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Kim and Heather had been best friends since grade school, and it was unusual to see them apart for long. They attended the same high school, were both 17, had most of their classes together, and lived only a couple of blocks away from each other. They even looked alike, both around 5’4”, petite, blond hair, blue eyes. A lot of people thought they were twins, or, at least, sisters. Both had boyfriends, and both liked sex a lot. What most people didn’t know, however, is they often had sex with each other… It was a secret that they managed to keep since their first awkward groping at age 12.

They had a lot of things in common, and one was they both worked after school at a horse breeding and training farm a few miles out of town. There were 40 miniature horses there and none were over five foot in height. Their families each owned two of the small horses and boarded them at the farm. The girls could ride them at any time, as long as they took care of them. Their duties included feeding them every day, and washing them down after their rides. Kim’s family owned a mare and a stallion, and Heather’s family a mare and a gelding.

They had worked at the farm since they were 12, and the farm is where they first discovered their attraction for each other. One evening after a long ride the two 12 year olds had ended up intertwined in the hay, hungry for each other, to please each other unlike anything they had experienced alone. Since that day, nearly every evening after the other workers would leave the farm, they would lick and finger each other to orgasm in the loft on the bales of hay. No one, not their families or boyfriends, suspected a thing…

Then one night, a new element of their sexuality began that took them in a new direction…

Part One

One summer evening in late August the girls rode out into the hills on Heather’s mare Daisy and Kim’s stallion Maximus. They rode hard and the small horses soon worked up a lather in the hot sun. After a couple of hours of trail riding, the girls saw that the horses were tired, so they headed back to the barn.

Kim and Heather led the sweaty horses into the wash area and began cleaning them. They sprayed the horses gently with warm water from the hose, and began to soap them down.

“That was a great ride”, said Kim, as she washed Maximus.

“Yah, we should do it again tomorrow”, replied Heather.

Both rinsed off the diminutive horses and then retrieved towels to dry them off.

All of the sudden, Maximus began moving about in the wash area, stomping his hooves and snorting. The girls drew back and watched Maximus thrash around. Then they noticed his dick begin to grow. The girls had seen Maximus’ dick before when he was peeing, but never erect. Within a minute it reached its biggest size, around ten or eleven inches, as he snorted and sniffed towards the stall next to the wash area. In the stall was a mare named Jennifer. They looked in and saw the small mare standing with her backside towards Maximus, her tail raised up. Her tiny vagina pulsated, sending small streams of liquid down to the hay. Jennifer was in heat.

Kim looked at Heather and they both laughed. They’d seen it before, of course, but it still managed to amuse them anyway.

“This is unbelievable,” Kim said, “I can’t concentrate on washing Maximus when he’s thrashing around with that big dick of his standing up!”

“True, he’s moving around too much.”, Heather replied. “Hey, let’s have some fun. Let’s see if they’ll fuck! Nobody’s around tonight anyway.”

Kim nodded agreement.

The girls finished drying off the two horses as best they could with Maximus moving around. Heather led Daisy to her stall while Kim led Maximus into Jennifer’s stall. He immediately approached Jennifer and sniffed her rear. Jennifer lifted her tail and let out a stream of liquid from her vagina. She flared her cunt lips.

Maximus snorted and jumped up on her back with his front legs. His big dick pointed straight at Jennifer’s slit. He thrust his hardened dick toward her slit and missed, poking her rear end. He jabbed and jabbed, and after a few tries he finally found her hole and plunged his dick in. Jennifer moved a little as he thrust forward, but generally stood still with her head down.

Heather rejoined Kim and they watched in fascination as Maximus entered Jennifer. They’d never been so close to horses as they fucked before, and the graphic nature of the animal-mating act gripped them. Maximus rammed his rod into the mare’s cunt, thrusting hard, with more and more of his dick disappearing into her.

Kim and Heather looked at each other, and then Kim said, “Wow, that’s amazing. It’s actually making me horny!”

“Me, too”, replied Heather.

They watched as Maximus fucked Jennifer with characteristic animal passion. Then Heather quickly grabbed Kim and they started kissing each other. Soon they were tearing each other’s clothes off and throwing them everywhere.

Maximus thrust into the mare several more times, then grunted as he blew his load into the mare cunt. He felt good fulfilling his studly desires with the mare. He took his front legs off of the mare, backed away, and began to calm down.

By now Kim and Heather were naked and licking each other in a sixty-nine position on the horse blankets they threw down on the floor. It wasn’t long before their shrieks of pleasure were resounding throughout the barn.

After they licked each other to orgasm, Kim and Heather got up and led Maximus back to the wash area. His dick hadn’t receded yet, and there was cum still dripping out of the tip. Kim looked at Heather and they silently nodded to one another. They couldn’t ignore the throbbing dick in front of them, and their lust for each other was put aside for a new idea forming in their heads.

