The story of how Diane grew up
The rumors of being a slut started when I began puberty, hitting early and hard, at nine, maybe nine and a half. And then there is the truth!

I started developing very early, much earlier than any of my friends. By ten I had a 34b bust, graduating out of a training bra well before then, if I ever really needed one. At eighteen I am now 40g, and still growing, but who knows? It has been almost nine months since I've had to "upgrade" my bras.

There are a couple other unusual features about my body, things that make me different from all the other girls, my friends, but I will get to those one at a time. Most of the rumors repeated by others are just that, fabrications of things they wanted of me... at least in their own heads. I have good hearing as well, and have heard some call me Jezebel. If that is who I'm like, then she and I share an innocence that is tarnished by these rumors. At least in my view.

I follow in my mother's footsteps, at least in her genetics. While I am an inch or so shorter than she is, my bust is at least one inch fuller and two cup sizes bigger than hers. I've overheard some guys saying that if they couldn't fuck me, then they would gladly "do" my mom, calling her "the town's reigning Milf Queen!". That hearing thing comes in handy, but sometimes it gives way, just like my other body parts.

Over the years, mom and I have worked hard to keep our bodies healthy and in shape. She stays very active at 43. We both are high school cheerleaders, she in her time, and now... me.

She works as a paralegal, then goes to the gym. Even when she was pregnant with Mikey, only then with more lightweight... more easy-going. She says she likes her job, which she's had for the past 12 years, but also drinks a few glasses of wine each night to help her "forget" about the job. She's happy, but I suspect that she is hiding something from herself. While I think she has come to love my father, I don't think she was in love with him when they got married. Or maybe she was just unwilling to pursue what was on her mind. I, on the other hand, intend to live out some of these rumors, only because they have played on me... they have become a part of me. Also with what things I've learned this evening, the night before the Jones' Big Bash on Labor Day, maybe it would be all for the best... for me, at least. And by extension... others. For everyone. Me!

It was right years ago at ten, just after entering puberty, my two older brothers, Ross and Carl, began with their incessant sexual teasing and taunting. Telling jokes like there was no tomorrow. It did serve them well, but it took me a while to figure some of those things out. It wasn't until later, twelve-ish, that they got the help of others in their taunts. Particularly Mikey, my little brother by five years. Mikey has sort of become the older brother I had hoped for with my actual older brothers. He is Mom's favorite, and maybe mine, too. Very cute.

Each of us first three were born within ten months of each other. Fourteen, Thirteen, Twelve, then Mikey at Seven. Mom was pregnant for the first 30 months of her marriage, with a month in between to get a break. Getting pregnant only after being married, as I was told. I heard some rumors about her, that she got married because they thought she was pregnant. I overheard my Aunt Mae talk about how mom was forced to "abort" her first baby, but only after she was married. But there was no abortion, Mom told me herself.

Please do forgive my writing, I wasn't good in school. I could get maybe B's, but it was mostly C+'s, if I was lucky. My teachers liked me and would give me lots of help. One teacher, Ms Orlando, I later came to find, had a crush on me, which explained her close contact with me while tutoring. I didn't mind, as she was pretty, and I actually liked how she would brush my hair with her hand when I would get something right.

My close friends helped me write my story here, at least to help edit my shit... my words. These friends of mine are Izzy, Ella, Jen, Cassie, and tonight I find that Janine should be included, too. We all grew up close, but we became very different girls. Different women by eighteen, Janine being an exception as she is five years older. Izzy is intelligent, very outgoing, as well as outspoken. The ring leader among us, if there is one. Ella is very shy, probably the smartest person I know, and very musical. While her and Rick have only been dating a week, he seems to give her confidence and she has noticeably been more outgoing. She's even trying to work up the courage to start singing in public. Jenny is very lesbian, has a cutting sense of humor, and does a lot of environmental projects. She's also been out of the closet probably since I have known her, never once showing the slightest interest in guys. Cassie, who is also out as lesbian, but only for the past year. She's the strong silent type, kind of a techy nerd, and has quite an extensive body of fiction that she had written. It's hard for me to describe myself, but since I've found myself single for the past week, I've had a lot of time to think what I want. I've always been self-critical, but in the past week, I've been able to put those thoughts on hold.

On the same note, Elaine, someone who I only thought of as a teacher at school, turns out that she and the rest of us come from the same small group. The same family if you must. The ones who founded our town. Our history. It's collective intertwined history.

Elaine's family, while having left a couple generations ago, was the original family to take up in Janaeville, well before the town was even given a name. She moved back with her new husband after he accepted the job as coach for the high school football team. Her family still owned a huge plot of land here, which they used to build their home. John has since become a guiding light for many in our town, both on and off the field.

My family stayed, on the other hand, but we seemed to forget about this history... maybe on purpose. We all only found out about it tonight because of Old Lady Izzy. She called for this gathering of those she deems her "successors". It seemed to happened just right, "almost organic", as she said many times. I know that I have a group of friends with deep roots. It just feels right.

Janaeville is in the center of many smaller towns that are all connected by a shared high school. It is also the most affluent of these towns. Those of us in this group are part of the founding of this town, it actually makes me want to learn more history to see what might have been going on in this world, only in how it might have effected us directly. Our families have succeeded because Janaeville has succeeded. And that is thanks partly to our ancestors, but most of all to Old Lady Izzy, at least for her last fifty years, in running the business for us all. The rest of the other families seemed to have forgotten, leaving it all to Izadore Johansson, the first.

Another interesting thing about our town is in it's name. The root of the name, Janae, means "God is gracious". But that's not all. The name also has other meanings, particularly "The epitome of beauty; the quintessence of purity and sexiness." When you consider that our town was essentially founded by a group of women, this seems very appropriate. I for one, love these things about our town, and even more, I love that these things are a sort of mythology for the rest of the town. But in reality, this is my family history. It is my life, our by lives. There are other definitions for "Janae" which are equally applicable. "Someone who seems to swear a lot, but is lots of fun to be with. Don't get her angry." And this applies to every one of us, Izzy in particular. She's been at the center of our small group of women, the one who brings us together.

And while we're on the topic of names, Izzy once told me how her name is really a boys name, and was given to her grandmother because her parents who wanted a son. Old Lady Izzy, as she is called by everyone (since at least her grand daughter's birth), was raised as a boy up until the time she hit puberty, at eleven and a half. Then many things had to be explained. But never sufficiently. Growing up she did play baseball with the other boys, fast-pitch hardball. And she was good. She played shortstop. But her parents hoped with a son it would break the last vestiges of this special group that was our collective family, while maintaining other parts that were more profitable, all while using the money they made to build our town.

Right now I am eighteen years old, I just broke up with my boyfriend of the past year. My first real public boyfriend, and while maybe not the possessor of my virginity, he was my first relationship. The one I wanted to be with, or so I thought. Too bad it wasn't quite mutual. The one he wanted was Izzy. I denied his attraction to Izzy at first mostly because I knew that there was no chance that Izzy would like him, so I never worried. Izzy not only despises Tony, but his father as well. "Dad", as he wants to be called, never treated me any different than others, and as I had not been around him and Izzy, I didn't understand her complaints. I really never knew what she was talking about until the morning that I broke up with his son, six days ago. But now I know. He wanted Tony to marry Izzy for what he thought she was worth. Turns out, Tony would have done better with me, if only he knew. The lesson I learned was not to get to attached to a big dick. Tony was well endowed in both departments.

