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when i was very horny and my boyfreind it was gone.

My name it is Ana,i am a girl from Roumania so,please excuse my english.i don't know well this language but I want to tell you my last game without my boyfriend.
I work in a call center type department.Last week I was at work and surfing the internet.the clik clik in've got a porn site.there I kept looking at the various videos and a colleague of mine saw what I was is also a good friend to me.she came to me and said:
"- I saw you looking at porno"
I answered.
"-by mistake but now i am horny"
She started laughing and said
"-eh, I'll go home and have sex with Adi tonight."
I answered
"-Unfortunately he was out of town and he returns over two days and I'm so wet.”
then she said;
"-Bogdan said he likes you and he wants to fuck you.if you want I'll let you have sex with him. "
I looked at her and I could not believe what she tells me.I asked
-you're kidding, right?
very serious when she replied that not joking and that he would like to see me while having sex with her boyfriend.

After all followed discussions likeI can not because I have a friend and it still says it's just convince me she showed me a movie on your mobile phone.In the video she sucks her boyfriend's dick.this video turned me on so bad that convinced me to stay overnight at her home.
easier to tell you I tell you the name of my colleague.Her name is Cristina,Her boyfriend's name is Bogdan.I told my colleague that I agree to stay overnight at her house and then we will see what will happen.She lives in the house with Bogdan.Cristina called Bogdan and announced that it will remain overnight at her home.

After work I went with Cristina at home.We entered the house and Bogdan was in a bathrobe.Was excused saying just what came out of the shower.I got all three in the living room and started to talk about our discussion from work and about the movie that Cristina showed me(in which she makes his blowjob)and the movie that convinced me to come to her home tonight.
After this discussion, Cristina said she forgot to buy something to drink.She said he was going to the store and returns immediately.Bogdan me and I remain in the living room.He told me that our discussion about him and the movie make excited.I told him I did not believe him.He then gave the bathrobe on one side and pulled dick out was hard and started to masturbate.I did not react, I looked at him.

He then got up and came to my face and continues to masturbate.He came so close that his dick was inches from my face then I wanted to get away a bit from him but he held his dick with one hand and with the other grabbed my head and pulled me close on his dick.I was wet and horny.

He rubbed his dick to my face.He then said :
"If you liked the movie open your mouth to see that in reality is better"
I then opened my mouth in instinct and he put his dick in my mouth.I was so excited and started to suck his dick .He left me a few minutes to suck as I wanted but then he told me :
" suck it without hands "

I took his hands off his dick and he grabbed my head and started to fuck me in the mouth I could hear him moaning with pleasure

.After a few minutes I heard told me to watch him then he put his dick deep in my mouth and finished in my mouth.

After he calmed down I wanted to go to the bathroom to spit sperm because I had a mouth full of sperm.He then said he does pull out his dick of my mouth until I swallow it.

His dick was still hard and he continued to fuck me in the mouth easily.I had no choice but to swallow sperm.when satisfied he went and sat on the couch as if nothing had happened.

Immediately after this he returned and Cristina at the store she asked us what we did during this.
Bogdan replied calmly:
"She sucks dick very well is obedient, swallows sperm. "

Cristina started laughing and said that it should start an evening.I looked at them and I was surprised by how open they are.
Cristina bought a wine.put in glasses and started to drink.After the first glass of wine I was a little dizzy.
I told them that their house is warm.When Bogdan told me to undress and Cristina said Bogdan is right so we stripped all three.Cristina and I have stayed in bra and panties and Bogdan was completely naked.After we undressed I said I wanted to go take a shower .Cristina said ok .so I went and entered in the bathroom,after a few minutes came and cristina and told me that she and Bogdan have a deal.if he wants to have sex with another woman then she would have sex with another she called an old friend that to be two pairs,and if bother me We sit in different rooms.I said that bothers me and I'm not ready for that so he left me to stay in the living room and Bogdan and her and old boyfriend in the bedroom.I finished showering and went with Cristina in the living room.Bogdan and the other man was there completely naked .I was shocked by the way we were expecting us.Cristina told other's man that they should go in the bedroom.I remained alone with Bogdan who invited me to sit beside him .I asked how it agree with swinging.He told me he likes sex and does not mind if his girlfriend having sex with another man while he is with another woman.

I started to kiss he touched my breasts , ass,legs and when touched my pussy , fuck was so good.I lay on my back and started kissing me all over my body,then he turned me on belly and continued to kiss until it reached my ass,he told me to spread my legs and began to lick my pussy and assholle .then stopped and told me that I get and immediately I felt his dick on my pussy .He hit me with his dick over my pussy and asked if you want to fuck me .I moaned and beg him to fuck me hard.then he grabbed me by the neck with one hand put his dick in my pussy and began to fuck me hard.I wanted to put in a doggy style but he don’t left me,he said that an sit to fuck me as he wants not my way.After a few minutes I turned face up and put my feet on his shoulders He grabbed my hips and pulled me in the dick .then he said he was tired and made me sit seen over his with back to him ....He told me to sit in doggystyle and began to lick my asshole again and wanted to put a finger in my ass .I said I do not want .He then started to Fucky my pussy,with one hand and He pulled me by the hair and with the other hand he slapped me on the ass.I was exhausted and had several orgasms during this time .He told me he wanted to finish and I to put myself back . he came with a bottle of oil and poured on my breasts and on his dick and began to fuck me between breasts.did not last long and cum over my breasts,in my mouth and face.

He stood up and told me I suck his dick until it's clean.After that I went to the bathroom.when I came out of the bathroom could hear noise from the looks like Cristina and her boyfriend were not finished.

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2014-02-20 02:02:06
If you want me to edit your work, I would be glad to. You have good talent just need a little expansion on grammar and detail. You can thank me later



2014-01-20 08:07:57
Hello anonymous it is only site where i post that story.

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2014-01-09 07:58:24
This story it is Nice and very hot..

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