The morning after the beginning of my sexual adventure. The Orchid was about how I first met Mr. Andrews and this is how the following morning went.

As I slowly began to wake in Mr. Andrews' arms, I was warmed by the pleasant ache in my kitty and the sound of his slumber, a soothing rhythm in my ear as he spooned me. After the emotional trauma of last evening I was in no hurry to leave this new found oasis. Still half asleep, memories good and bad jumbled through my confounded mind. But I knew I was safe, at least for now. I felt so small, like a child in the embrace of my gallant rescuer, no longer vulnerable to the hurt outside but very much so to the hurt within. Feelings of betrayal tried in vain to crowd out the bliss I felt from memories of wanton sex and my impulsive behavior, and my rich reward for giving in to it. It felt nice to be a girl, protected and nurtured by this man, this big, powerful, real man. He made my need a welcome companion and as I contemplated, my need awoke with a start.

My pleasant ache grew warmer, radiating through my body then into my limbs, finally filling my head and making me smile. Ever so carefully I turned to face him, and as my nipples brushed the hair on his chest, my warmth grew to liquid fire. He stirred but didn't fully wake. As he drifted back into his dreams, he embraced me snugly and against my inner thigh I could feel his manhood begin to swell.

As stealthy as a fox, like the vixen from the evening before, I began to slide lower along his body, neither wanting him to wake or sleep deeply. My movement disturbed his sleep long enough for him to relax his grip and free me from his embrace. Seizing the moment I slid into place taking his hardening cock between my lips and onto my tongue. I closed my mouth around him and with slow gentle suckling, I coaxed him to full strength then leisurely pleasured him. Deeper I took him, sucking as I filled my mouth with fragrant hardness. So as not to wake but to gracefully stimulate, I used my hands on the base of his shaft and caressed his balls.

As I positioned myself better I was able to run a finger over his asshole, along his taint till I was cradling and massaging his balls while I found a good stroking rhythm, sucking earnestly. He snorted and snuffled as he began to wake, instinctively moving to my advantage, then reaching for himself, he felt the back of my head and gripped my hair as he was coming to. Suddenly his head swelled and a great forceful gush of hot living semen flooded my mouth. I sealed my lips around him and pulled back so as not to lose a single drop as another spasm shot more of his goodness across my tongue. Three more diminishing spurts and he was spent. I slid my lips off of him, encapsulating his complete orgasm in my mouth then savored it before I swallowed.

Holding him tight, I looked up as his eyes fluttered open and the full realization of his waking reality washed over him. He looked down and smiled, then moved so he could properly embrace me in his arms. As I nestled in, he leaned back his head, arched his back and let out a mighty," Arrhhh", his bellow of pure satisfaction.

"Good morning Mr. Andrews," I said with a mischievous and radiant smile. "So sorry to wake you."

"YoUUoooo, can wake me up like that, aaany time you like." He exhaled. "So, how's my Babygirl this fine morning?" And what a fine morning it was! The rain had stopped, the distant clouds now a pleasant mosaic on the horizon allowing the sun to cast golden orange beams through the half open blinds. We'd not slept long but we were both ready to start the new day.

"I'm starving," I said. "Get up. Let's have a nice, long, hot shower." I sat up, playfully slapped his hip and slipped out of bed. He grunted as he heard me pad to the en-suite bathroom and turn on the water. "I can't believe you don't have any decent shampoo!" I called through the open door. And so we started the new day. Without permission or reproach, I simply made myself at home and whipped up a greasy but tasty breakfast. He disappeared as I was preparing to plate and returned with a split of dry champagne, popped the cork with all the flare of an Italian waiter and mixed mimosas.

He held out a glass for me, then we clinked them together dramatically as he said, "salute, ma fille!" in an atrocious french accent. Charmed to the bone, I smiled my happiest smile, hooked his outstretched arm and eye to eye we quaffed deeply!

"And to you, my prince! Now eat!" and sitting naked across from one another at his kitchen table, we gorged and drank. As we finished, he peered at me searchingly. "YoUUoooo sir, can fuck me like that, aaany time you want!" I said, beaming.

He leaned back, patted his stomach contentedly and said, "well, since you put it like that, now sounds as good a time as any. Fuck the dishes! cum with me!" Taking my outstretched hand he almost skipped back to bed, me trotting behind him. For the rest of the morning he fucked me with all the fervor he did the night before until I was gasping for breath. Sore, soaked and panting I said, "stop you beast! and take me home."

"How will you get in?"

"I need to call my boyfriend; ex-boyfriend or whatever the hell his is."

"Have I cut someone's grass?" he asked languidly.

"No." I'm done with that asshole," I said dourly.

"What now then?"

"Let me call him and arrange to meet him at my place. I need to tell him we're finished. So if it's okay with you, just drop me off and I'll wait for him."

"Of course," he said respectfully. "I'd like to see you again," he said. "I know you're in a bad way with him, but even so, I think I can distract you if need be." Again, that big disarming smile on his tilted head.

"Hmmm; and ya, maybe I'll need some distracting. You know, this was nice. Just good old fashioned animal sex. Not cluttered with expressions of love and bullshit. No phony words, no expectations or empty promises. Ya, this was nice! Let's do this again just like we are and not fuck it up with stupid relationship crap. I wouldn't change this for all the world!"

"Done," he said. "Why don't you use the phone downstairs while I clean up?"

We rode the short trip to my place in silence as I gazed out the window, contemplating the conversation to come. I felt completely invigorated and filled with resolve. I looked down at my spoiled dress and bare toes thinking of how I came to be this way. There was no turning back I realized with absolute finality as he pulled up to the curb in front of my house. "Thank you for a wonderful evening Mr. Andrews. Thank you for everything."

He took my hand in his and rubbed it against the stubble on his cheek before kissing it as he looked into my eyes, filling me with strength. "Soon," was all he said.

Sitting on the front steps, I looked into the garden at the breaking crocus' and waited for an ending. Shaking off the unwelcome bluesy feeling, I looked to the sky and took in the warm sunshine and the promise of spring to come. I smiled wanly, nature's metaphor not lost on me. I was in fact leaving a cold winter behind and felt I was on the cusp of something new, fresh and warm, and suddenly I was starving, not for food but for the new season and all the promise it held.


2014-02-03 21:15:34
very nicely written. This reminds me of a recent experience. Raw animalistic sex, its the best kind.

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