler.

However, Tyler was oblivious to all of the attention.

Tyler was the only child of a very attractive couple – mom was only 29, with long blonde hair, a very shapely figure, and stunning looks that got a lot of attention. His dad was also 29, also very attractive with brown hair and eyes, and a very nice muscular build. They had been married at an early age, and still were quite in love, and also a very sexual, kinky couple – both mom and dad were bi, and had participated in many threesomes, foursomes, and one-on-on sex with both men and women – they both thrived on the active sex life they had, and really enjoyed being a kinky couple. Aside from being a very kinky and sexually active couple, they were avid nudists and both shared a foot fetish.

Being active nudists, it was normal for everyone in the house to be naked at home, and they were very used to seeing each other naked – Tyler was very used to this since he was a little boy, and really enjoyed being naked – being a 12 year old boy Tyler had just recently found out about masturbation while playing with his hardon in his room, and really enjoyed going online and looking at both men and women while stroking his smooth cock – he was just coming to the realization that he was turned on by both women and men, and that he also had a foot fetish – all of this he kept secret. He was aware that his cock would get hard very easily, and that pretty much everything and anything turned him on – and he very frequently masturbated, sometimes up to 8 times per day. It was not unusual for Tyler to be seen by his parents walking around the house with his cock hard – and his parents were used to seeing him this way, and Tyler was not embarrassed by his hardons, as he had seen his dad and others many times with erections too. However, now Tyler found himself noticing cocks and staring at his dad’s, and even thinking of how they would feel in his hand, or his mouth…..

One summer day, Tyler’s mom had just stepped out of the shower, and had laid her towels on the couch, and was relaxing naked with her feet up on the arm of the couch. She was relaxing there when she heard Tyler coming down the stairs.

“Good Morning Mom” Tyler said as he entered the living room, completely naked as usual. He glanced at his mother laying there naked, and felt something stirring inside, and felt his cock twitch and start to grow hard looking at her on the couch.

“Good Morning Son” Mom replied, smiling at her boy as he came into view. She noticed his tan, and glanced at his cock, seeing it grow from soft to semi-hard quickly. “What am I doing staring at my son’s cock” she thought to herself as Tyler walked by. “That’s your boy, you should not be looking at him that way” she thought to herself as she stared at his cute ass and slim body going by into the kitchen.

“Can you bring me my bottle of water Tyler? Mom called out, hearing him in the kitchen.

“Sure thing mom, one minute” Tyler replied as he grabbed a glass of juice from the fridge. Tyler walked back into the living room and handed his mother her water, his cock now ¾ erect. Tyler was feeling that horny, naughty feeling he got when he masturbated as he handed the water to his mother, and noticed her staring at his hardening cock. His mother quickly glanced up at Tyler’s face, feeling dirty for staring at her boy’s cock and the thoughts running through her head.

“What are you thinking? He is your son, and only 12!!!” She thought to herself as she glanced up at her son’s face. “I wonder what he thinks about when he masturbates” she thought. “I wonder what he looks like playing with himself” she thought to herself. “Stop!” she thought, “this is wrong” as she grabbed the bottle of water, feeling her pussy starting to get wet.

“Thanks son” mom said quickly to Tyler, looking at his face again.

“No problem Mom” Tyler replied, showing his cute grin to his mother. His mother smiled back at Tyler, as she felt the horniness and nastiness creeping into her mind.

“Would you like a foot rub Mom?” Tyler asked as he walked to the side of the couch where his mother’s bare feet were propped up – Tyler knew his mother loved her feet rubbed, and had seen his father many times playing with his mom’s feet. He had also noticed that when his dad played with his mother’s feet, his cock was always hard.

“Um, um sure Tyler” Mom said quickly, trying not to stare at her son as she tried to get the image of his naked body and hardon out of her head. She loved having her feet rubbed, and found it very exciting and a huge turn-on. When her husband rubbed her feet, it was foreplay since she got very wet from it, and he always got hard. It inevitably led to sex each and every time. She tried to get these thoughts out of her head as Tyler knelt down at the foot of the couch
and started to rub her bare feet.

As Tyler knelt down staring at the soft, smooth soles of his mother, he felt his cock go rock-hard, and as he reached out and grabbed her right foot and started massaging it like he had seen his dad do many times, he found himself not only hard but feeling dirty and nasty, rubbing his mother’s gorgeous bare feet as she laid there naked. He had a very good view of her shaved pussy, and could see her wetness glistening on her pussy lips as he began rubbing her foot. Tyler found himself very turned on by his mother’s feet as he began massaging them. He was afraid to even consider touching his very hard cock now – he knew he would cum very quickly if he did, he was so turned on.

