For those of you who have been enjoying this story and have asked for longer episodes, here you go! If you do not know these characters, you can still read this as stand alone, but there is a lot of history referenced that helps give it depth.
“Just a little more color here” Jillian said as she made some fine touches above Sue’s eyes.

“I don’t want to look like some trashy slut, Jill . . . I want to look like a CLASSY slut!” Sue chuckled as she patiently waited for Mason’s mom to finish doing her make-up for her.

“I know what I’m doing here, Sue. I did the beauty pageant thing for a while when I was about your age. We’d LIKE to pass you for 21 tonight, but if you look like enough of a knock-out most bartenders aren’t gonna give a shit. They like to watch pretty girls drunk” she laughed.

“You and my mom are sweet for taking me with you to celebrate.”

“Hey, it’s four years without that worthless shit of a husband . . . that’s worth celebrating! Especially since you guys have turned me into a fucking bi-sex nympho! Besides, we’ve got ulterior motives. We need a honey-pot like you to get attention! God, you DO look hot . . . I want to fuck you right now!”

They both laughed as Jill twirled the soft make-up brush over Sue’s cheeks to even everything out. “You don’t really NEED make-up Sue, you’ve got that natural beauty that most of us would kill for . . . but it does make you look older.”

“You still turn heads, Jill . . . and don’t pretend you don’t. So does my mom.”

“You’re kind, sweetie. I’d kiss you but I don’t want to mess up those perfect lips that I just glossed. Where’s the dress you’re wearing?”

“Hanging in the closet.”

Jill retrieved the slinky sapphire-blue number with spaghetti straps and whistled while she brought it back to where Sue sat wrapped in the towel she’d thrown around herself after showering. Her dirty-blond hair was already brushed and flowing over her shoulders.

“OK, let’s drop that towel, bitch!” Jill commanded teasingly.

Sue stood and faced Jillian as she unwrapped herself and with a sultry look at her, let the towel fall to the floor.

“Oh, to be young again . . . “Jill mused. “You are a fucking bombshell, I swear” she complimented as she gazed at Sue’s teenage form. She never got tired of those long, tan legs, smooth skin and perfectly-formed breasts. “I can’t believe you’re not even 15 . . . life just isn’t fair! Oh, I see you shaved yourself a bit down there?”

“I cleaned it up with a razor after I did my legs. I wasn’t trying to copy you or anything, Jill, I just wanted it to look tidier.”

Jill always had her bush trimmed to form a neat, narrow rectangle and shaved the hair on the sides of her vulva. “Well, it looks good, Sue. YOU look good . . . damn, you look good.”

Sue blushed as Jill unzipped the back of the dress and knelt down so that she could step into it. They shimmied it over her hips and Sue slipped her arms through the straps while Jill worked it up over her boobs. “Turn around.” Sue spun and held up her hair so Jill could zip her up. She then pulled and plucked at the fabric to get it to lie properly on her hot little body. Three-inch matching sling-backs completed the ensemble and Jill stepped back to appraise her creation.

“Wow, Sue. Just wow. I’m so jealous I didn’t have a daughter so I could watch her grow up into a beautiful woman like you.” Her words were heart-felt and that was obvious to Sue. She came over to give Jill a hug.

“Don’t muss the make-up!” Jill giggled through moist eyes as she gave her a squeeze.

*** *** ***

“OK, Sue . . . come on in” Jill called out from the family room, where she waited with Theresa, Sam and Missy. Jim and Mason were up at the university attending a 3-day soccer camp with their high-school teammates and Phil had left Tuesday to cover the western branches of his company through next week.

“Sam, you’re good with the camera, right?” Terry asked her 13-year old son, confirming that he had her smart phone ready.

“Yes, maaahhhm.”

Sue strode into the room like a model coming down the catwalk. Hips swaying, confident strides and a take-no-shit look on her face. Jill was ready with her camera too and the multiple shutter sounds of her digital camera accompanied Theresa’s wolf-whistle and Missy exclaiming “Hooooooleeeee shit!”

“I guess that means you think I look ok?” Sue asked needlessly as she turned to give them all the backside view.

“OK, Sue . . . I’ll probably only say this once in my life” Missy said staring at her big sister “you are fucking gorgeous!”

“Let’s get a picture together, girls” Theresa grabbed Jill’s wrist and brought her over to flank Susan.

