True story, best anal access ever
The tightest ass I ever tapped was that of my freaky ex named Jamilia. She was this tall, skinny Jamaican chick who lived in the same apartment complex as me a few years back. I lived there for three years. The first few months i lived there I'd see walking through or around the complex quite often and i eventually introduced myself to her and i actually fucked her that same night. But that story is next, this one is about the last time I fucked her ass, I just cant wait to share this one...

When we officially me she was only 16 and I was almost 21, but I was with her for about six months. She is 5'8" and 120 lbs with perky little B cups. She didn't have an overly big ass like most black girls do, but it was nice and tight with am above average volume. Her legs were perfect. Tight, long, skinny, and totally smooth. What I consider pretty much a perfect body to fuck. She had super curly hair that went past her shoulders that she almost always wore up. One thing she made clear to me from day 1 was that she
wanted to be dominated sexually. She wanted me to take control. I was always able to do anything I wanted to or with her and she would unquestionally follow my orders when in the heat of the moment...The few times she showed resistance towards me I ended it by just doing whatever it was that particular time more

The only "Rule" she had was that couldnt cum in her. The last time I fucked her ass was the
bet sex I've ever had AND it was with a condum, which I never use unless they "make" me wrap up. Sadly, i neveronce got to cum in her pussy. I never used a condom with her though either, except that one last time....I always had to pull out, which was near impossible to do but she would usually swallow. She would always at least let me come on her, even if just in her hand. Usually when I finished in her mouth she would try to take it all but at the end of my nut, she'd run outta room in her mouth and I'd see my cum ooze out of the corners of tiny lips...Only a few times was she actually able to guzzle down everything but she always tried to as hard as she could, you could just tell..With her being so petite her mouth could barely even open wide enough to suck my dick at all. My dick is 7 inches long and thick with fat head. She definetely was a good slut that took orders eagerly, with little to no hesitation.

The same was true for this night. We met at the park down the street from our complex a few blocks
around midnight. It was the only time we ever did that. We'd always fucked in my truck or a few times in my
house. Like usual, she had to wait for her parents to fall asleep before she could sneak out. For whatever reason that night she insisted upon using a condom. She'd tried to make me before a few times but I would always tell her I wouldnt fuck her then and start to pull away. When she realized I wasnt gonna dick her she always gave in...For whatever reason she put her foot down about it, my usual trick didn't work.

I just said whatever , put it on so she grabbed one out of her pocket and rolled it on...We were in a fairly public park that was next to a school. But, it was really late and no one was out it...At least we didnt see anyone. I few cars drove but but we went into the middle of the jungle gym so we had some type of cover, however minimal. I spit on my hand, used the spit to lube myself and told her to bend over. She put her face down on the ground, resting her head sideways onto our blanket. It was so nice having a girl that listened..She stuck her ass up and I used my right hand to guide my dick to her twat and my left to grab her left cheek for support. I fucked her doggystyle in her pussy for close to an hour, rough from the first pump. I was always rough but I stepped up the intensity from the norm. I won't even lie, how I banged her that night was close to being mean at least the during the anal portion. I was fuckin her at just the
right angle and made her cum at least 4 times. Once I had myself all the way in I moved my right hand up, onto the back of her neck. My thumb rested right around her hair line and i curly my fingers around her throat, always was a firm grip. I slid my left paw up a little off her cheek to right above her ass in the small of her back. It was a perfect place to plant my hand for leveraging thrusts.

While she came several times I couldnt bust a nut. Not with that fucking condom on. I was pissing me off and I transfered that anger into sexual dominance fuel. After an hour she started complaining her pussy was really sore and she wanted to stop. She actually started to stand up when i ignored her. She waited till i slipped out on accident and actually had the nerve to try scurrying away. I pulled her back down by her arm and told her fuck no! I made her nut hella times and I didn't bust once! I told her im not done. She was said she was sorry, she was just hella sore, It was too much pain to take anymore for the night. She was actually like the thought i might just say fine lets leave. But I made myself clear. We're not leaving until i get to finish, its only fair and you know it. I told her I'm GOING to bust in you, either your mouth, or ass, you pick. I don't know why the fuck she was trippin. we'd done both hella times before! when, she didn't answer immediately I got ever more mad. I said choose, or I'm gonna choose for you, lookin her right in the eye... She finally submitted like I knew she would, she always did. But this time felt a little different, her body language wasnt the same. I could sense anger in her now. She normally eagerly rushed to follow my commands. This time
she didn't even say anything or even look at me, she just turned around and bent over, just like earlier.........

Since I was gonna tap her ass this time I needed to adjust her for a better angle suited for full workin the different hole. I pulled her by her neck closer towards me with one hand while pullin her hips up higher and towards me..She was back arched, ass up face down. I was ready to take what was mine. I started rammin it right away. Within a dozen pumps or so I got mostly inside her, at least for or five solid inches. She started tightening her ass, i could feel it, trying to slow me down which felt great but was frustrating. I couldnt get any deeper eventually, at all. It was like it was having my dick ina vagina vice. She wasnt moaning in pleasure, she was grunting in pain through clenched teeth looking back at me wincing. I said fine. I pulled out of her, and laid back flat on my back, pulling her with me. I lifted her up with a hand on each hip. Then, I started guiding/lowering her down to my dick, using my thumbs help spread her cheeks, bettering my access. This was another first, this position. I only ever hit it from the back before. At first she was aprehensive. I said wait, and spit in my hand again and relubed. I told to just trust me. Just do what i say and you will enjoy it. Now just take it, it feels better if u just take it, the more you resist, the more it will hurt.

She finally plopped down. At first she was just riding the top few inches totally on her own. As soon as she was able to take half of it, I regained the control I wanted and she needed. I quickly flipped her over back on her knees facing away from me and used my right hand to shove her head to the ground, where it belonged.. My left hand grabbed her hip and help her arch that ass right at me. I didnt give her any warning as far as flipping her back over so she was caught completely off guard and whipped like a rag doll into the perfect postion from my dominant guidance. I ripped the condom off and she saw me do it out of the corner of her eye, and opened her mouth in protest. I told her tojust take it! Just fuckin shut up and take it!..she finally let me have full reign... I was grabbed a fistfull of curls whick i used to yank her head back towards me and told her to spit on my hand, which she did..I used that lube my finally free dick. It took me a few mintues of struggling still but finally i felt her give in. She quit all resistance suddenely, and for the first time, I sunk balls deep, finally reaching full depth. I was on cloud nine and just held it myself there for a moment or two, relishing the sight before me...i noticed she'd reached up and was playing with herself, softly flicking at her clit...

Once she realized she could take it all she started enjoy it. I started repeatedly going balls deep, slow at first but gradually progressing my speed. I made sure to go fully inside her with every hump, now that i'd gotten fully inside her as i wanted to make sure she knew It was now expected. The faster i went, the more noticabley she grinded at me, moaning like whore. If anyone was to have started walking in our vicinity they would have heard us long before they saw us...She was now giving a slutty whimpering wail of satisfaction. I started whispering super dirty stuff in her ear, telling her she was good slut and she was gonna be this good from now on or else. She blurted out "uggghhh yeahh fuck my ass Dadddy mmm yeahhh""" I was in heaven. From my angle above her she was so tiny she looked so small that i couldnt understand where my dick had room to go. She came twice more before I finally did. I was so deep inside her that i was sure i must filled her stomach with my cum...We cleaned up, kissed and went our seperate ways home since she had to sneak back in. On the phonelater that night told me in her own words that was the best anal shes ever had, and the hardest she's ever came.

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