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Tracy is violated
The Breaking of Tracy
part 8
Tracy's First

"She's ready for you, daddy." The Whore tells me. The latex clad slave stands beside the door, back straight with her arms behind her, looking straight ahead.

I ignore it. I open and close the door gently but without pause. In the center of the novice room stands Tracy. Like all slaves here, she stands at attention. Legs shoulder width apart. Back arched. Arms clasped behind her. Staring straight ahead. Her pale skin is littered with the bruises and welts of the training from the last few days. Her small, pink nipples puff out obscenely from her delicate A cup breasts, swollen from the recent abuse. Everything will heal without leaving a mark. But for now, she looks the pathetic thing I plan to make her.

"You don't have a hymen but you're a virgin, correct Rapewhore?"

A small swallow is all she takes to steel herself for what she expects will happen after she answers me.

"Yes daddy, I'm still a virgin."

"A shame." I begin to slowly walk behind her. For a moment her eyes trail me but quickly snap back to the wall in front of her. I let this slide. Everything that occurs in the novice room is about breaking the will of a girl and making them a slave, not training.

"I'm going to fuck you. Forever. Do you know why?" I ask her.

"Because I'm your slave and that's what I'm here for, daddy." She doesn't swallow this time.

The answer is near enough to the truth that I find no reason to correct or amend it. I continue.

"Do you want me to fuck you, Rapewhore? Do you want me to rape you forever?"

"Yes daddy, I want to be raped forever."

Behind her, I pause.

"Why do you want me to rape you?" I ask.

Tracy thinks a moment before answering. "Because I'm a slave and I want you to do whatever you want to, daddy?"

I smile. Bless her for trying.

Moving up behind her, I gently place my hands upon her naked shoulders. She shivers at my touch, afraid of me. I lean in close to her ear and whisper.

"Don't tell me what I want to hear. You do want to be raped by me. Think about it for a moment. And then tell me why you want it."

Tracy struggles with the idea for a bit. I can see she wants to scream and cry that she'd never want it. I can see her fight to keep her position as she pushes past her impulses and eventually settles into the truth of the matter.

"I want you to rape me, daddy, because I don't want my arms and legs cut off like you did with the Hole." I'd have thought she would phrase the answer like a question. But she wasn't asking if it she was right. She knew it.

"Good girl." I tell her, patting her shoulder before letter her go. I make my way over to a thin, rolled up mat tucked behind a bench. "But it's more than that." I say, pulling the mat from it's place. "You don't want me to do that to your friends or family. You're here for as long as I decide to keep you alive. During that time, you have one job and one job only. Make sure nothing bad happens to the people you used to know. If you obey, I may eventually raise you to a higher position than just a slave. You could be a Whore down here, taking care of the dungeon and the staff down here or some of the other positions where you don't get hurt as much." Mat in hand I walk back to her.

"Baby for example, the woman you saw upstairs. With the ankle cuffs? She started out as a slave and now runs the house. I've hurt her maybe four or five times in as many years."

Tracy makes no reaction to me spreading the mat out on the floor.

"Until'll do and take everything I give to you because you're a slave. You're reason for living is to be hurt and to be fucked. And you'll beg for both because you know there are worse things in life."

"Yes daddy", she nods. A small tear makes it's escape from the corner of her eye and runs down her face. I suspect it will be one of the last tears I see from her. After today they should be few and far between.

"I'm evil. I like to hurt things. Things like slaves. But just because I'm sadistic doesn't mean I can't be kind now and then." I move to stand directly in front of Tracy.

"Rapewhore, look at me." Tracy's eyes come to focus on my gaze.

"I have a gift for you." She looks confused. "Would you like to know what it is?"

She nods. "Yes daddy."

I smile, trying to give an air of warmth.

"I'm going to have sex with you. Right now. But I won't rape you. That is to say, I won't hurt you."

A shimmer of confusion and disgust dances across her features. She doesn't understand.

"My gift to you is that your first time will be gentle. Because every time hereafter won't. I'll degrade and torture you at a whim. But right now, I will make you feel good this one time."

I reach out and take a hand from behind her. "Lay down."

I guide her onto her back upon the mat. Laying myself beside her I prop myself up on an elbow so I can look down at her. Though she lays as stiff as an awkward board she is gorgeous. Like a bruised angel. I run the back of my hand gently up her leg and over her ribs. I pass by her breasts without touching them. As I reach her neck I open my hand and gently skim across the fragile surface of her skin before nestling my hand into her hair. A finger finds a brown lock and twirls it gently.

"You really are beautiful, you know. That's why you're here and not someone else." I gently take her jaw in hand and turn her face to me. Her eyes fight to keep looking at the ceiling, but come to look into my eyes. "Breathtaking, really."