The three of them were quite a sight: Jillian, only needing her modest 2” pumps to elevate her to 6’ in stature, her canary yellow cocktail dress hugging her curves and stopping at mid-thigh on her luscious bronze legs; Sue in her sparkly sapphire gown with an arm around each of their waists, and Terry, who was a head shorter than her daughter and friend but was still adorable and perky in her silver lame, her hair done up to expose her sexy neck and shoulders. They were like gold and silver with a flawless jewel between them.

Sam took two shots with the I-Phone and then another with Jill’s camera.

“OK, ladies” Terry encouraged, “skirts up!”

The three party girls pulled their dresses up to their hips exposing their total nakedness beneath. Missy and Sam both began laughing out loud and Sam struggled to get a clear pic of the three horny sluts.

“Send those to Dad, Sam” Terry told her boy, pushing her dress back into place. “And tell him we miss him and thanks for the night out.”

*** *** ***

Terry popped open the champagne bottle while they waited for the limo to arrive, pouring out five glasses and raising a toast. “Here’s to four years of freedom for you, Jillian, and to Susan’s 15th birthday.”

“That’s not for another week and a half mom” Sue said.

Terry swallowed her first sip and told her daughter “if you think we’re getting all done up like this and getting a limo to go clubbing in 10 days, you’ve got another thing coming” she laughed. “So take your birthday celebration where you can get it!”

They all chuckled and took a second sip each. “OK, Sam and Missy, I’m trusting you two alone for the first time, you’d better not make me regret it.”

Sam and Missy had eaten a pizza for dinner and were already in their pajamas. “We’ll be fine mom” Sam assured her. “Come on, I’ll be in high school soon. We’re just gonna watch some tv.”

“-or some porn” Missy interjected, giggling.

“You kids lock the door when we leave and you DO NOT open it for anyone, understand? You’ve got all three of our numbers in your phone, but mine will be on vibrate right against my hip, so you CALL ME if anything happens that I need to know about.”

“Nothings gonna happen, mom” Missy assured her. “But we can have sex, right?”

Theresa laughed and looked over at her hyper-sexed 12-year-old. “Can’t you go one night without it, Missy?”

“My period’s coming tomorrow or the next day, so that’s gonna be like five days right there!”

“She does have a point, Ter’” Jillian laughed, draining her glass. “No one wants to have sex while they’re on the rag.”

The four girls laughed while Sam’s face got red and he looked very uncomfortable.

“OK” Theresa caved “ . . . but nothing kinky! . . . unless you take pictures for us!”

“Give it to her good, Sam” Susan encouraged her brother, placing a hand on his young shoulder.

They were all laughing as the headlights from the stretch limo swung into the driveway.

*** *** ***

Friday nights downtown were always busy in the bar district. All the 20-somethings came out with their paychecks freshly deposited in their accounts. The hotties and the not-so-hotties all dressed to kill. They came out to unwind, to get drunk, to get laid, to have a few laughs or to cock-tease. They came out each weekend to let loose . . . and tonight Terry, Jill and Sue joined their ranks.

“If we have to pay for any drinks ladies, we’re doing something wrong” Jill encouraged them as they approached the ‘Blue Martini’. It was one of the newer joints in the bar district: neon, glass, stainless steel and retro remixes playing loudly. The music brought the ladies back a few decades and Sue sauntered in without a second glance at the guy at the door.

The bar was packed and none of the high, round tables in the area surrounding it were empty. Two guys in their twenties, both in suits with ties loosened for the evening, caught Jillian’s eye and she moved toward them.

Speaking loudly to be heard above the music, the first guy offered “you can share our table, ladies, if you’ll let me buy you a drink.”

“That would be great” Jillian thanked him. “I’m Jill, and these are my friends Terry and Monique.”

Sue stifled a laugh and smiled at the guys as the first one said “I’m Greg and this is my buddy Ross . . . we’re investment advisors.”

“Two Grey Goose cosmos and an Appletini for Monique” Terry took over the ordering.

“Back in a minute” Greg said as he and Ross headed to the bar.

“So you heard about ‘Monique’, huh Jill?” Sue laughed.

“You think your mom would keep that one from me? I’m just pissed you guys didn’t bring me along!”

“What do you think about the guys, Sue?” Theresa asked her daughter.

“Eeh –“ Sue was not exactly impressed, ” they’re bankers, huh?”

“No” her mom corrected, “they’re SALESMEN. They sell stuff like mutual funds and insurance.
Usually pretty slimy characters as far as I’m concerned. Let them buy us a drink or two and we’ll take a look around and see what else is on the menu.”