He didn’t want to have an awkward moment with his mother by cumming in front of her, he told himself as he got into massaging her very smooth, sexy feet.

Mom felt Tyler’s hands on her feet, and felt her pussy tingle with excitement as her son massaged her bare feet – she knew she was soaking wet, and felt very dirty and nasty being turned on by her own 12 year old son massaging her feet – but the feeling was so intense and sexual to her, she found herself thinking about Tyler in a whole new light – in a sexual sense.

Mom closed her eyes as Tyler massaged her feet, throwing her arm over her eyes and groaning with pleasure as he worked both her bare feet – she loved the feel of his hands on her soles, her toes, and knew she was dripping wet and extremely horny for her son – and knew she had to hide it the best she could. She thought how she would go upstairs when he was done and use her vibrator on herself, and eagerly wait for her husband to satisfy her when he got home. She struggled to stop thinking of Tyler and his hard cock, and how his cock would feel in her hands, mouth, and pussy. “I wonder how it would feel having that small cock in me” she thought as Tyler kept massaging her feet, thinking of her son’s slim body on top of hers, his small cock sliding into her soaking pussy, hearing him groan with pleasure as he entered her……..

As Tyler worked his mothers feet, he found himself thinking of how sexy she was, and how it would feel to have sex with her – he had seen people having sex online many times, and had masturbated watching videos as couples did it – but he had never thought about his mother in that way, until now……

Tyler kept working his mothers feet, enjoying hearing her groans of pleasure. As he continued, he realized how turned on he was by his mother – he was used to seeing her naked, but never really though about her in a sexual way. As he massaged her feet, he looked her naked body up and down, enjoying seeing her firm breasts, smooth stomach, and shaved pussy. His cock was harder than it had ever been as his eyes roamed his mother’s naked body and his hands worked her soft, smooth feet – his cock standing straight up from his hairless balls, the tip of his young cock almost touching his belly button.

Tyler’s mother continued to quietly moan with pleasure as her son massaged her feet – she was thinking of all sorts of sexual things about her son – and felt her horniness at the highest level she could remember – she loved being kinky, and thinking about her son in a sexual way – thinking about sucking him, letting him fuck her, was beyond kinky….and she found herself loving it.

As she laid their, her pussy dripping wet, and her son’s hands expertly massaging her feet, she suddenly felt something new – it felt like a light lick and a kiss on her big toe – “No, you are imagining it” she thought to herself – “Its your kinky mind at work”.

Then she felt the same feeling on her next toe – a short, light lick followed by a gentle kiss – and she groaned with pleasure – her husband did that to her, and it drove her crazy with lust when he did. Suddenly her eyes popped open as she realized it was not her husband licking and kissing her toes, it was her son!

“Tyler!” she said in a loud voice “What are you doing? Are you licking and kissing my toes?” she asked, staring at her son. Her eyes met his as he looked up with a startled expression on his face. Tyler had been so absorbed in his sexual thoughts about his mother, and being turned on by playing with her feet, he didn’t realize he actually was in reality living out one of his fantasy’s – licking and kissing his mothers feet!

Tyler stared at his mother, his intense blue eyes large – his cock throbbing as he held on to her feet. “Holy shit” he thought “I actually licked mom’s toes and kissed them – oh shit I am in trouble”

“Um, um, um” is all Tyler could say, his mind racing as he stared into his mother’s eyes – he didn’t know what to say or do, and if he stood up he would most likely cum without even touching his throbbing cock, cumming on his mother! “Why did I do that” is all he could think.

As Tyler stared into his mothers eyes, he saw a small grin working on her mouth – then he heard his mother say “It’s ok Tyler, it felt good”. His mother was shocked hearing her say this to her son – she couldn’t believe it came out of her mouth – though inside she was feeling so worked up, that she didn’t care – she loved the kinky thought of her son getting off playing with her feet. Maybe it would lead to more.....

“Go ahead Tyler” mom heard herself says – “Do what you want – it’s just between us OK? I don’t mind at all – it feels very good” she continued, feeling shocked but very turned on.

That was all Tyler had to hear – his mind racing, all sorts of thoughts running through his head – “Um, OK mom” was all Tyler could say quietly. Inside, his heart was racing and his cock throbbing as he realized he was living out one of his deepest, darkest fantasies……

Tyler’s mother felt his mouth press up against her big toe, as Tyler gave it a gentle kiss and then worked his way down her other toes doing the same – she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling. Totally absorbed in the thoughts going through her head, and the feeling of her dripping pussy, she began to rub herself as her son worked her feet with his hands and tongue.

