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Introduction: The story is very detailed with the real sex happening in part three so if it is just a quick read that you want go straight to Pt 3. If not I hope you enjoy. This is a continuation from the dinner party Pt 1
As I walked over to the restroom area I couldn’t take my mind off how Henry had acted with me. It was just not right for a gentleman of his calibre to be acting in such a monstrous manner. Perhaps I should tell someone of the earlier events between myself and Henry. But who to tell? What would become of my family’s name and would anyone even believe me? I shake the thoughts out of my mind and decide to just try and get through the end of this now dismal dinner. As I turn to leave out of the ladies restroom I turn the corner and to my horror Henry is stood there waiting to greet me. He puts his arm around my waist and pulls me in closer toward himself. “Hey Charlotte I wondered if you had gotten lost, they’re starting to bring the drinks out now and I remember you promising to join me for drinks earlier tonight, and as I remember a lady never breaks her promise.” As Henry reminds me of my agreement to join him for an evening drink he moves his hand further down from my waist and moved his hand onto my ass squeezing it as he moved his lips towards mine and kissed me with passion no man had ever given me ever before. As Henry bit down on my bottom lip and forced his tongue into my mouth I remembered about where I was and tried to remove myself from Henrys arms but he just held me tighter. Finally I pulled my head away from his breaking our kiss and took a step back throwing Henry slightly off balance. “Be more careful Charlotte you could of seriously hurt me!”

Henry accompanied me back to the dining room where the table and been removed and replaced with couches at which people could sit and enjoy a few evening drinks. The men sat in a corner and smoke cigars whilst some of the women sat at the opposite side of the room drinking champagne and discussing the night’s festivities. Henry walks me over to a small love seat and asks what I would like to drink, I order a lime soda. As Henry leaves to fetch the drinks I start to think up reasons to excuse myself from his company. When he returns he sits next to me on the love seat moving his arm around me, I sit there uncomfortable as I sip my lime soda noticing that it has a strange additional flavour that I can’t quite place. I sat quietly as Henry tells me about how happy I could be if I just accept one of his invitations but I still can’t shake the feeling of how nasty Henry had acted with me earlier in the night and how wrong our actions had been. So I finished my drink and told Henry of my plan to leave the festivities and go to my room to get some sleep. Henry seemed disappointed and he stood to fair me goodbye. “Dearest Charlotte I am sorry for my actions earlier its only because you look so charming I just couldn’t help myself. I hope you understand and that we can stay friends. Please let me at least accompany you to your room?” I wasn’t sure if I should let Henry walk me back to my room but he did seem generally very sorry and so I agreed that we could be friends and that he could walk me to my hotel room.

As we arrived at my room Henry asked if he could come in and watch a movie with me as a friend. I wasn’t sure I wanted him too but those big green emerald eyes just made me melt away and so I agreed to his proposal on the condition that it is to be only as friends, meaning that he cannot try anything with me that I do not want him to do. Henry agreed to my conditions and started to enter the room. I quickly stopped him and asked him to wait outside for a few moments whilst I just change into some comfier clothing because this dress is much too formal for my tastes. Once in my cute Pink Panda pyjama shorts and Black tank top I opened the hotel room door to find Henry stood patiently waiting. I allowed him to enter my room and he walked over to the sofa in the middle and there he took of his shoes and settle down with the remote. Henry found out a movie on the preview channel called ‘Project X’ as we sat there on the sofa together, Henry told me about how he could throw the parties to end all parties and that he would be more than happy to see me at one of his many exciting parties. I laughed at his remarks and agreed that although the idea sent amazing I’m not sure I want to die at a house party. This made Henry laugh as he assured me “hahaha aww dear Charlotte I would never let you get hurt, you are much too gorgeous for such a tragic end. Plus my parties never have such tragic ends. I only invite the best of the best people to my parties and you my Charlotte are the best.”

I was truly flattered by the words that Henry spun me that I barely noticed the cold hand that had entered the inside of my shorts and was now rubbing my so sensitive clit, Henry’s fingers moved down from my clit and slowly moved down into my tight hole. I gasped at the unexpected intrusion and shouted at Henry demanding that he moved his hand out of my shorts and got the hell out of my room immediately. Henry stood up with a devilish smirk in his face and said “What are you going to do about it? You’re nothing more than a dirty slut! Look how Wet you are, dripping your slut juices all over my hand like that, CLEAN IT” Henry shouted as he retracted his fingers from my now dripping pussy and forced them roughly into my mouth and down my throat. Henry grabbed hold of me dragging me over to the bed and threw me down. I started to kick my legs and throw my arms about screaming for help as I then knew Henrys plan all along had been to lure me into having sex with him. He undressed himself and climbed onto the bed lying on top of me with all of his weight causing me to lie still underneath his large strong dominating domineer. I lie terrified under the brute beast that was Henry. Then I have a great idea of how to force Henry to stop and consider his actions. I tried to convince Henry that he wouldn’t get away with this and that I would tell everyone as soon as I got free. But Henry had already planned this response from me “oh slutty stupid charlotte my lovely whore you have no idea do you just how sill you truly are. 1) You will never get free from me, 2) Who the hell will believe such a slut as yourself and 3) if you tell one person of this occurrence EVER then I will personally ensure that your father loses his job with such a bad reputation that him and none of your family will ever find work ever again.” And with that final word Henry bottomed out in Charlotte’s tight Virgin hole …

To be continued …
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