But... after all this, now is the best time for me. I've decided that I want to focus on positive things, but at the same time, learn how to protect myself against any bad. This past week, since the breakup, my life has been wonderful. Many things have happened. But... I've learned... about myself.

I decided to add martial arts into my life. I talked with a couple of local instructors, and the one I decided on has run her dojo for the past 10 years. My love of gymnastics made it seem like a natural extension next step, it just includes the possibility of contact with another person in a violent way. Not unlike sex at times. I have come to realize that I like rough sex along with the more gentle aspects as well. But still again, I would reject being called a slut. Isn't a whore someone who will sleep with everyone, while a slut is someone who will sleep with everyone but you. I mean, I can understand how some idiots might call me that, as their only yard stick was in my not having slept with them. But with my only having had a handful of people that I have had sex with with, both men and women, I would think a lot more partners would be required before I would fall into either category.

This afternoon, we girls went to the beauty parlor. Izzy convinced me to cut my hair. She said it could be used in wigs for cancer patients. I thought that was a cool idea, and I knew my hair would grow out, so why not? This would be the first time I have ever had short hair, just another change in my week long new-life. Mom thought that hair was important, so I never really got a cut. She did trim some split ends.

I also dyed it a shade of dark red from it's original blonde, I think it is very sexy. Tony never really said much about how I looked. He did say nice things now and then, just nothing indicating real affection, like I seemed to have for him. Maybe my standards are too high? Maybe just messed up! I don't know. Tonight, and from now on, things will be different.

Now back to my history. When I was just first experiencing the changes of puberty, I also started to learn about sex, mostly from my brother's teasing and their internet browser history. In many ways, it was out of necessity that I learned these things. Thanks to my brother's video links, I learned to masturbate and can really get myself off, after much practice. Their teasing set a fire, then Google told me how to put out that fire. A faucet, specifically a bathtub faucet. I could just lay there for hours while the water hit my pussy, feeling its warmth raining down on me, forcing its way inside, softly and forcefully filling me up, splashing over my cunt, only to spill back out. I learned that my muscles down there are very active and controllable. For four months I enjoyed my bathtub. Yes, I have my own bathroom, that I had to keep clean. my brothers shared theirs. Then my parents shared one, too. I was the only one with a private bath, so masturbation became an everyday occurrence... I fucked my bathtub, and it fucked me back. But now I wanted more... I needed more. What really made me stop was overhearing my dad talk with mom about how the water bill has been way higher than it was before, almost four times larger. I was smart enough to understand how that was effecting my family. So, time to find something else.

Inserting my fingers into myself, watching some of the porn videos my brothers found and tried to hide, I saw a couple women thrust a long rubber pole shaped like a penis in and out of themselves. Dildos. I couldn't figure out why they just didn't use some phallic veggies, like a cucumber or a zucchini? I have even used a really large carrot I once found at a Farmer's Market about two feet long and maybe five inches in diameter, but that was at fifteen, and it was also shared with a friend.

On a side note, some of those veggies became my next meal. I would peal them, use them, rinse them, and then dice and eat. But once, I ate a daikon without washing after use. Seth didn't complain about eating my salad that night. I shredded the daikon, with the carrot and a beet, added some rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, Srirachi hot sauce, and soy sauce. I also made him some spring rolls and egg drop soup. His parents were out of town, and his girlfriend was out with her girls. I showed up at his place with everything I needed. I had him all to myself. I gave him a show, we fucked like rabbits, and he was mine for the night. Seth took me, but there was no pain whatsoever. Ahead of my story, again.

OK, at ten and eleven, I began to wonder if I wasn't some sort of freak. My clitoris wasn't anything like I have seen in pictures. By eleven and a half, I watched it grow over time and it even began to protrude from between my pussy lips. It was about three quarters of an inch long, but when I got aroused, it grew to almost an inch and a quarter. At eighteen, it is now almost an inch and a quarter, growing to almost two inches when aroused. I have learned to rub it, almost jacking it off like a guy might do to his penis. This provided many quickie orgasms in the girls bathrooms at school, in between classes, just after a football game, or a gymnastics event.

At twelve, I got quite a shock. It was in the seventh grade when we started to change clothes for gym in the locker room. When we first started at the beginning of the year, I would turn myself away from the other girls as long as I had my panties off, or hold my towel in front of myself, I was feeling quite embarrassed that they might think me a freak with my "lady penis", Seth used to call it that when we were messing around. After almost a month and a half of hiding in the locker room, I over heard while I was in the shower, two girls in the locker room were commenting on what was between my legs. They couldn't figure out what it was, and some claimed that I had a tiny penis. This was another time when my hearing came of use as well as being a burden.

The gym teacher, Ms. Katsumi, pulled me aside after another week or so to tell me that I should try gymnastics, that I might be good at it. At the same time, she also told me she had over heard some of the girls talking, and wanted to know if I needed to talk about anything. "Well, yeah...", looking down and speaking quietly. "There is something... I... but I don't know...", looking back up at her, "how to start."

Kat helped, "So, maybe I already know. Do you mind if I ask a few questions?" I couldn't think of anything to say and almost immediately nodded my consent.

"Well, then. You are at the age where boys and girls go through some... physical changes. Does it have anything to do with that?" Again, nodding.

"Can I tell you what I have heard?" Far more slowly nodding.

"So, these girls... said that they saw you naked in the shower... and for the first time they noticed you stood facing them." She waited several moments. "They... are... all jealous of you... because you are the most attractive... the most physically mature." Kat stopped a moment to look me in the eye. "They also claimed that you have a penis. Is that it?"

I couldn't find the words, but my forceful automatic answer to her direct question was "No, I don't have a penis, but... what I do have...", looking her in the eye, "is not like what I see on them." She waited almost for me to finish. "My difference is the size of my... clitoris. I'm not like other girls, but I am still...", I was fighting back my tears... "a girl." Ms. Katsumi, or Kat, took my hand and explained that just as there are different sizes in men's penis', there are different sizes for women's body parts, too. Kat helped me to gain a beginning confidence in myself... in my body.

After that day maybe two, I noticed that several of the girls who became my friends didn't seem to care what those rumors were saying. It was those friends that were going into gymnastics, so that was another sort of sisterhood. Others of my current friends to go into gymnastics was Cassie and Janine was in gymnastics when she was in school. It happened that the gymnasts also went out for cheerleading, Cassie was an exception there, she didn't cheer. Cheerleading in the fall and gymnastics in the spring. In seventh and eighth grade, I learned to become comfortable with myself.

During this whole time I would masturbate furiously, despite everything. I was captivated with how I could make myself feel just by touching myself, and I found a lot of ways. It was also fortunate that I was able to find several different private places to please myself. One in particular at school is a small room at the top of the back stairs, on the sixth floor.