*** *** ***

Missy was on her hands and knees on the floor of the family room. “OK, Sam, put your finger in my pussy a couple times to get it all slicked up, then put some of it on my asshole.”

“Are you sure about this Missy?”

“Come on, Sam, we’ve seen this in the movies a hundred times! They must like it or they wouldn’t do it so much.”

“Yeah, but mom said nothing kinky.”

“Well, then have your phone ready to take a picture” Missy laughed. “Just use your finger first to get me opened up a bit . . . if it makes you feel better, DAD even put his finger in me back there before.”

“DAD did that?”

“Uh-huh. He put one finger in my ass and one in my cunt at the same time. It made me cum really hard. Plus I’ve done it to myself in the shower, but I can only put my finger in maybe two inches . . . I wanna see what a dick feels like, Sam.”

Sam’s fingers were already wandering up and down his sister’s pretty slit; he pushed his middle one in as far as he could and pumped it a few times. Then he took his sister’s juices and spread it just above on her dark pink pucker as she stuck her ass in the air towards him.

“Go ahead Sam, push your finger in” Missy encouraged gently. She knew better than to talk too dirty or forcefully to Sam, it would probably just make him more nervous. “You’re the first one who ever fucked me, Sam . . . and I still remember how special that felt. I want you to be the first to put it in my ass too. I know you can do it Sam. The guys on the movies seem to really like it too.”

Sam’s finger was about an inch inside his sister’s anus and she pushed against him, letting him know it was ok. He continued to push until his palm was flat against her smooth white cheek. “Oh, that feels good Sam, just keep it there for a few seconds” she said as she reached back and rubbed circles on her clit with two fingers. “OK, in and out a few times, nice and easy Sam.”

Sam found himself getting very hard with the intimate back-door view he was getting. The smells of his sister’s pussy and ass were mingling and he found that it was a pretty erotic mixture. His finger slipped out and back in with relative ease, all the way to his palm. He used his left hand to pull her cheek to one side and make sure his finger got in as far as it could. The sight of his finger buried in her shitter and her fingers rubbing her cunt inches from his face was getting his cock to twitch in excitement.

“Time for your dick, Sam. Put it in my pussy to get it lubed. Fuck, I’m wide open back there, I can feel it.”

She certainly was, Sam found, as he got upright on his knees and positioned his modest pecker at his little sister’s tunnel and slipped inside with little resistance. He pushed in to the hilt and just held himself there. “I can’t pump sis, I’ll cum, I just know it.”

“So, you’re kind of excited too, huh Sam?”

“I guess so.”

“OK, slip out when you can and then you know what to do.”

Sam eased himself back out of his sister, staring at the pattern on the carpet to distract himself and prevent coming too soon. Missy picked herself up in front slightly so that her asshole would more easily line up with him and he put the head against her sphincter.

“You stay there and I’ll push onto you Sam, OK.”

Sam grabbed her skinny hips and watched the head of his cock slowly part Missy’s nether hole. She was breathing out noisily as she pushed back steady and firm, in a few seconds his head was inside her. “Fuck, that feels different” she said with a light laugh. “You ok, Sam?”


“I’m coming back. Hold on to me, big brother, pull a little on my hips.”

Sam felt a real warmth inside, that his sister trusted him so much to do this with him, and him alone. The tightness of her ass was incredible, definitely a different feel than being in her pussy. An inch of shaft went in, then another until about 4” of his prick was inside his sister and his pubes were almost brushing her pretty white cheeks.

“Oh, Gaaaaaaaaaaahd. Pffff, pffff. This is definitely something new” Missy said as she reached back to rub her clit some more. “Can you reach your phone Sam? Mom’s gonna want to see this.”

Sam’s phone was lying right on the ottoman and taking a picture of them helped distract him some more so that he wouldn’t orgasm too soon. He held it away and pointed it at where he and his sister were joined, taking 2 pics.

“Good, now fuck me Sam. Fuck my ass.”

Sam firmed up his grip on her hips, slid out a couple inches and then back in. “Oh, god, you’re so tight Missy . . . this is fucking amazing.”

“Fuck me Sam . . . fuck me.”

He did his best to comply and soon had a rhythm going as Missy pushed back against him and then he pushed her away . . . back against him, push her away. “I can’t last Missy, you’re so fucking tight . . . I’m gonna cum.”

“Go ahead Sam . . . cum in my ass . . . fuck . . . fuck . . . oooooh fuck.”