She rubbed her pussy and began fingering herself as she felt Tyler working her feet more intensely – he kissed each toe, then slowly licked across them, then continued gently kissing down her soles to her heals, then licking up her soles to her toes eagerly. She moaned with pleasure as Tyler did this – and he responded by doing it faster and harder, totally turned on by her reaction and seeing his mother playing with herself, her finger inserted in her pussy as her other hand rubbed it.

Tyler began sucking on his mothers toes – sucking on each one like he was giving each toe a blowjob – and as he did this, he heard his mother groaning louder and louder as her hands worked her pussy faster – her hips thrusting as she masturbated while her son sucked her toes.

“Ohhhh Tyler, Ohhh Tyler” she found herself saying over and over loudly as she worked herself up – she felt the orgasm growing, racing through her whole body as Tyler began licking up and down her soles – “Yes Tyler Yes Tyler” she screamed in ecstasy as the first orgasm wracked through her body – followed by a second and third.

As Tyler worked his mother’s feet, he watched her masturbate herself and work up to the multiple orgasms – he had never felt so turned on in his life as she shouted out in pleasure. He eagerly and greedily licked up and down his mothers bare soles as she came, his hard cock slapping against his hard, little body as he humped the air and licked hard and fast.

As her last orgasm subsided, his mother still feeling the tingling running through her body, and her son’s tongue working up and down her bare soles, she wondered what she had done – she had let her naked, 12 year old son lick her feet as she worked herself up to multiple orgasms – and she found this really had turned her on. “Holy shit, you kinky bitch!” she thought to herself as she moved her hands away from her soaking pussy. She looked up at her son, who had stopped licking her feet, and was staring at her.

“Oh Tyler!” she said, smiling at her boy “That felt great! Mommy really loved it” she said. “Don’t worry son, it’s between us only” she said, smiling at Tyler.

Tyler smiled back at his mother, feeling the need to cum worse than he had ever in his life – he had just helped get his mother off, and fulfilled a deep, dark fantasy he had about licking her feet – and he was still kneeling there in front of her, his young cock standing straight up, throbbing. He gave one last lick to his mothers left sole as he stared into her eyes.

“Oh Tyler, mommy really loved what you did” she said. “Don’t be embarrassed, I loved it” she said smiling. She watched Tyler as he slowly stood up – and her eyes were drawn to his fully erect cock – she smiled, seeing it standing straight up against his flat belly. “Step close son, its ok” she said to Tyler as she stared into his eyes.

Tyler stepped closer to the couch, his cock almost touching his mother’s bare feet – the feet he had been licking eagerly. He could see the wetness on her soles from her tongue as he stared down at her feet. “I just finished licking those beautiful feet” Tyler thought to himself, feeling his cock twitch with excitement.

“Step closer” Tyler’s mom said, now staring at her 12 year old son’s erection. Tyler stepped closer, his cock now resting on her left sole. “That’s a good boy” she said, feeling the warmth of his little hardon pressing against her wet sole.

She suddenly took her feet and placed Tyler’s cock between her arches – and heard Tyler give out a moan of pleasure. His eyes were now closed, and he was breathing hard as she began rubbing her son’s cock between her bare, wet arches.

“Oh Mom, Oh Mom” Tyler panted, now thrusting his hardon eagerly between his mother’s bare arches, beginning to feel an orgasm approaching.

“Yes Tyler, fuck mommy’s feet” she said, beginning to rub her pussy again as Tyler began thrusting his small, young erection between her soles faster and faster.

Tyler felt the orgasm building, and tried to hold it back to no avail – the harder he tried, the more intense it became – until he could not take it any more, and began shooting cum out of his young cock. The orgasms ripped though his young, firm body as the cum spurted out of his cock held tightly between his mother’s feet – one, two, three, four, five, six, seven spurts shooting out of his young cock. The first spurt of cum landing on his mothers breasts, the second and third her chest and stomach, the forth and fifth her shaved, dripping pussy, and the sixth and seventh on her ankles…..Tyler groaned with pleasure at each spurt of cum, feeling the most intense orgasms of his young life.
As his orgasms subsided, Tyler panted as he slowly stopped humping his mothers bare arches…his balls and cock tingling, his body feeling electrified.

“That’s my boy” his mother said, rubbing the cum on her breasts as she looked at her son. “Mommy is very pleased by her big boy” she continued, staring at Tyler. “Let’s see what else we can do….”

To be continued.................................

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