On the night of my fourteenth birthday I decided that I wanted to kiss a boy. The one I wanted to kiss was Jason. While he was younger than me, he was taller and just looked more developed. I surprised the both of us in just how aggressive I was in my first kiss, I didn't give him much warning as my tongue pushed past his lips. We fooled around for maybe three or four minutes before he stopped me saying "I have to go home." It was only six months ago, or three and a half years since we kissed that Jason finally came out. We never were very close, so maybe this explains his desire to leave rather than make out with me.

Anyway, it was the next weekend that I kissed a girl... well, Janine actually kissed me, but I didn't mind, it was actually very nice. I had seen several lesbian videos, so it didn't bother me about touching or being touched by a woman.

After the first kiss, she pulled back, still holding my hand. "So... should I stop?", she asked after a few moments.

I smiled and said, "...not unless you want to." Janine gently pulled me close and kissed me again. We explored each other's mouths for many moments when I felt her hand envelop my breast. This caused me to gasp and pull way from her, and not because I didn't like it. I loved the feeling of her hand on my breast, it shot sparks through my already excited body. I just looked at her and smiled as she now has both hands on me as I leaned back against the wall.

I sighed as she squeezed gently. I looked down as she pushed them together, the narrowed cleavage turning me on like never before. She was now pinching my nipples through my bra, causing me to exhale forcefully. "God Janine, your hands feel wonderful on my tits. No one has ever touched me like this before... and..." and I couldn't find my next words.

"Diane, you have beautiful breasts, and I would love to touch them all day long...". and she began unbuttoning my blouse. We were in her parents living room and anyone could walk through the front door. But I so wanted this I didn't care. I really wanted to be naked, I just wanted someone to show me that they accepted me for who and what I am.

Janine had my blouse opened before I knew what happened, pushing it down over my shoulders. Just as I could see them, I'm sure she could see my nipples pushing at the fabric of my bra. As she ran her finger tips over them, they seemed more sensitive than normal, or was it the excitement of being touched by someone else's hand. Again I gasp for air as Janine pinches me more firmly through my bra.

In one smooth slow motion, she pulled the straps of my bra from my shoulders. Slowly my breasts came into view, as the fabric scraped over my nipples my body shuddered with a pleasure I had never experienced. "My god, Diane, you're absolutely beautiful.", she says leaning forward to touch the end of her tongue to my nipple. Electricity pulsed through me as she made contact. Impulsively, I wrapped my hands around her head and pulled her closer.

Her lips now covered my areola as she gently suckled me. I opened my eyes to her, her lips still engaged around my sensitive, tingling nipple. With my palms cradling the back side of her head, I hold her lips in their desired place. My breath now slower and deeper, my eyes fall shut as her efforts begin their journey to my first orgasm by another hand, my body already exhibiting signs of my impending cum.

"Here, let's get you out of these things." She removed my blouse, and in reaching for the clasp in back, her mouth was kissing and licking between my breasts. I was also finding a bold part of myself and pressed my breasts around her head attempting to entrap her there. She struggled with the clasp until I remember that I wore my front clasp today.

"Oh, sorry. Here...", and I pulled back from her to release the clasp. She laughed at my look on my face, almost demure, but I had to laugh too, knowing that I was craving this feeling of letting go of normal inhibitions. It wasn't much later that I experienced something close to being caught, but right now that thought didn't even come close to my mind... or Janine's.

We hesitantly looked at each other and just leaned forward to kiss. Besides our knees, our lips were the only body parts touching the other. She quietly took my hands and held them to her breasts. They were nothing like mine. No larger than a B cup, and maybe 32 or 34. Either way, it was turning me on.

"Come on, sit on the fireplace ledge. You'll be more comfortable." Sitting like this almost forced my knees to spread naturally, something Janine seemed to encourage with her hands now on the insides on my knees. "Can we remove your skirt and maybe..." I was very hesitant to go further because no one had ever seen me when aroused and my clit is 'enlarge'. "... maybe your... panties."

I slowly turned to my side, not breaking eye contact. I showed her the zipper. I didn't realize it at the moment, but it has become almost my fetish, having others take off my clothes. Despite that, it still does creep me out when guys who I find unattractive attempt to undress me with their eyes. One of my favorite fantasies is kind of inspired by my first time with Janine, but it involves allowing someone, guy or girl, complete control over what they do to me as long as there is no intended pain or harm inflicted. This fantasy also came true in a very much darker fashion than I had hoped, but that did come to show just how strong I was.

Janine had my zipper down, twisting my hips for her to remove my skirt. "You know, Diane, can I tell you something?" Between the excitement and my hesitations over anyone seeing and judging me because of the size of my clit, I was a little nervous with what she might say. I nodded my slow consent.

She pulls down my skirt as I lift my hips and shift them back facing forward. "I've heard rumors about... now don't get all tense on me... about you... and how you're a little... how shall I say... a little different." While I was nervous as hell over what she was saying, I found a new sort of excitement in finally opening myself up to another, and I got the sense that Janine would become a positive influence. Despite our difference in age, she treats me like a friend, someone her own age.

She placed her fingers on my panties at the sides. "May I?" And I slowly lift my hips and she glides my panties down my legs. Looking in her eyes the whole time, I sit back down, my legs held together as if trying to hide something that she already said she wanted to see, at least hinted at.

"Please, Diane, please show me." Her hands are on my knees, almost pulling them apart, but she waits for me to show her. Slowly I part my thighs, almost afraid of what she will think. "Oh my god, Diane, it's beautiful... you're beautiful." Pushing her hands against my knees, her hands now moving towards my hips. "Diane, move your feet apart for me." She kneels before me, her hands holding the inside of my thigh. I move my feet out which causes my legs to part even more. "I want you to slide forward towards the edge."

As I come to a stop at the edge, I feel a light feathery touch on my clit sending shudders through me. When I look down I see her tongue flicking at the engorged tip of my erect clitoris. More shockwaves of pleasure course through me. She slowly starts licking up and down the shaft, each spot elicits new joys.

She kisses my outer labia, my hips thrust into her face. "Oh, fuck that feels nice!" She tugs at them, pulling them gently between her lips. Moving down one side and up the other, my pussy never felt like this. Eventually she started parting my inner lips, running her tongue from the bottom to the top, rinse and repeat. Each stroke of her tongue became deeper, until she paused to thrust her tongue deep inside me. It was at that moment I realized my hand was on the back of her head, pulling her closer, her tongue moving deeper still.

I released my clutching grip on her head. "You like my tongue inside you, don't you? I can tell by how you gripped my face to your cunt." I could only smile at her and nod. "Well then, how would you like my fingers fucking you while I suck your magnificent clitoris?" She didn't wait for my answer and started kissing my clit, causing my body to shudder.

"My god you are amazing. Your lips touching me...", I exhale violently then gasp, " like shooting sparks through my whole body." It was then that I felt her fingers enter me, the tips rubbing gently over my spot. My hips moved against her as she slowly thrust her hand in and out.

When she took me into her mouth, I completely melted under her touch, guiding her tongue and lips up and down the length of my engorged clitoris. I looked down at her, and she looked like one of those girls in the videos sucking some guy off, her head was bobbing up and down as her lips slid over the surface. I watched as she drove my clit into her mouth, and the visual image of her doing this hit some button, and I burst forth with an orgasm like no other. As I was cumming, I noticed that my hands were desperately holding her head against my pussy, my hips involuntarily bucking against her face. When I finally came down from my cloud, Janine was smiling at me, and moving into kiss my lips. While I have tasted my strong musk before, finding it on her lips drove me nuts. The kiss we shared seemed to last forever, our tongues dancing inside each others mouths.