My mouth lands upon hers and I kiss her tenderly. As much as I enjoy the dominance, the giving of orders and pain, I am a slave to my own desires. Some, like my sadistic tendencies, are immutable and constant. But upon occasion I've found myself with want for nothing more than to make a woman cum in screams of pleasure. I've gotten quite good at it for the few times I've cared to indulge. Trust when I confess that I want to hurt Tracy like nothing before, I speak a truth like nothing ever spoken before. But if I am to break her, I can't. Not yet.

Breaking the kiss as my hand finds it's way down Tracy's chest. My fingers trace a line down Tracy's body, between her breasts and over her stomach. I slow as I reach her tender area. Looking down I watch as my fingers move closer to the lovely place between my slave's legs I hear Tracy gasp quickly. She's steeling herself for the intrusion. Since she's ready for it, it's best I don't disappoint.

Two fingers part the lips of her pussy as the slide down further. I don't enter her yet. I just let her know that play time is soon to end and that yes, this is about to happen to her. I tear my eyes away from her crotch and watch her face twist into disgust. My erection twitches, bouncing of of her thigh.

"Open your legs." I tell and she obeys. Her legs part a few inches, in a normal situation the amount would be unsatisfactory and I would strike her. But for this one time I must be gentle, so I say nothing. My fingers move in a small circular motion, slowly parting her labia. I lean down and begin to kiss the soft flesh of her ear and neck. My thumb gently brushes across her clitoris. At the same moment a finger slides into her. The result is enjoyable to watch. Tracy's body betrays her as it is want to do of late. Her hips involuntarily buck into my hand, she begins to moisten between the legs and a small moan catches in her throat. A moment later her mind catches up to her body and reminds her that she is supposed to be repulsed by this. The dance of emotions that plays across her face is worthy of film it's so beautiful. A woman enjoying her rape and being disgusted with herself for it. There is no more perfect a thing.

A second finger penetrates her pussy as the circles begin to increase with speed. I apply more pressure with my thumb on her clit and her hips reply by pressing harder against it. As Tracy begins to approach her orgasm, she beings to cry, tears slowly falling from her cheeks and the low wail of sorrow. I stop touching her pussy and sit up.

Tracy opens her eyes, confused for a moment. She shivers in terror as she sees me move between her legs. My erect cock juts out, pointing to where it wants to go. My hands take hold of her knees and gently spreads her wider, opening up her cunt for me to see. Tracy balls her hands into fists on either side of her and lets her head fall back, still crying all the while.

I move forward and over her so that I can look into her face. With practiced motions I move my hips downwards to her, letting my body weight do the work for me. Her pussy is hot against the head of my penis as it touches her for the first time. Tracy does not jump or react in anyway. I'll change that in a moment.

With her pussy wet and her legs wide open, my dick slides into her with ease as I settle myself on top of her. He cunt envelops me in heat. Slowly I slide out and back in. Each thrust I move further into her. Each thrust I begin to speed up. Soon I hit a rhythm and speed I like that is forceful while still being gently. Tracy, so near to orgasm before I entered her, can't help herself but react to my penetration.

As I continue to plunge into her I begin to angle my thrusts upwards a bit more. On the fifth such thrust I hit the spot in Tracy's cunt that I want and she loses control of herself. The tears and crying stop and are replaced with pants and grunts of pleasure. She still does not look at me, but her eyes are no longer forced shut. Instead, her face is relaxed as she enjoys what I'm doing her her body. The feeling her her subdued pussy against my throbbing cock begins to affect me. I pick up my pace and stop making love to her. I'm fucking her and she's loving it.

Tracy, lost in my penetrating thrusts and the pleasure it brings reaches up and digs her nails into my back, wanting to pull me in further. She's close to cumming and her body is begging for the release. My hand cups her breast firmly, squeezing it firmly as I lower my mouth onto her other nipple, using my tongue to play with the erect beauty. Tracy's pussy tightens around my shaft and her body goes stiff for a moment before she begins to tremble her way through the orgasm I've given her. I've timed it perfectly. As Tracy vibrates on my cock a pressure wells up inside my abdomen and explodes into Tracy's pussy.

I enjoy the sensation of cumming in a pleased woman with her nails dug into my back. Tracy moans loudly as her pleasure shoots through her body like electricity. Our orgasms subside but we remain motionless for many moments. Tracy's tension begins to leave her body and she starts to go limp. But as before her mind catches up to her body and reminds her of where she is. I feel her tense up again around me, only in a different way from her orgasm. I slide my softening dick out of her and roll of to the side, breathing heavy.

We lay next to each other, breathing heavily. Tracy finally opens her eyes, but looks away, tears welling up again. Now is the moment I have been waiting for, to see if she will react the way I expect her to. Not every women will take to the training, which is why I have to select them so carefully.

"Thank you." Tracy says.

