Cadet Chong meets her fate
Day 5 (continued)

We can’t stop them! There’s just too many of them, Amy realizes with horror, as the mass of charging cadets looms nearer. “Fall back! Fall back!” she calls out to Michelle and Debbie on either side of her. The three blondes back away from the perimeter wall, firing occasional shots at the enemy ranks. The cadets, now shouting in triumph, begin to jump over the low wall. Amy and her two troopers fall back to the middle of the parade ground and stop. “OK, girls. Let’s take as many of them with us as we can,” Amy calls out to her women. The three blondes watch as the only surviving Cadet Leader leaps over the perimeter wall, waving her sword. “Form ranks, Cadets! Form!” she shouts. Sword in hand, she turns toward the trio of blondes. Acting on her own initiative and without hesitation, Michelle drops to one knee, takes careful aim with her M-16 and squeezes the trigger. The Cadet Leader is blown off her feet and sent sprawling in the dust of the parade ground. Leaderless now, the cadets, Chong among them, hesitate. “Drop your weapons!” Amy calls out. “Drop your weapons!” “No! No, Cadets! I will lead you!” a shrill voice rings out from the confused, huddled ranks of the cadets and an energetic form pushes her way to the front. Chong is astonished to see her gung ho first class cadet friend assuming leadership of the milling band of girls. Standing before the cadets, the gung ho cadet flings her arms open wide. “Follow me!” she shouts. “Follow me!” A murmur sweeps through the ranks, and the cadets are filled with a new resolve. Bayonets poised, they are ready and willing to renew the battle. The gung ho cadet can tell now that her comrades will follow her. Her moment has arrived! She turns to face the enemy. Coolly, Michelle waits until the new leader is facing her. Still down on one knee, she cold bloodedly makes sure of her mark and pulls the trigger a second time. The gung ho cadet is slammed flat on her back less than five feet away from the Cadet Leader. Shocked by this second brutal execution, the cadets again hesitate. The moment has been lost. “Drop your fucking weapons!” Debbie now calls out. “Drop them!” Amy reiterates and all three blondes cock their M-16s. One by one, the cadets start throwing down their rifles.

As the disarmed cadets are herded into the barracks, Amy takes stock of her situation. It is not good. She has just barely repelled the massive Asian attack and has escaped disaster by a hairsbreadth. She casts a grateful smile at Michelle, whose quick thinking and brutal intervention saved all of the blondes. Her spirits sink, though, as she sees Janine and Ellen approaching her across the parade ground. Oh my god! she thinks. Where is everybody else? She looks at the two troopers, but Janine sadly shakes her head. Amy doesn’t need to be told that the three other blondes who had fought in the high rise are dead.

The tide finally breaks. Barb watches as the last few ranks of attacking cadets, now leaderless, turn and run. Even these fanatically dedicated teens can no longer face the prospect of being slaughtered in a manifestly futile attack. Barb holds her fire and allows them to run. Looking down at the heaps of dead and the writhing wounded, she can be satisfied at the work she’s done today. After assuring herself that the enemy attack has truly been broken, she descends from the command post to the parade ground to report to Amy.

“Who’s this?” Amy asks, indicating the panting blonde teenager standing with Debbie just inside the perimeter wall. “She’s from the relief force, Sarge,” Debbie replies. Amy’s heart leaps at the news and at the sight of the winded young recruit. They’ve sent a runner ahead to let us know that they’re on their way! she enthuses to herself. Her hopes are immediately annihilated at the first words spoken by the new arrival. “They ambushed us,” the recruit gasps, still trying to catch her breath. “Took out Sarge and the corporals…they just rolled over us…bayonets…” Amy is aghast. “Are you the only one who got away?” she demands. “I don’t know,” the recruit replies, finally catching her breath. “They were all over us. It was every woman for herself.”

Chong stands naked in the barracks, forced liked all her fellow cadets to strip at the command of the two blonde troopers leveling their rifles at them. It’s actually a relief to get my feet out of those horrible boots, she sighs appreciatively. She’s also happy that her friend from Bunk 21 has emerged unscathed from battle and she actually has to suppress a giggle. This is the second time today I’ve seen her naked, Chong thinks, remembering how the two friends had quickly showered together early this morning. The two girls exchange smiles. It is Chong’s friend who breaks the silence. “What do you think they’re going to do with us?” she asks in a hesitant whisper. “They’ll probably keep us here until they can get us to a POW camp,” Chong replies quietly. “I just hope they’ll give us something to eat soon. I’m starving!” “But why did they make us strip,” the other cadet asks in a worried tone. “They’re probably going to issue us POW uniforms,” Chong speculates. “But they even made us take off our underwear. Why?” her friend persists. “They probably want to make sure we don’t have concealed weapons,” Chong perseveres bravely, even as her own confidence becomes undermined. She’s right, Chong thinks to herself. Why make us strip?

