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Continuation of the first story, however this one is about 90% fiction.
It'd been a few weeks since that night where I'd fingered my lesbian room mate to orgasm. Neither of us mentioned it and we continued to talk and live together as if nothing had ever happened. However every night after she went to sleep I'd still pull out my dick and very carefully feel her arse and boobs while I stroked it.

One night we were discussing tattoos in bed and she was telling me about what she wanted.
“I'd like something that covers my back. I'm thinking maybe a piece of music or something. Lyrics maybe. I'm not really sure though. I know definitely something on my back. And something on my lower stomach, like near my hip.”
“I've considered getting something on my back.” I said, “I just don't know what exactly.” It wouldn't be my first tattoo, having got one the year before.

I did art at school, and as such can draw to a reasonable level. This gave me an idea.
“I could try to draw some stuff on you back or whatever if you want. Just to give you an idea about what it could look like.”
“That's a good idea,” she said. “Here, use this.” She handed me a sheet from her music class. On it were several lines of music notation and some lyrics.
“Okay then. How do you want it? Like I could put the lyrics down one side and the music down the other. Or one on top of the other.” We quickly decided that I'd draw the music notation down the left side of her back and the lyrics on the right, wrapping around her ribs.

Quickly she took off her shirt and lay down on her stomach, before undoing her bra and pulling that off too. I grabbed a ball point pen and studied the musical notation on the paper. It was quite complex.
“What about the one on your hip?” I asked. “This is going to be hard and I should probably practice drawing on skin.”
“Oh yeah, true. Okay.” She rolled onto her back and placed her bra over her lovely D cup boobs.
“Where do you want it exactly?” I quizzed her. Sue rolled the waistband of her track pants down a few times, then pulled them lower on her left side. I could just see the top of her pubic mound, where a few short hairs were waiting for the next time she shaved her pussy.

Pen in hand she described in detail what she wanted. It was simple enough. I figured it'd take me twenty minutes tops. Resting my hand gingerly on top of the junction between her legs I drew the first few lines. I saw a bit of an opportunity to hopefully see more of her body, and boldly I took it, saying to her
“Hey, the waistband of your pants is making this hard to do.” It wasn't a complete lie: my right hand was resting on the rolled up and pulled down waistband. It just didn't really change anything for me as far as drawing. She took the bait and much to my pleasure lifted her hips and pulled them down a few more inches, underwear and all. In her movement her bra fell off her chest and I noticed she didn't bother to put it on again. Her nipples slowly started to harden and all I wanted to do was to suck on them.

Resting my hand back on her body I drew another line or two before feigning frustration. Without saying anything I grabbed the band of her pants and lowered the front another inch or two. I could see the top of her slit and the sight of it caused my dick to twitch in my pants.

Quickly, I got to work. Every time my hand had to move lower to get to the bottom of the design I made sure to press into her pussy slightly; increasing the pressure each time. I glanced up and saw that her nipples had fully hardened, becoming centimetre long bumps in the middle of each tit. I noticed that Sue had one hand raised to her nipple, teasing it slightly. In my pants my dick was fully hard and I kinda hoped she could see it.

Again, I let my hand rest on the top of her cunt and I applied pressure slightly. This time she let a small gasp escape her lips and her legs opened an inch. Applying the same technique of faking frustration with the location of her pants in relation to my hand I pulled her pants down nearly two full inches. This time, instead of just the front I got her to lift her hips and pulled the back down too. I could now see all of her pussy and how wet it was.

I swallowed hard. The drawing was more or less done, yet I added a few finishing touches. I look up and saw she had started to use both of her hands to play with her tits. Abandoning the drawing I ran the pen down her wet pussy slit. Pulling it out I licked it clean of her juices and ran my finger over her clit. This drew a small moan from her lips and I quickly stood up and pulled her pants off completely. There she was, naked as the day she was born. Her eyes never opened, but her legs did.

I grabbed her ankles and dragged her until her arse was resting on the edge of the bed. Kneeling I spread her legs further and licked her pussy from just above her small brown arsehole to her clit. I pressed two fingers inside her cunt and started to make the 'come hither' motion inside her. While doing this I attacked her clit with my tongue, lashing it back and forth until her clit was fully engorged with blood and peeking out of its hood. Looking up she was twisting her nipples hard and trying not to make too much noise. Without any mercy I continued my assault on her dripping cunt with my fingers and tongue. Taking my fingers out I pressed them to her lips and she sucked them inside her mouth, licking and sucking them clean. Replacing my fingers with my tongue I started to fuck her cunt with it.

Her moaning increased as her orgasm approached. I started to rub her clit with my thumb while never once letting my tongue rest inside her pussy.
“Shit shit shit shit!” She yelled as she came hard on my tongue. I clamped my mouth down to catch all her juices. Once her muscles relaxed and her back un-arched I kissed her with a mouth full of her cum. Greedily, she drank it all.

Standing once again I took hold of her hand and placed it on my dick. She felt it through my pants and moaned. I noticed she had one hand playing with her pussy. Stepping away from her hand I dropped my shorts, standing there in my boxers and my shirt. Slowly I took off my boxers too, letting my dick free. Standing between her legs, she raised her hips to meet me as I ran the sensitive head of my dick along her wet cunt. I slapped her clit twice before slowly pushing the head inside her.
“You're so fucking tight.” I told her lustily.
“I haven't have anything other than fingers in there since I lost my virginity” Her voice was thick, coming in almost a whisper as I slowly sank all 7 inches into her.

Without a second thought I started to fuck her hard, slamming into her public bone. Her tits were bouncing wildly and clamped a hand over one of them, squeezing hard. The harder I squeezed the louder her groans of pleasure so I squeezed as hard as I could. Letting go once my knuckles turned white I pinched her nipple hard as well. That sent her over the edge again and she came on my dick. That was enough for me, considering I'd been hard for nearly 30 minutes before I'd started to fuck her. I shot half a dozen strings of hot cum onto her cervix. I thrust my dick into her a few more times, allowing my dick to leak the rest of my cum into her before I pulled out.

Sue tried to sit up but as she did I shoved my dick in her face.
“Clean it.” I instructed. She took hold of the base of my dick, licking the underside of it before taking it as far into her mouth as she could, until there was only an inch and a half sticking out. Slowly she raised her head and then lowered it down, swallowing as much of my dick as she could in her attempt to clean out mixed cum off it. I had other ideas though and grabbing the back of her head, I forced the extra inch and a half down her throat. She gagged hard but I wouldn't let up until her eyes started to water.

Taking my dick from her mouth with a stringy line of spit attached to the tip she stood, causing the string to snap and fall onto her tits. She grabbed her towel and went to shower.

I lay on my bed and stroked my dick again. When I got close, I grabbed the underwear she had been wearing and wrapped them around my cock. I fisted it until I covered her panties with more hot white cum before throwing them back on the floor where I got them from. I smiled. This would hopefully be fun
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