After several moments and kisses, I could feel Janine lift my hand to her breast. When I touched her, a flame ignited in me that still burns today. The feel of her breasts were different, while not as firm as mine, I liked the soft, squishy feeling of them. She stopped me for a moment, stood and took off her shirt and bra. I watched with anticipation as each button opened her shirt that much further. As she moved back to me, both my hands automatically raised to cup each of her round breasts. They were nowhere as big as mine even at that time, but that didn't stop me from wanting to explore her. I brushed my thumbs over her nipples, she seemed to like this. I don't know what it was, but when she put her hands just over my shoulders, it just felt like some invitation to explore further. So, I leaned forward, taking her hard nipple in my mouth. I slowly rolled it around with my tongue, and I could feel her chest sink as her lungs emitted a sigh. Another difference between us was that her nipples were long and pointed. I really liked flicking the end of my tongue just over the tip of her hard nipple, she apparently liked it as well, as she moaned and held my head in her hands as my tongue danced over her.

As I was still suckling her breast, Janine gently pushed my hand down just a bit, rubbing my finger tips just over the surface of her skin. As I got to her pants, she lifted my fingers over the fabric and continued the guided tour of her body. She held my hand, pulling it over the surface of her cutoffs. She pulled me to her backside, running my fingers just along the seam running along her crack. As she came to the bottom of the fabric, she tucked my fingers underneath, following the contours of her round ass, she slid my fingers deeper between her legs. I heard her gasp for breath, thinking I did something to hurt her.

"Oh god, I'm sorry."

"For what? I love your every touch.", this made me smile, as I went back to licking her taut nipple.

She took my hand and led me over to the center of the living room of her parents house. It crossed my mind again that someone might walk in the front door at anytime, this possible discovery added a new thrill to my experience. She took off her cutoffs and panties, standing before me naked, while I had seen other girls in the locker rooms, I never thought of them in sexual terms. I mean, I saw lesbian videos for sure, just never thought about doing it myself. But Janine here before me, "Here, get on your knees.", and I drop still looking up at her. The smile on her face was amazing, I couldn't get over how it was a woman who was the first that I would experience this sort of passion with. But it wasn't going to turn me off guys either. They both have their fascinations for me.

She moved her hips slowly closer to my face, her hands holding my head. I looked down at her pussy and just marveled. It was not at all like mine, her full outer lips met, concealing her inner lips inside. Her clit on first inspection didn't seem to be there at all, it was hidden by her outer lips. When I was about six inches from her, "Go ahead, touch me, and if you want...", she hesitated, "kiss me." I looked up in her eyes, she smiled, and I returned my gaze to her trimmed pussy.

I raised my hands up and touched her outer lips, she flinched at first engagement. The feel of her was different from me, softer. I tentatively ran my finger down the center, she shuddered when my finger tip parted her lips. Keeping just the tip inside her, I could feel that she was wet. I ran it up and down several times, each time exploring her further. I would trace the area between the outer and inner lips with my finger tip, "Oh god, I love that." Her hips quiver from my touching her clit, but when I felt her, she was barely even there, at least by my standards. She was definitely more like the girls in the videos that I have seen than I am.

I was finding the faint smell of her to be very sweet and salty. I could tell that my finger was quite wet now, and I was curious. Pulling it from her, I held it to my nose. The first pungent fragrance filled my nose, and I immediately put it in my mouth. My heart had jumped a few times to think that she, while somewhat like me, she tasted different. I was beginning to realize that while we are all the same, we are all very different. I looked up into her eyes, and just smiled as I sucked on her wetness.

Using both hands now, I pull her lips apart, and find her small inner lips. As I push the outer labia apart, the inner lips part as well, showing me her vaginal canal. This too was much different than mine, having used a mirror to look at myself, my canal was much larger. I guess that there is an infinite variety, and thus many definitions of normal. I don't know if she could do this, but I would sit and watch my reflection as I opened up flexing my muscles one way, or closed down to almost shut flexed differently. I guess I learned those things from using those cukes.

I was getting more adventuresome, and leaned in to kiss her. I immediately pushed my tongue into her, and was rewarded by a sweet pungency that I have since come to thrill over. This first time, though, she seemed very surprised about something. "God, you're very eager...", and that was followed by several sighs.

I could feel Janine moving her hips slightly, sliding herself against my lips. "Oh, put your tongue on my clit.", she said in her chesty voice, almost as if the words were being forced out of her by something other than her will. "Put your fingers inside me!" I slid my finger inside her and moved my tongue up to her apex, and just swirled it around, her breathing evidence that I found her desire. I pulled her lips at the top apart, and I see just where her clitoris is, as it grew slightly from arousal. I purse my lips and kiss her full on, my tongue poking and prodding her, her hands now fully on the back of my head, she pulls me tighter in her grip.

Janine takes a half step forward, forcing me to lean back a bit. Her hands hold my head firmly in place, as she begins to glide her cunt over my mouth by gyrating her hips. It didn't seem to take her long, but her hips moved faster and faster, until she broke forth with her juices draining into my mouth. There wasn't much, but what I got I relished. Her hips convulsing over my mouth, her clitoris bumping against my nose occasionally.

She sat next to me, just smiling, "God, thank you... That was freaking awesome!", and she kissed me very firmly. Somewhere mid-kiss, "Oh, fuck! Come on, we got to get to my bedroom quick. My dad's home." I panic slightly thinking that we might be discovered, but it pushes me to move faster as well. This feeling combined with what we just did was heaven to me.

When we got to her room, we found that my shirt had become soaked, and we figured out why. I came on it. We both agreed that was probably for the best, as it would have been all over the carpet otherwise. Janine found me another top to wear, something that would be loose on her, but somewhat tight for me. As we went downstairs, Janine looked to see if there were any stains. She said there was a very small one over by where I came, but she said there was another one, pretty large that looked like it came from my pussy hitting the carpet while I was licking her. I do naturally sit with my legs to the sides, my ass between my ankles on the floor. She got a hand-held wet-vac, and ran it just as her Dad came in to the room. "What's going on here? D'you guys spill something? And what's that freaking smell?", I look at Janine, she smiles, but I'm just a bit freaked that her Dad might know what that smell really was. The Carpet! My Shirt! Me!

"Sorry Dad, I spilled Diane's soda a few minutes ago.", ignoring the smell part of the questioning. "Also, I'm going to give Diane a ride home, but I will probably be late getting home, around ten-thirty or so."

"OK hon, just don't forget this is a school night for Diane, so don't keep her out late." These thoughts going through my head were somewhat of a road block to feeling at ease. On the one hand it thrilled me, but just how much it thrilled me was kind of shocking to me, as I am certain that everyone could read my thoughts on my face.

We finally got out of there, and in the car. "Wow, does your dad know your bi? I just felt like he knew we had sex before he got there."

