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This is my first story so don't be to harsh, if you think you can write it better please proceed to do so
I was walking home again, the last day before Christmas holidays, and I decided to head into town before went home. As I passed through town I decided to take a shortcut through one of the alleys. Passing past all the low budget shops, one of them caught my eye.
'The Human Advancement Project'
This peaked my curiosity and I entered the shop. I entered the shop and was instantly met by a whoosh of warm air, a welcome break from the cold of outside. The receptionist was a attractive middle aged brunette, an pair of medium sized boobs and a slim figure to emphasise them.
"Ah, come in, the doctor has been expecting you" She said, a smooth, calming tone in her voice.
The word resonated in my head, 'Expecting'... 'How the hell could I be expected? I only came in here because curiosity got the better of me'. Nevertheless I waited patiently for about 5 minutes until a cleanly shaved male came out in a fresh, plain black suit. He had a certain aura around him, a very successful, yet unreadable. Although nervous I felt relaxed around him, like I had known him for longer than the few seconds. I entered the office and was shocked by the complex and somewhat mysterious interior of it.
"Please sit down" He instructed me.
I complied and proceeded to sit down In the chair, when I sat down in said chair I suddenly felt slightly drowsy and felt that the lights had suddenly been dimmed.
"To skip all the questions, we knew you would come in-"
'We' Why we? Who else had seen me come in? Or even predicted it?
"- we have foreseen it for quite some time now. Here at the Human Advancement Project we select particular, more advanced individuals to 'improve'"
"Why me though, how am I different to other people?" I asked.
"When you were younger you where referred to hospital with what was thought to be a rare brain disease, is that correct?"
I nodded, confirming his query.
"We have been looking for these past 15 years for another case of this so called 'brain disease' and have figured out that it was not that at all, but in fact another brain centre, capable of releasing neurotransmissions in other peoples brains. Allowing you to effect the chemicals released and how the motor neurone communicates with the reactor".
The blank look on my face confirmed his need to simplify the explanation.
"You, my boy are capable of mind control."
"I'm sorry what?" Sceptical of his story.
"After extensive research into the matter we came to the same conclusion that has occurred only once else in recorded medical history."
"Who the heck are you people?!" I near shouted, standing up and pushing the chair backwards in the process
That was a mistake. He stood up and shone what I thought to be a torch in my eyes. However it was not a normal light, I 'felt' the light hit me and calm me, replicating the feeling of the armchair earlier, but much much stronger I instantly fell backwards and my vision went back as I slipped into unconsciousness.
Waking up I felt extremely relaxed, but also incredibly awake. I absorbed my surroundings and realised I was still in the office from earlier, but, taking a second glance I realised a note placed on the table next to me. Sitting up I reached for the note and opened it up:
"We have activated the brain centre, just project your desired thoughts out and it will effect the person you send them to, if you wish to talk in further detail I will contact you."
'We' Again with the 'we'. Who were they? What did they want from me? After a minute I realised that thinking on the matter was hopeless, and I decided to go home. I left the room and said goodbye to the receptionist, leaving the door I again thought about how attractive she was. Then it struck me. I re-entered the door and mentally ordered the receptionist to get aroused but to try and keep it subdued. I instantly noticed how she shifted in her seat and saw her nipples poke through the thin blouse she was wearing. I slowly increased her state of arousal until she reached down and began to rub her pussy. I unzipped my trousers and took out my dick.
I was only 17, but at 9" I was quite proud of my dick, I hadn't yet had sex but I've had my dick sucked a few times by previous girlfriends. From a young age I had fantasised about fucking an older woman, now all of a sudden the chance had sprung up.
The look in the receptionists eyes lit up and she crawled over the desk to get to my dick. She planted her mouth around my dick and straight away I knew she was experienced at sucking dick. I felt her warm tongue circling the head of my dick and I was in heaven. She enthusiastically sucked harder and harder desperately trying to get my cum, I felt my self getting close and pulled her off of my dick before placing her on the desk. I ripped her blouse off and attacked her breasts, her medium sized tits were capped with perfect, brown, nickel sized nipples. I took one of them into my mouth whilst rolling the other between my fingers. I tentatively sucked her nipple, flicking my tongue over her nipple, eliciting a moan from the horny brunette.
She was moaning for me to fuck her but I only continued to tease her more again using my tongue to stimulate yet another moan. I stopped sucking on her nipple and kissed down her stomach towards her dripping pussy. Her pussy was perfect, it was crowned with a neatly trimmed landing strip. I flicked her clit with my tongue, forcing a response before again assaulting her pussy with my tongue making her
cum for the first time of the experience. I slid my tongue into her pussy, slowly and tentatively making her pull my head into her sex encouraging me to go faster to extend her orgasm. I continued to tongue fuck her tight pussy, exploring her folds with my tongue. She was so sweet, this made me persist to eat her even harder, making her cry out as she entered her second orgasm.
I retracted my tongue hesitantly and took ahold of my dick, placing it at the entrance of her pussy, she thrust her pussy up to meet my dick. Her warm, wet pussy engulfed my head making me groan in pleasure at my first experience of being with a woman. I slid my dick all the way inside of her hot pussy and started slowly thrusting into her pussy, I proceeded to speed up my thrusts, and at the same time I passionately kissed her her tongue intertwining with mine as I felt my orgasm fast approaching. I stopped thrusting into her pussy and blew my load deep into her enticing her third orgasm of the session. I came for about 10 seconds, making her pass out in pleasure and making me collapse in exhaustion on top of her.
I lifted my head off of the receptionists tits releasing a content sigh after realised the magnitude of what had just happened. I had become a man. I took a tissue from the box on the counter and wiped our cum off my cock before tucking it back inside my briefs and zipping my trousers up. I picked my T-shirt up off the floor and slipped my head into it. I again kissed the receptionist as she woke up smiling seductively at me before I kissed her pussy and left her cleaning herself up.
I didn't know what the hell had just happened to me nor how it had happened, all I knew was that life had just got a whole lot more interesting.

Hope you liked it, leave me your suggestions for improvement and if you want me to continue with the series.

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2015-07-29 01:33:16
Kind of shit is that you said it was done but you only have one chapter...big let down

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2014-04-14 06:13:23
Ok whats with the site reposting stories that have already been posted on here for months saying there a new story????

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2014-02-27 06:02:43
Put up the next chapter, but hint of advice for future stories, don't make it seem so apathetic and loosely structured. Put rich details in (dont say stuff like her brown nipples aroused me to the extreme, more like As I revealed her breasts, my dick spasmed at the sight of her perfect nipples in all their glory). Also, read other stories on here. What makes you get a hard on also probably turns on other people too. Become sexually excited when you write sexual stuff. It increases your enjoyment of writing it and your readers when they feel the arousal you packed into the story.

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2014-01-23 06:12:06
Please continue your story it's interesting. Thank you for posting and I'm looking forward to seeing more


2014-01-02 17:47:32
Thanks very much for the suggestion, I am currently writing the stories on my iPad as my laptop is if or repairs so it will be easier to format the writing when I have my laptop back :)

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