Amy is reaching the limits of her patience. After being briefed on the melee in the high rise by Janine and Ellen, she’s been trying to get more information out of the recruit from the relief force, but is able to glean little that is useful. After giving an overly vague account of the ambush of the relief force, the girl goes off on a tangent, launching into stories about her time at boot camp. I could just order her to shut up, Amy reflects, but she’s just a typical airheaded teenager. And besides, she just went through a traumatic experience. She needs to vent. The girl’s words are going in one ear and out the other, but then, suddenly, she fully captures Amy’s attention. “I processed out that enemy Captain that you captured here,” the young recruit tells Amy. “Really?” Amy replies, her curiosity peaked by memories of the arrogant, coldly beautiful 25 year old Asian Captain. “Yeah. It was an honor to do it. She was very brave,” the recruit recalls the scene. “At first she refused to strip, but when we told her it was regulations, she didn’t make any more trouble and she stripped. She was very beautiful, standing there like that. Processed her out by bullet. I got her right through the heart!” “Good,” replies Amy, pleased with the killer instinct displayed by the teenage recruit. “That was good shooting!” “Thanks! All the girls in my platoon processed out enemy prisoners that day, but I got to do a Captain!” replies the recruit enthusiastically. I can use this girl, Amy muses. “Well, this is going to be a letdown for you, but we have some captured cadets that need to be processed out,” Amy informs her. “I think I’ll detail you for that.” “Cool!” the teen enthuses. “They’ll be good target practice for me!” she exclaims cold bloodedly. Even the battle hardened Amy is struck by the cruel streak displayed by the innocent looking teenager. We’re breeding a generation of killers, she can’t help but think. Debbie now approaches her. “All the prisoners in the barracks are stripped, sarge,” she reports. “Good,” Amy replies. “How many do we have?” “Sixty in the barracks,” Debbie replies, “plus those six,” she continues, indicating a small group of cadets standing in front of the barracks who have been allowed to remain in uniform. “Sixty six in all. All cadets.” “OK. Barb, you take charge of this,” Amy now addresses her senior private. ”They need to be processed out immediately. Detail those six to dig a trench big enough for all the prisoners,” she orders, referring to the cadets still in uniform. “That’ll be their grave. Then have them strip and process them out by bullet. Then process out the girls in the barracks. You can have Janine, Michelle and that recruit do the job.”

Blissfully unaware that their collective fate has just been brutally sealed, the cadets imprisoned in the barracks have begun to relax. At first nervous giggling accompanies furtive glances between the naked young girls, but soon, in typical teenage fashion, they separate into cliques and presently the air is filled with happy, youthful female voices carrying on multiple conversations. There is some whispered speculation about the ultimate intentions of their captors, but most of the prisoners share Chong’s opinion that soon they will be issued prisoner uniforms and prepared for transport to a POW camp. Even among the most fervent supporters of The Leader, there is palpable relief that they have all lived to perhaps fight another day.

Barb judges that the six cadets have dug a trench long enough and deep enough to provide them and all of their sisters a permanent home. “All right!” she calls out. “Put down the shovels!” The cadets, now perspiring in their wool uniforms, readily comply. “OK, now strip!” the blonde commands them. Her order is returned with quizzical looks from the captive teens. “Do it!” Barb reiterates, now cocking and leveling her M-16 at the prisoners. As the Cadets begin unbuttoning their uniforms, Barb elaborates on her instructions. “Everything! Uniforms, boots, socks, undies! We want to see bare asses!” Soon, the six young cadets are completely nude and Janine and Michelle swoop in and swiftly tie their hands tightly behind their backs.