"I'm not really sure if he knows or not, but I know I didn't tell him, and we've never talked about it. Besides, while I don't have one at the time, he has met all my previous boyfriends, and he has asked me if I was having sex with them. 'I'm just makin' sure you are playin' safe now!' was his excuse to ask those questions."

She just drove around for a little while, and we talked. I was as an adult to her, not some dopey kid. I think that was always one of the reasons I liked being around Janine even before we had sex, she treated everyone the same. Guess it was all those Zen books she kept trying to get me to read. One of those books suggested the way to read it was to just read one of the corns, or cones, or whatever they're called, and then just think about it for a little bit. I had no clue what they were talking about, so I never made it past the first page of many of the books. I did however, like to hear Janine explain what she thought about these things. I like talking with people more than reading.

Over the years that I have known Janine, we would go to some other town where no one knows us, and just hold hands and even kiss publicly. We both agree that it feels so wonderful to not have to worry about what others think. Sometimes just the shear possibility of being discovered by some stranger kind of thrills me. We even had sex once in the changing room at one of the malls. There were no locks on those doors. The first time we went in, I would get her off, and the second time, she would do me. I guess we just never thought about this, but when I came, I coated the clothes we were "trying on". We just left them in the dressing room, and got out quickly. On the flip side of all our playing, we both wanted to maintain a good girl reputation in Janaeville. But now, at eighteen, I was soon to find out that while I am almost a slave to my erotically charged body, it is something that I could learn to harness, and considering my family history, at least my grandmother and back, I could make a lot of money with it.

Janine told me that she would be there for me if I needed to talk or anything. She was also the first time that I actually slept with someone. After one of our subsequent encounters, we curled up in each others arms for an hour of slumber. She woke me up from our bed in the middle of the woods to take me home. She has since become something of a mentor for me. I miss having Janine around, as she has since gone off to college and last I heard, she is engaged to be married.

When I was a few months older than 15, I had my first sexual encounter with a guy. He was the quarterback on the football team, and he had just as much at stake for not letting our relationship be known. His girlfriend at the time was the head cheerleader. This seemed to be such a requirement for the head cheerleader and the quarterback to date that I later made this mistake, but in my case, it was a serious mistake for him. But I am getting ahead of my story.

Seth, the football quarterback, was a tall guy, about eight inches taller than I am. But he was also gifted with a nice thick cock. Not long, maybe six inches, but his girth was nice. While I could barely get my lips around him, he did fill my mouth quite well. He also fit quite nicely into my pussy, I found I liked his thrusts into me, all while rubbing my extraordinary clitoris. Our relationship was limited almost exclusively to sex, something that I didn't mind. If it means anything, I actually like Brenda, his girlfriend, I just happen to like Seth's cock too. We would steal moments at school in the music practice rooms, or in his car out in the middle of nowhere, or in his room at his parents house while skipping last period.

More importantly, Seth didn't seem to think me a freak with my "lady penis" as he charmingly teased me in private. It wasn't until our third time together that he gave me oral sex, but I must say that it was well worth the wait.

There was never a moment when we spoke of being boyfriend and girlfriend, but we did privately joke saying we were friends with benefits. Our relationship lasted for most of the school year, his senior and my sophomore years. We were together at least once a week or more, and he had me in any way he asked. I even found that I enjoy licking someone's asshole, and Seth seemed to like it too, but only receiving. In the end, we didn't have much else in common other than the great sex. Since the first time he seduced me, him telling me ever so sweetly how much he loved my breasts, until the last time we were together, he treated me with nothing but respect and never did anything unwanted, to make me feel uncomfortable.

After almost four months of being with Seth, Janine was home for Christmas. The night before she was going back to school, she said she wanted to be with me and just fuck each other's brains out. I really was enjoying my sex life, mostly because I seem to have found people who don't mind my being a little different, as well as a little sluty, and it wouldn't "enhance" my reputation. Janine was engaging in a little pillow talk after we finished with the orgasmic portion of our evening, and she told me something that not quite surprised me but I was pleasantly shocked anyways. She said that a couple nights before she had seduced Izzy. She was giving her a ride home and she was saying the vibe she got from Izzy was to take her. Izzy didn't put up a fight. She suggested that I try to seduce her, as she thought we would be good for each other. It wasn't until after something a little tragic happened, but I eventually did have sex with Izzy. Once again, I am ahead of myself.

About a month after I stopped seeing Seth, I had been out on an evening walk just past dark. I stopped at a park in my neighborhood, and sat on a bench. I was in the middle of reading some text messages from a friend who was out of town. It happened in a flash, a hand wrapped my head, covering my nose and mouth. I felt a second hand holding the back of my head, clamping the first to my face. I wasn't sure what I actually did, but I was flailing my arms and kicking, trying to scream, but this person was behind the bench, and their powerful hands kept me sitting. I passed out after maybe ten or fifteen seconds. And the next thing I remembered was being tied up and blindfolded. I couldn't move my arms or legs, they seemed to be tied up with my legs folded up over my body, and my arms tied to them. I wasn't sure exactly at that moment, but I was to find out soon that I was totally nude.

I opened my eyes for several moments, but still couldn't see anything. It would appear that my sight was obstructed. Yes, I know I said blindfolded earlier, but this was how it felt to wake up and not feel my eyes cooperate. Anyway, the realization that this blindfolding was complete came almost suddenly, but took a while to process. So, I was there for who knows how long. I know I made some noises, but it seemed like forever before anyone said anything, and that was not very pleasant.

"What's going on? Is anyone here? Why are you doing this? Please... let me go.", I said in a very scared but forceful way. It was moments before someone was going to ravish me, and I braced myself for anything to happen.

"Is someone there?", I added in a demanding tone.

"Please... say something. Let me go, damn it." It took me a while to realize that maybe I was not sensing things right, and there wasn't anyone there. I couldn't help it, but I sobbed for a few moments.

It took me by complete surprise when I heard footsteps approaching, then someone whispered in my ear, "Shhh, shut the fuck up, and I won't have to fuckin' hurt you. Don't for once think I won't do it if you fuckin' make me. Just fuckin' sit back, and let me work my magic. You'll like it. I fuckin' promise."

"No, please don't... please, god... no. Please!"

"I fuckin' said be quiet, so shut the fuck up bitch.", and a hard crack came across my abdomen. It took my breath away for a few minutes, but it also hardened me against whomever was doing this.

I felt his fingers over the top of my lips, "If I must...", pausing for several moments, "I will duct tape the shit out of your freaking mouth... but I would rather fuck the shit out of it instead... so, be thankful I ain't so mean!"

"No, please, stop! Don't do this. Please... please don't... do this...", and I couldn't quite remember what happened for the next couple of minutes.

" least I waited for you. I've fucked my girlfriend when she was unconscience once, and it ain't no fun. Besides, I wouldn't want you to miss out on the fun. So, Diane, my fifteen year old cum-slut, please, fight me... I like it when my women fight me while I take what I want from her. Your ass is mine." His saying my name completely engulfs me. At that moment I feel owned. I am his. I feel my body involuntarily sob, waiting for this ordeal to be done with. There will be no end to this, but 'done with' is close enough.