Sam let go of her hips and lay forward on her back so he could reach around and grab her tits, pushing himself in all the way to the hilt against her sweet cheeks. “Aaaaaaaaaah” Missy cried out as he buried himself in her and squirted his load into her young colon.

*** *** ***

Theresa and Jill had just taken a sip of their third drink when Terry felt her phone vibrate against her hip. Sue was still nursing her second Appletini . . . she wasn’t used to such strong drinks. Terry turned on her swivel stool and pulled her skirt up to get at her phone, which she’d simply tucked into the elastic fabric at her waist. Looking up she caught the eyes of a young couple at the bar that happened to be looking her way, they both glanced down as she exposed her bare crotch to them to retrieve her phone. She beamed a confident smile at them and left her dress right where it was while she looked at the message.

“It’s from Sam . . . I hope nothing’s wrong. Let’s see” she retrieved the text, still keeping her legs open. “’You said not to do anything kinky unless we took a picture’” she read out loud to Sue and Jill. “’Hope you’re ok with this’. There’s a second text but it doesn’t say anything.”

“Let me see, mom” Sue said as she reached for the phone. “It’s an attachment; they sent you a picture. Here, I’ll open it.”

“Oh, god” Sue said and laughed loudly. She passed the phone and all three of them were laughing hysterically in a few seconds.

“Well, we always knew that Missy was ready to try anything” Terry said as she texted back “How was it?”

‘Tight’ was the one word reply that came back, getting them all laughing again.

*** *** ***
The guy who’d been treated to Terry’s upskirt came over a few minutes later. The ‘suits’ had moved on after the second drink when they could tell it wasn’t going anywhere.

“Hi, ladies . . . haven’t seen you here before . . . are you celebrating something?” He made eye contact with all three but settled back on Terry, who had finally spun back toward the table.

“Well” Terry didn’t flinch from his gaze, “my friend here” she place a hand on Jillian’s arm “is celebrating her divorce from a lowlife and my other friend is having her birthday soon.”

“Really? Happy Birthday! I won’t ask how old you are because that’s bad form” he chuckled pleasantly. He was about 6’ even, dark hair and a thin line of beard sculpted around his jaw. “My girlfriend just turned 21 recently and we’ve only been coming here the last few Fridays. You just caught our eye” he looked back at Terry “and I wanted to say hello and see if we could buy you a drink.”

“You mean my pussy caught your eye” Terry said back, keeping a completely straight face. If she shocked him, he didn’t show it. “Yeah, that too” he replied simply. “I’ve been trying to get my girlfriend to consider a little something extra to spice things up . . . and, I hope you don’t mind me saying . . . you made the subject come up again.”

“Have her come join us – “she waited for him to give his name.

“Mike . . . and Ashley.”

“-Mike. We just got drinks but Monique could use another.”

“Coming right up” he looked at her glass “Appletini?”

“Just make it a diet Coke, Mike” Sue responded, “my head is starting to swim.”

*** *** ***

Ashley took a seat between Terry and Sue while Mike squeezed in on Sue’s left side, with Jill against him on his left around the small table. Within minutes the five of them were laughing together and Terry had her hand on Ashley’s exposed thigh. She was also wearing a tight, short cocktail dress on her 5’7” frame. She had a pretty face that required very little make up, she simply had some pale rose lipstick and blush applied, and the rest was all natural. Her eyes were grayish-blue to compliment her above-the-shoulder, sandy blond hair. She was on her third drink as well and the neural lubrication was doing its job.

“So” Terry leaned in toward her to be heard. “Mike says you’ve thought about giving it a try with another woman?”

Ashley blushed. “It wasn’t my idea . . . Mike’s had that fantasy for a long time and has been trying to talk me into it. But when I looked over and you were, uh, um, you know – “

“Exposing myself?” Theresa helped her finish.

Ashley smiled “yeah. It was just really naughty . . . and the three of you are hot looking . . . it just got me thinking.”

“And Mike would want to watch you, I’m sure.”

Ashley nodded, blushing again. “I’ve never even been with anyone else besides Mike, and we’ve just been together about 9 months.”

“So you were a virgin until you were 20?”

Ashley nodded once more, her ears reddening, and took another sip of her cocktail. “I’ve always been kind of shy. Mike convinced me to dress like this and come out because he likes this place. He networks with guys in his field here and he said he wanted to show me off.”