Chong and her friend chat quietly towards the back of the barracks, farthest from the door, deliberately trying to keep apart from the milling mass of naked fellow cadets merrily chattering away. Chong notices one girl close to them standing by herself. She is pretty and petite, just like Chong, with small, deliciously formed breasts. Feeling sorry for her, the warm hearted Chong strikes up a conversation with the forlorn looking teen. “Didn’t they issue you boots?” Chong asks in a friendly tone, indicating the pair of high heels resting on the ground next to the girl’s uniform. “No, I’m a staff cadet. They didn’t give us boots,” the other girl replies, managing a weak smile. “Staff cadet?” Chong’s friend asks in a puzzled tone. “I thought you guys didn’t go into battle.” “Lieutenant Ming’s orders,” the staff girl replies, gratified that she now has someone to talk to. “They told us they needed every last woman for the attack. They handed me a rifle with a bayonet. I’ve never even had bayonet drill.” “How many staff cadets were there with you?” Chong asks. “Pretty much all of us,” the girl replies. “Close to a hundred. I can’t believe I’m still alive.” “It was horrible,” Chong agrees empathetically. “I saw most of my friends killed right in front of me,” the staff girl continues, her eyes now filling with tears. “I don’t see anybody else from my department here,” she says, vainly scanning the faces of the other girls in the barracks. Suddenly, the chattering of the cadets falls silent. The sound coming from outside the barracks is jarring. A loud, simultaneous triple pop. The cadets look at each other in worried puzzlement. The palpable tension in the room has begun to relax only slightly when the triple pop is heard again. The sound is unmistakable. It is gunfire. Chong, her friend and the staff girl look at each other anxiously. The other cadets begin to whisper amongst themselves in low, ominous tones. Suddenly, the door to the barracks is flung open. Two blondes, M-16s at the ready, stand in the doorway. “You three, come with us,” one of the blondes orders, singling out the trio of cadets standing closest to the door. The naked girls comply and exit the building. The door slams shut behind them. Soon, Chong and the remaining cadets in the barracks hear the ominous triple pop again.

“Fire!” Barb’s voice calls out the command again. Three M-16s pop. Three more beating hearts are brutally slammed to a stop. The processing out of the teenage cadets is proceeding with mechanical precision. The shooting of the three executioners has been perfect with each bullet unerringly finding its mark. The line of bodies awaiting burial grows longer. The barracks is now more than half empty. The trigger fingers of the blondes will not rest until they have snuffed every last girl remaining in the barracks.

Now, only three are left. Chong, her friend and the staff cadet huddle closely together in the barracks, awaiting their turn to die. They are quiet now. They hear the by now familiar simultaneous triple pop and realize that the three girls who had just been ushered out of the barracks only minutes ago are now dead. The door swings open, and a blonde trooper, M-16 at the ready, wordlessly gestures for them to exit the barracks. Chong locks eyes with those of her friend. Tenderly, she holds out her hand and her friend takes it in hers. Chong gives her friend’s hand an affectionate squeeze. “Come on!” the blonde trooper commands impatiently. Chong gives her friend a wistful smile and reluctantly releases her hand. As her friend starts towards the door, Chong gently touches the shoulder of the staff cadet, who smiles sadly in appreciation. I don’t want her to feel alone, Chong thinks. I don’t want her to feel left out. Stepping out into the open, Chong catches sight of the long line of naked corpses, their pretty bare toes pointing skyward. She lets out a little gasp. It is only now, seeing the horrible proof with her own eyes, that she can accept the reality of what is about to happen to her. They killed them all! They really did it! she tells herself in disbelief. Why are they doing this? We surrendered! They have no reason to kill us! The three naked cadets stop at the spot indicated to them and turn to face their executioners. Chong now sees the woman who will kill her, a stunningly beautiful, petite blonde. Her friend will be killed by a fresh faced blonde girl, obviously a teenager. The staff cadet will be killed by the short pretty blonde who so coldly and proficiently killed the Cadet Leader and the gung ho cadet, forcing the surrender of all the other cadets. The hands of the three prisoners are bound tightly behind their backs. “Be brave, my friends!” Chong exhorts her two companions. She turns her head slightly to exchange one last glance with her friend. “I hope…” she murmurs softly. “I hope so, too,” her friend replies almost in a whisper. The two then turn their heads and face forward. “Ready!” the senior blonde trooper calls out. Why? Chong cries out to herself, in silent anguish. I’m only 15! I haven’t done anything wrong! “Aim!” Chong’s eyes are riveted to the rifle muzzle aimed directly at her heart. Her mind goes blank. She will struggle no more. She will protest no further. “Fire!” She is surprised that she doesn’t hear the pop of the M-16. Then all goes black.

