a short role play with one intended viewer
Chadreese: Its hot out already I think to myself as I pull maneuver my repair truck down the street looking for 11192 palm dale dr. The temperature reads 88 and its only 8:30am. Finally I see the house and pull into the driveway. Shouldering my toolbelt I head up the path and knock on the front door.

K.........l: I fan myself gently, my white summer dress sticking to my pale skin. I slowly pad to the front door and open it slowly.

Chadreese: I look up as the door opens, taken aback by the beautiful woman standing there. I say "Meghan?" Im from general repair, I underdtand your washer is on the fritz?

K.........l: I nod and step aside so you can come in "yes right this way" I close the door behind you and lead you into the kitchen "can I get you a cold drink or something?"

Chadreese: "Yes please, its gonna get hot today huh" looking you up and down briefly thinking "damn she's hot" I spot the washer and set my tool belt down.

K.........l: I open the fridge and pull out the jug of home made lemonade I've just finished making and pour two glasses, I look down at shyly check you out from behind before handing you a glass.

Chadreese: "Thank you ma'am" I say. I kneel down and pull the unit out for a better look. " whats it been doing or not doing ma'am? Does it run at all?"

K.........l: I shake my head slowly "no, no it doesn't it just packed up working yesterday. I put my washing in and nothing"

Chadreese: " So probably the motor then" I say. I begin opening the unit up and urse under my breath. Standing up I spin around and accidentally bump into you, our bodies pressed together for a moment. '" excuse me ma'am I need to go out to the truck.

K.........l: I blush a little and sit down at the kitchen table, propping my legs up on it so the skirt slips down "by all means, the front door is open"

Chadreese: Drinking in the sight of your long legs I step out to the truck and come quickly back inside. Leaning down next to you I show an electrical part as an excuse to get closer to you. Smelling your perfume I say " this may be the problem here, may be done in just a moment."

K.........l: I nod and part my legs just a little so the sticky heat isn't as bad. I close my eyes "take your time" I say and wait patiently for you to finish.

Chadreese: Going back to work, I think if I can get done quickly I will have time to get the to know this woman. Changing out the part quickly I plug it in and say " may as well put something in it to test it on, any sundries?" I say smiling a little.

K.........l: I nod and grab some stuff and put it in the washer, I allow you to switch it on and then go and find my purse to pay you.

Chadreese: The washer starts and works fine, I look at you as you come back. " I had 2 hrs blocked aside for this call. Is there anything else I should look at while im here?"

K.........l: I open my purse and pale slightly as I realize I have no cash on me "urm, I just realized that I have no cash on me"

Chadreese: So how did you want to take care of this I say as I move closer to you, do you have a check or ?

K.........l: I- I- I don't have any checks.

Chadreese: "Well then." I say. " I geuss we will havd to take it out in trade ma'am."

K.........l: I flush and look up at you, noticing how close you are to me "what do you mean sir?"

Chadreese: I move closer and take the purse and toss it aside, wrapping my arm around you. I pull you close and kiss you roughly, pushing my tongue into your mouth. Breaking the kiss I say " I think you know exactly what I mean ."

K.........l: I flush deeper and nod "of course" I whisper "what would you like me to do"

Chadreese: I grab you by the throat and lead you thru the house. Finding your bedroom, I toss you on the bed like a toy doll and say " you're mine for the next 2 hrs, and you better obey. " Now take that dress off....slowly!" I order you.

K.........l: I reach down to the hem of my dress and slowly pull it over my head, revealin g the white lace panties and bra that I have on underneath.

Chadreese: I sigh appreciatively and take your hand. Pulling you off the bed I push you onto your knees as I fish my now hard cock out. " suck it, and make sure you always look up at me while you do."

K.........l: I nod and looking up at you I wrap a hand around it and spit on you before I rub it and then wrap my lips around you.

Chadreese: "Mmmm, you're just a cock slut arent you baby?" I ask you. Grabbing your head with both hands I push you onto my cock.

K.........l: I try not to gag as you force your cock deep into my waiting mouth.

Chadreese: "Answer your new master Meghan, did you plan this whole little scene just to get my cock."

K........l: I flush and nod a little, " I had planned it from seeing you at the door."

Chadreese: "Mmmmm, I do like a woman who knows what she wants. You belong to me now slut, understand ? You must promise to obey me at all times or I will take this beautiful cock away from you"

K.........l: I nod again, your cock still in my mouth.

Chadreese: Grabbing you head roughly I start fucking my cock in and out of your mouth. Burying my cock to the base over and over again. Pulling you off my cock and standing you up. looking you right in the eyes I ask you again. " what are you now Meghan? whose property are you slut?"

K.........l: "I'm your slut Master" I whisper and look in to your eyes and blush.