Kim grabbed the hose and turned the warm water on Maximus’ dick. Heather left and retrieved the antibacterial hand soap from the barn bathroom and began to lather her hands up. She approached Maximus and started stroking his member with her hands. Her small hands barely fit around the shaft, and she had to use both hands to wash him up and down. Soon she had stroked its entire length, cleaning off the mare cunt juices and cum that was all over it. Kim washed the soap off with the hose. In playfulness, Kim sprayed Heather with the hose, and Heather tried to grab the hose from her. A water fight ensued. Soon both girls were drenched and wrestling with each other next to Maximus.

Maximus stood still as the girls played with each other. He smelled something strange from the humans. It was different than the mare he had just fucked, and he turned his head toward them. He looked at the girls, puzzled by their nakedness, yet strangely stimulated by the new scents. He snorted softly and then noticed they were approaching him.

Kim reached down under Maximus and grabbed his dick. He stood still. Heather knelt down and stuck out her tongue. She began to lick up and down its length. She moaned as she took his tip into her mouth. It was almost too big to be sucked on and definitely bigger than any dick she had sucked on before. Soon Kim crouched down and joined in, licking and sucking Maximus’ member.

Maximus stood very still, curious to the new sensations he felt from the humans’ sucking. It felt just like a mare cunt, and he began thrusting and moving about to find the hole.

“Whoa, he’s ready to go again,” said Heather. “You hold him, while I try and jerk him off.”

Kim answered, “No way, I think we can do more than that! Why don’t we try seeing if we can fit that big dick of his in our pussies?”

“You must be crazy,” Heather said, “he’s a horse! And besides, that dick of his is just too damn big. He might thrust too hard and hurt one of us!

Kim replied, “Not if we hold him tightly and are careful. I think we should try. If you’re so afraid, let me try and do it!”

“Alright, Kim, but be careful…I don’t want to try and explain this to a doctor if one of us gets hurt!” said Heather.

Kim retrieved a large pile of blankets from the storeroom. Placing them on the floor underneath Maximus, she knelt down and rearranged them into a flat bed. Heather held on to Maximus’ halter and held on tight as Kim started to crawl under the horse.

Maximus turned his head and looked at the girls with curiosity. He was used to humans touching him from the time he was a newborn, so he stood still for them. He had sensed something new when they sucked on his dick, but now it seemed like something different was about to happen. When one of the humans crawled under him, he just listened with his ears back as they talked in their human speak.

“Be careful”, said Heather, as Kim lay on her back under Maximus.

“I will”, said Kim.

It wasn’t possible to lie completely under Maximus, so Kim had to adjust herself at an angle with her head and upper body jutting out on the side nearest Heather. Most of her, however, lay under him, and her breasts nearly touched his belly. Then she moved her legs out on either side of the horse’s back legs, brought her feet down next to his hooves, and scooted her butt back towards Maximus’ large dick. This brought her pussy within inches of the head.

Maximus’ dick had started to recede somewhat since he had fucked Jennifer, so Kim turned and strained to reach back and harden it up. She took it in her hands and stroked it.

As it got harder and longer, Kim suddenly felt very vulnerable. At any time, Maximus could push forward and impale her with his long shaft, or thrash around and stomp her with his hooves. She knew him to be a gentle horse, but she had also watched as he had slammed his dick into the mare. He was an animal, after all. Watching him very closely now, she quelled her fears and finished stroking him to full hardness.

Kim felt an excitement that was new and strange, and her pussy was very wet as she lay back down and repositioned her body. Some drive inside her was growing into a powerful lust to mate with this creature, and her pussy tingled with the thought of bringing the large foreign dick into contact with her pussy.

Heather held on tight to Maximus’ halter. She wedged herself against his side to prevent him from moving too much with her best friend positioned so precariously under the small yet strong stallion.

“Ooooo, his dick is huge,” said Kim, “I hope this works!”

“Careful, Kim, don’t spook him!” said Heather. “Go slow.”

Kim heard her friend, but in her intense concentration her friend’s voice seemed far away. With one hand on his dick, she quickly positioned her hips to meet the head of his dick.

“Ohhh”, exclaimed Kim, “I think I’m ready now!” The feeling of this animal’s dick so close to her vagina sent a tingling thrill up her spine. She wet her fingers with her tongue and rubbed saliva on the head of his dick, lubricating it. Then she pushed her hips up and brought the tip of his dick into contact with her sopping pussy lips. The contact sent an electric charge from her pussy up her spine to her head, and a low groan escaped from her mouth. Her nipples brushed against Maximus’ belly as she lifted up, and her whole body felt suddenly anxious and tense.

Heather watched, mesmerized, as her friend squirmed underneath the horse. Her pussy was also wet, and she ached to have Kim lick her to another orgasm, but she also knew that she must hold on tight to Maximus to prevent her friend from being injured.

