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Ashley and Ryan being excited by the new experiences last night can't seem to get enough of each other
This story is fictional; any resemblance to real life events is coincidence.

The morning came, but I still felt very tired. Last night was amazing; it seemed like a never ending orgasm. My brother Ryan and I did not have sex, but we most definitely crossed the line into incest. I found that it didn't bother me at all. It probably helped that my mother not only supported it, but almost seemed to encourage it.

I had Ryan's dried cum all over me. Most of it had wiped off onto my bed spread since I didn't bother putting on clothes after Ryan left, but there was still a good amount on me. I loved the feeling of his warm cum shooting on my body. I didn't mind it now, but I mostly felt like I needed a shower. I rolled out of bed and grabbed a towel. I took a few steps toward the door before I decided that a swim in the pool out back might be more refreshing than a shower. I put on my bikini and headed down stairs.

The water was perfect; not to hot not to cold. I had been swimming for a little while before I heard Ryan come out to join me. He jumped in and we made a little small talk as we swam around. We talked a lot about how much we enjoyed last night. I was very excited talking about it and started reaching out and touching Ryan whenever we got close to one another.

He was obviously as excited as I was as his trunks strained to contain him. He seemed to like staring at my nipples as they stood out in the small amount of fabric covering my breasts. We started splashing each other and trying to dunk each other to camouflage our fondling and touching each other.

The houses immediately around us were all one story houses. The lines of sight into our backyard from the two stories beyond them were blocked by the one story houses. This meant we really only had to be concerned with hiding our actions from someone right against the privacy fence looking in or looking out from our house.

As we touched each other the world outside the pool became less and less important. Ryan openly fondled my breasts as I ground my ass against his crotch before he would lift me and toss me into the water. I would swim back to him underwater and stroke him through his trunks as I surfaced. I would splash him and spring away. He grabbed my leg and pulled me back in. As he pulled me closer he would grab my ass and rub my pussy through my bottoms. It was driving me insane with desire.

The next time he threw me I took a deep breath. This time when I swam back to him I untied his trunks and pulled them down enough for his cock to spring free. I took him in my mouth for a few strokes before I had to surface and started to cough. Giving a blow job underwater was definitely not going to work very well.

I turned away from him so I didn't cough in his face as I surfaced. He closed in behind me and asked if I was ok with concern in his voice. I reached behind me and took a hold of his cock and said I was fine as I pushed back against him. I aimed his cock so only the thin fabric of my bottoms kept him from entering me. The fabric strained as he thrust forward entering me ever so slightly. Each time he pushed forward it moved us a little closer to the edge of the pool until I could reach out against the edge and push back against him.

After a few of these thrusts the inevitable happened. The fabric of my bottoms shifted just enough to let Ryan slip by it and into me. My body was on fire, the feeling was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. For most women the first time they have sex is a memorable, but painful event. I had lost my hymen taking a painful fall in gymnastics when I was much younger, so for me the experience was pure pleasure. I whispered the only thing my mind could string together. "Please, fuck me."

Ryan evidently heard me because he immediately unfroze, grabbed my hips and started thrusting hard in and out of me. Resistance from the water made the movement somewhat awkward. I began shaking in orgasm after just a few thrusts. I held onto the side of the pool for all I was worth.

As I came down from my orgasm I looked over my shoulder back at Ryan. As I turned my head a movement from the outside world threated to break into our moment. I smiled at him and said, "Fuck that feels good."

"You feel better than I had ever dreamed you could," he responded. From his grip on my hips and the tightness in his upper body I could tell he wasn't going to last much longer. I turned back to the front to concentrate on the feeling of Ryan's cock deep inside me.

As I turned around I saw movement again, this time the movement came into focus. I kept turning forward, but I saw well enough to see what was going on. Our parents were looking out the kitchen window. My mother was up against the counter much like I was against the side of the pool and my father was trusting behind her. As that realization hit me I felt the first jet of cum shoot inside of me. I came for a second time as Ryan loosed stream after stream of cum into me.