Shouldering her M-16, Janine allows herself a satisfied little smirk. She can only feel satisfaction that she has just killed the naked young Asian cadet, the last of many that she has processed out today. She will never know that this particular cadet was named Chong and that she was assigned to Bunk 20 in her barracks and that she was loved by her family, friends and all who knew her. Nor would Janine have cared, even if she did know.

Amy looks down at the corpses of the cadets, lined up for burial. She carefully studies the first three bodies in the long row, fixing the facial features of each of the dead girls in her memory. The first girl is tall and slender with shoulder length hair and perky young breasts. Her eyes are rolled back in her head, and her mouth is wide open. Her mound of Venus is shaved and her pink toenails point at the sky. The second girl is shorter, and also has shoulder length hair. Her lips are slightly parted, and her eyes are open wide, staring into eternity. Her face is so girlish, Amy thinks. She’s at least 15, but she looks even younger than that! Her perky little breasts and smooth shaven pussy add to the picture of exterminated youthfulness. Amy notices the fire engine red painted toenails on the dead girl. She also notes the toe ring on the second toe of her right foot. That can’t be regulation, she thinks, smiling at the dead cadet's display of individuality. The first two girls are pretty enough, but Amy is taken aback by the appearance of the third cadet. The tallest of the three, at about 5” 7’, this third girl is stunningly beautiful. Her luxuriant long jet black hair billows out beneath her body. Her eyes are wide open in their death stare, but her ruby red lips are only slightly parted. Amy admires her full, delectable pair of breasts. They look like c’s, she thinks approvingly. Like the others, she has a shaved pussy. Amy looks down at the pretty feet, with their red painted toenails. With satisfaction, Amy notes that all three have the stamp of death upon them, a neat little round hole punched into their bodies just above their left breasts. Just one little piece of lead was enough to destroy the lives of all of these pretty young girls. Now their empty shells will be dumped together in the burial trench and covered over to allow decay to do its work. Good work. Very good work, Amy reflects with satisfaction. On previous battlefields, she had always felt pity at the sight of dead enemy cadets, touched by the senseless waste of young lives. Now, with her best friends, Karen and Katie dead, she is a changed woman. She can feel nothing but joy at the sight of enemy corpses, no matter how young they are. “Janine, strip those two and toss them in the pit with the others,” she orders her petite executioner, indicating the corpses of the Cadet Leader and the gung ho cadet. “You can get that recruit to help you.” Enemy soldiers killed in battle are almost never stripped before burial, but Amy is in an unforgiving mood. The Cadet Leader and her gung ho acolyte are to be deprived of every last shred of dignity and put into the ground bare ass naked like all the rest.

At the end of the long line of bodies, Chong’s corpse awaits burial along with the rest. Her wide open eyes and mouth etch a look of permanent surprise on her face, as if even in the moment of death, she still could not believe what was happening to her. Never before has Chong looked so doll like, her delicate porcelain like features forever frozen in death. Her delicate limbs are intact, but she is a broken doll. Everything that made the doll a real living being was pulverized into nothingness by a single small piece of lead. Never again will her soft, sweet voice echo melodiously in the ears of her friends and family. Never again will her pretty eyes and gentle smile brighten another’s day. Now, stripped naked, brutally punctured by a hollow point bullet, she will be discarded like refuse, stuffed in a hole, her sweet, young flesh only fit to nourish the worms that will soon feast on her and all of her friends.