Kim pushed her pussy against the stallion’s dick. The first push managed to make Maximus’ dick touch the inner lips of Kim’s pussy, and she shuddered and drew back. Then she moved her pussy forward again and the tip pushed past her inner lips and partly into her vagina.

“Ohhhhhh, shit”, exclaimed Kim, “his head is almost all the way in me and it’s soooo big!”

Maximus now knew that the human under him wanted to mate, and he didn’t care a wit if she was a human. Her pussy was wet, and she was willing, so in spite of the other human holding him, he thrust forward.

Instantly Kim felt split apart as Maximus thrust his hips.

Maximus’ dick pushed into her vagina a good eight inches until Heather could stop him. The shock and pain of his thrust was too much for Kim to bear, and she let out a cry of pain. She moved her hips back instantly.

“Oh God”, she shrieked, “Hold him, Heather!”

“Okay, okay, I got him! Are you okay, Kim?” Heather asked anxiously.

Kim lay helpless underneath the horse. She had pulled back enough to ease the pain, but she was still impaled by Maximus’ rock hard dick.

Maximus’ hip remained thrust forward, and he felt a very tight vagina wrapped around his throbbing dick. He was confused by the humans’ loud noisy sounds, so he froze in place.

Kim pulled back further and the pressure in her pussy eased somewhat. She gasped as Maximus’ dick popped out of her over-stretched slit. Instantly she scrambled out from underneath the horse.

“Oh, my God,” she exclaimed, “that nearly killed me…. I thought he was going to stick that thing all the way up and out my mouth!”

“Are you okay, Kim?”, asked Heather.

“Yes, yes, I’m okay now”, she answered, “just give me a minute to deal with this.”

Kim waited a few minutes for the pain to go away. It had hurt more than anything she had felt before, but she also knew she had been too eager, and that had caused Maximus to thrust too soon.

Maximus stood quietly for the humans. He still desired to mate again, and it seemed the humans weren’t leaving. He sensed, however, that he had hurt one of them, so in his simple brain he determined to follow the humans’ lead and be gentle, as he usually was.

“Okay, I’m ready”, Kim said.

“Be careful,” Heather said again.

Kim bent down and crawled under the stallion. Then she slowly re-positioned herself towards his dick. Maximus was still hard, so all she had to do was scoot under him to put her pussy near the head again. With minimal effort she was once again poised before his large shaft.

Heather held on tight and watched anxiously as Kim squirmed closer to the animal’s dick.

Kim put her legs around Maximus’ hind legs and pulled herself slowly into contact with his dick. She shuddered again as the large head touched her pussy. She carefully moved her hips back and pushed her sopping pussy lips against it. Instantly the head disappeared into her hot box. She squealed as it entered her, but stopped so Maximus would not spook and impale her again.

Maximus felt the human pussy engulf the head of his dick, but stood still, curious to the sensation.

“Okay, the tip’s in”, Kim exclaimed, “and he seems to have mellowed out! I’m pushing it in further now.”

Heather watched as her friend pushed her hips back.

Kim strained against the large horse cock and felt it slowly fill her pussy up. Two inches, then three inches entered her as she struggled to accommodate the beast’s member. She pulled back slightly, and then pushed a little harder. Soon she had four, then six, then eight inches of Maximus’ dick in her. She looked back in awe as inch after inch of his cock disappeared into her. The massive dick stretched her vagina to its limit, and she felt like she was mounted on it.

“Ooooo, God, it’s huge!” she gasped. “I don’t know if I can take any more!”

Maximus moved forward slightly as the human pussy wrapped around the bottom of his dick.

Kim felt the movement and nearly panicked as the last few inches were forced into her. She felt the head came into contact with her cervix. It was a little painful so she quickly pulled back about six inches and froze, poised to get out from under him if she needed to. She looked up at Maximus and with relief saw that he was merely shifting his stance.

Heather watched anxiously as Kim looked nervously up at Maximus. She stopped him from moving further by firmly wedging her hips against him.

After a minute or two, when it was clear Maximus would not thrust, Kim tried again to push back against the horse dick. Inch by inch she pushed back further against his dick until she felt the head pressing lightly against the back wall of her tunnel. Maximus’ dick was now completely in her, and the slightest movement by Maximus sent electric impulses up her spine. Her pussy had never felt so full or stretched before. She was still nervous that Maximus would thrust again, so she kept her movements to a minimum.

Soon, however, Kim realized Maximus was not going to move around much, so she started moving her hips back and forward. With careful attention she slowly moved under the small stallion, trying not to do anything too suddenly. The sensation in her vagina was incredible; she could feel everything, including the veins on his dick, sliding in and out of her wet tunnel. Kim felt the friction from her vaginal walls being stretched like never before, and she began to moan in time with her movement.