He pulled out of me and I pressed back against him feeling his slowly softening cock press against my ass. I whispered, "Thank you." He responded "That was incredible." We started to come back to reality and realized where we were. He casually pulled his trunks back up as he looked around I stepped away from him turning to face him as I did. I didn't see anyone in the Kitchen window anymore. I said, "I can see why some people get addicted to this kind of thing," as I smiled at him. He just grinned back. We swam over to the ladder and climbed out. We dried ourselves and headed inside.

He followed me upstairs as we headed up to change. I walked past my room, then past the bathroom. As I entered into Ryan's room I reached behind me and pulled the string loose of my bikini top. Ryan came in behind me.

"What about mom and..." he trailed off as I turned to face him dropping my top to the floor beside me. He turned to be sure the door shut properly this time, when he turned back around I had moved up close to him.

I lifted my chin to his ear and whispered, "I'm sure they are busy with their morning elsewhere." With that I lowered myself to my knees taking Ryan’s trunks down with me. Ryan had softened since the pool, but was already showing signs of life again. I licked the underside of his softened cock from base to head tickling the sensitive underside of his head with the tip of my tongue. I took his head into my mouth and sucked lightly while I circled my tongue all the way around in slow circles. As Ryan's cock grew harder I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft at a steady pace. I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed and mouth open.

Small sighs and vocalizations were coming from his throat. I guess he was enjoying what I was doing. He opened his eyes and looked down at me as he made small thrusting motions with his hips. I smiled around his cock as our eyes met and he fully hardened. I took him into my mouth as far as I could testing my gag reflex again. I released Ryan from my mouth and kissed his head.

I rose to my feet and took him by the hand. He stepped out of his trunks as I lead him the short distance across the room to his bed. I used my other hand to untie my bottoms and let them fall to the floor. I turned pressing the back of my legs against his bed. I let go of his hand put my right hand behind his neck and I took his cock in my left. I pulled him down to me and kissed him deeply and gave his cock a few strokes rubbing his hot cock head against my body. I let go of his cock and sat back on his bed pulling him onto me. I pulled myself fully onto his bed and wrapped my legs around the back of his legs as he climbed onto me.

Being so excited and having just had sex in the pool Ryan slid right into me. Again I was amazed at the hard feeling, yet such soft skin. The feeling was different than in the pool where Ryan entered me from behind. I tightened my legs pulling as much of him into me as I possibly could. I felt Ryan's hand massage my left breast running his thumb over my nipple. I bit my lower lip to try and keep myself from crying out with each slow deep thrust. I felt a slow build start toward my next climax. I slid my legs higher up around him and pulled myself up onto him with each thrust. Every few thrusts a vocalization would escape me. I was trying to remain as quite as possible, but I just couldn't stop them.

It seemed like Ryan was having as much trouble staying quite as I was. Again the outside world started to fade as we became more focused on each other. Our rhythm picked up as my climax approached. I started shaking and tightened to a death grip on Ryan as my orgasm took hold of me. I tried to be quite, but I'm sure I failed.

After coming down from my climax I tried to roll us over. Ryan quickly caught on and we reversed our positions. I sat up on Ryan and ground myself down on him. Again the feeling of Ryan inside me changed as his cock stimulated different parts of my pussy. I could see why changing positions several times during sex had a very strong appeal. I ran my hands from Ryan’s chest up my body to my breasts. I pressed in on my breasts with my wrists and hands while I lightly pinched my nipples with my fingers. I closed my eyes enjoying all the sensations washing over me at the same time. I could feel Ryan thrusting his hips up into me when I heard his grunts grow in volume. I could swear I felt him getting even bigger and harder inside me. I again was hit with the first waves of another orgasm.