The three pretty, naked 16 year old blondes are kneeling, hands tied behind their backs. All three are used to being on their knees, but under much different circumstances. The hard concrete floor is uncomfortable, and all three teens are shivering in the damp chill of the subbasement room. The whitewashed cinderblock walls are harsh and unadorned, and the bare, high wattage light bulb reflects an almost painful glare. As far as they know, they are the only survivors of the slaughtered relief force. An Asian infantrywoman in khaki, bayonetted rifle at the ready, stands guard over the trio. After an interminable wait, the heavy metal door swings open, and Ming strides in, followed by Chang and three staff cadets, their high heels clicking on the concrete floor. The Lieutenant and her entourage halt in front of the prisoners and Ming nods at the infantrywoman. “You are dismissed, private,” Ming tells her. The infantrywoman salutes smartly, slings her rifle over her shoulder, and quickly marches from the chamber, slamming the iron door shut behind her. Ming now begins to walk a slow circle around the prisoners, savoring the power she has over the helpless blonde teens. “Look at the enemy, cadets! So proud! So vain! And what are they, really? Look at this!” Ming exclaims, stopping directly behind one of the blonde teens. “A tramp stamp!” she announces, calling attention to the tattoo directly above the girl’s ass crack. As the teen flushes with embarrassment, the Lieutenant continues her slow pace around the prisoners. “A tramp stamp!” she repeats loudly. “What else do we have? Stick out your tongues, all of you!” she commands, now standing in front of the prisoners. All three blonde girls comply. “Pierced tongues!” Ming exclaims in righteous disgust. “For sucking cock! Look at these sluts! These blonde animals! The exact opposite of our pure, virtuous cadets!” she proclaims, ignoring the barely suppressed giggles from the “pure” and “virtuous” cadets standing behind her. Ming is relishing the task before her. It has been a long day, full of frustration and failure. The bungling of the slutty Cadet Leader, the folly of Lin and Yung, the failure to retake the Headquarters. She can now vent her fury on the three helpless girls kneeling before her. She circles the prisoners again and stands behind them. “It is time to show these Cadets the reality of war, Chang,” the Lieutenant now announces. “Yes, Lieutenant,” Chang replies. She motions to one of the cadets. The cadet’s heels click rapidly on the concrete floor as she advances towards the line of kneeling prisoners. Under Ming’s watchful eye and to the bewilderment of the three prisoners, the cadet begins doing up their long, luxuriant golden tresses into ponytails. Her task completed, the cadet returns to take her place with Chang and her two fellow cadets. Ming now swiftly does what she has been longing to do. Her 9mm will remain in its holster. The .380 tucked under her belt is her special favorite for such occasions. Standing behind one of the prisoners, she levels the gun’s barrel at the back of the girl’s head. The little pistol barely kicks in Ming’s elegant hand as she squeezes the trigger twice. The two slugs punch into the blonde teen’s skull just behind her right ear and tunnel two deep, destructive pathways into her brain. Instantly plunged into the eternal darkness, the girl keels over onto her side. The second blonde has no time to react before she, too, is propelled into the abyss at Ming’s hand. As Ming steps over to the third girl, she notices, from the side, a tear running down her cheek. Ming hesitates. She walks around to face the last remaining captive. “Chang, take the cadets and leave the room!” she calls over her shoulder. Behind her she can hear the door open and the click of high heels on the concrete floor. As the iron door slams shut, the teen prisoner begins to sob, her body convulsing. “You are crying like a girl,” the enemy Lieutenant says in a stern voice. “Look at your friends. They died like women. But you’re just a little girl,” she says scornfully. To her own surprise, the blonde teen finds the voice and demeanor of the charismatic enemy officer compelling. She stifles a sob, and through tear streaked eyes, looks up at Ming. “I watched you and your friends in battle today,” Ming continues, now in a surprisingly gentle voice. “You and your friends fought like women. You stood together like women.” The girl’s tears stop. She is being pulled back to her duty by the enemy. “You must be worthy of your friends,” the Lieutenant says, still in a gentle, yet commanding tone. She reaches out and with the back of her hand, tenderly wipes away the tear rolling down the blonde’s face. The doomed girl is now completely under the spell of her executioner. Now clear eyed, she silently nods her head and stares straight in front of her. She is ready.

Chang and the Cadets hear two muffled pops in rapid succession from inside the room. Shortly, the iron door swings open and Ming emerges, the .380 tucked back into her belt. “All is well, Chang,” Ming announces with satisfaction. “They all died like women. There is no honor in killing little girls.” “I will have the cadets dispose of them, Lieutenant,” Chang assures her.