“Well, you’re a very pretty girl, Ashley . . . I can understand why he’d want to. So . . . this fantasy of his . . . would you prefer someone a little older, like me? Or someone closer to your own age, like my friend Monique?”

“You’re both really pretty, Terry, but I honestly don’t know if I could do it.”

Terry picked up her chin with her finger and gave her a light kiss on the lips. Ashley’s eyes opened wide for a second in response, and then she closed them and her lips softened.

“Oh . . . I think you can, Ashley” Theresa said, grinning . . . “what do you think Monique?”

“I think I’d like to get her naked ma-, uh, Terry.”

*** *** ***

They climbed in to the back of the stretch limo and Jill grabbed Mike’s hand to pull him toward the back bench seat. It faced forward to the open area in the middle of the limo, which had leather benches along both sides as well, and a bar and TV against the divider to the driver’s area.

Sue stumbled in and fell down on the floor, her short dress climbing up the six inches required to expose her freshly-trimmed snatch to everyone’s view. She giggled and squirmed up onto the far seat, the effort she made to adjust her dress just brought it further up her hips.

Ashley and Terry were last in; as Ashley stooped to get over to the seat next to Sue, Terry gave her ass a friendly grope.

Jillian put her hand in Mike’s lap to feel him hardening at the view before him. “Ever been with four women at once Mike?” she laughed, knowing there was no need for him to respond. “How ‘bout I play with Mr. Happy for you while my friends play with your girlfriend?”

Mike wasn’t really sure he ever believed his fantasy would come true, but it certainly seemed to be doing so, and in a more extraordinary way than he could have imagined. That Monique girl was putting her right leg up on the bench seat and her pussy opened before his eyes. She licked her finger and then brought it down to her lower lips and parted them slowly, leaning her head back onto Ashley as she did.

“Fuck, mom, you get me drunk like this and I get sooooo fucking horny.”

Ashley did a double take as Theresa was sliding her hands up her thighs, under the hem of her dress. “Did she just say ‘mom’?”

“Someone’s a bit tipsy . . .yes . . . That’s my daughter Ashley” Terry looked her in the eyes lustfully. “And she can eat pussy with the best of them, so I’d suggest you give her a try” she laughed as she began to tug Ashley’s panties down. “Does Mike eat your pussy for you Ashley?”

Ashley was squirming and put her hands on Terry’s wrists. “I’m not sure I should do this, Terry . . . Mike?” She looked over to see Jillian unzipping Mike’s pants and fishing his cock out.

“Go for it Ash . . . please?” Mike looked pleadingly to her, a flushed look of wonder on his face at the situation he found them in. “These are nice girls, Ashley, they won’t do anything you don’t want to . . . right?”

Terry looked up at the shy young girl, trying her best to sound sober “just give me a few minutes, Ashley, and if you don’t like what I’m doing you tell me to stop and I’ll stop.”

Ashley thought for a few seconds, looked at Mike then back at Terry and nodded. She picked her hips up so that Terry could pull her plain white cotton Jockeys off of her. Monique was leaning back against her while she fingered herself and Ashley had a great view down her dress and watching her finger disappear inside her. Her own pussy was moistening again from a combination of the alcohol, from watching another woman stroke on Michael’s dick, and from having her panties pulled off by a stranger. She figured what was coming next so she slid her ass a few inches forward and opened her legs to the hot mom kneeling in front of her.

Terry had only been up close to four pussies in her life, her friend that she and Phil had done a three-way with back in college, her two daughters’ and Jill’s. Ashley was a natural blond and she didn’t trim herself at all, which Terry actually found quite arousing. She reached in and gently spread the girls lips open with her index finger. Some of her pubic hairs lay across her opening and they were stiff from the juices she must have excreted earlier in the bar . . . probably while looking at Terry’s pussy. She turned her hand palm-upward and eased her middle finger in, feeling the satisfying slickness of her lubrication. With her thumb she traced down her outer and back up her inner labia and then rested it upon her stiffening clitoris. Ashley sucked in a long breath through her nose and acted like she might want to pull away. Then she relaxed and let Terry go to work on her, closing her eyes and giving in.

Sue managed to give herself a quick orgasm with her fingers and turned to pay more attention to their guest. Ashley’s dress had a zipper down the side so she undid it and pulled the top of her dress down to expose her perky little A-cup boobs. While her mom leaned in and began giving her slow, methodic licks upon her freshly moist cunt, Sue began to fondle, lick and suck on her tits. They were just a little bigger than Missy’s and Sue thought they looked beautiful. She kneeled on the bench seat and reached back to push her dress completely over her hips to give Jill and Mike a view of her twat from behind.