I felt the first jet of Ryan’s cum shoot deep inside of me. His hands gripped my waist and he continued lifting me up and down while trusting into me. I felt several jets of cum filling me before Ryan finally laid back onto his pillow coming down from his climax. I too came down sliding off him and laying my head down on his chest. I could hear his heart and breathing pounding. I lifted my face to his and kissed him again.

After several minutes Ryan mentioned that we should probably get dressed and head down stairs before mom or dad came looking for us. I sighed deeply, slid down his body, and took the head of is cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue slowly around his head while gently sucking. Then I pulled him out of my mouth with a soft pop and told him he was probably right. I got off his bed and walked to the door giving my ass a little shake. At the door I looked back over my shoulder and sure enough he was getting hard again. I gave him a devious grin and wink and headed for the bathroom to shower. I thought to myself that it was pretty mean, but then I left my bikini on his floor to cum into to help make up for it.

I took a fairly quick shower and dried off. I stepped into the hallway naked and looked back into Ryan's room. Sure enough he had my bikini top and was quickly stroking himself as he looked me up and down. I headed toward his room when I heard mom call up the stairs, "Are you two going to be down for breakfast soon?" I replied that I would be right down; I had just got out of the shower. I heard a small groan come from Ryan and turned just in time to see a jet of cum land on my bikini top. I really wished I had given him a regular bra or panties so I could wear them today. I would just have wait for him to soak a pair for me later.

I got dressed in a tight pair of shorts that made my butt look great and a loose shirt that if I leaned forward a bit I could give a good view of my bra clad chest. I opted for lace today. I headed down to the kitchen and found mom sitting in the breakfast nook. I sat down across from her and grabbed some food. We said our good mornings and made small talk. I just couldn't stop grinning.

After a little while Ryan came down in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. He looked very good. He said his good morning and that he was going for a run. Mom stopped him and said he needed to at least have some toast and juice. He needed to be careful to not get dehydrated. She gave me a knowing look and added just a tad to slow that it's hot outside today. He agreed and sat down for a couple pieces of toast and some juice.

He got up, I noticed getting a glance down my shirt, and headed out the backdoor. After watching him head out the door I turned back to the table. Mom was still looking after him she had a look on her face, but it quickly went away as she turned back to the table. I wasn't positive of what I saw in the brief look so I figured I was just seeing my desire transferred and moved on.

Mom mentioned that it sounded like we had an interesting night. I went into detail of the evening, by the time I got to Ryan covering my chest and bra in his cum her hand had disappeared beneath the table. I pretended not to notice, though my nipples threating to tear through the lace of my bra probably would have given me away if it wasn't for the loose shirt. When I got to the part of hearing them and it setting us off again I was tempted to put my own hand under the table and get myself off with my mom there or not. She described that when they first heard me cry out dad had been going down on her and she came immediately after hearing me, which is what we heard upstairs. She started giving him a hand job while he fingered her so they could hear everything we were doing. Once we went quite upstairs they torn into each other like they were horny teenagers again.

Just talking to her about the pool the next morning and the first time we actually had sex almost made me climax. I told mom that I saw them watching us and how excited that made me and she started trembling a little. My guess is that she had a small orgasm. Then she told me how amazing it was to watch us. She was the one that spotted us out the kitchen window. She called dad over and he looked out over her shoulder leaning against her. They watched us toy and touch each other. It was obvious by our reaction when Ryan first entered me. She said she felt dad get hard almost instantly.

She pushed back against him and made some room between them then lifted the back of the dress she was wearing. That was all the encouragement dad needed, he literally tore her panties off, luckily she was wearing a lace thong so it was easy to do. She heard his zipper and pushed herself back onto him. She was so wet that he slid right in, grabbed her hips and started pounding into her hard. She braced herself on the counter and pushed into him with each thrust as hard as she could.