“This is always the worst part,” Janine remarks with disgust, as she pulls off one of the slain Cadet Leader’s boots. “Why do we have to bury them?” the recruit asks, tugging at one of the gung ho cadet’s boots. “Well, they can’t bury themselves,” Janine replies, tossing a second boot to the side, and then pulling off a pink sock. “We could just let them rot,” the recruit replies callously, now struggling with the second boot. “After a couple of days that would get really gross,” Janine replies, pulling off the other sock and then pausing from her work for a moment, holding the Cadet Leader’s bare foot in her hand. “Here, help me get this princess out of her uniform, and then we can finish stripping your little bitch.” The recruit drops a leg and hurries over to Janine’s side. “Here, hold her up, while I get her out of her jacket,” Janine directs the younger girl. The recruit props the dead girl up into a sitting position and Janine deftly unbuttons her gold braided uniform jacket. “Got her right between the eyes!” Janine marvels, looking into the Cadet Leader’s vacant face with wide open sightless eyes and mouth hanging slackly open, just inches from her own face. “That was some good shooting!” “I’m surprised there aren’t brains all over the place,” the recruit exclaims with relief, slipping the jacket off the corpse’s shoulders and tossing it aside, even as Janine begins to unbutton the dead girl’s blouse. “That’s the beauty of hollow points,” Janine assures her young friend, as the recruit gets the blouse off the corpse. “They go in, slow down, and do as much damage as they can. They’re designed to devastate human internal organs,” she continues, deftly reaching behind the Cadet Leader and unhooking the clasps on her pink lace bra. “That’s why we use them. And so does the enemy,” she concludes, slipping the bra straps off the dead girl’s pretty shoulders. The slain Cadet Leader’s small, perfectly rounded breasts are still firm and perky, Janine notes. The recruit lowers the corpse’s now bare trunk to the ground, as Janine unhooks the skirt. She shimmies the tight fitting skirt off the Cadet Leader’s ass, sliding it down to her knees, and then lifting both feet off the ground, pulls the skirt off and tosses it onto the pile. “Look at this,” Janine shakes her head, at the dead girl's pink thong. “Cute little pink socks, lacey bras, thongs. They think war is a game.” She pulls down the thong, revealing the luscious, shaved mound of Venus. “Hold her legs up and spread them,” Janine orders her young companion. “I’m sure she got a lot of practice doing that.” “I’m no angel, either,” the recruit replies quietly, blushing, as she recalls her last night at boot camp with two well hung males. “Oh, none of us are,” Janine admits. “We’re all women. But they call us sluts and whores and they get more sex than we do. I haven’t had dick in months, and this princess probably had her feet pointed at the ceiling last night.” Janine tugs the thong out of the Cadet Leader’s ass crack, slides it up the length of her legs and pulls it off. Wadding up the thong into a ball, she tosses it onto the pile. The recruit lowers the legs to the ground, feet slightly apart. Janine picks up one foot and slides it next to the other, resting them ankle to ankle. “First time she’s probably ever kept her legs closed,” she says contemptuously. “Okay, now let’s get your little slut ready for the trench,” she says turning to the corpse of the gung ho cadet. “Magenta! How cute!” she snorts at the dead girl’s socks. “And a bullet just above the right eye,” she observes, noting the hole burrowed deep into the elegantly plucked eyebrow. “That little slut Michelle is a pretty good shot!” she declares as the two blondes begin to strip the second corpse.

“What are the returns, Chang?” Ming asks her Sergeant grimly in the privacy of her office. “Shock Team Chang: All present and accounted for,” the Sergeant replies. “And?” Ming prompts her, knowing that all the rest will be bad news. “Shock Team Lin: None present for duty. 12 missing and presumed dead. Shock Team Yung: None present for duty. 12 missing and presumed dead,” Chang responds. “Cadets?” Ming asks. “Troop attached to Shock Team Chang: 30 present and accounted for. 71 missing and presumed dead. Combined Assault Force for the attack on the enemy Headquarters: 85 present and accounted for. 218 missing and presumed dead. Staff Cadets: 5 present and accounted for. 85 missing and presumed dead.” “Five staff cadets still alive?” Ming asks, a puzzled look on her face. “Yes, Lieutenant. They were the only five who remained here during the attack,” Chang reminds her. “All those who joined the attack are missing and presumed dead.” “Which is as it should be,” Ming replies cold bloodedly. “They failed me, Chang. And I failed The Leader. And now I must face the consequences.”

Darkness is now falling. The evening air is chilly and damp. Dozens of Asian cadets lie in front of the blonde battle line. The lucky ones lie still. They are the dead, lost forever in the unending, unforgiving blackness of oblivion. They were fortunate in having a bullet perforate their heart or pulverize their brain or to be riddled by so many bullets that their life was quickly obliterated. The others lie in agony, in the tormented twilight world between life and death. The blondes’ hollow point bullets have done their work well, devastating the internal organs of their victims, spreading shock and trauma. The high heeled pumps of the staff cadets lie scattered across the field, their barefoot former owners now among the bullet riddled corpses. In some places the cadets are piled on each other in heaps. One 16 year old first class cadet lies on her back, riddled with 7 bullets. She endures her pain quietly, letting out only an occasional soft moan. Next to her is a 15 year old third class cadet, lying curled up on her side, sobbing in pain, with 3 bullets deep in her belly and bowels. In her pain clouded brain, the first class cadet hopes that a truce will be declared and that the wounded can be helped. It’s too late for me, she realizes. But maybe they can help some of these other girls. She opens her mouth to speak encouragement to the sobbing girl next to her, but no words come out, only another low moan. Her mind begins to wander…