Heather watched in utter fascination as Kim slowly fucked Maximus. The wetness in her own crotch was soon seeping down her leg, so she wedged her hips tightly against Maximus and freed one hand to touch herself. Her pussy was red hot as she began fingering herself. Soon her fingers were sopping wet, and she began to feel a strange attraction to the horse in front of her. As she watched her friend fuck the horse, she fingered herself and within a minute she felt an orgasm approaching.

Kim arched her back and moved her hips back and forth, a little faster with each movement. Gradually she felt most comfortable with eight to nine inches of Maximus’ dick in her, so she slowly picked up the pace of her hip movements. Soon she established a rhythm, and her vagina loosened enough for bigger and stronger actions. The wetness in her vagina increased, and some of her juices began to seep out as she moved forwards and backwards against the dick.

Heather cried out as she climaxed, and her legs suddenly felt weak. She shuddered violently and momentarily relaxed her grip on Maximus. The animal began to thrust.

Kim instantly felt his dick moving in her, and again she nearly panicked. But this time the thrusting was slower. Still, her movements ceased until she could figure out what Maximus was going to do. It soon became evident that he was being gentle, so Kim continued to push back and forth against him.

By now Heather, recovering from her orgasm, realized what had happened, and tightened her grip on Maximus with both hands. She watched as Kim grew bolder.

Kim began moving faster and faster, fucking the horse with her cunt. With each movement of her hips she felt more and more sensation, and she felt more and more comfortable to fuck Maximus harder. Her juices flowed out around the dick as she began manically moving her body against the horse’s dick. Her breasts mashed against the horse’s belly as she arched her back with each thrust. Sweat began to form on her chest, and her nipples hardened. She felt pleasure she had never felt before. With each brush of her nipples against the rough hair of Maximus’ belly she felt electric currents running up and down her entire body.

Soon she was moving with reckless abandon under the stallion. Kim wanted all of Maximus’ cock in her, so she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hind legs. She pulled her hips up and forced more of his cock into her. With each movement she felt her vaginal muscles grip the huge dick, and gradually she started feeling a burning sensation in her loins. It crept up her spine to her brain, clouding her senses.

Maximus felt the tight cunt wrapped around his dick clench it with strong grips. He wanted to slam hard into the pussy, but did not want to hurt the human who was under him. He stood still, enjoying the strange feeling.

Kim worked Maximus’ dick in and out of her with faster and faster movements. She felt totally in control now as Maximus stood perfectly still. She began thrashing around, her body anxious for release. Faster and faster she moved her hips against the dick, forcing it in and out with strong thrusts. Time stood still as she concentrated on the beastful act. Cries of pleasure escaped from her lips as she forced herself on the animal’s dick.

Heather watched as her friend’s face contorted with intense concentration.

Finally, with one final push Kim exploded in orgasm, her cunt juices flowing out from around the massive dick. She gripped Maximus harder and her vagina pulsated with pleasure.

Heather shrieked with delight as she saw her friend orgasm. Then she saw that Kim was clinging so tightly to Maximus that he moved slightly.

The movement of Maximus’ dick inside her sent waves of new sensations through Kim’s body, and she shuddered through a second, more powerful orgasm. Her body convulsed as electric shocks tore through her body. Everything around her began to black out, and Kim momentarily lost consciousness. She clung to him with all her strength, his big dick all the way in her as she came again and again. Her juices ran down her crotch and down the crack of her ass. Everything around her spun as she lay rigidly impaled on Maximus’ dick.

Finally Kim relaxed and released her grip. She let her body go limp under Maximus. Her vision came back, and slowly the awareness of her surroundings.

Kim suddenly was aware of exactly what she had just done. She felt total release, yet somewhat guilty for what most would call a perverted act. How could she have fucked a horse? The thought made her feel ashamed. Finally, she put those thoughts away and rationalized that she had merely masturbated herself on Maximus. And…..masturbation was okay, right? Still, she felt a little strange as she let her spent body go limp.

Kim crawled out from under Maximus and looked up at Heather.

Heather looked at her friend and smiled. “That must have felt good, huh?” she asked.

“Well, to be honest, it had to be the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt, Heather…next to being with you, of course!” Kim giggled.

“Riiiight…..I saw that look of absolute pleasure on your face! Well, then, great… if you’re finished, then it’s my turn…. I’m horny as hell!” Heather exclaimed.

Kim was speechless. She hadn’t thought Heather would attempt the same act she had just finished. Kim approached Heather and kissed her.

“Have fun, Heather, it’s amazing!” Kim said.

“I will”, Heather replied, as she started to climb under the stallion.

Maximus looked over at the humans and saw the other girl approaching. It had made him really horny to feel the tight human vagina wrapped around his cock, and now he knew what would come next…

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