Both their eyes were glued to us out in the pool. Dad came quickly, but stayed hard for longer than usual allowing mom to get off two more times before it looked like we might be done and head for the house. They disappeared back to their bedroom where dad got hard again quickly and they had slower more passionate sex in comparison to the raw hard sex they had in the kitchen. They were so focused on each other that we probably could have had sex at the foot of their bed and they wouldn't have noticed. I guessed that was either normal or ran in the family.

I'm not sure how long mom and I talked, but before we knew it Ryan was coming back in the back door. He had his shirt off and tucked into the waist band of his shorts. He had a shine of sweat and looked like a god. I figured he was teasing me that time. How lucky was I that this man got to be my experiential teacher for all things sexy and hot. Now my hand did start drifting toward my crotch before I noticed and stopped it. I looked over at mom and she just smiled at me with a wink as Ryan left the room heading for the shower. It took all my will power to keep from heading upstairs to join him.

I helped mom clean up breakfast and the kitchen. Ryan came down later and joined us in the kitchen to help. Ryan used the broom while I held the dust pan for him giving me lots of opportunities for a view down my shirt. He was constantly brushing past me pressing his cock against my ass or my breasts against his chest. After finishing the kitchen mom said she would clean our bathroom upstairs if we swept downstairs. She had disappeared up the stairs for maybe two minutes before Ryan turned on the vacuum and pulled me around the corner out of site from the stairs. I quickly pulled my shirt off and dropped to my knees. I unfastened his shorts and pulled out his rapidly hardening cock. I knew we were going to have to be quick so I took him into my mouth sucking and bobbing my head.

I worked the underside of his cock with my tongue. I was getting immediate audible responses that I was doing well. I took his cock out of my mouth frequently to softly speak words of encouragement for him to give me his cum.

It felt weird to talk like a porno, I couldn't tell if he liked it, didn't like it, or didn't care. Later he told me that he did enjoy it in that instance, but probably wouldn't as much if we weren't in a hurry to avoid getting caught. I tried to work on my gag reflex by relaxing my throat; it was tricky to relax my throat while keeping my mouth tight and sucking on his cock. I felt like I was making progress but as soon as my gag reflex was triggered it became harder to relax my throat and get to the same point again. Eventually I felt like I made some progress and went back to focusing on getting Ryan off. I picked up the pace using my hand to stroke the base of his shaft and bobbing my head faster on his head and upper shaft. It had the desired effect as Ryan started slowing down his hip thrusts and his vocalizations became louder. I reached behind me with my left hand continuing to stroke him with my right. I unclasped my bra and brought my left hand back around front and pulled my bra away from my breasts and then held it under them supporting it with my arm. I pulled his cock from my mouth and stroking the full length with my right hand. He said to slow down and when he started to cum to slow down a lot to prolong his orgasm. I positioned myself closer under him and brought my breasts up close to the head of his cock.

As was becoming normal with Ryan I was extremely turned on. As the first jet of cum splashed onto my breasts I had my own orgasm. Not the strongest one I've had, but really good considering my pussy hadn't even been touched. Several jets of cum covered my chest and started to run off my breasts where it was caught by my bra. After the flow of cum subsided I took his head into my mouth to suck him clean, then released him to put himself back into his shorts. The lace of my bra wasn't great for absorbing cum, but after this morning I really wanted to feel it on me for at least a few hours. It felt good inside me, but the feeling didn’t last as long.

I carefully brought the cups back up to my breasts and smiled up at Ryan with an mmm. It felt good to have the warm cum pressed against me I slid my hand behind me and clasped my bra back on. I then licked my fingers clean of the cum that came through the lace of my bra. I put my shirt back on and stood up.

Ryan pulled me close and kissed me deeply. I said that he couldn't believe that I had given my first blowjob less than twenty-four hours ago. He said it felt like we were both learning so fast it was amazing. As he pulled away my shirt was sticking to my chest. I pulled it away, but it was pretty pointless. I hoped mom wouldn't notice, but even if she did it would probably just excite her.