“This is unacceptable, Ming!” the Colonel intones, her voice choking with barely suppressed rage over the teleconference screen. “Two of The Leader’s Shock Teams wiped out! And Three Hundred and Seventy Four dead cadets!” “The Leader’s garden has many flowers. If one is plucked, ten will flourish in her place,” Ming replies placidly. “Do not quote the Book of The Leader to me, Ming!” the Colonel fulminates at hearing the recitation of the all too familiar Dictum 93. “You have drenched The Leader’s garden with the blood of her most precious young flowers! And worst of all, you did not take your objective! How can I explain this to the General? How is this to be explained to The Leader?” the Colonel screams, slamming her hand down on her desk. “Well?” she breaks off her tirade, allowing Ming the opportunity to defend herself. “May I remind the Colonel,” Ming replies in even tones, looking her interlocutor directly in the eye , “that you made the destruction of the enemy relief force my primary objective, and that I accomplished said objective?” The Colonel shifts uneasily in her chair, as Ming continues. “In achieving this objective, I kept my Shock Team intact and none of my women were killed. The loss of seventy one cadets was an acceptable price to pay, because as you yourself have said on many occasions, Colonel, cadets are expendable,” Ming reminds her, while maintaining steady, unblinking eye contact. Her superior officer’s silence signifies that she will be allowed to continue with her defense. “As for taking the enemy position, the loss of two Shock Teams is regrettable, but their loss can be attributed to improper application of tactical doctrine by Team Sergeants Lin and Yung. And unfortunately, as per your orders, and as the video records will show, neither Sergeant Chang nor myself were permitted to lead the attack, as I had requested.” The Colonel clears her throat. “Ming, I will do my best to shield you from the General’s wrath,” she declares in now subdued tones. “But we must all fear how The Leader will react to this news.” “I am prepared to defend my actions to the General or even to The Leader herself,” Ming replies, again looking the Colonel straight in the eye. “And as an officer, I do have the right of direct appeal to The Leader.” “I am certain that will not be necessary, Ming,” the Colonel replies hastily, now in full retreat. “Don’t concern yourself. I will explain circumstances fully to the General. And you needn’t worry about The Leader.”

“We lost some awesome girls today,” Ellen reflects mournfully as the blonde troopers sit around their campfire that night. “Yeah. Julie. Marilyn. Donna. All great girls,” Janine agrees quietly. “But, we did take out two Shock Teams,” Ellen announces proudly. “We sure did!” Janine chimes in happily. “Ellie and I each did a Shock Team Sergeant!” she proudly informs the rest of the group. “Of course, today was nothing compared to Hill 71,” she reminds her friends. “You’ve got that right,” Barb agrees readily. “This baby did some good work that day,” she adds, giving her M-60 an affectionate pat. “I’ve heard about that battle,” the eager young recruit exclaims. “What happened there?” “Nothing much to tell,” Barb replies with a shrug. “We were dug in on the hill, and they tried to take it.” “It was just our platoon,” Janine picks up the story. “They sent wave after wave of cadets at us, and we just kept mowing them down.” “I still don’t know why they never sent in a Shock Team against us, but it’s probably a good thing they didn’t,” Barb interjects, musing aloud. “We were starting to run low on ammo.” “The cadets kept attacking us all day, coming at us with their bayonets” Janine continues. “They never even touched us. None of our girls even got a scratch.” “What about them?” the young recruit asks almost breathlessly. “We piled them up twelve deep in front of our lines,” Janine replies. “We didn’t get any sleep that night because we had to worry about them launching a night attack. Plus their wounded were out there moaning the whole night. Just like tonight.” “The worst part was burying all of them,” Barb interjects. “Yeah,” Janine agrees. “I never saw so much dead pussy in my life.” “There weren’t very many wounded left for us to finish off in the morning,” Barb observes. “After we took care of them, we just started digging these huge pits and started dumping all of them in.” “I remember one of them,” Janine recalls. “She had twenty seven bullet holes in her.” “Wow!” the enthralled young recruit exclaims. “We ended up burying like seven hundred of them,” Janine concludes. “The final count was 756, including 12 Cadet Leaders,” Barb states with precision. “Wow! Awesome!” the teenager exclaims, enthusiastically trying to picture the scene of slaughter. “Yeah, we did pretty good for ourselves that day,” Barb agrees quietly, as the young recruit gazes admiringly at these beautiful young warriors, all of them hardened combat veterans.