It is also over the next many moments, I have no clue how long, but my body betrays me and forces me to submit to things that I didn't want to think of. This man is demanding that I allow him to take things that should only be given freely. For several minutes, I lay there waiting.

"Please, stop doing this.", I sobbed behind the blindfold.

"Shh... now Diane..." I feel his grasp take my hair firmly. "I've fuckin' told your bitchy little ass, you will give me what I want. You have no freaking choice. Like I said, your ass is mine... and there ain't nothing... you can do... about... it!", each word emphasized by his hand shaking my head by my hair. I then feel his touch on my clitoris. "You know, Diane, with this thing here, I think I should make you cum at least... I don't know... maybe like a dozen times." I tense up thinking of all the things he is talking about.

I can't quite remember exactly what happened next, but he was playing with my breasts, or rather my nipples. His finger tips were flicking hard into my nipples. Soon after this, his fingers were pulling at my stressed nipples. I could feel them doing their thing, getting hard. My body was so responsive to this, I was unable to stop any of it. I just wanted to be anywhere else but here. I may have a body built for sex, but having someone take this from me was the most humiliating thing I could dream of. But at the same time my body betrays me and becomes aroused.

"Ouch, that fucking hurt,", he pinched my nipples really hard. "God... please, don't do this.", I begged him.

"I told you cunt, I'm not going to stop, not with such a freaking body as yours. You tits are awesome, and your tripped out clit, I'd be a fool to pass you up. So, as you are the rock star attraction, sit back and enjoy this, it seems your body already is.", he taunts me, his lips just maybe an inch from my ear, his breath heavy on my cheek.

I stilled my brain and just let him have his way. While I wanted to cry, I also didn't want him to think that he's won by crying. He eventually got around to fucking me, and with everything he was doing to me, he did make me cum several times, each time those orgasm forced me out of my protective mental shell, but for as much as I enjoyed my orgasms before this, these ones became scars on my psyche. I don't really know what possessed me, but when he said he was about to cum, I demanded that he cum in my mouth, not wanting his demon seed near my womb. Surprisingly, he complied with my request. And it turns out that this simple act of swallowing his cum was his undoing.

He seemed to be finished, at least I could hear him walking around scuffing his feet on what sounded to be a dirt floor. His footsteps were approaching, and he held something over my mouth, and I struggled to break free. But soon, I again passed out again.

When I woke, I was laying in some ditch by the road, in the middle of fields. I looked down at my nude body. I had no clue what time it was, or even what day it was. I rolled over to find some of my things piled by me. My panties, bra, and shoes were gone, but at least he left me my ripped dress. I put it on as best I could, and grabbed my purse. It still surprisingly has my phone in it. He removed the battery, and yet tossed it into my purse with the phone. Good thing I listened to Mikey tell me how to replace it. It was almost 4am on Sunday morning, but I had no clue where the fuck I was, but I needed to call someone. Thankful that even out here I was still getting service, but who to call?

Almost out of instinct, I dialed Izzy. "Oh, god... Izzy... I really need someone's... your help. I... don't know where the fuck I am, and some asshole... some asshole... just raped me."

"Jesus, fuck, Dee! Can you tell me anything about where you are?", Izzy's heightened level of excitement showing in her tone. "Maybe it would be best if you called 9-1-1, maybe the cops can track the GPS in your phone. I don't know, what the fuck..."

"Please don't hang up on me... I just want to hear someone's voice right now, someone I know... I really need you to come find me, please... There's a street sign down the road...", and I start to run towards it. "God, Izzy... I feel... I feel...", actually, I don't feel much of anything right now. "OK, the sign says Ford and Wicker." I fall on my butt by the roadside sitting on the grassy side of the ditch, my brain still in shock, small snippets of my memory replaying those moments in my head.

"OK, Dee, I'm coming to get you, I know exactly where that is, and it's about ten minutes away. When I get there, I'm taking you to the clinic, and I don't want any arguments. We have to make sure he didn't hurt you. Jesus, who the fuck...", I'm still very numb about this, and the thought of waiting ten minutes out here has me freaked out. My body is nothing but a bundle of nerves, and each nerve ending was causing me to tremble.

This area is just open farm land, and as far as I can see, there's no land marks, just trees lining the few farm houses visible. "So, Izzy, what did you do tonight.", attempting to distract myself.

"Nothing much, Randy and I got stoned... Jesus, Dee, do you really what to hear about my night."

Almost laughing, "Yeah, actually, I do... please I just need to hear someone's voice." For the next ten minutes, the longest ten of my life, Izzy told me exactly how her night went, making a few things up, I'm sure, just to keep talking. Off in the distance, I see the headlights of a car coming up. "Is that you, Izzy? I see a car driving towards me on Ford?"

"Yeah, Dee, it's me.", she was by my side in moments. She jumped out of her car, and ran over to me. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around me, and I just broke down. I don't know how long it was, but Izzy broke away from her embrace. "Come on Diane, we have to go to the clinic now, this can't wait, if there's any evidence of this guy, then we need to find it sooner than later."

"OK.", knowing that there was some, but I didn't tell Izzy. It was humiliating enough to think about it, I also knew that Izzy was right.

When we arrived at the clinic, the nurses there sprang into action. Many questions answered on auto-pilot, but when she asked if he ejaculated while inside me, I answered her very plainly. "Yes... in my mouth." I knew what the next question was. Them pumping my stomach. And they did. Once finished, the nurse told me that samples were very good. They would run the tests to see if there were matches in their system, but might take weeks, even months to cross reference. They also tested me for STD's and Aids. I was thankful to see the results for those tests came back negative. The nurses said to retake the tests again in a couple weeks, just to make sure.

When we left the clinic, I asked Izzy if we could get some breakfast. After all this, I still had an appetite. I really did want food at this moment. I felt if I didn't eat within the next thirty minutes, I would die. Not literally, but fuck, I just wanted to eat something. We stopped at Eli's, they have really good road food, proven by the number of truckers that stop there. I got a greasy swiss, onion, and jalapeno omelette, well done potatoes, and a ham steak left on the grill extra long, with four slices of whole wheat toast. I couldn't help it and ordered two glasses of orange juice. While we were eating, Izzy helped me to forget what had happened to me, if only for a short while.

The next few days were unreal. I walked about the house, I didn't go anywhere. I spent most of my time exercising to burn off excess energy. I spent time with friends, but I quickly grew tired of everyone feeling sorry, I just wanted to forget, and move on. It was now part of my past. The times alone though were the worst. Surprisingly, an activity that I participated in at least once daily, if not more, prior to the past three days, I didn't masturbate during that whole time. Not wanting to think about his hands on me, and not having a choice. Plus, I had no clue who this guy was. They may have DNA, but the chances they find a match?

A year later, the lawyers called to ask if I'd be willing to testify. I told them that I had no visual memory of the incident, as I was blindfolded the whole time. "Well, Ms. Worthington, it is sad to have to say this, but there are three other girls who have told us similar accounts, and we have DNA matches for all four of you. There is someone currently in custody that is a match for that DNA. While I won't say it will be easy, I'm sure the defense will try to tear you down, and make it appear you wanted this, but with four women testifying to the same M.O., then I believe that there is no way this guy can walk."