Ryan and I finally got started on the work we agreed to do, luckily we had plenty of time before mom came back down from upstairs. We continued cleaning the house; eventually Ryan was in a different room long enough for mom to ask me what was up with my shirt. I'm not sure what came over me, but I looked back to make sure Ryan was still out of sight and whispered back "cum". Then I lifted the bottom of my shirt showing mom my still wet lace bra covered in cum. My mom just looked on with her mouth open and a look in her eye. If I was looking in a mirror I'd have called it lust, but on my mom I wasn't sure. She looked past me and waved me over closer to her. She spoke quietly and asked when we had time for that. I told her about the blowjob while she was upstairs. She said she didn't know whether she should keep an eye on us or leave us alone and hear about it later. About that time Ryan came back into the room. It pretty much took the rest of the day, but we all did get a late start.

I decided to change my shirt before dinner. My bra and shirt had dried so I decided to wear a tight shirt. Ryan seems to enjoy seeing my nipples harden through my shirt, and then it might remind him of his cum on my chest. After putting on the shirt I decided to change from shorts to a mini skirt so I could tease him with views of my panties as well. I came downstairs as my dad was coming in from work. I could swear he did a double take on his way into my parent’s room to change out of his work cloths.

After dinner we decided to sit down and watch a movie together. As normal my parents sat on the couch with Ryan in a chair across from me. I gave Ryan a good long look at my panties. I could see he got hard and had to adjust himself. Then I noticed my dad adjust himself. My nipples got hard Ryan took note and out of the corner of my eye my dad seemed to notice too. Was this something new or had I just been so focused on Ryan that I didn't see everything else going on. The rest of the movie I caught glances of dad trying to look up my skirt or staring at my chest, and I found I was enjoying the attention from both Ryan and my dad. I was feeling guilty about my dad though, I was worried that mom would be upset with me.

After the movie my dad looked at his watch and invited Ryan to run a couple errands with him before it got much later. After the boys had left I sat down with mom and told her what I had noticed. She just smiled and said it had been going on since her first talk with him. She was surprised I had just now noticed. She explained that at first she thought she would be jealous until she started seeing the look of lust in his eyes when he looks at me. She found it actually excited her when she thought about me going down on dad, sort of like when things were starting with Ryan and me. She got really excited about the idea of hearing us together, and the thought of watching dad's cock disappearing into me is almost enough to give her an orgasm.

Again her nipples visible through her shirt were evidence of that. She asked now that I have had a few sexual encounters if I was figuring out what kinds of things I was enjoying. I told her I thought I had an obsession with cum and that I figured it was really weird. She said it wasn't, true I probably enjoyed it more than a lot of women but that didn't mean it was weird. She said since hearing my stories and trying it herself she was really starting to get into it as well.

I also told her that I thought I was an exhibitionist. The thought of someone watching wasn't all that exciting, but seeing someone get so turned on watching that they have to act on it is really exciting. Sex in the pool felt great, but wasn't the best feeling thing so far. Seeing her and dad watching and having sex caused the biggest and best orgasm I've ever had, at least so far. She thought my exhibitionism was interesting since she was more of a voyeur. Watching Ryan and I had been amazing for her. Not to get her wrong sex was amazing with dad, but she figured it would almost be as good watching us have sex while pleasuring her. That sounded pretty good to me too, having her get so excited watching us.

She also admitted to being attracted to Ryan and maybe even a little to me which was odd for her since she had never been tempted to experiment with another woman. She couldn't very well be mad at dad for it his attractions when she was lusting after Ryan herself.

Shortly after our conversation when we were both very excited the boys returned. Apparently the errands were to set up a family vacation. Since the end of the summer was getting close and school would start soon dad and mom decided to surprise us. Ryan had an idea of where we were going based on the errands, but didn't know exactly where we were going. We were going to head out the next day so mom suggested we all turn in early, she smirked at me at this point, and so we can get a bright and early start. With that I headed upstairs and pulled Ryan into my room. I left the door open and by the sound of it mom did too.

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