“Chang, I am your superior officer. I do not see how you ended up with two men that night and I only got one,” Ming addresses her sergeant with mock sterness, recalling their last night of leave. “Lieutenant, you know that I never flee from battle, even when outnumbered,” Chang replies, just a trace of a lascivious smile playing across her face. “You are to be commended, Chang. From what I heard that night, your conduct was absolutely heroic,” Ming assures her, and the two young women break into a fit of unmilitary giggling. “I’ve heard that sometimes you’ve been outnumbered three or even four to one, Chang,” Ming continues the innuendo laced conversation, accessing a much needed outlet for her angst. “Oh yes, Lieutenant, and once I was even outnumbered five to one,” Chang replies. “But I’ve found that the key to victory is to keep the enemy from shooting for as long as possible,” she says with a wicked smirk. “I’m sure that you’re very skilled at delaying enemy fire, Chang,” Ming assures her. “Yes, Lieutenant. And truth be told, the enemy also discovers the benefits of holding their fire as long as possible,” Chang replies. “I’m sure they do, Chang. I’m sure they do! Do you have any other advice for young warriors, Chang?” Ming inquires. “Yes. Always draw the enemy deep within your territory,” Chang replies. “We agree on that Chang,” Ming affirms. “The deeper the better!”

Sitting apart from her platoon, Amy is wrapped in the darkness and her own gloomy thoughts. Three of my women dead today, she agonizes. And only one girl from the relief force gets through, she reflects, realizing that there will be no more reinforcements. We have six women and a girl. How are we going to be able to hold this place? Our only hope is to have the High Command order us to evacuate. Otherwise, we’re doomed.

Now alone in the privacy of her quarters, Ming thinks back again to her last night of leave. She has just mounted her male and is slowly bouncing herself up and down on his stiffened tool. From a distance, she can hear Chang’s loud cries of passion from the adjoining room. Chang is such a whore, Ming thinks to herself, as she continues her steady bouncing ride on her anonymous stallion. I outrank her, but somehow she ended up with two males tonight. Ming finds herself strangely aroused by this thought. She begins to bounce herself faster on her male’s rigid tool. Her imagination races. I can hear her moaning and screaming, Ming thinks, so she doesn’t have her mouth full. She can now hear a loud, steady moaning coming through the thin walls from the room next door. “Grab my tits!” Ming commands her male. “Squeeze them!” She slams herself down full force on her male’s tool, engulfing it with her saturated womanhood. “Harder! Squeeze them harder!” She must be doing double penetration, Ming fantasizes, as the moaning gives way to piercing screams. Ming uses every ounce of self control not to cry out, straining to hear the sounds of carnal ecstasy coming from Chang’s room. Chang, you beautiful whore, they’re fucking your brains out! Ming revels, even as she slams herself up and down on her partner’s tool with a vengeance. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she can now hear Chang screaming at the top of her lungs. She’s cumming! Ming thrills, and this knowledge flings her headlong into an orgasm of her own. Moaning deeply, her thighs quivering, she grinds her hips into her male’s pelvis. The male’s tormented tool begins to belch its white, hot love nectar into Ming’s pussy. Now Ming finally allows herself to moan in ecstasy. She and Chang have now forged yet another bond.

The first faint streaks of dawn are brightening the sky. In front of the blonde lines, the moans of the wounded and dying cadets have fallen silent one by one. The mortally wounded first class cadet, drifting in and out of consciousness, now realizes that she is alone. The sobbing girl at her side is now silent. Sometime during the long night of agony, she had stopped sobbing, but the first class cadet could still hear her shallow breathing. Now, she hears nothing. All the others are silent. Only she remains, singled out by a malevolent fate for a tormented, lingering death. Her chest heaves as her body fights to take one more breath. She no longer wants to struggle. Please let me die, she begs. Please. The words escape her mouth in a barely audible broken murmur. Her pupils now fixed, she realizes that the sky is beginning to darken. Is it night again already? her clouded, racing mind asks. Numbing cold begins to wrap her entire body in its embrace. She surrenders herself completely to it. Please. Please…the last feeble supplication flits through her brain as it finally begins to shut down. She follows her sisters into the unending blackness.

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