When I took the stand, the defense lawyer did try to imply that I was looking for this, but when I asked him if his fifteen year old daughter would have "asked" for it, he tried to say it was irrelevant as his daughter was not on trial. "And neither am I kind sir, I hope you can remember that. The one on trial sir, is your client. He was the one that drugged me, stripped me of my clothes, tied me up, blindfolded me, then proceeded to help himself to my body.", I said very clearly, but my soul was teaming in me ready to burst.

"Alleged, Ms. Worthington. Just how is it that you are certain it was the defendant?", obviously he wanted to stop me.

"His voice. I've got very good ears. I heard you both talking at your table. Trust me, his voice belongs to the man who raped me. And not just me, there are three others that claim they were raped in similar ways. None of us know each other, so there's no chance of us framing your client. So sir, this isn't about us. Talk to your client, he can explain how his DNA got into each of us. And it wasn't because we 'dated', as you wish, I'd remember 'dating' your client." The prosecution thanked me for my testimony, as it was certainly one of the things to persuade the jury.

I looked at him several times, looking him in the eye, but he quickly turned away, mostly looking down. But when he would lift his eyes again, I seemed to search him out, only to watch him drop his eyes again. I imagined he was a pathetic piece of shit in his life.

When the jury went out to deliberate, it still hung in the air as the defense made the point that DNA evidence is only conclusive for exclusion, it is not accurate enough to identify an individual, but only a bloodline. This meant that it still could possibly be his father, his grandfathers, or his brothers. And as such, the jury had to find him not guilty.

After two days of them being out, the prosecution called for a special hearing with the judge. Someone had come forward with a DVD recording of a rape, and the defendant was positively identified as the rapist in the video. They also are very certain that there was no one else who assisted with the video, as there were no extraneous background noises on the DVD. The prosecutor told us that the video came from a very reliable source, someone very close to the defendant. My first thought was of who was on the video, they told us that the girl on the video had already been informed that it was her on the recording, my heart leapt when they said this as it meant it wasn't me, but I also felt sorry for the other three girls, not knowing exactly who it was.

The judge recalled the jury with new evidence, and with it they convicted him not just on the four counts of rape, but for attempted murder as the last victim almost died from the Chloroform. I didn't know this, but redheads seem to need more anesthesia to knock them out, and the amounts required border on toxic. When they found her, she was barely hanging on. She had some sort of GPS tracker implanted in her purse, and they accessed it when she had been missing about six hours, and found her in somewhat the same location he dumped me. There was also a charge of Child Pornography as the girl on the tape was fifteen. He was charged as an adult because of the seriousness of the charges, and that he was only a few months shy of his eighteenth birthday. When the sentence was read, he had a total of two hundred and fifty years of a sentence, but the judge grimly told him that he could possibly only have to serve half his sentence, if he was a good inmate. I doubt anyone will see him again, unless he survives a one-hundred-twenty-five year sentence, if at all.

Back before the trial, about a week after the incident, I was spending the day with Izzy. This was the first time I had been out of the house, and we just went to the lake. I was dressed in very loose fitting clothing, and dark loose fitting shorts past my knees. While before I used to enjoy my body, now I have become almost completely ashamed of it, part of it was that if he could make me cum like that, then I knew that I was a slave to my body, I couldn't control it. This scared the life out of me. I still had yet to pleasure myself, and I was scared to try again.

"So, Dee, how you doing? Still having those dreams at night?", Izzy asked me.

"Not too much. Just those first four nights, the last couple have been easier." I chuckled, "I did have one of those flying dreams last night. I had heard about them from reading stuff on the internet, but I didn't believe those accounts that said they were almost better than sex. But now... I think I agree." I couldn't think of how else to describe it, but yeah, it was nice to feel good... about myself again.

"You know, Izzy. If one thing I've found, I do like sex. I like being touched. But I can't quite get over how my body responded to his touches. Before it was over, he had made me cum at least three times... maybe more." This was the first time I admitted anything of this to anyone. "I don't know why I feel this way, but it scares the shit out of me... I can't really explain it, it just does." Many moments passed. "And if I can admit something, I have not even masturbated since then."

"Wow, Dee, for you that's gotta be a record.", she does make me laugh, but it does sting a little too. I've talked with Izzy about many things, and sexuality was one of those things. Our families do have some sort of history, but at this point, I didn't quite grasp the whole of that relationship.

"Yeah, I guess it is. You know, I miss being touched. But it scares me that how he touched me was even exciting to me... I saw a simulated rape video, and the only reason you know it was simulated was... the girl... was... she was interviewed before and... after, kind of as proof that it wasn't real. Anyway... I saw the video, and it kind of... turned me on. But... everything was still completely under... her control..." Adding more forcefully, "HER fucking control!" I held my breath. "Not so much for me.", I told Izzy.

We sat there for what seemed like maybe forever, but probably more like five minutes. "So, have you... thought..." waiting for some stupid reason... "thought about being raped?"

I couldn't imagine why anyone would think to answer this question. I know that it is common for women to fantasize of being raped, but I also think that most of them are not getting off on the violence of it, but from being submissive, being subservient. It was just something that made no sense to me. I was not particularly willing to submit to him at that moment, but my body just seemed to work on automatic. I was just a sex machine, but with no off switch.

"No, I don't really think I would like to be raped, not even playing at it.", Izzy answers. "I guess I'm just an old fashioned kind of girl that likes a little romance first." She makes me laugh for some silly reason.

"Yeah, romance is nice, but I will admit that there were times that Seth and I just fucked like bunnies, and I really liked it. Of course, our relationship was based on a long string of quickies. I think the longest we fucked was maybe an hour and a half when he took me out on his parents house boat. That was also the most romantic time I spent with Seth. The sense of urgency was gone, so we took our time."

For some unknown reason, I just started sobbing. I was sort of reliving my rape in my mind, but as there were no visual images to go along with my memories, what memories I do have are more muscle memories, and almost seem harder to shake from my head. I think I could relive the orgasms he gave me, but I was too afraid they would consume me or something.

Izzy leaned over to hold me while I cried. Just leaning up against her, the first time I have touched anyone since. It felt good to be held. Izzy kissed the top of my head a few times, and after the last one, I tilt my head back and look in her eyes. "Izzy, can I ask you something?"

"Sure Dee."

"Would you... kiss me... please?", I say almost timidly.

She smiles at me and lowers her lips to mine. I couldn't understand much of what was going through my brain, but there was a small seed of the memories of how much I enjoyed someone else's welcomed touch. The touch of her lips were almost liberating. I think we kissed for a couple of minutes before I just rested my head on her shoulder. Laying in her arms, the feel of them wrapping me like a baby's blanket. That afternoon, Izzy helped me to enjoy these things again. While we didn't take off any clothes, just touching her and being touched by her hands was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. She showed me that I could enjoy these things again, despite having to slowly work my way back to them.

About two weeks after my rape, I got an email from Janine. She had just heard about it from her family. She told me to call her if I needed to talk with someone. That night we talked and nothing we said involved what I had gone through, just the sound of her voice, knowing that she was my friend, that we could talk about anything, I felt she really loved me. It was then I realized I would get through this.