I hear what I want. "You're welcome." Since her abduction, Tracy had been afraid of losing her virginity in a violent manner. Rape is a common fear in most women, doubly so for the thought of their first encounter. I have literally made a gift of not raping her violently for her fist time. In all the years that Tracy is now mine, she will always be able to look back and remember the time that she was scared of being painfully violated her first time. And she will remember the immense relief I gave her in not doing that. Deep down, she will always be grateful to me.

"It won't happen again, Rapewhore. But you are a good slave so far. And good slaves are rewarded."

I can see an emotional numbness settle into Tracy's body as I finish speaking. She knows she will be here forever. She's preparing herself for the rest of her life, just as she prepared herself of my cock inside of her.

"Rapewhore, go to the door and knock on it. When the Whore answers, tell her to send in The Post." I cup my hands under my head and wait to see how well Tracy will obey my instructions.

Tracy stands and places her hands behind her back before walking to the door. Looking at her upside down from where I lay I see her knock with one hand before returning it behind her. The door opens a moment later as the Whore, fully clothed in her uniform latex body suit and lovely exposed breasts opens the door.

"Daddy wants The Post sent in now." She says to the dungeon staff slave. The Whore nods and closes the door. Tracy walks back and stands to the side at attention. I see my semen starting to slide down my leg. I smile.

Perhaps thirty seconds pass before there is a courtesy knock on the door. It opens and The Post walks in. She is beautiful as always. Every inch of her supple, naked body has been scarred and re scarred over and over again. Not on inch of flesh is pristine any longer.

"Post," I begin, "Come over here and clean me off."

"Yes daddy, thank you." The Post walks over to me and kneels down before opening her mouth and taking my dick into it. With expertise honed over years of practice she begins to clean my cock with her mouth. Her tongue slides along my shaft. She knows how to make it feel good without specifically arousing me. This is a chore, not play time and she knows it intuitively.

I watch Tracy as The Post works on my member with her mouth. Tracy stares straight ahead, but I'm sure she sees clearly with her peripherals. She reacts not at all.

The Post raises her head, finished cleaning me off and sits back on her legs, folded beneath her.

"Now go clean Rapewhore's cunt. Rapewhore, spread your legs and squat down for The Post to clean you off."

I expected a fraction of hesitation from Tracy. No one, let alone someone of the same gender has every put their mouth on her pussy before and I expected a reaction. Instead widens her stance and squats down as The Post moves over to her and sits herself beneath Tracy's legs.

The Post begins by licking Tracy's thigh up to her pussy, using her tongue to gather my semen. Tracy winces at the intrusion of The Post's tongue inside of her. The Post licks and slurps has best she can, cleaning my seed from Tracy's body. I enjoy the sight.

Soon The Post is done and she stands at attention next to Tracy. Tracy, obeying the last order given, fights to stay squatted. Very good Tracy.

I stand.

"Rapewhore, did The Post do a good job cleaning you?" I ask Tracy.

"Yes daddy, The Post did a very good job of cleaning my pussy." She replies. It's beautiful to hear.

"Did you enjoy how it felt?"

"Yes daddy, " Tracy answers again, "It felt very good."

I stand before her and smile. "Then she was a good slave and deserves to be rewarded." I look over to The Post. "Post, go stand facing the wall and place your hands against it."

"Yes daddy." The scarred slave replies and walks over to the wall as I'd ordered. She knows what is about to happen and is waiting for her reward.

I walk over to the toys hanging from the opposite wall and chose a small whip. I take it and return to Tracy.

"Rapewhore, give 50 lashes to The Post as a reward. Make it hurt, but I only want the last five to bloody her, do you understand?"

I hold the whip out for Tracy to take it. She hesitantly reaches out and takes the whip, nodding. "Yes daddy." She answers, confused.

She had thought that she would have things done to her. She will learn that being a slave means doing, not having done to her.

I walk to the door and open it. The Whore outside stands at attention.

"Watch Rapewhore whip The Post and tell me exactly what happens when it is done. I have some business to check up on." I tell the Whore.

"Yes daddy." It replies. I reach out and painfully tug an exposed nipple, pulling the slave forward.

"Now, Whore. They are about to start and I am leaving."

"Yes daddy, thank you." From beneath the latex mask the slave answers in a pained voice. Her nipple will be purple for several days, I was not gentle. It quickly moves passed me into the room and I close the door behind me.

Tracy is almost done. I have a bit of business to attend to. I will have the Whores run Tracy through some lessons.

I think tomorrow I'll hurt Tracy. Yes, I will hurt her very badly.


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Oh i enjoyed that, i love the mind fucking near as much as the fucking, forced orgasms really do it for me. Thank you. xxoo

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Oh i enjoyed that, i love the mind fucking near as much as the fucking, forced orgasms really do it for me. Thank you. xxoo

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