Mike had drank more than any of them and he was glad he had. It certainly helped him to last through the wonderful hand job he was getting while watching his shy girlfriend get ravaged by a mother-daughter duo. As Ash began to moan and put her hand on Theresa’s head he figured she was starting to enjoy herself.

“Ashley” Jill spoke up.

Ashley opened her eyes dreamily and looked over to where Jill was hiking her dress well over her hips.

“I’m gonna fuck Mike Ashley, is that ok?”

Ashley couldn’t speak, but as she picked up her left leg and held it with her arm to open herself up more for Terry, she just nodded and watched as Jill sat down onto Michael’s pole, facing her in her half-naked beauty. She could see Mike’s cock slip into her cunt as Jill positioned herself properly, and it was so dirty and exciting. She couldn’t believe what she was doing . . . and she might be ashamed of it in the morning but right now Terry was licking her pussy like Mike never could have and her daughter Monique was sucking on her nipples like a starving baby.

“How old are you Monique” she breathed into her ear.

Sue paused long enough to plant a luscious tongue-kiss on her then brought her lips to her ear and whispered “I’ll be fifteen in a little over a week" . . . "Shhhhhh. Don’t say anything or Mike might freak out. Oh, and my name is Sue” she giggled playfully and resumed working on Ashley’s tits.

Terry looked up from her station and asked “would you like to try licking pussy Ashley? Sue could take over for me down here. I think she already came but I’m pretty worked up.”

“How would I . . .” Ashley just looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Sue slid off the bench and plopped on the floor, laughing at her drunken clumsiness.

Terry took Ashley by the shoulders and lay her down on the bench seat, with her head toward Mike and Jill, making enough room for her leg between her and the back of the bench. “Sue, get over here and show her how it’s done, will you?”

Sue crawled around her mom and got her face right up to Ashley’s blond, hairy cunt. Her lips were spread open fully and her clit was as big as a kidney bean. “Oh, Ashley” Sue exclaimed, “it looks like you DO like girls!”

Terry put her right knee down next to Ashley’s head, leaving her pussy about 6 inches from her face. “There’s no WRONG way to do this Ashley . . . just some things feel better than others . . . but girls tend to figure out what makes another girl feel good. If you want to stop, just tap on my leg, OK?”

Ashley nodded up at her and tilted her head back, where Michael was slowly fucking that woman in yellow . . . oh, yeah, Jill was her name. She reached her arm up and Mike was able to grab hold of her hand while Theresa settled her pussy onto her face.

The sheer clumsiness of her initial efforts was adorable to Terry, and it reminded her of the first time little Sammy had eaten mommy’s cunt. Ashley was a pretty quick learner, though, and had Susan’s work on her own pussy as a guide. Soon Theresa was moaning and clutching at her tits, squeezing her nipples through her silver lame gown. “You’re a lucky guy, Mike” she looked over where he had a firm grip on Jill’s breast with one hand and still held Ashley’s with the other. Jill had her hands on the ceiling of the limo to push herself down hard onto his cock, which must finally be spurting cum based on the look on his face. Jill bounced on him several times to finish herself off, one hand going down to rub her clit to help bring on her climax.

Ashley was moaning into Terry's cunt and her legs were up around Susan’s ears. She let go of Michael and let her hands roam over Terry’s body, feeling her calves, thighs, ass, back, boobs. She moved her face around Terry’s gash, rubbing her nose and lips upon hers, bumping her clit, licking it gently and then sucking it into her mouth. Her orgasm took her hard and she locked her legs around Sue’s head and grabbed Terry’s bare ass-cheeks, pulling them wide.

Terry finally came and flopped herself down on the floor, panting.

*** *** ***

The limo pulled up in front of the apartment building and Sue got out first, holding the door for their guests.

“OK, Ashley. I’ve put my number in your phone under Monique” Sue told her.

“If you don’t feel too ashamed of yourself in the morning” Theresa called out laughing, “let us know if you ever feel like getting together again.”

Mike and Ashley straightened their clothes a bit and waved goodbye, grateful that they didn’t have to walk back home, and for the sexual adventure these three beautiful women had given them.

*** *** ***

They found Missy and Sam snoozing on a sleeping bag on the family room floor, both in warm pajamas and their hair still damp from their shower. Sam was spooning his sister protectively with a soft fleece throw over the top.


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