Chadreese: " good girl " I tell you. lay you down on the bed on your back. When you have I pull your head just off the edge. " from now on you will call me master, I will call you slut or pet, is that understood?"

K........l: "Yes Master" I whisper.

Chadreese: Adjusting your head so that it's just right I shove my cock back into you. My hand takes yours and places it on your throat and says "feel my cock as it stretches your throat open slut." I start pounding my cock in and out of your throat, my balls slapping your face.

K.........l: I rest my hands on my throat and feel you bulging into it. I gag a few times and my wet saliva starts to run down my chin and cheeks.

Chadreese: " so tell me slut, are you ready to have my cock strecth that pretty little ass? Because when im done with the other two holes im taking it as well." I reach down and rip your panties off. " finger fuck yourself for me pet, take one hand and use it to get yourself off while I fuck your face." I order you.

K.........l: I nod slowly and slide my fingers into myself, slowly beginning to pump it in and out of me as I moan softly around your cock.

Chadreese: " you like the idea of my cock in your ass don't you slut. " I fuck you harder and faster, feeling my first orgasm building. I pull out of your mouth and slap your face with my cock while telling you " im going to paint that pretty face slut. Then you're going to suck my cock clean so I can take your ass understand?"

K.........l: "Yes Master" I whisper and keep my mouth open so I can taste you. I stop fingering myself and wait for you to cum on my face so I can lick you clean.

Chadreese: Pumping my cock in and out of your throat at a furious pace I half yell " here it comes slut!" I pull my cock out just as it explodes. Pulse after pulse of hot thick cum paints your face, then just as my orgasm starts to subside I put the tip in your mouth and empty the last few shots into your mouth. Taking my cock I rub my cum all over your face while you swallow the mouthful, pushing my cock back into your slut mouth I say " suck it good and clean slut, get it nice and hard so I can fuck that pretty ass!"

K.........l: I suck it hard, swirling my tongue over you and getting it nice and clean. I flick my tongue over you and rock my head as best I can, humming lightly.

Chadreese: "Mmmm," I moan appreciation for your technique and enthusiasm. "You really want that asss fucked don't you slut?" I ask. Rocking my hips lightly so I can enjoy fhe great "hummer" my new slave is giving me. I think "damn this slut is getting me hard again already."

K.........l: I nod and suck harder and faster, determined to feel your cock in both my pussy and ass

Chadreese: My cock almost back to full strength I pull out of your mouth and say "get on your knees slut" its time to fuck that shaved pussy.

K.........l: I got on my hands and knees. my ass and pussy facing you as you stand.

Chadreese: Standing over you I press your face into the matress and tell you " face down, ass up, always slut. Just like the slutty bitch you are."

K.........l: "Yes Master" I answer and rest my face on the matress, my hands next to my face, my ass is now up in the air for you like a good slut.

Chadreese: I move behind you and insert a finger into your dripping pussy. Then slowly I push it into your ass. Once in I line my cock up with your pussy and slowly push it in till the head is just inside. Then in one big thrust I bury the rest of it in your wet cock hungry pussy.

K.........l: I moan softly and rock back against you, curling my toes as you push deep into me.

Chadreese: My cock deep inside your pussy, I remove the finger from your ass and replace it with my thumb. My other hand grabs hold of your hair and yanking back I start to fuck my cock in and out of you, meeting your thrusts.

K.........l: I moan again when my head is pulled back as you grab my hair.

Chadreese: Removing my thumb from your ass I grab your hips with both hands as I start to fuck you harder. Slapping your ass several times I say " beg me to fuck your dirty little ass slut." slapping you again, i continue saying "beg me to fuck your ass when im done with your pussy you slut."

K.........l: I groan and bite my lip "please Master! Fuck my ass when your done with my wet slutty pussy!"

Chadreese: I roll you over onto your back, pushing your legs open I shove my cock back into you. My hand goes to your throat and I say " oh im gonna fuck it slut, im gonna fuck it good and hard for you."

K.........l: I bite my lip harder and buck up against you as a hand goes to my clit and I feel my climax aproaching.

Chadreese: I smile as I see your hand slip between your legs, " thats it slut, make that pussy cum all over your masters cock, so you can csuck it clean again."

K.........l: I rub my clit eagerly and start panting and bucking my hips against you almost frantically.

Chadreese: Pumping in and out of your hot, wet pussy while watching you rub your clit I feel my 2nd orgasm building.

K.........l: I moan and spasm suddenly as my back arches up and off the bed and i cum suddenly, my pussy clenching around your cock.

Chadreese: Your orgasm is so intense, feeling you shudder and shake under me is to much, it pushes me over the edge and my cock explodes deep inside you filling you with hot cum.

K.........l: I moan as my climax prolongs itself as i feel you cumming deep inside me.

We never did get to finish her third hole as we spent over an hour and a half on the first two. :(
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