Over the course of the next few months, I dated a few guys, but none of them really seemed to be much of a spark. I think some of the guys were just hoping, based on my so-called reputation, that I would put out for them. It was during this time that Izzy and I actually had sex. We had both been complaining to each other how guys were just interested in one thing, which ironically was what we both wanted as well, just not with those guys.

I met Tony at the start of my junior year, he had just moved here from New Jersey. He was staying with his Uncle Vito and family while his dad sold their old house. His father and mother had just divorced, and Tony said he wanted to live with his dad, his sister said she wanted to live with her mom. So, their family split in two, the females remaining in Jersey, and the males moving here.

Tony tried out for the football team, and the Coach said he had one of the best arms he had ever seen, so he made him the quarterback. That move by the Coach made Tony almost unwelcome with the rest of the backfield. The previous quarterback even went so far as to quit the team. It wasn't until much later that I found out that Tony was the one that brought those things upon himself by how he treated others.

Tony asked me out in late September, the third week of the school year. He was very charming when we first dated. He would open doors for me, help me with my coat, or bringing me a single flower. All the traditional romantic things, he would do them. He was also a gentleman when it came to traditional sex, he waited until our second date to kiss me, and on our third date, we unbuttoned our shirts, and he unfastened my front clasp on my bra. He was a great kisser, and he seemed to know a thing or two about breast play, caressing my whole breast, and ending by flicking my nipples with his tongue. As I said, my nipples are very sensitive, and with him doing this I came with a small satisfying orgasm.

It was on our fourth date that we got naked in the middle of the woods just outside of town. I was very surprised to find that he was also very well endowed, I think maybe ten inches in length and like four inches in girth. As I went down on him, I found that I couldn't get him all the way in my mouth, but I did like the way he filled my mouth. My lips just seemed to wrap easily around him. With him standing, and me on my knees, he would slowly fuck my mouth as I looked up in his eyes. As he was about to cum, I asked him to cum on my tits, and he eagerly obliged me, coating me with his jizz.

Over the course of the year, Tony just seemed to gradually get angry about something, but he couldn't seem to tell me what was going on. It was maybe another month get I found out he had the hot's for Izzy, and kept trying to ask her out. I also found out that a bruise he had on his cheek before school ended was from Izzy punching him. He told me he had got into a fight with some guy, and then said "You's should see him!"

One of my proudest moments and almost the most satisfying, was the first time dumping a boyfriend. Tony, I found out at the pre-year-party that the Coach throws every year, had made a bet with Izzy's new boyfriend, Mitch. The bet was if Mitch won, I would sleep with him, but if Tony won, he would get to sleep with Izzy. I first heard about this from Ralph, one of the guys on the team, a junior. I did have a hard time believing that even Tony would be so heinous in how he treated me, but when I talked with Izzy the next morning she pretty much confirmed the story. It was then I decided to dump his stupid ass. I figured that if he could make bets using me, then I could do the same with his dumb ass. Upon leaving the party that Sunday morning, I called my uncles and asked them for a favor. The idea was to show up at Tony's house and tell him I had lost a bet and that he would have to sleep with my uncles who were posing as Bikers.

When we arrived, Tony answered the door. "Hey, Dee, how's da rest of da party?", he said in a very hungover tone.

"Well, it was nice, but...", I started.

"But... what?", he shot back.

"Hum, well, I made a bet with these gentlemen here with me... and... because I lost... you... have to sleep... to let them fuck you." I think I got his attention as his eyes went very wide, and he started to get angry.

"What da fuck? You bet me? No fuckin' way... dis ain't gonna happen no matter...", his hangover seemingly disappeared in that instant.

"Come on, Tony, if you bet me I'd do it for you!", I started to mock him. Tony's dad walked into the room in his underwear coming from his bedroom.

"Diane, I'd nevah make dat bet, and you's know it.", pointing his finger at me.

"Oh, so you're calling Izzy a liar? She made it up that you bet me in a pool game with Mitch last night? While you were stinking drunk? All because you lost your first game against him?" I paused for a moment. "Really?"

"Um, I nevah made any such a bet. And yes, Izzy's lying. I don't know what it is dat she don't like 'bout me, but she's always been aftah me, and she's jus' tryin' to break us up." He tried to make something up.

"Really? Someone I have known for all my life? She's suddenly turned on me since you moved here? Tony, people seem to think I am dumb, or stupid, maybe even a fool, but you know what, I know better now. It is you that is the piece of shit liar here. I trust Izzy with my life, she would never even think about doing anything to hurt me. You made that bet whether or not your hungover-drunk-ass brain can remember it or not. So, now that I've made that bet too, you can't seem to abide by my wishes, like you expected me to do for you."

"What da fuck's goin' down 'ere?", Tony's dad interrupts.

"Nuttin', Dad, dis lying bitch seems to think I used her for a goddamned bet on some pool game. Now she 'spects me to fuck dese two guys. No fuckin' way.", and he turns to leave, but his dad stops him forcefully.

"Hold da door, Tony. You can't walk away from this, not this time. Diane, are you actually claiming dat Tony used you for some bet last night? Why should I believe you?"

"You don't have to believe me, Mr. Diamonte, there were 30 other people at least who heard him make the bet. They heard those words come from his lips. I didn't believe them at first, but once I talked with Izzy, the other one he used as part of his bet, I finally realized what a piece of shit you have for a son. I almost feel sorry for you having such a son."

Mr. Diamonte turned to Tony and just looked at him, and in one sudden swift motion cocked his fist back and planted it between Tony's eyes. Tony went down for the count. "Diane, I apologize for what my son did. I know dat he was raised badly, but believe me, that's gonna change. Tony ain't gonna be gettin' away with much from here on out."

Tony sat up onto his elbows. "So, then,", his dad continued, "you said you made some bet, too? And you lost? You da guys who won? Here, you still want Tony? He's your's for all I fuckin' care. He's too stupid to know dis ain't the way to get Izzy."

"No, Mr. Diamonte, these are my uncles, I only brought them along as props, to make a point with Tony." I let the comment about Izzy go, not realizing until later that he was the one wanting Izzy to marry Tony.

"Oh, OK... well, den, if you know anybody who wants his ass, send 'em on by. Ain't dat right Tony? You'd be up for dat now wouldn't ya?"

"No, f-in' way!"

His dad cocked his fist back once more at Tony, but held it, "Get your ass out back and start mowin', you ain't goin' nowhere for a long time, you stupid dumb fuck. Now go!" Tony's nose was already bleeding and the start of a pair of black eyes appeared on his face. He popped up and ran to his room to put on some clothes. "I didn't fuckin' say to put any clothes on, now get da fuck out my house, you worthless piece a shit."

My uncles and I left there. I took them out for a couple of Bloody Mary's and we spent the afternoon just talking. It had been some time since I had seen them, well before Tony and I dated, so we had a lot to talk about. While my uncles do have a tendency to look at me a little too heavily for my comfort, I'm sure they would never try anything.

By that evening, all in all, I was feeling very happy with myself. I knew that I didn't need someone like Tony in my life, he never really cared about me at all. But with the things I was about to learn of myself and my closest friends, it changed the course of my life. While some would say it was a bad choice, I feel that it was the right choice for me, and I would not change that for anyone or anything.
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